Best Dog Window Guards For Your Bulldog | The Reason I Choose These 7

Best 6 Dog Window Guards

Dogs are inquisitive species; they want to see what’s going outside in the world.

Even dogs get stressed out and panic to see a life outside your yard. Bulldogs can get frustrated easily if kept in one place for a long time.

This is the reason they try to escape from the house.

To avoid escape attempts and give them a peace of mind that they are not stuck in a yard, install a ​dog window guard​ for your bulldog in the yard only where he/she gets a clear view outside.

This ​dog window guard​ feeds your bulldog’s curiosity and lets the dog see what’s going outside his league in the world. This can reduce his stress of being alone or staying in one place all day.

Most bulldogs want an elevated view so that they don’t feel left out just like humans.

Just like we need to go outside for a change, our mood gets fine when we even sit in our balcony to enjoy the view.

Similarly, bulldogs want a picture sometimes to get a glimpse of the outside world.

In this way, they will get a sense of love and care; they won’t escape seeing what’s going around.

What Is A Dog Window Guard?

If you haven’t heard the word dog window fence, then you probably find this term weird.

But a dog guard window is an ingenious way to allow your bulldog to see the outside world without getting in trouble.

Dog window guards can be mounted on the fence of your yard or anywhere in a hole where the view is clear for the dog.

Just like cats love sitting on window sills for hours and like starring outside checking everything around them, similarly, bulldogs want the same feel, and this can only be done by installing a ​dog window guard​ in your backyard.

There are many dog window guards available in the market; they are usually glass bubble windows.

The right option for you depends on many features and factors.

Some of the factors that should be kept into consideration are given below.

How To Choose The Right Dog Window Guard For Your Bulldog?

Dog window guards​ should be durable, safe, and worth the price.

The following are some of the factors you should consider before investing in a ​dog window guard​.


The window should be big enough in diameter and, in general, to give your bulldog an elevated view outside.

A bubble window guard gives your dog a more comprehensive view compared to a standard window guard.

Generally, the dog window guard is around 10 inches in diameter and 5 inches in depth.

These are dome-shaped windows mounted on your fence or wall.

Other windows may have a small and unclear view like grill windows.


Most dog window guards are made up of acrylic material and have a dome shape.

This makes the windows easy to clean due to its plastic surface, plus it is lightweight and affordable compared to other materials.

They are durable and long-lasting windows. With the help of a hose, the window can be easily washed.


Needless to say, the dog window guard you install should be durable. The unreliable and low-quality window can be a problem for you and a safety hazard for your bulldog.

It is highly recommended to use materials like stainless steel, metal, or solid bolt for the dog window guard.

These materials are expensive compared to others but are more durable. Cheaper windows might compromise on the quality and can break while handling.

Instead of wasting time in a low-quality material window, invest once in a good quality window with a warranty.

For a value-added feature to make it a secure glance, add a window fence guard or grill so that even if someone tries to break the glass from another side, that won’t shatter or harm the bulldog.

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The most popular and famous dog window guard design is the bubble window.

These windows are DIY, so make sure you select the brand which has explicit instructions on it.

Don’t worry; it’s easy to install. Just read the instructions carefully. No matter which brand you buy, installation is straight forward.

The dog window guard’s base is made up of plastic or steel that has screwed with it.

It also comes with nuts and bolts fixed on the fence, wood panel fencing, wood, vinyl, and drywall.

You can even fancy these windows and install them with a kennel or in the pet house.

Since you have to install it yourself, make sure you don’t have to buy extra tools for them.

Tools like nuts and bolts come along with the window; the rest of the tools you will need to bring in yourself like a screwdriver.

There is a manual with tools, so guide you better with the process of installation.


The price might not be the only factor to be taken into account, but yes, it does matter when it comes down to the quality.

The price range of these dog guard windows is anywhere between 20$-30$.

