6 Best Dry Food For Dogs

If you are confused among the plethora of options, I am here to help. In this comprehensive dry dog food guide, I will review the above product and tell you some of the secret ways to find the best product.

So, let’s get started.

I have tested many products available in the market that have made a little pro in the dog food. It does take a matter of weeks and months to find suitable best dry food for Dogs.

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Best Dry Food For Dogs

You will have to go through the same process. To further ease your hassle of finding the list of best-picks, here are some of the best dry food for dogs popular in the market:

What Is The Best Dry Food For Dogs

Best Dry Food For Dogs - Pin Website

You can find plenty of dry food for dogs, but here are my favorite and best dry food for dogs picks that you can try out:

  1. Wellness Complete Health Best Dry Food for Dogs
  2. Instinct Original Grain-Free on of the Best Dry Food for Dogs
  3. Nature’s Logic Dry Dog Food
  4. Taste Of Wild Dry Dog Food
  5. Blue Buffalo Life Protection Dry
  6. Purina Pro Plan Focus Dog Food

Reviewing Some Of The Best Dry Food For Dogs

Best Dry Food For Dogs

1. Wellness Complete Health Dry Dog Food

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A brand that sells by its name, Wellness is a dog food brand that is highly popular in the market.

A majority of dog owners prefer this brand over the others for its high quality and wholesome goodness in the products.

It is made up of 5 key ingredients that play a significant role in your dog’s growth. 

Deboned chicken, oatmeal, chicken meal, peas, ground barley, and peas.

It is a grain inclusive dry food that is made up of brown rice, barley, and oatmeal.

It is the perfect composition of health and taste that your dog will undoubtedly love. 

There are different recipes available in the line of Wellness Complete Health Dry Food.

It is also made with a different set of canines like a puppy, small breed, large breed, and adult.

The meat protein from the chicken meal will offer your dog a complete boost of fatless protein. The product contains 13% fat, 27% protein, and 52% of carbs.

It has an ideal fat-to-protein ratio of 50%. In a nutshell, it is an excellent product for dogs of all sizes. 

Features To Highlight:

  • Available in 14 recipes.
  • A perfect blend of protein and carbs.
  • It is meant for dogs of all sizes.
  • A trusted brand in the market.

2. Instinct Original Grain-Free Dry

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Yet another famous brand in dog food, this Instinct product is focused on the duck meal.

The raw duck is the primary ingredient in the food that adds to the protein level.

The chicken meal has 300% more protein than the regular chicken, so it is, hands down, a perfect pick. 

The peas in this dry food increase the natural fiber content and help in digesting the food better.

Apart from these primary ingredients, you will find eggs, turkey meal, and canola oil. It is brimmed with omega-3 fatty acids that will keep up the cholesterol level.

The tapioca is a standalone ingredient in this product that you will hardly find in other dog dry foods.

It is gluten-free, and the starchy carbohydrate also helps in the digestion process.

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The product has a natural flavor of montmorillonite clay, making the product USDA Organic Certified.

The recipe houses salmon oil and tomato pomace that certainly enhances the flavor and nutrient profile.

All the products in this line are chemically tested to make it dog friendly. 

Features To Highlight:

  • A powerhouse of chicken, raw duck, turkey, and egg meal.
  • USDA Organic Certified product.
  • The Fat-to-protein ratio is 56%.
  • Grain-free product.

3. Nature’s Logic Dry Dog Food

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Deriving the protein goodness of chicken meal, this grain inclusive dry food can be a treat for your dog.

You can have an abundance of meat meals in this product, starting from the rabbit meal that gives 300% more protein than the fresh rabbit.

The turkey meal is the second rich-protein content in the product. 

As it is an inclusive grain product, you can find millets that are gluten-free, hypoallergic, and filled with B-vitamins and fiber.

The reason it is in my list of best dry food for dogs is that Nature’s Logic has used the chicken fat, which is processed with the skimmed layer of the soup; it is highly beneficial for strengthening the bones.

You can find a variety of health-enhancing ingredients like pumpkin seeds, yeast culture, dried egg, pork liver, and alfalfa nutrient concentrate, making it rich in minerals and vitamins.

