How Do I Get My Bulldog To Stop Barking With Best 7 Tools

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How Do I Get My Bulldog to Stop Barking: Tips And Tools You Should Consider

Treat training, distraction, and addressing the core cause of barking are something you can do to make their barking stop.

When it comes to the tools, there are plenty of useful barking tools that can help like a bark collar, ultrasonic device, sound emitters, etc.

It depends on your dog’s barking conditions to decide which tip or tool would be ideal. 

Trust me, preventing your dog from barking unnecessarily is a great task.

Being a dog mom of an adult bulldog, I have always been asked how I get my bulldog to stop barking.

Well, that’s what I am here for.

I am sharing my insights and knowledge regarding tips and tools for those who are struggling to stop their dog from barking.

Key Takeaways

  1. One effective tool for stopping excessive barking in Bulldogs is a bark collar, which emits a harmless spray or sound when the dog barks, helping to discourage the behavior.
  2. Another tool for stopping barking is a training collar, which can be used to deliver a mild correction when the dog barks excessively. It’s important to use these collars properly and under the guidance of a professional trainer or behaviorist.
  3. Positive reinforcement training can also be effective in reducing excessive barking in Bulldogs. Rewarding your dog for quiet behavior and teaching them alternative behaviors, such as “quiet” or “speak”, can help redirect their barking and teach them appropriate behavior.

How Do I Get My Bulldog to Stop Barking: Tips That Can Help You

How Do I Get My Bulldog to Stop Barking: Tips That Can Help You

There are plenty of reasons why dogs bark, but sometimes it can get annoying beyond normal tolerance.

They generally bark to communicate with each other or mark their territory; either way, if it gets out of hand, you need to take control of the situation.

Here are a few tips for how do I get my bulldog to stop barking.

You can choose any one of the tips and try it on your bulldog

#1 Address The Dog Barking Problem

It is essential to find out the actual reason behind your dog’s barking.

I agree that it may take some time to learn the core problem, but you need to remain patient and find out.

Once you understand the issue, you can address that core problem and help your dog overcome that tendency of barking

#2 Use Stern Commands To Make Them Obey

The second step to how do I get my bulldog to stop barking is using stern commands.

It might sound a little harsh, but it works wonders when it comes to teaching a stubborn dog.

Use your stern look or any behavior that will make them feel scared to bark. You can use sound or physical action to stop them.

Their body might be relaxed, but their mind will be alerted. 

#3 Keep Your Patience Intact

The key to making your dog stop barking is to be patient throughout the process.

It would help if you did not lose your cool or give up at the beginning.

It might take a few days or even months to get your dog under control. So just hang in there and keep making the effort. 

#4 Be The Wall of Distraction

If your dog is continuously barking at the same person, object, or situation, you need to step up and act on the stimulus.

You can use your mind, body, or object to create an invisible wall that your dog should not be allowed to cross.

It requires complete focus and dedication to this step. 

#5 Divert His/Her Mind

Another great way to how do I get my bulldog to stop barking is by diverting its mind.

It can work great if you learn the right way to distract your dog. Sometimes boredom can also lead to unnecessary barking.

So, you must keep your dog busy and distracted. Buy him/her plenty of toys and take them out for a walk every day.

You can also set up a playdate with other pets in your neighborhood. It is a great way to improve their social etiquette.

#6 Reward Treatment

How Do I Get My Bulldog to Stop Barking: Reward Treatment

Treats always work when you want to get things done for your dog.

Whether it is to teach them how to eat or not to bark, treats will help you always.

Treats should be given when they are not barking, and the moment they bark, you must give a stern look and take away their treat, so that they understand there’s something wrong with them barking.

When your dog remains quiet, you must offer them their favorite treat so that they feel rewarded for their behavior.

That was another solution to how do I get my bulldog to stop barking.

#7 Seek Professional Help

If nothing works out, seeking help from a professional is the last resort.

There are many dog training professionals and agencies that can come to help you.

They have an extensive list of services that might help your dog in learning the right way to behave.

It is best to contact such professionals if you think your dog is too stubborn to listen to your commands. 

Different Types of Tools Available to Stop Dog Barking

There are several types of dog barking prevention products that you can possibly use and that will be a great solution to how do I get my bulldog to stop barking.

It depends on your convenience and purpose to determine which will be ideal for you.

All the products have a different approach to deterring a dog’s barking sound, but every product uses negative reinforcement to prevent the barking.

