Must-Have Chow Chow Accessories: Discover Unique Finds for Your Furry Friend

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Taking care of a furry, plush Chow Chow can be so rewarding, but it’s essential to ensure you have the right accessories to make their life—and yours—easier.

Chow Chows have specific needs due to their dense double coat and independent nature, which means they benefit from accessories designed just for them.

From grooming tools to comfort items, these accessories can help keep your Chow Chow happy and healthy.

When shopping for Chow Chow accessories, you’ll need to consider a few critical things.

The material of the item is one of the biggest concerns, especially since their thick fur can make them more susceptible to overheating.

It’s also wise to check the size and durability, especially for items like collars and harnesses, which need to fit comfortably and withstand a bit of pulling.

Always look for non-toxic, pet-safe materials to ensure your fur baby stays safe.

Our team has researched various products to find the best accessories for your Chow Chow, making it easier to care for your loyal, furry friend.

We looked into everything from grooming tools to keep their coat in top shape, to toys that can keep them entertained for hours.

Best Chow Chow Accessories

Chow Chow Accessories

Whether you’re a proud Chow Chow owner or planning to become one, having the right gear is crucial. These accessories will keep your furry friend comfortable and happy. Let’s dive into the top picks!

JennyGems Chow Chow Wooden Sign

This charming wooden sign makes a thoughtful gift for any Chow Chow lover.


  • Beautiful design
  • Versatile placement
  • Heartfelt sentiment


  • Slightly small size
  • Limited to indoor use
  • Handmade variation may occur

You won’t believe how cute this wooden sign looks on a shelf or wall. JennyGems really nailed the design.

It’s a fantastic piece that not only shows off your love for your Chow but also fits well into various decor styles.

The sign is a perfect gift for Chow Chow enthusiasts. Whether it’s a birthday or a housewarming, this item will make them smile.

Plus, it’s free-standing or hangable, so you can display it anywhere.

The only small downside is its size. Some might find it a bit tiny compared to what they envisioned.

It’s also best kept indoors, as it might not withstand the outdoor elements very well.

For a special touch of handmade charm, you really can’t go wrong with this JennyGems Chow Chow Wooden Sign. Each piece might slightly differ, adding a unique touch to your decor.

Healthy Breeds Multi-Vitamin Soft Chews

A fantastic choice for keeping your Chow Chow healthy and happy.



  • Some chews may be hard
  • Price fluctuates
  • Picky eaters might refuse initially

If you’re looking for a way to keep your Chow Chow in top shape, these Healthy Breeds Multi-Vitamin Soft Chews are worth considering.

They are packed with essential vitamins and minerals, and the heart-shaped chews make it easy to give to your dog.

Even the pickiest eaters seem to enjoy these, making them a win-win for both owner and pet.

One of the biggest advantages is how much dogs seem to love them.

My own Chow Chow goes crazy for these chews, which is great because it makes administering vitamins hassle-free.

You don’t have to hide these in food because they’re delicious on their own.

However, be cautious as the texture can vary. Some batches come out quite hard, which can be a problem for older dogs or those with dental issues.

It’s also worth noting that the price can be quite variable, so it might be a good idea to stock up when you catch a good deal.

These chews are an excellent option if you want to improve your dog’s overall health, especially their skin and coat.

They are beneficial for all sizes and ages, including pregnant and nursing dogs. For more details and to purchase, visit the link.

Chow Chow Stuffed Animal

If you’re looking for a cute and cuddly companion, this Chow Chow plush is a sweet addition to any collection.


  • Ultra-soft and fluffy
  • Adorable teddy bear design
  • Compact and portable size


  • Smaller than it appears in pictures
  • May not look realistic to everyone
  • Limited to one color option

Bringing this Aurora® Playful Teddy Pets™ Chow Chow Stuffed Animal into our home was a delight.

The plush is incredibly soft and fluffy, perfect for cuddling. Its teddy bear styling gives it an adorable look that many kids and adults will love.

Another plus is its compact size, which makes it easy to carry around.

