Chow Chow Breeders: Uncovering the Hidden Rules

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Chow Chow Breeders

If you’re considering adding a Chow Chow to your family, finding a reputable breeder is crucial. Choosing the right breeder ensures you get a healthy puppy with a good temperament.

Not only that, but a good breeder will also provide valuable advice and support as you raise your new furry friend.

When I was searching for my own Chow Chow, I found that the process can be quite overwhelming. There are many breeders out there, but not all of them are trustworthy.

In this guide, I’ll share tips on what to look for in a Chow Chow breeder and how to ensure you’re making a responsible choice.

1# Blue Ridge Chow Chows

If you want a Chow Chow that stands out, Blue Ridge Chow Chows is the place to start your search. I discovered them a few years back and was impressed by the quality of their puppies.

They specialize in Chow Chows with excellent temperaments and true breed standards.

When I first contacted Blue Ridge, they were very friendly and knowledgeable. They answered every question I had about the breed.

The owners truly care about their dogs and ensure each puppy is well-socialized.

The facilities at Blue Ridge are clean and spacious. Each dog has plenty of room to play and exercise. The breeders also provide health guarantees and up-to-date vaccinations.

Adopting a Chow Chow from Blue Ridge means you are getting a pet from a responsible breeder. They focus on the well-being of their dogs. This ensures that you are bringing home a healthy and happy puppy.

If you are interested in visiting or learning more, you can find them online easily. Have a conversation with the breeders and see for yourself why they are so reputable.

2# West Palm Chow Chows

If you’re looking for Chow Chow puppies in West Palm Beach, you’ll find plenty of options. I found that prices for these puppies range from $3,000 to $3,500. For example, the listings on Good Dog give a clear picture of what to expect.

West Palm Beach has a variety of reputable breeders. Sites like Puppyfinder list many breeders that are close by.

It’s always best to contact these breeders directly to get more details about the puppies.

I remember visiting a breeder in West Palm Beach a few years ago. The puppies were so fluffy and adorable! The breeder was very friendly, and it was clear they cared a lot about the dogs.

It’s important to meet your potential puppy and its parents. This can give you a good sense of the dog’s temperament and health. West Palm Beach breeders often allow visits, so take advantage of that opportunity.

For those new to the breed, Chow Chows are known for being dignified and somewhat aloof. They can be great companions if socialized well. If you’re interested, check out Homely Chows to learn more about the breed’s characteristics.

Ready to add a Chow Chow to your family? West Palm Beach is a great place to start looking!

3# Autumn Chow Chow Puppies

A litter of fluffy Chow Chow puppies play in a pile of colorful autumn leaves, surrounded by proud breeders

I remember the first time I saw an Autumn Chow Chow puppy. Their fluffy coats reminded me of leaves in fall, so vibrant and warm. These pups, born in autumn, have a unique charm about them.

If you’re looking to get an Autumn Chow Chow puppy, you’re in for a treat. They are perfect for families who love outdoor activities in cooler weather. My autumn pup loved playing in leaves and cool breezes.

Finding reputable breeders is essential. Make sure they provide details on the puppy’s health and background.

Good options include the AKC Marketplace and Misty Mountain Chows for well-bred, healthy puppies.

Remember to check the puppy’s parents. They should be AKC-registered, ensuring a healthy lineage and fewer genetic issues.

Chat with breeders about your lifestyle and the type of Chow Chow that fits best.

Autumn Chow Chows also require grooming, especially during shedding season. Their dense coat needs frequent brushing to prevent mats.

I spend time each week brushing my Chow while we enjoy the cooler weather.

Training your Autumn Chow Chow is essential. Start early with simple commands.

These dogs can be stubborn, so patience and consistency are key. I found treats and positive reinforcement very effective.

4# Chow Chow Rescue Society

I’ve come across a fantastic group called the Chow Chow Rescue Society. They’re based in Jacksonville, Florida, and they do amazing work for Chow Chows in need.

When I was looking for resources on where to find a Chow Chow, I found this society. They help dogs by providing medical care and finding them loving homes. Their dedication to these furry friends is truly inspiring.

One great thing about the Chow Chow Rescue Society is how they handle rescues. They assess each dog’s needs carefully.

It’s not just about finding any home, but the right home. This ensures that both the dog and the new owner are happy.

