Swedish Dog Names – 150+ Cool and Cultured Ideas

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How do we get the inspiration to decide on Swedish dog names? There are 150+ options! 

You may be wondering how you can identify your puppy, but it’s essential not just for them but also for other people like kids. 

It doesn’t matter if some dogs have Swedish names or not – they’re still going through this too and will learn about Swedish culture in due time, so why don’t YOU settle on something fitting first?

After all of these considerations, I think our favorites would make perfect pets regardless:)

Sensational Swedish Dog Breeds

Sensational Swedish Dog Breeds - Dog Fluffy

There are many different breeds of dogs globally, but only a few have stood out over time.

The most famous breed is perhaps the Golden Retriever, though other species have attained “celebrity” status.

The Swedish dog breeds are some of the most unique and exciting in all of Creation.

They come with unique features, making them stand out as effectively extraordinary creatures!

The Swedish Lapphund and the Swedish Vallhund are two of Sweden’s most popular dog breeds.

Other popular sensational Swedish dog breeds are:

Swedish Elkhound

The Swedish elkhound is used for hunting deer, bison, and bears. Their keen sense of smell makes them ideal for finding game, while their sturdy build is perfect for taking on larger prey, also known as the Jämthund.

Smaland Hound

The Smaland hound has a unique bark that lets hunters know precisely where their dogs are. This Swedish dog breed is very obedient and loveable. However, they don’t make good pets for the average family; instead, they need to be trained to hunt foxes or deer.

There are so many great breeds out there, but if you don’t have one of these bad boys on your hands, then we’ve got just the thing for you. Check out some Swedish-inspired names below!

This is the ultimate list of Swedish puppy names with their meanings. 

To help you to start with the process of choosing a perfect name, we’ve handpicked a comprehensive list of the best Swedish traditional names based on geographic sites, world-famous music acts, a few pet names, and Cute Swedish names

Swedish Nature Names for Fur Friends

Swedish Nature Names for Fur Friends

Swedish nature names reflect this and are perfect for dogs who love the outdoors.

  • Axel: This name means “father of peace” in Swedish.
  • Birka: A beautiful word meaning “Island.”
  • Luna: Swedish for “moon,” this name is perfect for a loyal dog who follows you everywhere!
  • Saga: (Fairy Tale) Swedish word meaning “story.”

Swedish Culture Names for Fur Friends

Swedish Culture Names for Fur Friends

There are so many Swedish culture names to choose from in honor of your puppy’s Swedish origins. 

  • Algron: Means “King” in Swedish.
  • Birger: This name means “Protect.”
  • Bjorn: Swedish word meaning “Bear.”
  • Gustaf: Swedish name means “Staff of The Gods.” 

What are your favorite Swedish names for your dog? Browse through the list below to find a name that describes you or your dog’s personality and appearance.

Swedish Dog Names in Beautiful Places

Swedish Dog Names in Beautiful Places

Swedish Dog Names Through Beautiful Places Places can be one of the great choices for your canine companion. Shifting through the cities or looking at the landmarks is another way to select a Swedish name for your dog

  • Vasa: It is a town based on 17th-century ships.
  • Boden: A northern city and military stronghold, a prosperous place name with power. It’s an excellent choice for a guardian breed
  • Nykoping: Nykoping was one of Sweden’s most important cities during the Middle Ages.
  • Goteborg: Goteborg is Sweden’s second largest city.
  • Halmstad: Halmstad is a city in southern Sweden. It was founded in 1275 and has a rich history that your pup can learn about it.
  • Uppsala: Uppsala is located in east-central Sweden and is the fourth largest city in the country.
  • Borlange: Borlange is Sweden’s most central province. 
  • Sarek: This rugged national park is an experienced outdoorsman’s delight.
  • Kiruna: The northernmost Swedish town is home to a world-famous ice hotel. Its Arctic associations work well on cold weather breeds like huskies
  • Abisko: The national park has great viewing points for the Northern Lights and sounds right at home in the agility circuit.
  • Stockholm: Sweden’s most populated city is seen as the nation’s cultural center

Male Swedish Dog Names

Swedish Male Canine Names These picks are traditionally chosen for Swedish baby boys, but they’re just as sweet on a doggo.

