How to Stop Bulldog from Licking Paws: 8 Effective Home Remedies

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Do you find yourself constantly watching your furry friend chew and lick at their paws? As a bulldog owner, you may have experienced the frustration of trying to soothe your pet’s irritated paws. But fear not, because there are simple solutions to help stop your bulldog from licking their paws.

From identifying the root cause to finding the right treatment, let’s explore the most common reasons for paw irritation and some effective remedies. So, let’s get to the bottom of this paw-licking problem and give your bulldog some much-needed relief!

For What Reason Do Bulldogs Suffer From Itchy Paws?

For What Reason Do Bulldogs Suffer From Itchy Paws?

To begin tending to your pet’s hazardous paw licking or biting, you should start by deciding why his paws are tingling in any case.

The accompanying reasons are among the most well-known:

Food Allergies

Food sensitivities are generally normal in bulldogs. Yet, in contrast to people, who regularly endure hives or swollen mucous films after eating a hypersensitive trigger, bulldogs typically experience moderate skin irritation in the wake of eating something they’re oversensitive to.

For the most part, food hypersensitivities will cause entire-body irritation; however, the issue is restricted to the paws.

Probably the most widely recognized fixings that cause hypersensitive responses in bulldogs include:

  • Beef
  • Dairy products
  • Wheat
  • Eggs
  • Chicken
  • Lamb
  • Soy
  • Pork
  • Rabbit
  • Fish

Ecological Allergies

Much the same as dust, dander, smoke, and residue can trigger sensitivities in people; they can likewise mess up your pet.

Be that as it may, rather than causing a runny nose and bothersome eyes, these sorts of hypersensitivities normally show in bulldogs as irritated skin.

This irritation can happen anyplace, including your dog’s paws.

This is particularly likely if your Bulldog’s paws are the piece of his body with the most contact with the allergen.

For instance, if your Bulldog is sensitive to grass, his paws will probably shoulder the brunt of the hypersensitivity.


Bugs (and, less significantly, other gnawing bugs, for example, lice and bugs) can habitually cause severe irritation.

A few bulldogs build up a sensitivity to bug chomps, causing loads of redness and growth too.

Insect nibbles aren’t primarily liable to be grouped around your dog’s paws; however, it is conceivable.

Bacterial Infections

An assortment of bacterial diseases can distress your dog’s paws.

Various diseases can cause multiple symptoms; however, many will fundamentally show irritation, redness, and growth.

Some bacterial diseases may spread from your dog’s paws to different pieces of his body, so it is essential to treat them forcefully.

Contagious Infections

Microbes aren’t the main microorganisms that can make your bulldog’s paws be irritated.

An assortment of organisms can likewise make your dog’s paws bothersome and aggravated.

Make sure to look at our article about yeast contaminations in bulldog paws, on the off chance that you presume your bulldog is experiencing a contagious disease (yeasts are a kind of organism).

Dry Skin

Dry skin is generally viewed as all the more a minor aggravation than a clinical issue, yet it can make your dog awkward and irritated.

What’s more, because your dog’s paws are presented to changing temperatures and dampness levels as often as possible, they can turn out to be amazingly dry in a brief timeframe.

Your Bulldog’s eating regimen can likewise add to dry skin issues, as can some dietary inadequacies.


Apprehensive bulldogs who experience the ill effects of significant nervousness levels may start licking or biting on their paws to help alleviate their pressure.

And keeping in mind that it is ideal to realize your dog isn’t licking his paws in light of a medical condition, conduct issues can be trying to treat.


Bulldog owners frequently overlook that their dog strolls around shoeless, and this can make them endure various minor cuts, scratches, and wounds.

Bulldogs typically display similar conduct when they’re in torment as they do when they tingle: They lick the best zone.

If you get to learn that your Bulldog may have harmed his paw, you’ll have to review the region completely.

Make sure to check the zones between your bulldog’s digits (toes) just as the whole cushion on the bottom of his paw.

Note that splinters and thistles can be hard to see, so you may need to feel the territory with your finger delicately.

How to Stop Bulldog from Licking Paws? 8 Dog Licking Paws Remedies


Since you see a portion of bothersome paws’ essential drivers, you can begin attempting to decide the best solution for excessive paw licking.

The primary treatment you utilize may not give the desired outcome, so set yourself up to attempt a few different cures until you unearth one that works.