Here are a few commonly used tools that you can think about. 

How Do I Get My Bulldog to Stop Barking: Collars

These are the popular devices that dog owners have repeatedly been using. Anti-barking collars come with a small device that comprises vibrations or an electric shock releaser.

The device will detect the barking and release the vibration or electric shock to calm the barking tendency.

They generally have metal prongs that will get through the fur and connect with the body.

Collars are one of the best solutions to how do I get my bulldog to stop barking.

The barking collars have indeed been in little controversies as the earlier versions used to send out the massive shock that disturbed and harmed the dogs.

Over the years, things have changed, and now collars have become more reliable and safer.

Today, the barking collar uses static shock that is completely harmless and, at the same time, effective. 

Sound Emitters

Canines can hear high frequencies that a normal human ear can never detect.

Therefore, sound emitters can provide an effective means to stop dogs from barking.

These emitters are used to blast high-frequency sounds that will alert the dog and prevent them from barking.

The sound is unpleasant to dog ears.

There are two variants of sound emitters available in the market.


The first is a device that you place in your home.


The other is a collar, which is similar to shock technology.

But, instead of vibration, it produces sound. Both types of sound emitters are made safer for dogs.

The ultrasonic sound will disrupt their activity and distract them from barking


This is a proactive method to change your dog’s behavior. Sprays are made with a mixture of water and citronella; dogs hate citronella.

These sprays are attached to the collar that has a sensor to detect the barking.

Once the device detects the barking, a quick release from the spray will give a negative reinforcement.

These collars are similar to electric collars and sound emitters. Instead of shock waves or sound, the mixture of citronella is sprayed over their face.

This will restrict them from barking any further.

Are Anti-Barking Devices Safe For My Dog?

People generally have this question in their minds as they overthink the negative consequences that can probably affect their dog’s health.

It is true that collars with shock technology were earlier rigid and harsh on dogs, but with growing technology, things have got better. 

Now you don’t need to worry about shock or any adverse effects. These barking devices release harmless vibrations and static shock that your dog can easily sense and get alerted.

Instead of causing them pain, these collars are meant to create a nuisance for them, a mere disturbance just to distract them.

So, yes, you can trust these anti-barking devices as they are highly safe. All you need to do is find the right brand.

I hope the list of tools will help you find the right product for your dog and treat his barking

Top Tools To Stop Your Dog From Barking

Apart from the tips that might take some time to give desired results, there are plenty of tools as well that can provide you with instant results on how do I get my bulldog to stop barking.

Next up, I have aligned the list of best tools in the market known to stop dog barking:

#1 Doggie Don’t – Handheld Bark Deterrent and Training

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The Doggie Don’t device can help you treat dog barking and other annoying behavior like jumping, begging, chewing, etc.

It is primarily used for protection against dogs or animals. The device creates loud buzzing noise that only the dogs can hear.

When you start using this product, you will begin noticing the difference in your dog’s barking frequency.

It is completely human-friendly and an ideal device to tame your pet when they do not listen to your instructions.

The product is highly effective on different dog breeds, but it can be used for other pets as well.

It comes with replaceable batteries and wrist straps as well to keep the device in place.

It is the best device that can help you with your dog’s barking issues.

#2 First Alert – Handheld Bark Control

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Another wonderful product for how do I get my bulldog to stop barking is this one. It is quite different from regular barking devices.

It is not a bark collar that needs to be tied around your dog’s mouth; it’s a handheld device for the owners that helps in controlling the dog’s actions.

It comes with an adjustable strap that wraps around your wrist and provides you with ease of holding. 

You can use this device from a distance of 15 feet.

The device sends out safe ultrasonic waves that only your dog can hear. You just need AAA batteries for this device, and it can go for a long time.

The device has a plastic case that makes it lightweight and easy to handle.

#3 Dog Rock Humane Anti Bark Training Collar

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If you are afraid of using a barking collar, fearing the shock, this product can take that all away.

It transmits vibrations and high ultrasonic frequency to warn the dog and tell them to behave.

The device does not work like a typical barking collar and does not use electric shock to harm your dog

It comes with different vibration levels that you can select according to the severity of the issue.

Make sure to choose the right vibration level that can work best for your situation.

It is a compact collar that is water-resistant as well for better safety. The nylon material makes the collar highly durable.

It also has reflective trims to get better visibility in low-lighting areas.

