20 Best Fluffy Dog Breeds (Big, Medium, and Small)

It’s so fluffy! Here’s a fast image guide of the leading small, medium, and big fluffy dog breeds, in addition to some kind of information to assist you in getting going with your best fuzzy buddy.

Grooming Can Make All The Difference

With most types, the very best method to optimize your pet dog’s fluffiness is just finished with appropriate grooming and upkeep.

This suggests growing their coat out frequently and staying up to date with daily brushing to fluff out their fur.

An excellent slicker brush will, in fact, increase the fluffy appearance by separating private hairs while eliminating tangles and mats.

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Big Fluffy Dog Breed

Big fluffy Dog breeds are produced by snuggling. There’s nothing more soothing than covering your arms around them and burying your fingers in their excellent coats.

However, these coats provide extra difficulty, lots, and great deals of grooming!

There’s absolutely nothing much better than a cuddle from a Big, fluffy dog breed. Their incredibly plus size paired with their extra-large coats make them the best snuggle buddies.

You’ll require to make sure you have adequate area in your house (and couch) for one and plenty of time to commit to a routine grooming schedule!

If you like puppies, which are larger than life and have lots of coats to run your fingers through, these giant fluffy dog breeds make sure to be simply what you’re trying to find.

You’ll be delighted to understand that most have the teddy bear characters to match too and the most significant hearts you might want!

Big Fluffy Dog Breeds List

​1. Australian Shepherd Fluffy Dog Breed

Australian Shepherd internal image
​Australian Shepherd Fluffy Dog Breed
  • Height20-23 inches (male), 18-21 inches (female)
  • Weight50-65 pounds (male), 40-55 pounds (female)
  • Life Expectancy12-15 years
  • Group: Herding Group

The Australian Shepherd, a lean, hard cattle ranch dog, is among those “just in America” stories: a European type improved in California by way of Australia. Components on the rodeo circuit are carefully related to the cowboy life.

The fact is you can’t miss out on a day of a workout (rain or shine), and an easy walk will not be enough.

These dogs require to run. There is nothing more devastating than a bored Aussie that didn’t get their run. To get the most fluff out of Aussie coats, you’ll require a great brush.

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2. Bearded Collie Fluffy Dog Breed

Bearded Collie Fluffy Dog Breed
Bearded Collie Fluffy Dog Breed
  • Height21-22 inches (male), 20-21 inches (female)
  • Weight45-55 pounds
  • Life Expectancy: 12-14 years
  • Group: Herding Group

Bearded Collies are understood for being somewhat active, smart, and delighted!

Collies stand out in rally, obedience, and skill and are an ideal option for owners to keep up with their dog’s playful way of life.

3. Bernese Mountain Dog

Bernese Mountain Fluffy Dog Breed
Bernese Mountain Dog
  • Height25-27.5 inches (male), 23-26 inches (female)
  • Weight80-115 pounds (male), 70-95 pounds (female)
  • Life Expectancy7-10 years
  • Group: Working Group

Bernese are big, ridiculous, and adorable fluffy dog breeds that wish to invest all their time with your household.

While still thought about a working group type, the Berner is a lot more versatile to a calm life and excited to please their owners.

Their intelligence blended with their desire to find out makes them extremely trainable, and they’ll suit your household regularly rapidly.

The only challenging part of owning a Berner is their size, which typically surpasses 100 pounds.

Often they do not understand how huge they are, and their ridiculous habits result in mishaps. However, it’s all in excellent enjoyable.

The Bernese Mountain is a fluffy dog breed understood for its household commitment and caring nature.

Today, their happy-go-lucky characters make them the best household animals as they like cuddling with their human beings.

4. Eurasier Fluffy Dog Breed

Eurasier Fluffy Dog Breed
Eurasier Fluffy Dog Breed
  • Height19-24 inches
  • Weight40-70 pounds
  • Life Expectancy12-16 years
  • Group: Foundation Stock Service

Hailing from Germany around 50 years earlier, the Eurasier is a reasonably brand-new fluffy dog breed.