For anyone interested in adopting, they regularly post updates on available dogs. Their Facebook page is full of heartwarming success stories. Seeing a once-neglected dog flourish in a new home is incredibly touching.

Another amazing aspect is the community involvement. Volunteers are always stepping up to foster, transport, or help with events. This level of dedication shows just how much they care about Chow Chows.

If you’re considering adopting a Chow Chow, I highly recommend checking them out. Not only will you find a new furry friend, but you’ll also be supporting a group that genuinely cares.

5# Chow Time Kennel

When I first heard about Chow Time Kennel, I was excited. They specialize in breeding Chow Chows with love and care. Each puppy is well-socialized, ensuring it will grow into a friendly, confident adult dog.

The team at Chow Time Kennel takes great pride in their breeding practices. They focus on health and temperament, so you get a healthy companion. Their Chows feature stunning coats and friendly personalities.

Visiting them was a joy. The clean, spacious environment for the pups caught my eye immediately. It was clear these dogs were well taken care of. Plus, the breeders were eager to answer all my questions.

If you’re considering getting a Chow Chow, Chow Time Kennel is a place to check out. They even offer tips on puppy care and ongoing support.

With payment options like Zelle, credit cards, and debit cards, it’s convenient too.

6# Charming Chows Colorado

A group of fluffy Chow Chows play in a spacious, sunlit yard at Charming Chows Colorado. The dogs' thick fur and distinctive blue tongues are on full display as they romp and interact with each other

Have you ever wondered where to find the best Chow Chow puppies in Colorado? I was in the same boat a few years ago. Finding a reputable breeder was a big task.

One of my top recommendations is Pendleton Chows in Longmont, CO. They specialize in breeding, showing, and training Chow Chows. I found their dedication to quality and care for the dogs impressive.

Another great place is Wink Chows, located in the Denver/Colorado Springs area. They focus on health and quality, and it shows in their beautiful puppies.

For those looking for a wider selection, Good Dog offers Chow Chow puppies from several reputable breeders across Colorado. It’s a great way to compare and find the best match for your family.

Finally, for AKC-registered Chows, the AKC Marketplace is a trusted source. Founded in 1884, the AKC is a well-known authority in dog breeding and care.

When searching, always ask about the health screenings, the puppies’ environment, and the breeders’ practices.

7# Imperial Chow Chow Puppies

Two fluffy Imperial Chow Chow puppies playfully interact with their breeders in a spacious, well-lit room

Imperial Chow Chow Puppies are a special variety of this ancient breed. These puppies are known for their strong build, loyalty, and their distinctive, thick double coat. Many people fall in love with their unique look and stately demeanor.

When I first saw an Imperial Chow Chow puppy, I was captivated by its regal presence. They reminded me of little lions with their fluffy manes and proud stance.

They’re not just pretty faces, though; Imperial Chows are known for being smart and independent thinkers.

If you’re looking to buy one, it’s important to find reputable breeders.

You can check out places like AKC Marketplace or Poetic Chows. These breeders often have puppies with champion bloodlines, ensuring the best qualities of the breed.

I once visited a breeder in Weatherford, TX, who had Imperial Chow Chow puppies available. The puppies were five weeks old and already showing signs of their loyal and protective nature. It’s experiences like this that make the process of getting a new puppy so exciting.

Just be ready for the grooming needs of these majestic puppies. Their dense coats require regular brushing to keep them looking their best.

It can be a bonding experience, though, and definitely worth the effort.

Looking for payment options? Many breeders accept Zelle, Credit Cards, and Debit Cards.

This flexibility can make the purchase process smoother and more convenient for potential Chow Chow owners.

8# ChowChow4Life

ChowChow4Life is a breeder based in the United States. They have been around for over a decade, and I’ve heard only good things about them. Folks say their dogs are not just beautiful but also have great temperaments.

When I was looking for a Chow Chow, I talked to some owners who got their dogs from ChowChow4Life. They mentioned how easy the process was. The breeder answered all their questions and provided lots of information about the puppies’ health.

If you’re thinking about getting a dog from them, you’ll be happy to know they offer a health guarantee. They also make sure the puppies are well-socialized before going to their new homes. This means the puppies are used to being around people and other animals, which makes the transition easier.

