7 Best American Bulldog Pulling Harness

What is the Best American Bulldog Pulling Harness?

When it comes to being lovable and over-protective pets, American bulldogs top this category.

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Border Collie or Golden Retriever?
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They are strong and over-excited dogs. They usually get the adrenaline rush with each exciting moment which is why controlling them can get a bit hard.

Well, you need a good quality harness to handle your American bulldog with utmost care.

This article will assist you in choosing the Best American bulldog pulling harness. Read on.

In case you are having lots of confusion and trouble with getting the best American bulldog harness, here you will be helped with the best of my options.

We have put together a list of 7 best American bulldog pulling harness.

Benefit from the list and get the best american bulldog pulling harness today!

Besides, I have answered some possible and relevant queries made by pet care-takers. Refer to them as well. 

It is very crucial to get a durable yet delicate harness for your bulldog since the American bulldogs are short-nosed, they usually face breathing issues.

The overly tight harness can block their hefty necks and sensitive windpipe which is why you should make a purchase for the harness very wisely. 

Best Pulling Harnesses For American Bulldogs

Pulling your bulldog’s collar without a harness can cause immense irritability to it. They can even get injured or worse.

This is why it is wise to get good quality and durable yet soft-felt harnesses. 

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Why Does My American Bulldog Need A Harness?

Best Pulling Harnesses For American Bulldogs

Because of the immense power and strength, these American bulldogs possess, they can easily harm their throat and trachea with extensive and prolonged pulling. Being a pet dog enthusiast, you should know that excessive pulling can make your bulldog’s collar choke it. 

You must have a certain object to resist this pain by benefiting your American bulldog with the best harnesses. Here in this article, I have pinpointed some truly effective and delicately functioning harnesses. I have listed about 7 Best American bulldog pulling harness, you can get any of them, right according to your needs. 

How Does A Pulling Harness Assist Your American Bulldog?

These pulling harnesses wrap around your bulldog’s shoulders and chest area, INSTEAD of their neck. WARNING: Do Not Get A Harness That Is Supposed To Wrap Your Bulldog’s Neck And Throat Area. 

So, with your American bulldog’s chest wrapped around a secure harness give you utmost control over it. How? Bulldogs usually store their strength in their hefty chests and shoulders and by attaining a stronghold over there, you can monitor and protect your bulldog much efficiently. 

How Do I Stop My American Bulldog From Pulling?

Best Pulling Harnesses For American Bulldogs

Before I introduce you to some of the top 7 Best American bulldog pulling harness, I would like to extend your knowledge a bit.

Here are some tips and tricks by which you can stop your American bulldog from excessive pulling.

Always hold the ending point of the leash of your American bulldog so he enjoys freedom while you both are on a walk. Do not use harsh words to your dog when he runs further, just give it a quick command with a hand gesture of “No”. 

Remember to make a quick reprimand of STOP when your American bulldog puts even a slight tension on the leash. Now that you have taught your American bulldog a command, give at least a single hard jerk on the leash and quickly turn in the opposite direction, your bulldog will follow your lead. 

Your bulldog will be walking behind you. If he catches up with you side by side, make sure to show him signs of affection and treat him for not pulling on the leash. 

Keep praising your bulldog’s obedience as long as it is not pulling.
If, by any chance, your American bulldog pulls again, give it the same slight treatment.

Command him NO with a hand gesture and walk in the opposite direction. Do not go harsh on your cutie, he has just learned.

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Moreover, getting a durable pulling harness would make you stop your American bulldog with excellent strength and ease.

The following are some of the Best American bulldog pulling harness choices for you.

They are affordable, extensively durable, and highly recommended amongst dog enthusiasts.

7 Best American Bulldog Pulling Harness

Pulling harnesses help your bulldog from putting on extra weight, apart from that it keeps their physical health and mental health in check which is why it is quite important to get a harness for them.

These harnesses refrain from getting hurt with their hefty bodies getting excited.

So, the thing is not only about getting the “whichever” harness for your American bulldog.

Make sure to get a good and durable one so your bulldog doesn’t go out of control and start pulling excessively.

We have already discussed how excessive pulling, if not controlled and monitored promptly, can trigger your bulldog’s usual respiratory issues. 

Refer to the following top 7 best American bulldog pulling harness. You can also order them from Amazon.com to get it on your doorstep.

Let’s unleash the best american bulldog pulling harness!

1. Rabbitgoo One of The Best American Bulldog Pulling Harness

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Bulldogs are cute but a bit stubborn. They usually do not listen much to their owners in a single go. However, variety does come along with the American bulldogs.