Reproduced from Keeshonds, Chow-Chows, and Samoyeds, breeders selected the name ‘Eurasier’ to show their Asian and European heritage.

These are a particular type coming from Germany. However, they are gradually acquiring appeal.

The Eurasier is referred to as curious, calm, smart, and caring. While seldom aggressive, they are somewhat suspicious of strangers and brand-new canines. However, some early socializing can help suppress their shyness.

Eurasiers love their owners, and their intelligence makes them simple to train. They aren’t overly active, so their calm temperament makes them an outstanding household animals.

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That coat requires some additional love, nevertheless, considering that Eurasier’s are durable shedders.

5. Leonberger Fluffy Dog Breed

Leonberger Fluffy Dog Breed
Leonberger Fluffy Dog Breed
  • Height: 28-31.5 inches (male), 25.5-29.5 inches (female)
  • Weight110-170 pounds (male), 90-140 pounds (female)
  • Life Expectancy9 years
  • Group: Working Group

Leonbergers are huge, ridiculous fluffy dog breeds with all sorts of character, and they’re continually trying to find the next little problem.

With all that size and energy, they can be a handful, and their wacky mindset may check your perseverance with training.

Fortunately, they offset it with their humorous shenanigans and unlimited love for their household.

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Regardless of their comical propensities, Leonbergers are rather smart. With a lot of training and workout, these pet dogs can master competitors and end up being well-trained household buddies.

Leonbergers are huge fluffy pet dog types with really naughty natures. If you’re up to the difficulty of brushing them, they have outstanding characters and get on with a wealth of animals, from horses to felines.

6. Newfoundland Fluffy Dog Breed

Newfoundland Fluffy Dog Breed
Newfoundland Fluffy Dog Breed
  • Height28 inches (male), 26 inches (female)
  • Weight130-150 pounds (male), 100-120 pounds (female)
  • Life Expectancy9-10 years
  • Group: Working Group

“Newfoundland” is 140+ pounds of love and is all set to be a massive part of your household.

They are incredibly devoted, and calm, and are typically promoted as being a “mild giant.”

The only obstacle to owning a Newfoundland is its large size, contributing to an extraordinary quantity of shedding and drooling.

Provided their personality and strength, these are multi-talented working pets and are even utilized for rescue objectives, human treatment, or transport devices on outer surfaces.

The Newfoundland is a giant fluffy dog breed with a kind and sweet character.

Because of this, they’re finest matched to households who enjoy the terrific outdoors and have plenty of time for snuggling and playing.

7. Rough Collie Fluffy Dog Breed

Rough Collie Fluffy Dog Breed
Rough Collie Fluffy Dog Breed
  • Height24-26 inches (male), 22-24 inches (female)
  • Weight60-75 pounds (male), 50-65 pounds (female)
  • Life Expectancy12-14 years
  • Group: Herding Group

As you’d get out of Lassie, Rough Collies are loyal, smart, and always on the lookout for prospective threats.

They’re protective, however not aggressive, making them a fantastic household watch pet dog.

Despite their guarding duty, Rough Collies are rather mentally delicate and often shy.

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You’ll rapidly discover they’re attuned to your feelings and react according to how you’re feeling, which makes them specifically great treatment canines.

It goes without stating, that Rough Collies win the award for a lot of household-friendly pets.

8. Malamute Fluffy Dog Breed

Malamute Fluffy Dog Breed
Malamute Fluffy Dog Breed
  • Height25 inches (male), 23 inches (female)
  • Weight85 pounds (male), 75 pounds (female)
  • Life Expectancy10-14 years
  • Group: Working Group

The Alaskan Malamute is a strong working type frequently utilized for sledding, trekking, and backpacking through the rough arctic surface. They are the real meaning of giant fluffy dog breeds.