Another thing I like about ChowChow4Life is that they are transparent. They let you visit and see where the dogs are raised. You can see for yourself that the puppies are well-cared for and happy.

Plus, they offer a lot of support even after you bring your puppy home. You can call them if you have any questions or need advice on caring for your new Chow Chow. This is really comforting for new dog owners.

If you’re interested in learning more about them, check out ChowChow4Life. They might just have the perfect Chow Chow puppy waiting for you.

9# Snowlion Chows

A pack of Snowlion Chows Chow Chow breeders playfully romp in the snow, their fluffy coats blending seamlessly with the wintry landscape

When I first heard about Snowlion Chows, I was immediately intrigued. They have a reputation for breeding high-quality Chow Chows. Located in Colorado, Snowlion Chows focus on producing healthy and well-socialized pups.

One of the things I love about Snowlion Chows is their commitment to health. Their breeding dogs undergo thorough health screenings. This includes checks for hip dysplasia and eye issues, common concerns in the breed.

I visited their facility and was impressed by the cleanliness and care. The puppies were playful and friendly. They were eager to interact with visitors, showing good socialization skills.

Snowlion Chows also provide excellent support to new owners. They offer guidance on training, diet, and general care. This helps ensure a smooth transition for both the puppy and the new family.

It’s always exciting to see a breeder so dedicated to their dogs’ well-being. If you’re in the market for a Chow Chow and live in the United States, considering Snowlion Chows might be a great choice.

10# Sunset Chows California

A California beach at sunset with Chow Chow dogs playing in the sand, waves crashing in the background

Sunset Chows in California is the perfect place if you’re searching for a friendly, fluffy companion. I remember visiting Sunset Chows when looking for my own Chow Chow; the experience was beyond great. The breeders are genuinely passionate about their dogs.

When I arrived, I was immediately impressed by the clean and well-maintained facilities. The pups were playful, healthy, and clearly well-cared for. The breeders there took the time to answer all my questions about the breed and provided valuable advice on raising a happy and healthy Chow Chow.

They were also very transparent about the health and lineage of the dogs. Knowing my pet came from a responsible breeder gave me peace of mind. If you’re considering a Chow Chow, Sunset Chows California might be the right choice.

History Of Chow Chow Breed

The history of the Chow Chow is rich and spans thousands of years. These dogs have roots in ancient China and have taken on various roles throughout history.

Origins And Ancestry

The Chow Chow breed comes from Northern China and is believed to be one of the oldest dog breeds. Their ancestry stretches back to the Han Dynasty (206 B.C. to 220 A.D.) as shown in pottery and ceramic artifacts. It’s fascinating to think about how such a sturdy and unique breed has been around for so long.

A unique feature of the Chow Chow is its dense double coat, which helped it survive in cold northern climates. They also have distinctive small, erect ears with rounded tips and a broad skull that gives them a certain majesty. Many suggest these dogs date back nearly 12 million years to the Miocene period.

Chow Chows Through The Ages

Chow Chows have held various roles over the centuries. Initially, they served as guard dogs and hunting companions. They were also used for herding and even sled-pulling. Marco Polo himself recorded the use of Chow Chows in sled-pulling by the Chinese, showcasing their strength.

In modern times, the breed is known for its dignified, serious demeanor. They are muscular and deep-chested, presenting an air of aristocracy. The breed’s ability to adapt to various roles throughout history underlines their versatility and importance in Chinese culture.

For more about their historical roles, you can explore records in the Han Dynasty and ancient China.

Traits And Characteristics Of Chow Chows

Chow Chows are known for their unique looks and dignified personality. They have a distinct appearance with a lion-like mane and are known to be independent but loyal.

Physical Appearance

Chow Chows are medium to large dogs, usually weighing between 45 and 70 pounds. They stand about 17 to 20 inches tall at the shoulder.

One of the first things you’ll notice about a Chow Chow is their thick and dense fur. They can have either a rough coat, which is very full and wooly, or a smooth coat that is shorter but still dense.

Their faces are quite expressive. They have deep-set eyes, a broad skull, and a distinctive blue-black tongue, which sets them apart from other breeds.

Their muscular build and deep chest give them a strong, sturdy appearance. In addition to their appearance, their fluffy tail, which curls over their back, adds to their noble look.