Here are some male Swedish dog names:

  • Algot: “Noble Beloved”
  • Alfred: “Elf Counsel; Wisdom of Elves”
  • Axel: “Father of Peace”
  • Erik: “Eternal Ruler”
  • Fridtjof: “Peaceful Traveler”
  • Gunnar: “Warrior”
  • Harald: “Army of Heroes.”
  • Hjalmar: “helmeted Warrior.”
  • Johan: “God’s Gift.”
  • Karl: “Manly; Virile Man.”
  • Olle: “Descendent”
  • Knut: “Knot”
  • Lars: “A Man.”
  • Magnus: “Greatest” or “Large”
  • Nils: “Victory of the People.”
  • Magnus: Which means “Great.”
  • Larson: “Boy from the farm; one is living on land belonging to another person.”
  • Nohrstrand: “Newcomer to Ashore.”
  • Stig: “Path” or “Track”
  • Sven: “Boy” or “Young Man.”
  • Torkel: “Thor’s Protection.”
  • Vallby: Means a Person From the Village.
  • Viktor: “Winner” or “Conqueror”
  • Walter: “Ruler of the Army.”
  • Wendel: “The Peaceful Wanderer.”
  • Wilhelm: “Will Protection.”
  • Yngve: “Lord of the Elves.”
  • Dag: “Day”
  • Christer: “Christian”
  • Frej: “Lord”
  • Greger: “Watchful”
  • Enar: “Lone Warrior”
  • Ingmar: “Famous”
  • Gjord: “Peace from God”
  • Frans: A perfect name for a free spirit, this male name means “free.”

Female Swedish Dog Names

Like there are many Swedish male dog names, there are also many Swedish female dog names to choose from it. These female dog names are feminine and sound excellent.

Here are some Swedish female dog names:

  • Astrid: “Gleaming Bright”
  • Birgitta: This is a Gaelic name that means “exalted one.”
  • Bodil: “Battle”
  • Ebba: “Gift” or “Offering”
  • Editha: This is a German name that means “Rich” and “Battle.”
  • Elisabet: This Hebrew name means “God has Sworn.”
  • Gunilla: “Warrior Maiden.”
  • Gustav: The name of several Swedish kings.
  • Inger: “Peaceful One.”
  • Karin: This is an Old Norse name that means “Pure.”
  • Linda: Means “Pretty.”
  • Maja: “Greatest” or “Large.”
  • Saga: A Scandinavian name derived from the Old Norse word for “Story, Tale, History.”
  • Signe: “Victory-bride” or “Holy Victory”
  • Tove: A Swedish name meaning “Fairy Queen” or “Wife.”
  • Ulla: A medieval form of Ulrika, which means “little girl with the red hair.”
  • Vivianne: This Latin name has roots in the Sanskrit word “Vivan.” It means to speak or sing beautifully.
  • Anna: This is a Hebrew name that means “Gracious.”
  • Agnes: It means consecrated to God and purity of the soul.
  • Anja: This is a Lithuanian name that means “a woman who gives light.”
  • Cecilia: A Roman family name.
  • Ester/Esther: This Hebrew name means “Star.”
  • Lena: Swedish short form of Helena, a Greek word that means “Bright Light.”
  • Linnea: Means “Linden Tree” in Swedish. 
  • Birgit: A Scandinavian name derived from the Old Norse word for “bright.”
  • Carolina: A Latin term that means “manly; virile.”
  • Elsa: Means “noble maiden” in German.
  • Emmalena: Swedish form of Emma, which means “Universal.”
  • Fridrika: Which means “Peaceful Ruler.”
  • Gerda: Means “spear” in Old Norse.
  • Gertrud: “Strength; rule”.
  • Gudrun: Means “the divine spirit” in Old Norse.
  • Gunilla: Means “warrior maiden.” 
  • Helena: This Greek name means “bright light.”

Swedish Dog Names Based on Music

Swedish Dog Names Based on Music

You can look for the name of Swedish music to get inspiration. Maybe you are keen on keeping one of these dog names because it might pay tribute, or perhaps you have traveled across country borders and heard beautiful tales that are worth remembering forever- both possibilities being actual!

  • ABBA: This iconic 70’s pop group also makes for a beautiful name for your family pet.
  • Avicii: The late DJ produced some of the most beloved house music in the world – and could make for a great name for a fun-loving puppy.
  • Roxette: What better name for the four-legged rock star in your life?
  • Robyn: The Swedish pop star has been making great music for decades.
  • ABBA, Roxette, Tove Lo, Army of Lovers: These grunge-pop music names are all ready to make some noise.

Dog Names Nature-Inspired Names

Finding the Right Name for Your Dog and choosing the right word is challenging. If you are looking for something more beautiful and unique, these dog names will help you.

  • Nicole Cosgrove: Nicole is the proud mom of Rosa.
  • Rosa: Means “rose” in Spanish.
  • Petunia: Flower.
  • Willow: A graceful tree found near water.
  • Robin: The name of a small bird known for its bright colors.
  • Birch: A tree with bark that peels off and white wood underneath.
  • Elm: A type of tree with leaves.

Swedish Dog Names Based on Delicious Food

Swedish Dog Names Based on Delicious Food

For those dog owners who categorize themselves as “foodies” or have a special affection for Scandinavian food.

Here are some awesome dog names based on Swedish national dishes.