Because of their propensity to pull, dig, go after, and shed – these canines are a handful in a household house.

They’re independent, and it takes years of training to conquer their stubbornness. With that being stated, this pet isn’t suggested for very first-time owners.

With terrific fluff comes significant shedding, in which case you might desire the very best brush to manage to shed.

9. Samoyed Fluffy Dog Breed

Samoyed Fluffy Dog Breed
Samoyed Fluffy Dog Breed
  • Height21-23.5 inches (male), 19-21 inches (female)
  • Weight45-65 pounds (male), 35-50 pounds (female)
  • Life Expectancy12-14 years
  • Group: Working Group

Samoyed isn’t the greatest dog on the list. However, it’s one of the fluffiest. If you have time for all the dog brushing, you’ll get plenty of benefits in the fact that their kind natures are 2nd to none, and they’ve even gotten the label ‘Sammy smile’ since of their vast, delighted smiles.

If you’re looking for a large, white, fluffy dog breed, then look no even more. Samoyed is an adorable, pleased, and typically “talkative” dog breed that will keep you smiling.

This can be an issue for some households, as a bored Samoyed, it will be damaging and loud.

If you can accommodate their active way of life and the continuous requirement to “talk,” then you’ll find yourself with an adorable buddy.

10. Tibetan Mastiff Fluffy Dog Breed

Tibetan Mastiff Fluffy Dog
Tibetan Mastiff Fluffy Dog Breed
  • Height: Minimum 26 inches (male), Minimum 24 inches (female)
  • Weight: 90-150 pounds (male), 70-120 pounds (female)
  • Life Expectancy: 10-12 years
  • Group: Working Group

Weighing as much as 150 pounds and standing 26 inches high, the Tibetan Mastiff is a monster. Unsurprisingly, these mastiffs were utilized for centuries to protect livestock.

Despite looks, this monster has a substantial heart and can be cuddly and fond with owners. They’re peaceful, client, and desire absolutely nothing more than to socialize with their household throughout the day.

Getting a pet dog this big comes with a couple of difficulties. You desire your Mastiff to be comfy around kids, other family pets, and strangers.

Called among the most costly pets globally, the Tibetan Mastiff is a giant fluffy dog breed that deserves the title.

With remarkable hair covering their neck and shoulders and a long, thick coat, these canines require to be groomed several times a week to get rid of shed hair and avoid tangles (depending upon the environment, they might likewise shed seasonally).

They’re outstanding watchdogs who are loyal to their enjoyed ones. However, this suggests they can also be persistent and territorial, so early pup training is essential to avoid negative behaviors.

Medium Fluffy Dog Breeds List

Medium Fluffy Dog Breeds List
Medium Fluffy Dog Breeds List

If you’re trying to find something a little bigger, however, you do not have an area for a large puppy, something in the medium-sized variety might be what you’re after.

Medium-sized fluffy pets do take more grooming, and they shed more than their small cousins.

If you and your household are outdoorsy and delight in strolling and working out outdoors, then a somewhat larger pet might much better match your way of life.

The majority of these types live for between 13 and 15 years and can mature to 20 inches high at the shoulder. Here’s a choice of medium-sized fuzzy puppies that may simply be what you’re searching for.

1. American Eskimo Fluffy Dog Breed

American Eskimo Fluffy Dog Breed
American Eskimo Fluffy Dog Breed
  • Height9-12 inches (toy), 12-15 inches (miniature), 15-19 inches (Standard)
  • Weight6-10 pounds (toy), 10-20 pounds (miniature), 25-35 pounds (standard)
  • Life Expectancy13-15 years
  • Group: Non-Sporting Group

Smart, caring, and delighted with life – the American Eskimo is the best household dog.

These are curious and energetic pet dogs looking for brand-new day-to-day obstacles, so they require you to provide physical and psychological stimulation.

With all that energy and brains, you do not desire these pets are getting bored, or they might result in devastating habits.