Whether it’s a gift for a child or a fun token for a Chow Chow lover, it’s versatile and portable.

While it is smaller than some may expect from the photos, this can be a benefit if you want something that can easily fit in a bag.

Although the teddy bear design is charming, it may not be suitable for someone looking for a more realistic plush.

The tan color is the only option available, which might limit choices for those seeking different colors.

Despite these minor drawbacks, this Chow Chow plush stands out for its cuddly nature and cute appearance.

Chow Chow Pillow Covers

These Chow Chow Pillow Covers are an excellent choice for adding a touch of charm to any room, especially for dog lovers.


  • Durable cotton linen material
  • Attractive and unique design
  • Easy to wash


  • No pillow insert is included
  • Material may feel rough
  • Pattern only on one side

The Chow Chow Pillow Covers surprised me with their high quality.

The cotton linen fabric feels sturdy and eco-friendly, perfect for any space, whether it’s your living room or bedroom. It’s like giving your room a fresh look without spending a fortune.

The design is unique and definitely a conversation starter.

People can’t help but ask where you got it when they see these cute and stylish covers. They fit standard 18×18 pillow inserts perfectly, making it easy to refresh your decor.

One downside is that the fabric can feel a bit rough, like burlap, so it’s more for decoration than comfort.

And don’t forget, you’ll need to get your own pillow inserts since they’re not included.

The pattern is only on the front side, but it still adds a great touch to any couch or chair.

Overall, it’s a lovely gift idea for any Chow Chow enthusiast in your life.

Chow Chow Figurine

A charming addition for any Chow Chow lover, this figurine is both a delightful decoration and a heartwarming gift.


  • Beautifully detailed and hand-painted
  • Compact size, perfect for display
  • Realistic glass eyes add lifelike appeal


  • Slight variation in color from pictures
  • May be too delicate for children’s play
  • Limited availability might require patience to find

Looking for something special to honor your Chow Chow? This Chow Chow Figurine offers a stunning replica of your favorite breed.

With its hand-painted stone resin and fine details, it’s a piece that truly stands out. The glass eyes give it an extra touch of realism, making it look almost like a real dog.

Place it on your desk at work or on the mantel at home.

It’s a piece that will catch everyone’s eye and start conversations.

If you need a gentle reminder of your furry friend, this figurine does just that.

It feels solid yet detailed, a testament to the craftsmanship behind it.

Since it’s hand-painted, you might notice slight color variations, but that adds to its unique charm.

Just remember, this piece is best for display, not play.

For those who love Chow Chows, gifting this figurine is sure to bring a smile.

Carl Dick Chow-Chow

Get this plush Chow-Chow if you want a high-quality, soft, and cuddly reminder of this charming breed.


  • Very soft fur
  • High-quality construction
  • Adorable design


  • Smaller than expected
  • Limited washability
  • On the pricey side

This plush Chow-Chow from Carl Dick is perfect for Chow Chow lovers.

Its fur is extremely soft to the touch, making it a great cuddle buddy.

The high-quality construction really shows in the details, from the black nose to the safety eyes.

You’ll notice it’s quite durable, which means it can withstand lots of hugs.

It’s also a fantastic decorative piece, whether for a kid’s room or a living room.

The color is a lovely light brown, almost orange, adding a warm touch to any space.

One thing to keep in mind is its size; it’s a bit smaller than what you might expect, standing at about 25 cm.

Additionally, it’s advisable to hand wash it to keep it looking its best.

While it may be a bit pricier than other stuffed animals, the quality and design make it worth considering for any Chow Chow enthusiast.

Chow Chow Guard Dog Decal

A fun way to showcase your Chow Chow pride on your car.


  • Easy to apply
  • High-quality vinyl
  • Made in the USA


  • Permanent adhesive
  • Single-use only
  • Limited size option

This NickerStickers Decal looks fantastic on my car window.

The design is clear and eye-catching, making my vehicle stand out.

It’s great for those who want to show off their love for their Chow Chow.

Application is a breeze with the provided detailed instructions.

