Best Guide of Training English Bulldogs in 2022

The Best Guide for Training English Bulldogs


English bulldogs are one of the most loving and friendly dog breeds that are adored by all.

Their beautiful coats and colors will have you falling in love with them at the very first glance.

However, they are known to have quite a stubborn temperament, making training them a little tricky. But don’t worry!

I’ve got your back. Read this article to get a complete guide on how to train your English Bulldog.

What to Keep in Mind When Beginning Training?

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English Bulldogs tend to suffer from health issues related to breathing and joint movement.

This means you must make sure not to overexert your bulldog and trigger his health problems.

English bulldogs have short muzzles and a pushed-in nose, which results in flattened or smaller sized breathing passageways.

This health issue makes them intolerant to exercise, so you always have to make sure not to tire your bulldog out to the max. 

They also suffer from Chondrodysplasia frequently, which results in abnormal cartilage growth. This makes them more prone to joint and ligament injuries than ordinary dogs.

You need to take special care to teach your dog any challenging stunts that can result in injury.

This dog breed, in particular, can’t tolerate high heat and humidity. These factors trigger heat strokes and breathing issues.

So if you want to train your dog outside, make sure that the weather isn’t too hot or too cold.

If you live in a country with an extreme climate, I would recommend climate controlled indoor training.

If you see your bulldog panting excessively, weird noises coming from his throat, or notice a discolored flappy tongue, immediately stop training him.

Give him plenty of cold water and let it rest.

If its condition doesn’t get better in a while, take him to the vet.

How to Train a Stubborn English Bulldog?

Be gentle and positive when training English Bulldogs. They are quite sensitive, and shouting or smacking them will only lead to negative results.

The best way to teach them is through their favorite treats.

These dogs also love to be petted, so remember to show lots of affection.

When they see that their actions result in happy consequences, they will learn faster and remain motivated.

When to start training English Bulldogs?

I would recommend Training English Bulldogs as soon as you get it.

It helps in the development of the puppy’s brain and habits.

Plus, the sooner he is potty trained, the better!

You don’t want to clean your puppy’s poop every 2-3 hours daily. 

I would also recommend setting a specific routine for your bulldog when you begin to train him.

This includes playtime, feeding time, and toilet time.

How to train your English Bulldog?

How to Train a Bulldog – Dog Fluffy

The best way for Training English Bulldog is to use positive reinforcement techniques.

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These dogs love food in particular, so make sure to include several treats in your training regimen to keep your dog well motivated. 

Sit Command

Ask your English Bulldog to sit. Let him have a sniff of his favorite treat and then hold it over his head.

Your dog will move his nose upwards to follow the joy, which will make his rump touch the floor.

As soon as it does this, reward it, and praise it.

Do this a couple of times until your dog learns to move his nose upward and sit every time you give the ‘Sit’ command.

You can also place your hand on the dog’s rear and give it a gentle push to make it sit down.


Once your dog sits when you ask it to, stop giving it the treat.

If you don’t do this soon after it learns the command, your dog will start going on a strike and barking excessively when it doesn’t get the treat upon sitting.

To take the treat out of the picture, keep them in your pocket.

Now, pretend to take a treat out of your pocket and hold your hand over your dog’s head.

It will follow your movement by moving its nose upward as if the treat was still there.

In this way, it will learn to follow the Sit command without being rewarded for it.

Make sure to do this with all other commands too. 

Lay Down Command

How To Teach Your PUPPY or DOG Lie DOWN – Dog Training Video
Video Source: Robert Cabral

Once your dog learns how to sit, you can teach him the laydown command easily.

Make the dog sniff the treat and then hold it a little above the ground.

Do this while asking your dog to lay down.

Every time he lays down, give him the treat along with lots of praise.

Importance of Safety Commands

English Bulldogs love food and sometimes may take a potentially dangerous item in their mouth.

Therefore, teaching him safety commands like ‘Leave it’ and ‘Drop it’ is a must.

Training English Bulldogs – Drop it Command

Teach Your Dog DROP on RECALL – Dog Obedience Training – Robert Cabral Dog Training Video
Video Source: Robert Cabral

To teach the Drop it command, give your dog its favorite toy.

When your dog takes the toy into its mouth, order him to drop the toy while showing it a treat.

As soon as it drops the toy, give him the treat and lots of love and affection.

Remember that English Bulldogs love to be affectionate with their owners, and love them every time they follow command is a great way to keep them motivated.

Training English Bulldogs – Leave it Command

Teach Your Dog LEAVE IT – YUK Command – Leave it Command – Protect Your DOG!
Video Source: Robert Cabral

Teach your dog the ‘leave it’ command by putting him on a leash.

Then, ask the dog to sit while putting his favorite toy in front of him.

Tell your dog to ‘Leave it’ and use the leash to prevent him from getting the toy.

Keep doing this until the dog learns to stay still and not struggle to get the toy. Then, give it its favorite treat and praise it. 

Training English Bulldogs – Potty Training

Lulu’s Puppy Potty Training Tips
Video Source: DGP Dog Behavior Videos

English Bulldogs have fairly predictable bladder and bowel movements, so it is not hard to train them. 

