Chelsea Handler Shows Off Chow Chow ‘Baby’: Adorable Bear Cub Look-Alike Steals the Show

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Chelsea Handler Shows Off Chow Chow ‘Baby’

Chelsea Handler has a new addition to her family, and fans are ecstatic. The comedian recently introduced her adorable Chow Chow puppy on social media, leaving everyone in awe of his fluffy, bear-like appearance.

Handler’s pup, who looks like a baby bear, quickly stole the spotlight with his irresistible charm.


This my baby 🐶

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Handler shared a sweet video of the pup on her TikTok, showcasing his unique look and playful personality. As fans gushed over the resemblance to a bear cub, Handler’s new furry friend captured the hearts of viewers.

For those who follow Handler on Instagram, the pup, named Doug, has become an instant hit.

Doug, an eight-month-old Chow Chow, already has a fan base eagerly watching his every move. His full-bodied appearance and fluffy coat have made him the center of attention.

Check out more about Doug’s charming debut and how Chelsea Handler is embracing life with her lovable new companion.

Meet Bert, Chelsea Handler’s Chow Chow

Chelsea Handler, the well-known comedian, recently adopted a Chow Chow named Bert. This lovable pup has quickly become a cherished member of her family.

Below, we explore Bert’s addition to Chelsea’s household and the story behind his rescue.

A Furry Addition to the Family

Bert, the eight-month-old Chow Chow, has captivated Chelsea Handler and her followers. His distinctive appearance, which resembles a bear cub, has made him a standout among dog lovers.

Chelsea shared adorable photos of Bert on social media, showcasing his fluffy, full-bodied form.

The furry addition to the family arrived at a crucial time for Chelsea, bringing joy and companionship after the loss of her previous beloved dog.

Bert’s playful nature and affectionate demeanor have made him an instant favorite. Fans have showered Bert with love, making him a social media sensation.

The Story Behind the Rescue

Chelsea Handler decided to rescue Bert from a local shelter, motivated by her commitment to animal welfare. She frequently uses her platform to highlight the importance of adopting pets from shelters and giving them a loving home.

Bert’s story is a testament to the positive impact of pet adoption.

The comedian introduced Bert to her followers, expressing her excitement and gratitude for finding him.

By adopting Bert, Chelsea not only found a new companion but also contributed to the ongoing efforts to support rescue animals.

Bert’s journey from the shelter to Chelsea’s home underscores the transformative power of love and care in a rescue dog’s life.

Engagement with Fans on Social Media

Chelsea Handler's Chow Chow 'Baby' sits proudly, resembling a bear cub. Fans engage on social media

Chelsea Handler engages her fans by sharing moments of her life and her furry companions. She uses social media platforms like Instagram to connect with her followers and advocate for animal rescue.

Sharing Moments on Instagram

Chelsea Handler frequently posts on Instagram, giving her followers an inside look at her life.

Recently, she shared details about her new Chow Chow rescue, Doug. She introduced Doug in a video where people noticed how much he looked like a bear cub.

The video quickly garnered numerous likes and comments, showing how much her followers love seeing her pets.

Instagram isn’t the only place Chelsea shares such moments. She has also used Twitter and Facebook to post updates and chat with fans. Seeing her pets, like Doug, makes her followers feel closer to her.

Handler’s Love for Animals and Advocacy

Handler is not just posting cute pictures; she has a deep love for animals. She actively promotes animal rescue and shelters.

She adopts dogs from kill shelters, reflecting her commitment to saving animals. Fans recall her saying goodbye to her beloved dog, Chunk, who crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

Through her posts, Chelsea often talks about the importance of adopting rescue dogs. Her followers see her as an advocate for pets in need. She also mentions other pets she has had, like Tammy and Bernice, keeping her advocacy consistent.

By sharing personal stories with her rescued pets, she inspires people to consider adoption.