The vinyl seems durable, and it’s rated to last for six years outdoors, so you won’t worry about peeling or cracking.

It’s also nice to know it supports local suppliers and jobs in the USA.

The only downside is the decal is a permanent adhesive, so removing it means it can’t be reused.

Additionally, it’s only available in one size, which might not suit everyone. Yet, overall, it’s a small investment for a big statement!

Chow Chow Deodorizing Shampoo

A must-have for keeping your Chow Chow clean and smelling fresh with ease.


  • Pleasant sweet pea and vanilla scent
  • Gentle on sensitive skin
  • Soap-free, hypoallergenic formula


  • Scent may not last long on very active dogs
  • Doesn’t foam as much as some other shampoos
  • Can be pricey for regular use

If you’re looking for a shampoo that leaves your Chow Chow smelling delightful, Healthy Breeds Chow Chow Deodorizing Shampoo is a great choice.

The sweet pea and vanilla scent is both refreshing and long-lasting.

This shampoo works wonders for dogs with sensitive skin, thanks to its hypoallergenic and soap-free formulation.

I used it on my own pup, and his coat was soft and shiny afterward.

The essential fatty acids also help with dry, flaky skin, which is a bonus.

On the downside, if your dog is very active and loves the outdoors, the pleasant scent may not last as long as you’d like.

Also, it doesn’t lather up as much as some other shampoos, which might require you to use a bit more product.

Despite these minor cons, it’s still a solid option for frequent use without stripping your pet’s coat.

Chow Chow Kitchen Towel

If you’re a Chow Chow lover or know someone who is, this kitchen towel is a great pick.


  • Soft and absorbent cotton material
  • Charming design that adds character
  • Multifunctional use around the home


  • Some may find it too thin
  • Limited to Chow Chow theme
  • Higher price for a single towel

Whether drying dishes or decorating your kitchen, this Honey Dew Gifts towel brings charm and utility to your home.

Made from 100% cotton, it’s as soft as it is absorbent, making cleanup a breeze.

Plus, the cute Chow Chow design is sure to delight any dog lover.

Its 27″ x 27″ size is perfect for various kitchen tasks.

Due to the appealing design, you might also want to hang it as a wall banner or bathroom accent.

Easily keep it clean by tossing it in the washer, and it retains its quality even after multiple washes.

The corner loop adds convenience for hanging it up to dry.

This towel is an excellent gift idea for any dog-loving friend or family member.

It stands out due to its thoughtful design and versatility.

While some might think it’s a bit thin, its other qualities more than make up for this.

Order yours now and bring a bit of fun and function to your kitchen with this whimsical Chow Chow towel!

Funny Chow Chow Full Face Blanket

This blanket makes an endearing gift for any Chow Chow lover, adding charm and warmth to any setting.


  • Soft and cozy material
  • Four size options for different needs
  • Cute and vibrant dog print designs


  • Print quality can be poor
  • Some users reported fading after washing
  • Limited customer reviews

You’ll love wrapping up in the Funny Chow Chow Full Face Blanket on a chilly evening.

Made from high-density flannel, it’s incredibly soft and smooth.

The blanket is designed to be breathable, making it suitable for all seasons.

The various sizes ensure you find the perfect fit, whether you’re cuddling on the couch or adding an extra touch to your pet’s bed.

The dog print designs are delightful, showcasing different breeds in vibrant colors that can brighten any room.

Despite its charms, the print quality may be a hit or miss.

Some customers noted that the design can appear blurry or fade after washing.

Additionally, with only a few reviews available, it’s hard to get a comprehensive sense of all users’ experiences.

Buyer Guide

When purchasing a blanket like this, consider the size best suited for your needs.

Think about where you’ll use it most – on the couch, bed, or even for travel.

Check out user reviews for insights on the print quality and how it holds up after washes.

If possible, look for more customer feedback to gauge the blanket’s reliability and durability over time.

Include this blanket as a charming accessory to your home, or gift it to a dog-loving friend.