But you can find some better deals on These windows provide a great utility, so look into the price, get something inexpensive yet worthy.

Don’t leave your dog to watch a fence all day long.

Quick guide on how to install a Dog Window Guard

Take the correct measurements: This is the first step of the installation process.

Trace the part where you want to place the window inside the fence or yard. Make sure it’s not too high for your bulldog’s neck to get stiff.

The positioning of the window is essential. Ideally, it just is just right with your knee.

Where your knee starts is the point where the window should be placed, so it’s comfortable for the dog to pee outside.

If you find it difficult to spot the position, then it’s recommended to take professional help.

Make a peek hole in the fence or wall: Once you have figured out the right position to make the hole, trim, or cut out the wall from that point to make a hole.

Make sure you know the exact diameter of the spot you are doing to make.

Drill the peek hole and send someone on the other side of the fence to hold the dome for you until you fix the window’s bolts and nuts.

Check the size of your bolts: It’s essential to check how long your bolts are; if they are too long, then use acorn nuts instead to cover up the unwanted edges.

Sharp and edgy bolt ends may injure your dog, so be careful. Another thing to be noted, don’t tighten the bolts as they may crack, mostly if the window glass is made up of acrylic glass.

Your dog window guard is ready to use, let your dog peep out through it and enjoy the view.

Best 6 Dog Window Guards

Here is a list of best window guards available in the market that made it up to the top 6 list.

These products were selected based on customer reviews, durability, and price.

All the shortcomings, pros, and cons are listed below.

1. H&B Luxuries Durable Fence Dog Window Guard

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

This ​dog window guard​ is designed with versatility. It can be installed on a door or used as a skylight in a dog house or installed anywhere indoor with a door.

The plus point of the H&B window is that it comes with a 1-year warranty.

The window works as a protection shield for your bulldog from an unsafe neighbor or stray dogs.

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Your dog can still enjoy the outside view while staying inside safely. The window minimizes the mess for digging up the lawn.

Your bulldog’s behavior will change towards everyone as he/she will be enjoying their time at glancing.

One thing that is a concern is the reviews regarding this product. Many people complain that the window was broken after a couple of months of installation.

This sounds like a downside, and a question is raised on its durability. But that can still be sorted; if you want to buy this window, also believe a window fence guard.

It will give an extra layer of protection and won’t let the grass break easily. So, all in all, it’s still a good option.

Pros Cons
Affordable.Not so durable but works fine with a window guard.
Comes with necessary hardware tools.
Easy cleaning.

2. Pet Peek Fence Window

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

The acrylic is 9 inches in diameter, big enough to give your bulldog a broad view outside.

It is easy to install and comes with all the necessary hardware.

The hardware tools include four 1.5 inch screws and can be established with wood paneling as well.

It also comes with an excellent manual guide, detailing from drilling the hole to tighten the last screw.

The ​dog window guard​ is very cheap on the point and is made up of acrylic material, ensuring your bulldog’s safety.

It will prevent your dog from jumping over the fence to see outside, so you are in a win-win.

The window can be cleaned up using white non-fluoride toothpaste. Yes, toothpaste, it clears the spots on the windows quickly.

The inexpensive dog guard window has no bad reviews up till now. Most of the customers are satisfied with their purchase.

But few complaints were made regarding missing hardware pieces.

Easy to install.Some reporting regarding missing hardware.
The clear and tinted version.
Easy to clean.

3. Pet-A-Boo Pet Window

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

The Pet-A-Boo window is as unique as its name. The dome is made of strong unbreakable glass.

It lets your bulldog enjoy the beautiful view outside and let your bulldog play without any physical interaction with strangers.

This window’s eye-catching feature is that it comes in two sizes, a standard size that is of 9.5 diameters and XL 16′ diameter.

This is suitable for all sizes of bulldogs, from small to large. The box includes necessary hardware tools like stainless steel trim rings and screws.

The unique selling feature of this design is its large size and 8′ diameter depth.