#1 Attempt a Different Food

The ideal approach to address food hypersensitivities issues is to work with your vet to put your bulldog on an end-challenge diet.

This includes taking care of your bulldog with a straightforward eating regimen for a little while (commonly something like earthy-colored rice and bubbled chicken) or until his symptoms subside.

At that point, you’ll have to add various fixings back to your canine’s eating routine, each in turn. When your bulldog beginnings showing symptoms once more, you’ll have distinguished his trigger.

However, this requires a lot of time and exertion; countless owners want to switch nourishments and check whether that makes a difference.

If you adopt this strategy, it is insightful to choose a restricted fixing recipe, as these usually need primary allergens like chicken, wheat, and soy.

Please make sure to peruse our best hypoallergenic bulldog food management on the off chance that you choose to go to this course.

#2 Switch Your Dog Shampoo

However long your Bulldog’s cleanser is a top-notch item planned explicitly for bulldogs, it will probably not cause your bulldog’s bothersome paws.

You might have the option to change it out for another item, which will help reduce the irritation.

Furthermore, numerous shampoos are intended to address bothersome skin explicitly. Such bulldog shampoos for irritating skin typically have oats or other common, skin-supporting fixings to help accomplish the ideal outcomes.

Be sure that you don’t wash your bulldog too now and again (close to once every week), as this can cause dry skin and aggravation.

4-Legger Certified Organic Oatmeal Dog Shampoo with Aloe and Lavender Essential Oil is an incredible model. It is produced using all-characteristic fixings and explicitly figured to help facilitate your bulldog’s irritated skin.

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

#3 Furnish Your Dog with a Topical Flea Treatment

Regardless of whether your Bulldog’s excessive paw biting is the consequence of a bug pervasion, all bulldogs should be routinely treated with a protection insect drug.

Insects are not just bothering; they can likewise be a wellspring of tapeworms and different sorts of bulldog worms, so you owe it to your bulldog to keep these gnawing bugs from overrunning his jacket.

I have expounded widely on the best insect medicines for bulldogs, so make sure to look at our exhaustive guide regarding the matter before you begin shopping.

# 4 Utilize a Chewing Deterrent

If your bulldog is biting his paws since he is on edge, exhausted, or disappointed, rather than an ailment, you can have a go at splashing his paws with a biting impediment that is alright for his skin.

Grannick’s Bitter Apple Spray is a decent decision that isn’t just non-toxic and safe, but powerful.

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

Once more, this is not a reasonable answer for bulldogs who have a real clinical issue.

For example, yeast contamination or insect hypersensitivity, so possibly utilize a biting obstacle on the off chance you have precluded these kinds of medical conditions.

Did you know that you can use apple cider vinegar to stop dog licking paws to stop your dog from licking their paws?

This natural remedy has anti-inflammatory properties that can soothe irritated skin and rebalance the pH levels.

However, it’s important to dilute the vinegar with water and ensure that your dog doesn’t have any open wounds or cuts.

#5 Be Sure Your Dog Has a Proper Chew Toy

Regularly, the ideal approach to get a disappointed or exhausted bulldog is to stop biting his paws to give him something better to chew.

Bite toys won’t just give him a more suitable spot to center his biting practices. Yet, it’ll additionally help keep him from harming his paws (which may prompt bacterial or parasitic contaminations).

Yet, you can’t merely toss your bulldog any old bite toy – you’ll have to give him one that is sheltered and strong enough to last.

#6 Fit Your Dog with Protective Booties or Socks

If your bulldog can’t get to his paws, he can’t bite on them, so a few proprietors have had accomplishment by accommodating their pet with slip-on boots or socks.

Ensure that your bulldog’s biting is a conduct issue before you do as such – you would prefer not to keep him from scratching his paws if they are genuinely bothersome.

Furthermore, you’ll need to be sure that you select a decent pair of bulldog boots, which will wait.

Else, he’ll scam them and resume his paw-biting ways.

The ALLWIN Dog Waterproof Boots are a great decision, as they not just element a non-slide underside to guarantee your bulldog’s balance. However, they additionally accompany Velcro lashes to keep them secure.

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

Note that booties may likewise help take out ecological sensitivities, as they’ll shape an actual limit between your bulldog’s skin and the grass or dust that is irritating him. They’ll likewise offer some insurance from additional bothering or injury.

#7 Address Your Dog’s Anxiety

There are various approaches to help treat your bulldog’s tension if that is prompting his paw-biting practices.