If you have a stubborn one who doesn’t learn fast then, the RABBITGOO bulldog harness is the best pulling harness you can pick for your bulldog. I will tell you why:

  • This RABBITGOO bulldog harness—non-pulling dog harness is specifically equipped with two Metal Leash Rings that ensure that you and your bulldog have a safer dog walk. 
  • With the chest attachment clip, you can efficiently stop your untrained little one from pulling on walks.
  • The best part about this harness is that it is perfectly viable for bulldog’s pulling training. 
  • You can enjoy jogging, go on hiking and have fun walks with your little cutie.
  • The RABBITGOO harness is created with a soft and highly comfortable paddle that provides breathable and durable means against pulling. Neither will your bulldog get hurt, nor you have to be harsh for stopping him from pulling.

RABBITGOO is the top pick, especially among those customers, who struggle to maintain the grip over their little ones. RABBITGOO is a hassle-free pulling harness which you can put on and take off from your American bulldog with 100% ease. 

All you would need to do is buckle up your bulldog and slide in the harness over your American bulldog’s head and adjust the strap, and you are good to go with your bulldog. 

You can use the Top Handle for additional control. RABBITGOO is lightweight and easily washable. I recommend this pulling harness for the well-being of your American bulldog.

2. Kurgo Tru-Fit Smart Best American Bulldog Pulling Harness

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Refrain your American bulldog from over-pulling with the Kurgo Tru-Fit Smart Harness. With its special and effective features, this pulling harness gives your pet complete lessons on how NOT to pull.

You are all set to kick out the harms and emergencies associated with your American bulldog’s excessive pulling with Kurgo Tru-Fit Smart Harness with Steel Nesting Buckles Enhanced Strength, Black.

Just like its name gives us the vibes for super durability, this Kurgo Tru-Fit pulling harness is effective too.

The steep nesting buckle system protects your American bulldog from sudden pulling and shocks. Your bulldog’s chest wrapped with this pulling harness ensures super safety.

Note that Kurgo Tru-Fit is a crash-tested pulling harness that makes sure your precious doggo doesn’t endure sudden car crashes.

Your Kurgo Tru-Fit dog harness has five adjustable points that make it suit your American bulldog perfectly.

The CHEST PADS and STRAPS are very comfortable and smooth that doesn’t suffocate your baby. J instead, your American bulldog is all protected within the pads with extra security.

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Here are some key benefits for getting Kurgo Tru-Fit Smart Harness for your precious American bulldog:

  • The manufacturers and then the users have crash-tested this harness up to 75 LBs which proves that this harness will keep your pup safe when you both are on a road trip. 
  • Kurgo Tru-Fit is proven to be competent with an extensive number of vehicles’ seat belt systems so you don’t have to worry about safety especially while driving. 
  • This hassle-free pulling harness includes a carabiner and 10 inches long dog seat belt loop which covers over your bulldog’s hefty and fleshy body irrespective of its size. 
  • You can use this harness perfectly every day and it will keep functioning as a walking harness or even as an auto. 

Grab this amazing doggo equipment, Kurgo Tru-Fit Smart Harness for your precious American bulldog to take care of his prolonged security and safety. 

Whether you are on a walk or out on a road trip, Kurgo Dog Harness acts as a seat belt for your bulldog.

3. Doggie Design – Best American Bulldog Pulling Harness

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If your little one is a bit stubborn and naughty, takes long to accept the commands, and loves to cheer up almost all the time then Doggie Design pulling harness is one of the best American bulldog pulling harness that you can get for your American bulldog.

You are no longer hiding your American bulldog’s love for style with this beautifully crafted Doggie Design American River Ombre Dog Harness.

With a patented, choking-free, safe, and smooth design, you can keep your American bulldog’s trachea safe.

Remember that the Doggie Design harness is the only one of its kind. 

With the stylish and vibrant design of your Doggie Design pulling harness, each walk of your American bulldog turns into a glamourous strut.

Doggie Design cares enough for your cute little doggo to create the paddle with fine mesh so your American bulldog stays comfy-comfy.

You can put on and take off the Doggo Design harness incredibly easily, all thanks to the step-in design alongside the strengthening-duty buckle and hook. This equipment keeps your doggo secure almost all the time. 

Other key benefits of getting the Doggie Design pulling harness are:

  • With your Doggie Design harness’ patented choking-free design, your bulldog’s trachea and the rest of the neck region is safe even when you pull it a bit harsher. 
  • You don’t have to worry about its washing as the vibrant pattern has already been printed directly on the breathable mesh. 
  • You have a triple safety closure system attached with your doggo harness which ensures it doesn’t break welded metal D-rings.
  • The series of reflective strips covering the chest offers easy visibility especially when you two are on a night-walk.