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You need to take them to the toilet if you want to potty train them indoors or take them outside as soon as they wake up from a nap and go to bed. 

Keep in mind that puppies don’t have a properly developed digestive system.

This means they’ll pee approximately 15 mins after they drink and poop after 30 minutes of eating. So make sure they’re outside the house 15 or 30 minutes after drinking and eating. 

In the beginning, I would recommend taking your puppy out for emptying his bowel /bladder every half an hour.

Do this for a few weeks and then increase the time interval to one hour.

As they grow older, you will only need to take them outside once every 4-5 hours. 

Always take your puppy to the same spot for emptying his bowels to learn that defecating anywhere else is wrong.

Your dog will eventually learn to associate pooping and peeing with a particular spot in your backyard.

Also, remember to reward him every time he goes outside to pee/poop by himself.

Training English Bulldogs – Socialization

Although you’ll find your English bulldog being super affectionate and friendly to other people, he might not always be on his best behavior around other animals, including cats and dogs.

This happens when he feels threatened by someone.

To keep his aggressiveness at bay, he must have a positive encounter with pets since the beginning.

It would help if you took your pup to meet your friend’s or neighbor’s pet and reward his good behavior. 

Dogs that don’t work out tend to be more hyperactive and aggressive when threatened.

So it would be a good idea to let your bulldog get some exercise before meeting other people or pets as this will make him calmer.

Teaching your Bulldog his Name

This task is effortless. First, you have to say your bulldog’s name.

When he looks at you, praise him by saying, ‘Good boy.’ Do this many times in different places and situations until he learns to associate this name with looking at you.

Training English Bulldogs – Training Time

Keep the training sessions short and fun. The maximum time you should spend on training your English Bulldog continuously is 10 minutes.

These dogs are couch potatoes and generally quite lazy.

Tools That Can Help Train Bulldogs

I have compiled a few things that can help you with training your English Bulldog. They have been listed below:

Clicker For Training English Bulldogs

This method of training is one of the best ways that you can use while training your bulldog. It is based on positive reinforcement.

You will need a clicker to make the bulldog understand what you want them to do.

A clicker is a small device that makes a neutral click sound every time it is clicked on.

You will click on the clicker every time your bulldog does an action correctly to praise him. Clickers are used instead of marker words.

I have listed some of the best clickers that I found through

1. Petco Dog Training Clicker

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

This clicker gives out a long noise when clicked and comes with a D-ring. This D-ring can be used as a keychain, or you can store it on your dog’s leash so that it isn’t lost.

2. GOOD2GO Soft Training Clicker for Dogs

No products found.

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This clicker is ideal if your bulldog is sensitive to noise. It consists of a finger strap for your comfort. This is the perfect tool to get your dog to listen to you.

3. Dog Training Clicker with Wrist Strap

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

Dog Training Clicker with Wrist straps is easy to use; simple to push the button with a distinct clicking sound.

You can use it for dogs and cats, and it’s perfect for behavioral training.

It comes with an elastic wrist band, so you can leave it on your wrist or clip it to your dog leash or your pants.

To get full and practical training for your puppy, you need to treat your puppy after the command.

However, this Clicker can use for basic dog obedience and correct the bad behavior of your dog.

Train your Bulldog efficiently and safely with this Clicker.

Leash/Harness For Training English Bulldogs

One of the essential accessories that I discovered while training bulldogs is a leash or harness. You can use either of them. Although I prefer a harness as it allows the bulldog to breathe much more comfortably.

I have listed some of the best leashes/harnesses found through

1. Kurgo Dog Harness

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

This product comprises of a front d ring so that you can quickly train your bulldog.

It also has a leash that can be used while training. The leash will be attached to the D-ring.

This means that your dog won’t get pulled when you try to move it with the help of a leash.

The five adjustment points in this harness allow it to become perfect for your bulldog.

The presence of plastic buckles makes it easy to take it off whenever you feel like doing so.

The fact that the harness has a padded chest and is lightweight makes it one of the best harness available for your bulldog.

2. Voyager Step-in Air Dog Harness

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

One of the best harnesses available in the market, which made up of Mesh. Its soft, breathable, and lightweight per harness.

However, it’s perfect for walks all year round.

It comes with various colors for you to choose whichever one you like. And has a good feuter for your dog safety like, one hook and loop fastener, double D-rings, and buckle so it will give your pet a three-level of security.

This harness is made with love for easy-to-wear and straightforward vest harness.

Conclusion for Training English Bulldogs

I would advise you to train your bulldog from the start. Please do not wait for it to grow up!

This is because as they grow older, they become more aggressive and stubborn.

Both these qualities will make it very difficult for you to train them. Thus, teach them when they are puppies with full confidence and show your bulldog that you know exactly what you are doing. 

With a blend of affirmation, control, and patience, these English bulldogs can be trained easily.

I would also advise you to keep your bulldog in the company of other dogs so that they learn socializing and good behavior.

This is everything that you need to know when Training English bulldogs.

Enjoy the whole journey with your bulldog, and make lots of memories in this process.

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