  • Semla: A famous Swedish cream bun that serves as a traditional Swedish dessert.
  • Glögg: This spiced drink.
  • Palt: As in the traditional Swedish meat-filled potato dumpling.
  • Semla: A famous Swedish cream bun that serves as a traditional Swedish dessert.
  • Våfflor: Waffles are extremely popular in Sweden.
  • Meatball: Though they’re not exclusively Swedish, meatballs are renowned as a Swedish delicacy and make for a great dog name.
  • Raggmunk: This potato dish is often served around the holidays and already sounds like a name for a mischievous pup.
  • Lutfisk: A dried whitefish popular in Sweden and considered an acquired taste by many.
  • Smörgåsbord: Sandwiches are ubiquitous in Sweden. You can name your canine friend by this name.
  • Lingonberry: This Swedish berry is similar to cranberry and is a staple in the Swedish diet.
  • Knäckebröd: This Swedish crispbread is not only delicious but also makes for a great name for your doggo.
  • Köttbullar: You could go with the Swedish translation for meatball; this is a perfect name for your new dog.

Historical Swedish Names for Your Hound Sweden

Historical Swedish Names for Your Hound Sweden
  • Birgitta: A Scandinavian name derived from the Old Norse word for “bright.”
  • Erik: Means “ruler of the home” in Old Norse.
  • Gustaf: This Swedish name means “staff of the gods.”
  • Nobel: The surname of the famed inventor and founder of the Nobel prize is a great name for an intelligent puppy.
  • Kalmar: A picturesque southern city, Kalmar has incredible historical significance for Swedes. 

With traditional Swedish names like Tova and Alrik, and names inspired by language with meanings such as Mysa and Leende, we are paw-positive that there’s a match your new Sweden would love.

Common Swedish Words that Work as Names

  • Tungsten: metal 
  • Nej: no 
  • Kärlek: love 
  • Moped: Small Motorized Bike 
  • Stövlar: boots 
  • Modig: brave 
  • Sötnos: cutie 
  • Kram: hug 
  • Vatten: water 
  • Göra: do 
  • Skratta: laugh 
  • Vacker: beautiful  
  • Fika: Coffee Break
  • Astra: (female) Devine beauty
  • Roffe: (maleLegendary wolf

Cute Swedish Names

  • Astrid: This Scandinavian name means “beautiful goddess.”
  • Bella: “Beautiful” in Italian.
  • Carma: This is short for Caroline, meaning a feminine form of Charles or manly.
  • Dagny: “day-born” in Old Norse.
  • Ella: “All.”
  • Elsa/Asca: A common Swedish surname also means a sea of ice, making a cute dog name.
  • Elsie/Lisbeth: The Scandinavian form of Elizabeth.
  • Fanny or Frida: this girl’s name originally comes from France and Germany.
  • Greta Garbo: Both of the classic movie maven’s names work well on a puppy princess. 
  • Hjalmar: “Helmet and Armor.”
  • Ida: “forever, infinite.”
  • Kajsa/Cajsa: this short form of Katarina.
Most Popular Swedish Dog Names

If you’re still having trouble choosing from our list of Swedish dog names, it can help take a cue from others. So here are some of the most popular Swedish dog names in the country, in descending order of their popularity.

  • Svens: This name for a male dog means “young.”
  • Björn Borg: The famous tennis star is one of the greatest of all time, and both his first and last names are fitting for an active doggo.
  • Nova: A name that means “new star” in Latin, perfect for a pup who is bright and shining.
  • Loke: This male name, which means “wolf” in Norse, is perfect for a pup who is wild at heart.
  • Axel: A classic name that means “father of peace” in Scandinavian culture.
  • Tilda: This sweet and straightforward female name means “Thor’s battle maiden.”
  • Astrid: A classic Swedish female name that means “divine beauty.”
  • Klara: The traditional Scandinavian form of the word meaning “clear.”
  • Stjarna: “Star.”

What is The Coolest Dog Name?

  • Odysseus
  • Gandalf
  • Thor
  • Draco
  • Loki

What’s the best dog name you’ve ever heard? Let us know in the comments below!

What is a Badass Name for a Dog?

  • Arbo
  • Gunnar
  • Hjalmar
  • Njal
  • Sigurd
  • Tyr

Finding the Right Name for Your Dog

Finding the Right Name for Your Dog

If you are looking for something more beautiful and unique, these dog names will help you. 

Naming a new dog can be a challenging task. We’ve gathered the ultimate list of the best Swedish dog names and meanings for male and female puppies

Guys, these are the perfect list of the best Swedish names for dog lovers. We hope that you like the precious collection of new puppy names. After all, your furry friend deserves a name that is as lovable and adorable as they are!

Before You Go

Swedish Dog Names We hope this comprehensive list of Swedish dog names gives you plenty of ideas for naming your new pup!

No matter the size, breed, or temperament, there are Swedish name options for just about any type of dog.

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