Likewise, with the entirety of the different medicines examined here, you may need to utilize a touch of experimentation until you discover one that is fruitful.

First off, ensure that you are furnishing your bulldog with enough exercise.

Exercise won’t just assistance raise your bulldog’s mindset through the arrival of endorphins. However, it’ll likewise destroy him.

Also, as the adage goes, “A drained dog is a glad dog.” It might likewise be useful to give your dog a cozy and secure container.

This will give him a protected spot to withdraw when he is feeling focused or restless.

#8 Watch out for Any Wounds Present

Wounds may not just motivate your pet’s paws to tingle (accordingly, setting off licking practices); they can likewise get contaminated, which will exacerbate the difficulty.

Visit your vet if the injury is severe, draining intensely, or showing indications of contamination. However, you can watch out for minor injuries yourself.

Start by washing the injury with warm water and cleanser, and afterward wipe the zone off delicately.

You can likewise apply a smidgen of a triple anti-microbial balm to the injury if your bulldog doesn’t lick it off, however on the off chance that he can’t be trusted to keep his mouth off of the injury, skirt the anti-microbial.

Consider furnishing your bulldog with some defensive footwear (for example, the booties referred to above) while he recuperates.

When Should You Seek Veterinary Assistance for Excessive Paw Licking?

How to stop bulldog from licking paws, if none of the dogs biting paws medicines mentioned above give your bulldog some relief. You may need to counsel your vet.

You don’t need your bulldog to be compelled to suffer continually bothersome paws – it’ll enormously diminish his satisfaction, and it might even prompt discouragement or further medical conditions.

Furthermore, it is consistently essential to contact your vet if your canine’s paws start to drain, ooze any release, or start losing hair.

These sorts of symptoms can show that the issue has gotten genuine, and it might even have gotten contaminated.

Luckily, your vet will probably have the option to stop your canine’s bothersome paws and perpetual paw-licking or to bite.

Your vet will probably begin by playing out an actual assessment of your bulldog and taking an itemized history.

The person in question may ask you things like:

  • When did the paw-licking conduct start?
  • Does he seem, by all accounts, to be licking or biting his paws?
  • What sort of food do you give him?
  • Have you seen some other changes in your canine’s well-being or conduct?
  • Have you started utilizing any new items, for example, bug shampoos or showers?

After getting the relevant information from you, your vet may take skin tests on your dog’s paw.

These examples can then be dissected by a laboratory, and your vet can decide if a microbe, growth, or parasite is liable for your canine’s bothersome paws.

When outfitted with a finding, your vet can suggest a reasonable game plan.

Bacterial or contagious contaminations will require anti-infection agents or be hostile to parasitic prescriptions, individually, while basic skin aggravation may react best to a defensive salve or cleanser change.

Infrequently, autoimmune problems could prompt bothersome paws, which may require the organization of cortisone or some other steroid.

Summarizing Dog Chewing Paws Treatment


Excessive paw licking or biting is positively disappointing for you and your bulldog. However, you’ll probably locate that one of the medicines talked about above accommodating.

Recollect that you may need to attempt a few of the cures before discovering an answer that works.

Additionally, make sure to request your vet’s assistance if you can’t fix the issue or if your Bulldog shows any of the alarming signs examined previously.

Best Spray to Stop Dog Licking Paws

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But with so many options on the market, which one is the best? In this article, we’ll explore some of the top sprays available and help you find the perfect one for your furry friend.


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Bulldogs may constantly lick their paws for various reasons such as allergies, anxiety, boredom, or pain. It’s important to identify the underlying cause of the paw licking and address it accordingly. If you suspect that your bulldog is licking their paw due to an underlying health issue, it’s best to consult with a veterinarian.

Why Do Bulldogs Chew Their Feet?

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Before You Go

According to the search results, here are some key takeaways about how to stop a bulldog from licking their paws:

  • A bulldog’s diet can contribute to dry skin issues, which can cause them to lick their paws
  • Anxiety can also cause bulldogs to lick or chew on their paws.
  • Some home remedies to prevent a bulldog from licking their paws include soaking their paws in an oatmeal bath, applying coconut oil, and massaging a mixture of apple cider vinegar and warm water into their paws (source: WikiHow).
  • If a bulldog’s paw-licking is anxiety-related, a vet may recommend a combination of medication, behavior therapy, and lifestyle changes.

I hope this answers your question: How to stop Bulldog from licking paws?