Behavioral Traits

Chow Chows are known for being independent and reserved. They are very loyal to their family but can be somewhat aloof with strangers.

This breed tends to have a serious and dignified manner. They are not overly playful like some other breeds but are very protective of their home and loved ones.

In my experience, training a Chow Chow requires patience and consistency. They are intelligent dogs but can be stubborn, so it’s essential to establish yourself as the leader early on.

Socialization is also crucial to prevent them from becoming too wary or aggressive towards unfamiliar people or animals.

Despite their aloofness, Chow Chows form strong bonds with their owners. They are more likely to be a one-person dog rather than being friendly and affectionate to everyone they meet.

Their loyalty and protective nature make them excellent companions for those who value a dog that is dedicated and dependable. For more detailed behavior information, you can visit Hill’s Pet.

Selecting The Right Breeder

A Chow Chow breeder carefully selects a puppy from a litter, examining its physical features and temperament

Choosing the right Chow Chow breeder is crucial. It impacts your future dog’s health, behavior, and overall well-being. Let’s focus on finding a reputable breeder and understanding their health screening practices.

Reputation And Reviews

When selecting a Chow Chow breeder, reputation is everything. I started by asking for recommendations from other Chow Chow owners.

Word-of-mouth is powerful. Online research helps too. Look for breeders with extensive, positive reviews.

Reputable breeders often have their own websites and social media presence.

Good breeders will welcome potential buyers to visit their kennels. They’ll answer questions and provide pedigrees. They should be members of recognized breed clubs like the American Kennel Club (AKC).

Visiting their facilities and seeing how the dogs are treated can offer great insight.

Health Screening Practices

Health screenings are essential to ensure your pup’s well-being.

Quality breeders conduct health tests for common Chow Chow genetic issues. For instance, hip dysplasia is prevalent in Chow Chows.

Breeders should provide documentation like PennHIP or OFA scores.

Eye conditions are another concern. Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA) is common. Responsible breeders test for this and provide results.

Ask to see health certificates for both parents.

Puppies should receive vaccinations and deworming before going to their new homes.

A good breeder gives detailed records of all health checks and treatments. This ensures transparency and confidence in your new furry friend’s health.


A group of Chow Chow puppies play in a spacious, well-lit room, while a breeder answers questions from potential buyers

In this section, I’ll cover key topics like the cost of Chow Chow puppies, their adaptability to living indoors, identifying purebreds, finding reputable breeders, and understanding their behavior.

What should I expect to pay for a Chow Chow puppy?

Chow Chow puppy prices can vary greatly. On average, you might spend anywhere from $1,000 to $3,000.
It’s important to consider additional costs, like vet visits and grooming. Don’t forget to ask breeders about health guarantees. Knowing what you’re paying for is essential.

Can Chow Chows adapt well to indoor living conditions?

Yes, Chow Chows can adapt well to living indoors. Their calm demeanor makes them a good fit for apartment life.
Make sure they get enough exercise to stay healthy. Regular walks and playtime are necessary to keep them happy.

What are the indicators of a purebred Chow Chow?

Purebred Chow Chows have distinctive traits, like a blue-black tongue and a dense double coat.
When purchasing, ask for pedigree papers. Reliable breeders will provide these documents to verify the dog’s lineage. It’s a crucial step to ensure your dog is truly a Chow Chow.

What characteristics define reputable Chow Chow breeders?

Reputable breeders prioritize the dog’s health and temperament.
They perform genetic testing and provide a clean, loving environment. Good breeders also screen potential buyers.
They will ask you questions to ensure you’re a suitable owner for a Chow Chow.
Check out breeders like Cross B Chows for reference.

How can I find a Chow Chow breeder in my local area?

Research is key to finding local Chow Chow breeders. Websites like AKC Poetic Chow Chow Breeders are a good place to start.
You can also join Chow Chow clubs or groups on social media. Word of mouth from other Chow Chow owners can be very helpful.

What are the typical behaviors that might classify a Chow Chow as an aggressive breed?

Chow Chows are often misunderstood as aggressive due to their protective nature. They can be aloof with strangers but are loyal to their families.
Proper training and socialization from a young age are essential. Understanding their temperament helps prevent behavioral issues.