The protein content is 40%, with a fat level of 17% and carbs 36%. The fat-to-protein ratio comes to 40%.

Features To Highlight:

  • Protein content stuffed in the form of different meat meals.
  • Grain inclusive (millets).
  • Packed with vitamins and minerals.
  • A popular pick among customers.

4. Taste Of Wild Dry Dog Food

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I am talking about the High Prairie version, which is one of the 9 different recipes from the Taste Of Wild Dry Dog Food.

I added it in my list of best dry food for dogs because of its unique flavor profile that concentrates on leveraging the protein content. 

The five primary ingredients in this product include buffalo meal, lamb meal, chicken meal, peas, and sweet potatoes. It is the perfect blend of meat and veggies that your canine friend needs.

It is a grain-free product that is available for small breed, puppy, and even adults.

The High Prairie derives most of the protein content from the buffalo meal that makes it quite different from the other products in the market.

While the meat meal adds up to the protein content, peas and sweet potatoes increase the natural fiber.

It also has garbanzo beans, which are fiber-rich, just like the lentils and peas. 

Garbanzo will serve 22% protein, which is just enough for your dog. The product is also rich in omega-3 fats due to the presence of canola in it.

Another protein-rich meat concentrate is the ocean fish meal, which hikes up the omega-3 fats. With an overall 32% protein, 18% fat, and 42% carbohydrates, this dry dog food is worth a try. 

Features To Highlight:

  • The Fat-to-protein ratio is 53%.
  • Rich in omega-3 fats.
  • Buffalo protein. 
  • Chicken fat.

5. Blue Buffalo Life Protection Dry

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It is one of the 23 recipes from this brand. You can also try the other recipes as well, which are perfectly formulated with different protein profiles.

This particular Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula is focused on chicken protein. The five significant ingredients include deboned chicken, brown rice, barley, oatmeal, chicken meal, and brown rice.

As it comprises brown rice, oatmeal, and barley; it is evidently a grain-inclusive meal. It is ideal for a large breed, small breed, adults, and even puppies. You just need to understand the right dosage.

When it comes to assessing the protein profile of this dog dry food, it has arguably decent ingredients to enhance your dog’s health. The chicken meal hikes up the protein profile, which is 300% more than the fresh chicken.

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The grain ingredients like brown rice, barley, and oatmeal enhance the fiber content in this product. Though barley is a starchy fiber compound, it helps indigestion.

The flaxseed is the source of omega-3 fat that your dog needs. The skimmed chicken fat is a bonus that will add up to the protein profile. The tomato pomace adds a tangy flavor profile to the food altogether. 

This dry food has 27% protein, 16% fat, and 50% of carbohydrates, to be precise. The fat-to-protein ratio falls at 50%.

Customers have given many positive reviews about this product, and have shot up to its popularity in the market. 

Features To Highlight:

  • Source of protein with a chicken meal.
  • Grain inclusive product (barley, oatmeal, brown rice).
  • Omega-3 fat with flaxseed.
  • Better protein profile.

6. Purina Pro Plan Focus Dog Food

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If you want to treat your dog with something superior and richer in nutrient content, Pro Plan is the right pick for you.

There are 18 other recipes other than this product that you can buy.

I liked this one and added it to my list of best dry food for dogs because it has the best of every health-rich food you need for your dog. 

Starting from the chicken meal to the whole grain corn, it has got everything.

This product’s five main ingredients comprise chicken, whole grain wheat, brewers rice, corn gluten meal, and whole-grain corn. It is a grain-inclusive product as it has rice, corn, barley, and wheat.

These ingredients will give a chunky texture to the food. The majority of the animal protein is bagged from the fresh chicken. 

Each recipe is specially formulated and certified by the board and veterinary nutritionists. The primary ingredient in this food is chicken that makes up the protein profile of this food.

The ground rice, wheat, and barley are the fiber content that does their work just fine. The corn gluten meal is the major highlight of this food that adds carbohydrates content. 

It also has a poultry-by product meal, which is the slaughterhouse meal. There are certain parts of that meal that are highly beneficial for your dog like the liver.

The product as a whole contains 30% protein, 14% fat, and an estimated carbohydrate of 49%. The fat-to-protein ratio comes at 57%.