Eskies thought about “Velcro” pets, and they’ll be stuck to you for the whole day, following you around the home like a curious shadow.

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These are not pet dogs you can leave alone for an extended period.

The American Eskimo pet is energetic, curious, and smart, making this type a terrific option for an active household that desires a pet to match.

When offered the area, I suggested having a more oversized backyard so that your American Eskimo Dog can have plenty of space to stroll about.

These pets require great deals of physical and psychological stimulation to keep them delighted.

It’s essential to supply your animal with that to prevent dullness and damaging habits from embedding in.

The American Eskimo is faithful to his owners and does not value being left alone for extended periods.

2. Finnish Lapphund

Finnish Lapphund Fluffy Dog Breed
Finnish Lapphund
  • Height18-21 inches (male), 16-19 inches (female)
  • Weight33-53 pounds
  • Life Expectancy12-15 years
  • Group: Herding Group

These adorable fuzzballs are an effort rounding up type stemming from Lapland, Finland (for this reason, the name).

The Lapphund has given that retired from reindeer herding into a more relaxed way of life of being close to household and buddies.

These are extremely friendly buddies and integrated with their desire to please.

They master obedience and agility. They do need many workouts and have a strong barking impulse; not to discuss, they can shed a remarkable quantity of fur.

The Finnish Lapphund originates from Lapland in Finland, where they were initially an active type utilized to herd reindeer.

Lappies are extremely friendly canines who like to please and are extremely trainable.

As you would anticipate from an active type, these pet dogs require lots of workouts and are inclined to bark if left alone for long durations.

Although that stunning, opulent coat is developed to keep the pet warm in the harshest of winter season weather conditions, it likewise does shed exceedingly.

3. Chow Chow

Chow Chow Fluffy Dog Breed
Chow Chow
  • Height17-20 inches
  • Weight45-70 pounds
  • Life Expectancy8-12 years
  • Group: Non-Sporting Group

The “fluffiest” of all the types, the Chow has an apparent lovable appearance.

These canines might be anything, however cuddly, as they’re understood to have a too independent spirit.

They’ll frequently be suspicious of complete strangers and other animals and are understood to be really protective.

With early training and socializing, your Chow will discover to accept complete strangers and kids.

Without that early training, this pet’s perseverance will use thin. If you embrace an older Chow, it’s advised for more senior households and skilled owners/ fitness instructors.

The Chow is a super-fluffy teddy bear of a pet dog with an apparent appearance.

These good pets can grow to stand 20 inches at the shoulder and have a unique ruff of fluffy hair around the head.

Chows can be red, blue, black, cream, or cinnamon in color, and they have bluish-black tongues.

Chows may appear like cuddly fluffballs. However, they can be suspicious of other pets and complete strangers and be overly protective of their owners.

You’ll require to invest time interacting socially and training your puppy. These pet dogs are indeed just ideal for skilled houses where there are no other animals or kids.

4. Shetland Sheepdog – Fluffy Dog Breeds

Shetland Sheepdog Fluffy Dog Breed
Shetland Sheepdog – Fluffy Dog Breeds
  • Height13-16 inches
  • Weight15-25 pounds
  • Life Expectancy12-14 years
  • Group: Herding Group

The Sheltie is typically a rounding up type that dealt with hill farms, assisting in managing sheep flocks.

Like many rounding-up types, the Shetland Sheepdog is very smart, fast to discover, and simple to train.

Shelties are fantastic household pets for numerous factors, including their caring character.

Shelters like to be around their human household and usually hit it off with other family pets.

These active, dynamic pets require a lot of workouts every day to keep them calm and pleased.

Shetland Sheepdogs have a long history of herding and dealing with farmers, making them exceptionally difficult working and increasingly smart buddies.

It’s no surprise these pet dogs can continuously be discovered in the dexterity and obedience rings.

They likewise have limitless love for their household and wish to please their owners at every turn.

Sheltie rounding up impulses are still common today, and they’ll have a strong desire to bark and herd whenever the circumstance emerges.