#4 Petsafe Basic Bark Control Collar

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If your dog weighs around 8 pounds, a Petsafe bark collar is something you should think about.

It uses static shock technology that is completely harmless for your dog. You can find six different shock levels.

The lowest setting will mildly affect, and the levels gradually increase according to your purpose.

It comes with an auto shut-off function after 50 seconds if you forget to turn off the collar

The device is attached to your dog collar and senses the time when your dog barks to send out minor vibrations.

Instead of using sound sensation, the device uses the sensations from the vocal cords.

This way, your dog would not be shocked if a nearby dog barks.

This product is worth buying if you want to save some bucks and get the best quality collar.

#5 Petsafe Gentle Spray Bark Collar

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If you plan to use the spray when the dog barks, this is the right product for you.

It is similar to a collar that detects the dog barking with a microphone’s help and sprays citronella at their faces. You do not have to do anything.

Just wrap the collar around their neck and switch on the microphone to get it started.

It can be ideally used for dogs who weigh 6 pounds.

The collar can hold up to 30 spray times. You can also buy the larger refill bottle that can provide you with up to 400 sprays.

The water-resistant material makes it safe even inside the water.

#6 Peston Ultrasonic Anti Barking Training Tool

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Over the years, ultrasonic barking tools have become so popular among dog owners as they work wonders for controlling their barking habits.

Peston’s product is also a great pick if you want to stop your dog from barking indoors.

It is a small device that you can install inside your home.

It can isolate the barking sounds from at least 50 feet away. You can also adjust the sensitivity of the device with a knob.

When the device is activated, it will send out an ultrasonic sound to shush away your dog.

It is designed as a birdhouse that will work as a decorative item. The emitter is made from durable plastic and waterproof material.

#7 Zelers 2018 Mini Outdoor Ultrasonic Dog Bark Control

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It is particularly made for dogs who are six months or younger.

It is a remote bark controller that can even be put inside the house.

The device is made with high-quality plastic and is highly weatherproof.

The barking can be detected from 23 feet away, and the device will blast up an ultrasonic tone to alert the dog and eventually stop the barking

It comprises A 9-volt battery that lasts up to 6 months.

The device also has hanging brackets so that you can easily mount them on the wall or tree in your front yard.

It also comes at an affordable price so that you can buy it without any hassle.

Before You Go

Bulldogs are known for their tendency to bark, which can be frustrating for their owners and disruptive to neighbors. However, there are several tools and techniques you can use to help reduce your Bulldog’s barking.

One effective tool is a citronella spray collar, which releases a burst of citronella scent when your Bulldog barks. This scent is unpleasant for dogs and can help deter excessive barking. Another tool is a vibration collar, which vibrates when your Bulldog barks and can help interrupt the behavior.

Additionally, teaching your Bulldog the “quiet” command through positive reinforcement training can be an effective way to reduce barking. By rewarding your Bulldog for being quiet and redirecting their attention when they start to bark, you can help them learn to control their barking.

Remember, it’s important to address excessive barking early on to prevent it from becoming a habit. With the right tools and training, you can help your Bulldog become a quieter and more well-behaved companion.


What are some tools to help stop my Bulldog from barking?

Some tools to help stop your Bulldog from barking include anti-bark collars, ultrasonic devices, and citronella spray collars. However, it’s important to use these tools responsibly and in conjunction with positive reinforcement training.

What is an anti-bark collar?

An anti-bark collar is a device that is worn around your Bulldog’s neck and emits a corrective stimulation or sound when they bark excessively. There are different types of anti-bark collars, including shock collars, vibration collars, and citronella spray collars.

What is an ultrasonic device?

An ultrasonic device emits a high-pitched sound that is unpleasant to dogs and can help deter excessive barking. These devices can be handheld or mounted in your home or yard.

What is a citronella spray collar?

A citronella spray collar is a type of anti-bark collar that emits a harmless spray of citronella when your Bulldog barks excessively. The scent of citronella is unpleasant to dogs and can help deter barking.

Should I use tools to stop my Bulldog from barking?

While tools like anti-bark collars and ultrasonic devices can be effective in stopping excessive barking, they should be used in conjunction with positive reinforcement training and under the guidance of a professional dog trainer or veterinarian. It’s important to address the underlying cause of your Bulldog’s barking, such as anxiety or boredom, rather than simply suppressing the behavior.