Purina is a well-known brand that is sold just by its name, and this particular is one of my favorite best dry food for dogs. 

Features To Highlight:

  • Chicken meal for the ideal protein content.
  • Grain inclusive product (barley, rice, wheat, corn).
  • Different recipes are available.
  • A top pick in the market.

Things To Consider Before Buying The Best Dry Food For Dogs

Best Dry Food For Dogs

It is highly important always to keep your eyes open when you are choosing food for your dog.

There is no dearth of dry foods in the market that can possibly confuse.

So what do you do? You take some of the criteria to select the perfect product. Over years of research and testing and trial, I have finally learned how to find the best dry food for dogs.

Avoid All-Wheat Based Dry Food

Dogs are not particularly intolerant to wheat, but going for an all-wheat product would be a mistake. Pair with rice, barley, or even oatmeal to subside the gluten content.

Dogs cannot digest gluten that can lead to plenty of malabsorption issues. 

Some products offer gluten-free wheat that is worth trying but make sure to first test for a few days before making it permanent.

Be careful to read the label of the product always; you can get plenty of information regarding the gluten content that might be harmful to your dog.

So, the lesson here is say-no to wheat.

Avoid Kibble Altogether

Kibble had been a famous dog food for quite a while, but now it has lost its reputation due to the highly processed preservatives it serves in the dog foods.

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Though Kibble is trying to redeem its lost worth in the market and has been introducing protein and nutrient-rich food, time and again, it is best to advise to avoid it completely.

With Kibble, your dog would not get the actual nutrient that the product claims to offer. It is loaded with preservatives that will severely hamper your dog’s health. 

Look For USDA Ingredients

USDA is a certification given to the food items that determine its authenticity and nutrient value. You would not want to feed your dog with something that has no health value in it.

Well, USDA makes it easier for you. When you buy dry dog food, read the label, and look for the number of USDA ingredients.

These are tested and verified in the lab and fall in the best interests of your dog’s health.

There is a general thumb rule to find the USDA ingredients, check if it is human friendly. If you can eat your dog’s food, you can safely serve it to your pooch. 

Stay Away From Preservatives

To increase the products’ shelf life, many dog food manufacturers are inclining towards adding preservatives into the food.

You find some dog food extremely cheap because they are stuffed with preservatives and do not have any highly healthy food items. 

Make sure you are serving your dog food free from preservatives. Do not try to save some bucks when it comes to your canine’s food.

A preservative-free dog diet will certainly add up to their health and promote fast growth as well. 

Go For Natural Brands

When it comes to being brand-specific, make sure you are choosing the organic ones.

You are responsible for what goes in your dog’s stomach. Natural and organic brands will only use natural content and additives that are safe and healthy for your dog.

It is simple to detect natural brands. 

Just take a look at the back label, and if you see ingredients that you cannot pronounce, they are indeed the chemical ones.

The natural brands will have ingredients that you are already familiar with.

You can also ask your friends and families regarding the natural dog food brand they have been using to get an idea.

Be Picky With Recipes

Dry foods are available in different recipes according to the flavor and nutrition profile.

When you are trying out the products, make sure to change the recipes every now and then in order to find your dog’s favorite one.

You will gradually realize what your dog is fond of.

The food that your dog likes will automatically add up to their health. It will also make your feeding job easier.

Buy a different dog food recipe in smaller quantities, and once your dog has picked his/her favorite, you can buy it in a large quantity. 

Conclusion On The Best Dry Food For Dogs

Best Dry Food For Dogs

All the canines love their dry food. It is easy to feed with a lesser mess and has a bunch of nutrient value as well.

When it comes to the best dry food for dogs, you can choose from plenty of options. It is imperative to consider the deciding factors before making any decision. 

I have struggled a lot in finding the right balance between taste and nutrients for the dry dog food, and at last, I was able to find a suitable pick for my pet.

So, it might be challenging for you at the beginning to try out options and then selecting one.

But you want to serve your dog with the best, don’t you?

I have compiled this guide for all those confused dog owners who cannot figure out the best dry food for dogs.

Make the most of it and do your independent research to get a perfect pick.

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