The blend of cuteness and cozy comfort makes it a worthwhile consideration for any canine fan.

Buying Guide

Chow Chow Accessories - Buying Guide

When shopping for Chow Chow accessories, you need to focus on comfort, safety, and durability.

Collars and Harnesses

Choose a comfortable collar that fits snugly but not too tight.

Look for adjustable straps.

A harness is also great for walks, especially for a Chow Chow’s strong build.

Opt for a well-padded harness to prevent rubbing.

Grooming Supplies

Chow Chows have a thick double coat, so make sure to choose the right grooming tools.

A high-quality brush and de-shedding tool are essential.

Choose shampoos and conditioners formulated for double-coated breeds.

Regular grooming keeps your dog’s coat healthy and reduces shedding.

Feeding Bowls

Invest in stainless steel or ceramic bowls. They are easy to clean and more durable compared to plastic.

Look for bowls with non-slip bases to prevent spills.

Slow feeders can help with dogs that eat too quickly.

Toys and Chews

Select durable toys that can withstand strong jaws.

Rope toys, rubber balls, and puzzle toys are good options.

Chews made from natural materials are great for dental health.


Chow Chows need a comfy place to sleep.

Look for a bed with thick padding and supportive sides.

Make sure it’s the right size so your dog can stretch out comfortably.

Clothes and Jackets

Especially in colder climates, warm jackets can be very useful.

Make sure it fits well without restricting movement.

Always check the material for comfort and breathability.

Step-by-Step Guide to Buying Chow Chow Accessories

Step 1

Measure your dog: Get the right dimensions for collars, harnesses, and clothes.

Step 2

Research materials: Ensure they are safe, durable, and comfortable.

Step 3

Check Reviews: Look at what other Chow Chow owners recommend.

Step 4

Budget wisely: Quality often comes with a higher price but lasts longer.

The right accessories make a difference in your Chow Chow’s happiness and health.


Chow Chows require specific accessories to accommodate their thick fur and distinct structure. We’ll cover collars, grooming tools, dietary needs, comfortable beds, entertaining toys, and gift ideas.

What types of collars are best suited for a Chow Chow’s unique fur and neck structure?

Chow Chows have thick necks and abundant fur. Martingale collars work well because they prevent slipping. Look for padded options to avoid skin irritation.
Leather collars are durable, but make sure they are wide enough to distribute pressure evenly.

How can I find Chow Chow-specific grooming accessories to maintain their thick coat?

Maintaining a Chow Chow’s coat requires specific tools. Use a slicker brush daily to prevent matting. A wide-tooth comb helps detangle thick fur.
Invest in a quality de-shedding tool to manage shedding seasons. Regular grooming sessions keep their coat healthy and reduce fur around your home.

Are there any special dietary accessories recommended for a Chow Chow’s nutritional needs?

Chow Chows benefit from slow feeders or puzzle bowls to prevent gulping. These accessories promote healthy digestion and mental stimulation during mealtime.
Stainless steel bowls are best for hygiene. Elevated feeders can aid with their unique neck structure, making eating more comfortable.

What are some comfortable yet durable dog bed options for a Chow Chow?

Chow Chows need beds that support their heavy bodies. Orthopedic memory foam beds provide joint support and comfort. Look for beds with removable and washable covers.
Durability is key, so choose materials that can withstand a bit of wear and tear.

Which toys are known to keep Chow Chows entertained and help with their mental stimulation?

Chow Chows enjoy puzzle toys that challenge their minds. Durable chew toys, like those made from rubber, are great for their strong jaws.
Interactive toys, such as treat-dispensing balls, keep them engaged and active. Rotating toys regularly helps maintain their interest.

Can you suggest some gift ideas for Chow Chow owners that reflect their dog’s personality?

Gift ideas for Chow Chow owners include customized accessories like engraved collars or personalized bowls.
Fun options include Chow Chow-themed merchandise like T-shirts or mugs. A high-quality grooming kit can also be a thoughtful gift, helping owners keep their Chow Chows looking fabulous.