A great deal of workout and psychological stimulation is needed to keep them calm and delighted.

5. Keeshond Fluffy Dog Breed

Keeshond Fluffy Dog Breed
Keeshond Fluffy Dog Breed
  • Height18 inches (male), 17 inches (female)
  • Weight35-45 pounds
  • Life Expectancy12-15 years
  • Group: Non-Sporting Group

This Fluffy Dog Breed likes absolutely nothing more than to invest time with his household and liked ones.

And that thick coat requires love too, as you’ll presume the role of a complete-time brusher to manage the heavy quantities of shedding.

Keeshonds can be a mouthy type, and although they have the very best objectives, they tend to bark and scream often.

The Keeshond is a loyal household canine who is exceptionally social and can’t be left alone for long without revealing indications of separation stress and anxiety.

These puppies like to bark, which might be an issue for you if you live in a home or have close next-door neighbors.

If you handle these puppies, you’ll require to take pleasure in grooming, as the Keeshond’s thick, fluffy coat does shed continuously.

These puppies are terrific with kids and can make fantastic household animals.

They are from the German Spitz line of pets, comparable to the Pomeranian. They are typically compared to the Spitz since they look so similar.

Small Fluffy Dog Breeds List

Small Fluffy Dog Breeds List
Small Fluffy Dog Breeds List

Are you trying to find the prettiest little fluffy pet types? This list can help you pick if you desire to raise a cute furball as your next family pet!

From Pomeranians to Shih Tzus, you’re sure to discover the ideal brand-new addition to your household from the list of little fluffy canine types!

If you have a little home or live in an apartment or condo, you’ll be best with one of these small puppies.

A lot of small fluffy breeds have a longer life span than their bigger breeds.

1. Pomeranian Fluffy Dog Breed

Pomeranian Fluffy Dog Breed
Pomeranian Fluffy Dog Breed
  • Height6-7 inches
  • Weight3-7 pounds
  • Life Expectancy12-16 years
  • Group: Toy Group

In some cases, an excessively optimistic trouble-maker (however, it’s all in incredible enjoyment), the Pomeranian is the star of their own program.

They can be referred to as positive, curious, and take pleasure in being dealt with like a prince (or princess).

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Poms are an ideal accomplice to go on experiences with, as they take pleasure in investing their days following you around and genuinely delight in brand-new experiences.

Simply remember, they’re delicate to heat and require cooling down every now and then.

Their fluffy coat requires day-to-day upkeep and brushing, and they can shed an outstanding quantity of hair for a little animal.

The Pomeranian is always the program’s star and can be a full-sized puppy or come in a smaller-sized teacup size. Pomeranians are curious, energetic, and love to be the center of attention.

These puppies have a stunning fluffy, teddy bear coat that requires everyday grooming to keep it in good condition, and they likewise shed remarkably for such small animals!

They are also rather pricey, so be prepared to invest some money if you wish to adopt these fluffy little puppies!

2. Shih Tzu Fluffy Dog Breed

Shih Tzu Fluffy Dog Breed
Shih Tzu Fluffy Dog Breed
  • Height9-10.5 inches
  • Weight9-16 pounds
  • Life Expectancy10-18 years
  • Group: Toy Group

The Shih Tzu originates from Tibet, where the name implies “Lion Dog.” Full and spirited of character, these pets were long kept booked as the home of Chinese royalty, and it’s simple to see their appeal.

Big brown eyes and a gloriously rowdy fluffy coat provide these puppies the cuddle consider spades!

You’ll require to invest a long time mingling your canine and grooming him to keep that beautiful coat in excellent fettle.

Shih Tzu will make all your efforts rewarding, as he makes an extremely household animal and dedicated buddy.

A Shih Tzu’s primary objective in life is to make you laugh, and they’ll typically be successful.

These pets were initially reproduced for friendship, which was rapidly apparent with their excellent-natured mindset.

