Cornstarch For Bulldog Wrinkles – 4 Tips for Cleaning Bulldog’s Eyes

Cornstarch for Bulldog Wrinkles: 4 Best Tips For Cleaning Bulldog's Eyes

To clean your Bulldog’s eyes, flush each eye properly with a formulated eyewash for dogs.

This will clean out the debris and irritants sticking around.

And apply cornstarch for bulldog wrinkles to remove the tear stains accumulated over your bully’s adorable folds.

Cornstarch for Bulldog Wrinkles

If the irritation persists, you are advised to take your bulldog to the concerned vet.    

Nevertheless, simple home remedies will keep your bully’s eyes and skin healthy.

Keep on reading as I discuss some tips and tricks for regular eye and wrinkle skincare for bulldogs.

These are enough to treat irritations in the eyes and infections in the folds.

Eye Infection and Skin Irritations in Bulldogs

Eye Infection and Skin Irritations in Bulldogs
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Bulldogs are prone to excessive tearing. This is because of the anatomy of their eyes.

Since they have round, big eyes, it makes it difficult for tears to drain normally.

On the other hand, their signature folds make things worse by keeping the tears accumulated on the wrinkles.

This is particularly a problem because it causes severe infections in bulldogs in their eyes and around their folds.

A bulldog’s eyes can be the first indicator of health. If you find that your bully is acting strange from the past couple of days, this might be because of skin irritation or an eye infection.

The tear stains on the wrinkles can cause rashes, while excessive eye discharge makes their eyes prone to bacterial infection.

Tears contain trace minerals like iron and copper, which are consumed via food and water.

In humans, the trace minerals exit through urine. However, this is not the case with dogs.

Dogs, especially the bully breeds, produce more tears than necessary, and the trace minerals can come through their eyes.

I have been told by many vets that excessive tear production in bulldogs is often a sign of an underlying health condition.

common health conditions that may cause your bulldog

According to my research, the following are some of the common health conditions that may cause your bulldog to produce more tears than normal. 

  • Inverted eyelids (entropion)
  • Allergens
  • Poor diet
  • High stress
  • Ear infection
  • Small tear duct openings
  • Reaction to medications
  • Ingrown eyelashes
  • Eye infections
  • Glaucoma

In some cases, second-hand smoke (smoke from burning tobacco products) also triggers tear production in bulldogs.

Since bulldogs have a deformed, wrinkled face, this makes the tears stick around, causing dark auburn color near the eyes.

This attracts bacteria and other germs. If not cleaned daily, this may cause further complications.   

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Spotting Eye Issues in Bulldogs – Tear Stains and Eye Gunk

cornstarch for bulldog wrinkles

I found out about eye infections the hard way. But luckily, it wasn’t too late.

Once you know what tear stains are, you can spot them right away.

Tear stains are notorious for sticking around the wrinkles of bulldogs that run from the inner corners of their eyes and down to the outer corners of their face.

As I said, they are deep in color and usually wet/slimy.

Here is what you need to know:

  • Wet skin or moisture in the skin folds and under the eyes.
  • Red eyes and inflammation around and underneath the eyes.
  • A pungent odor around the bully’s face (if your bulldog has an odor around their face, this is an indication of a yeast infection).
  • Formation of dark auburn or pink stain around the eyes and in the wrinkles.

Because of the folds and wrinkles, the tears do not completely dry off. And since the dog is continuously producing tears, it keeps their face moist. This attracts flies and bacteria.

Apart from the obvious reasons, dogs also have an allergy season. And during that time, your bully may experience eye irritation. It can be caused due to tear duct issues or pollen.

Here is what you need to look into:

  • If your bulldog is one eye completely or partially shut, it can be a sign of an eye infection or irritation.
  • If your bulldog is constantly pawing at his eye, it means he is experiencing irritation and pain.
  • The formation of a large chunk of gunk around the corner of your bulldog’s eyes makes them prone to bacterial infections.
  • If you notice that your bulldog is hesitant while walking or is running into objects, it means he is gradually losing his eyesight and needs immediate medical attention.

Speaking with experience, eye Care should always be a priority in your at-home bulldog care routine.

Please note that healthy eyes are always clear and bright.

How to Clean your Bulldog’s Eyes?

Different dog parents will tell you different ways to clean your dog’s eyes.

Which method you use will partly depend on the reason why you are cleaning your bully’s eyes.

For me, the following are some of the trusted and effective ways to clean the eyes of my bulldog.

#1 Eye Drops

When I feel like my bully has red eyes or suspect that he has something in his eyes, making them look infected, I use eye drops.