It allows more than one bulldog to peep outside, so if you have more than one dog, you will surely invest in something smarter.

Due to its large size, it’s recommended to use a ​dog window guard ​to give an extra layer of protection and avoid any glass cracks.

Some of the customers have a complaint regarding a broken window in the box.

So check as soon as you receive so it can be returned.

Large size.Requires additional tools.
Window sharing for two at a time.
Easy to clean.

4. Love Pet-J Dog Fence Window Guard

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

Like all the window guards claiming to be versatile and durable, this one is also on the list.

It comes with a complete manual and toolkit. The Love Pet-J claims that this window guard can work for dogs, cats, and even horses and children.

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The window is made up of non-corrosive material like acrylic plastic and stainless steel.

The window comes with a manual that will help you from drilling to tighten the nuts.

It can be installed on a door, wood vinyl, wood fencing as well as drywall.

Moreover, the glass can be easily cleaned with a garden hose or non-fluoride toothpaste.

Most of the customers have a complaint about the broken glass at the time of delivery.

Do check the box once you receive it. It can be replaced as well, so that’s not a big deal.

Made of non-corrosive materials.Broken glass in the box.
Easy to clean.
Easy to install.

5. Expawlorer Fence Dog Window Guard

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

The 5′ inch deep acrylic dome gives a broader view with 12.4′ diameter and provides enough space for the dog to peep out. It comes with a box of steel stain trim, nuts, and an installation guide.

That’s not it; the Expawlorer window guard comes in a single pack and dual pack.

It has extensive applicability and is suitable for kennels, hen-house, and playhouses.

The most crucial benefit of this ​dog window guard​ is that it reduces dog barking.

It works as a sound proof glass dome to reduce the noise levels from outside as well as inside.

It puts your bulldog’s excitement level at ease, and they won’t try jumping over the fence as they are already getting HD view from the window.

The rim of the window guard is made of a thin metal plate.

Moreover, the materials used are not so durable, and acrylic glass can be scratched easily.

Some customers complain about their flimsy texture, and some got a broken piece in the box.

Always check the box when you receive any damaged parts.

Reduce barking.Not durable and leave scratch marks on the glass.
Affordable and easy to clean.

6. Pet Fence Dome Peek Bubble Window For Dogs

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

Like all the other window guards, the Pet Fence Dome window allows your bulldog to look at the other side of the world through the glass.

The window is made up of durable acrylic plastic and sturdy. The good thing about the window is it comes in two varieties, clear and tinted.

The Acrylic dome is 9.5 diameters, which is enough to get a comprehensive view of your bulldog.

It is easy to install and comes with all necessary hardware tools for installation.

The glass is easy to clean with a cloth, or even non-fluoride toothpaste would do the job.

Unlikely many users can claim that the product came with missing hardware pieces.

It’s always recommended to check the box as soon as you receive to assure all the details are available or not because you are paying for the complete package.

Durable.Require additional tools.


Dogs are curious and hyper-active features. If kept bound inside the house with no view of what’s going outside, they can make them angry and furious.

They get anxious and start barking more than usual; just like human beings, they also need exposure.

So what’s better than having a dog window guard inside the house in the backyard?

You can watch your dog play and enjoy the outside view without getting injured or getting into any fight.

A dog window guard is the perfect indoor solution to keep your dog engaged in activities.

They can sit in the backyard and enjoy the view outside. Please bring in any of the above-listed ​dog window guards​, save your time and energy to keep running behind your bulldog to play with him.

Install window guards as they give an extra layer of protection to your dog’s safety.


  1. H&B Luxuries Durable Fence Dog Window Guard
  2. Pet Peek Fence Window
  3. Pet-A-Boo Pet Window
  4. Love Pet-J Dog Fence Window Guard
  5. Expawlorer Fence Dog Window Guard
  6. Pet Fence Dome Peek Bubble Window For Dogs

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