These puppies can be rather excitable and complete of energy, so playtime, strolls, or even another Shih Tzu buddy can assist burn off that excess enjoyment.

3. Toy Poodle Fluffy Dog Breed

Toy Poodle Fluffy Dog Breed
Toy Poodle Fluffy Dog Breed
  • Height: No more than 10 inches
  • Weight4-6 pounds
  • Life Expectancy10-18 years
  • Group: Toy Group

You may have currently heard that Poodles are exceptionally smart, and the toy variation is not varied.

Training a Poodle is an outright pleasure, which makes them rather suitable for your household.

With all that intelligence, they can be rather persistent in other locations, such as barking or being harmful.

They’re understood to be rather loud and bark at whatever piques their interest. Daily training, workout, and psychological stimulation will help suppress bad habits and keep your little good friend material.

The Toy Poodle is really simple and incredibly smart to train. They boast a charming soft fluffy coat, poodles do not shed, and minimal grooming requirements.

The drawback, the Toy Poodle can be quickly tired if left alone, resulting in barking and devastating habits.

If you and your household are active and like to get out and about with your pet dog, your Poodle puppy must have all the workouts and stimulation required to keep him pleased.

4. Yorkshire Terrier Fluffy Dog Breed

Yorkshire Terrier Fluffy Dog Breed
Yorkshire Terrier Fluffy Dog Breed
  • Height7-8 inches
  • Weight7 pounds
  • Life Expectancy11-15 years
  • Group: Toy Group

Yorkies are the star of their own program, and they understand it. They like to reveal their character and sass and can be amusing and rather ridiculous when the state of mind strikes.

While they can definitely be a handful, they have no lack of love for their owners. Simply understand that often, with all that love comes jealousy.

The Yorkie is a sassy little animal who likes to flaunt and be the family’s focal point.

These puppies’ love for their owner is never ever in doubt, they can be really protective when complete strangers approach, and their high victim drive suggests that you can’t trust them around the household feline.

The Yorkie’s long, silken coat is a pleasure to witness and does not take much work to keep it great, as these are tiny pet dogs.

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These types can be too connected to an owner, so ensure you prepare to be house regularly to lessen any separation stress and anxiety they might establish.

5. Bichon Frise Fluffy Dog Breed

Bichon Frise Fluffy Dog Breed
Bichon Frise Fluffy Dog Breed
  • Height9.5-11.5 inches
  • Weight12-18 pounds
  • Life Expectancy14-15 years
  • Group: Non-Sporting Group

The Bichon Frise is a chirpy, caring little pet that has a massive character in addition to a soft, frizzy coat and a quiet toy face.

If left alone for too long, these canines enjoy being around their owners and can suffer from separation stress and anxiety. These puppies are little, fluffy, and have white, low shedding coats.

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

If you wish to, you can permit the Bichon’s coat to grow right out and have him cut into a teddy bear, or you can pick to follow the AKC type trim requirement to produce that famous fluffy, white coat.

Joyful, caring, and a little difficulty maker, the Bichon Frise has plenty of character to share with everybody around her. They share many attributes of a toy poodle, with their soft frizzy coat and toy face.

Bichons can be grown out and cut in a teddy bear or type trim to attain that fluffy white coat.

Final Thoughts

Best Fluffy Dog Breeds Pin Image

As you can see, there are an entire host of gorgeous fluffy pet dog types to select from.

Utilize the info we’ve supplied in this post to choose the best fluffy pet dog type for your house and household.

Do bear in mind that all fluffy dog breeds require routine grooming, in addition to the workout, and you should be prepared to get the vacuum out routinely to keep your house looking and smelling fresh!

Aren’t these fluffy dog Breeds so adorable? Obviously, there are other cute fluffy dog breeds. If you’re patient enough, you can keep their hair tidy, brushed out, and cuddle-worthy.

Do you know other Fluffy Dog Breeds? Share them in the comments area below!

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