It helps in flushing out any irritants from the eyes.

While saline solutions work just perfectly, if you are concerned for some reason, you are always free to get a prescription eye drop from a vet.

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Since bulldogs have large round eyes, you may want to gently hold their eyelids open.

I pour in a stream of solution or at least a few drops to gently flush my bully’s eyes.

Before tending the second eye, allow your dog to shake their head or blink.

#2 Ointment

I also use ointments if my dog has an eye infection. However, I never buy it without a prescription from the vet.

The ointment helps in clearing up the infection and redness in the eye.

If you are new to applying ointments, you may find it a little more complicated than eye drops.

When it comes to applying an ointment, you can always visit the vet. Or you can do it yourself.

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The simplest way I prefer is pulling the dog’s lower eyelid down, away from the eyeball, and then inserting the ointment in the space between the eyeball and eyelid.

After doing this, I gently rub the lower eyelid around the eyeball to evenly spread the ointment.

Applying ointment can make your bulldog a little uncomfortable.

I recommend you to use less amount of ointment for each eye.

#3 Wet Wipes

Eye gunk is one of the biggest concerns that affect the eye health of your dog. This is because it attracts bacterial infection.

Eye gunk cannot be cleaned using eye drops or ointments.

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I use antiseptic wet wipes (not scented) to clean out the gunk accumulated around my bulldog’s eyes.

If you cannot find wet wipes for dogs, you can go with baby wipes.

Wet wipes for dogs contain ingredients that are ideal for removing the crusty and moist gunk while moisturizing the surrounding skin.

If the gunk is hard, you may want to sprinkle some water before wiping it away.

The skin near the eyes can be a little sensitive, and you would not want to apply force when removing the gunk.

#4 Damp Washcloth

If you don’t have wet wipes, you can use a damp washcloth as an alternative.

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After applying eye drops or ointment, allow your dog some time before you work around the eyes.

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Dip a washcloth in warm water and squeeze excess water.

Gently wipe around the eye to remove gunk.

However, make sure that you use a different cloth or a part of the cloth for cleaning the other eye.

You would not want to transfer the bacteria from one eye to another.

What can I put on my Bulldog’s wrinkles?

cornstarch for bulldog wrinkles
Cornstarch for bulldog wrinkles

Cleaning your bulldog’s folds and wrinkles don’t require any special soaps, shampoos, or cleansers.

Since these folds are the breeding grounds for infectious bacteria and stinky yeast, you need to provide regular care.

I recommend you to clean your dog’s folds several times a week (more during the summer). It will state off skin infections and eye irritations.

Here is a home remedy that will perfectly work for your bulldog’s wrinkles to prevent it from getting infected and produce any odor.

Items you will need

  • Cornstarch
  • Makeup brush
  • Diaper cream
  • Cotton swabs
  • Paper towels
  • Wet wipes for dogs or aloe baby wipes


  • Gently pull the wrinkle flat and wipe down the wet wipes over the facial folds. This will remove the bacteria and debris.
  • I recommend you to use clean wipes for each facial fold as this prevents redistributing bacteria.
  • Now, take some paper towels and pat down the skin dry. Paper towels help absorb excess moisture from the wrinkles.
  • Next, take some cotton swabs, dip them into pea-sized diaper cream, and apply on each fold. This will prevent skin irritation and reduce redness or rashes.
  • Take some cornstarch for bulldog wrinkles and use it to dust each wrinkle with a makeup brush. Cornstarch for bulldog wrinkles absorbs the excess moisture and prevents further moisture buildup.
  • Each cleaning will require a new application of cornstarch for bulldog wrinkles.

If the tear stains and gunk around the wrinkles are crusty and hard to clean, mix some dog shampoo in warm water and massage your bulldog’s skin with your fingers. Or you can use a soft clean sponge.

Pat dry the skin using paper towels and dust some cornstarch for bulldog wrinkles. 

Final Words

Cornstarch For Bulldog Wrinkles
Cornstarch for bulldog wrinkles

If your bulldog is experiencing severe irritation or any problems, I recommend you to take him to the vet rather than performing home remedies on him.

Medical help should be provided if you think that things won’t get better with simple routine care.

Nevertheless, cornstarch for bulldog wrinkles is a great way to control moisture buildup. It is safe and effective.

Overall, these are some of the tips and tricks to clean your bulldog’s eyes and wrinkles.

These are the tried and tested methods, so you can go ahead and give them a try.

But always remember, a vet’s assistance will always be required.


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