Grab this amazingly crafted pulling bulldog for your American bulldog TODAY!

4. Julius-K9 – American Bulldog Pulling Harness

51,022 Reviews

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Have good control over your bulldog’s extensive habit of pulling harness with Julius-K9 IDC Powerharness Nylon Reflective No Pull Dog Harness.

It is one of the highly recommended bulldog harnesses among a variety of dog enthusiasts. 

Outfit the fluffy and hefty body of your American bulldog with the Julius-K9 IDC Powerharness Dog Harness.

This American bulldog harness is specially designed for the requirements and caretaking needs of rescue and service dogs.

Not only this, but Julius-K9 IDC PowerHarness is also designed for the midsized pooch.

The overall body of Julius-K9 is crafted with a skin-friendly Eco-Tex inner liner which ensures that your precious bulldog stays comfy-comfy for everyday wear. 

The outer cover of Julius-K9 is water repellant and can be used in all the seasons efficiently.

Your bulldog wants to be free from all the blocks and extensiveness of the harness, get him Julius-K9 PowerHarness to give him complete comfort.

Key benefits of getting Julius-K9 pulling harness includes:

  • Provides optimum strength and durability so that your precious bulldog runs as fast as he can without having its body blocked. 
  • With the breathable textile, your doggo can run and walk up to the utmost comfortability and security.
  • The Julius K9 features a handle-fixing option that makes you fix the steel ring and handle to minimize the chances of your American bulldog getting stuck. Go on all the adventure walks with your American bulldog with Julius-K9’s water-repellant outer covering body. Nothing can stop you two from exploring. 
  • With Julius-K9, your doggo stays secure and protected while having freedom.
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Grab this fantastic pulling harness to provide your American bulldog. Reassure that the size you are getting is comfortably fitting your precious one’s hefty body.

5. PoyPet – American Bulldog Pulling Harness

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Want your American bulldog completely under control but with extensive care? Well, PoyPet pulling harness is the best solution to your problem. 

Most of the American Bulldogs are pullers due to which pet-keepers stay concerned about what ways they can apply to have their precious ones under control.

With a PoyPet harness, you wouldn’t have to worry about choking your bulldog when you two are on a walk or even hiking.

A PoyPet pulling harness will keep your bulldog secure without compromising on its comfort level.

When your bulldog has put on the PoyPet harness and meanwhile he pulls, its chest will discourage the pulling immediately, keeping your precious puppy under control. 

The soft mesh lining on the PoyPet harness ensures your bulldog doesn’t face any issues while breathing.

All thanks to PoyPet’s three adjustable points, this pulling harness can easily wrap around your bulldog’s chest.

It is the best option for the puller and stubborn doggies. Don’t put on tomorrow, secure your precious pet today with PoyPet’s excellently crafted pulling harness. Go to the mentioned link!

6. DogJog – American Bulldog Pulling Harness

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Whether your American bulldog is a stubborn puller or not, you still need a well-functioning and durable yet comfortable pulling harness for him.

DogJog is one of the best versatile harnesses, suitable for all types of American bulldogs.

DogJog is a hassle-free harness that you can pull around your precious doggo’s chest.

Instead of blocking your bulldog’s neck and irritating its trachea, DogJog provides an impeccable comfort zone to your bulldog with its luggage grade nylon webbing.

A sturdy controllable handle is given with the DogJog to have better control over your pet.

Heavy padding is provided to distribute the pulling pressure all over the hefty body of your bulldog instead of his sensitive neck.

Reflective straps specialized for outdoor walks ensure that you and your precious little American bulldog have a secure walk. 

7. Eagloo

22,475 Reviews

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If you are having a tough time with your American bulldog heavily pulling. Don’t go harsh on them. Get this amazing pulling harness, Eagloo. You can refrain your precious American bulldog from choking with Eagloo Power Harness.

With an Eagloo harness, you are free to clip the leash to the back leash on your bulldog. For better control, you can switch the leashes freely. 

Make sure that you purchase the correct size so your bulldog doesn’t suffocate inside the incompatible size.

The soft nylon webbing and adjustable neck and chest, make sure that your bulldog stays comfortable yet secure.

Final Verdict on American Bulldog Pulling Harness

Remember that your American bulldogs are always sensitive to excessive pulling as their respiratory issues can get worse.

Considering better and durable pulling harnesses can help them a lot regaining their control and hover.

We hope the aforementioned list for the best American bulldog pulling harness will assist you the best with choosing the right pulling harness for your little one.

Got any queries? Ask away!

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