20+ Awesome Badass Bulldog Names For Your Pup

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The bulldog is an actual representation of thug life, and the task of finding great badass bulldog names should not be difficult.

Even if you do not know of their history and lineage, the name itself reflects power.

The quote ‘everyone’s the boss until the boss walks in’ is oh so perfect for our bulldog.

They have gained a lot of popularity among dog owners amid various health issues.

The bulldog rose from the 16th most common AKC registered breed in 2003 to number 5 in 2014. And while Bulldogs make wonderful companion personalities, the multiple health concerns plaguing the breed have left several owners devastated.

Behind the acquired badass status, there are many reasons as to why a bulldog is that way.

Let me throw some light on the past, the reason why it remains badass even though transformed a lot.

If you get to know of the bulldog’s brave past, you will very proudly search for the most badass bulldog names ever for your pooch.

Badass Bulldog Names

Badass Bulldog Names - INTIMG
  • Bonney: the last name of Billy, the Kid 
  • Bonnie: from Bonnie and Clyde fame; the criminal couple     
  • Lizzie Borden: ax-assassin
  • Cassidy: after a man who robbed a bank and train  
  • Al Capone: the Chicago mafia kingpin
  • Genghis Khan: Emperor of the famous Mongol  empire
  • Theo Kojak: NYPD investigator lieutenant in the TV series of the ’70s
  • Robin Hood: an English fictional outlaw who stole from the wealthy and distributed among the impoverished.  So bad yet good, you can use just Robin as one of the badass bulldog names
  • Tila: short for Attila, the Hun who ruled in the 400s over a large stretch of Asia and Europe.
  • Darth Vader: Fictional Star Wars villain
  • Pancho Villa: prominent general in the Revolution of Mexico
  • Vlad the Impaler: the Wallachian prince who fought with the Ottoman Turks
  • General Zod: the fictional villain in various comic book series from Superman
  • Nyx: She was a badass legit! And Zeus hated her. In Greek myth, this name comes from the Goddess of the Night.
  • Phoenix: This name is based on a character from X-Men. She was able to destroy worlds in a blink.
  • Quella: This name, in English, means “Kill.”
  • Quinn: Batman Comics is coming from Quinn. The Joker’s girlfriend, Harley Quinn, hit her first. She became a stand-alone fan favorite later on.
  • Radon: Radon is a poisonous, toxic gas. It’s quiet and deadly, making it one of the list’s craziest titles. The harmful substance sounds like a classy choice for your list of badass bulldog names rather, provided the one who is named doesn’t turn out toxic.
  • Ragna: Ragna is a name in Norse. That means “Warrior” or “Strong.”
  • Raven: There are a few meanings of this name. In the world of Marvel, the actual name of the villain is Mystic. It is, like an animal, a larger bird that is black. Some people believe the raven is a messenger. However, it is regarded by some as a jinx.
  • Sasha: Sasha derives from Russian and stands for “Man’s protector.”
  • Sera: For Seraphina, this is a nickname. This means “Burning one,” in Latin. It also has a sense of “Serpent.” Talk about two complicated meanings!
  • Siren: A siren was, in Greek folklore, a hybrid girl who sank ships. A siren makes the noise a police car makes. I bet you didn’t know this. Isn’t this one of the most amazing badass bulldog names for a female pup?
  • Skylar: “Safety and shelter” means Skylar. It can be used for either a girl or a child.
  • Sondra: This English name means “Man’s shield.”
  • Starbuck: This name is taken from the character Wicked Awesome in the reboot of Battlestar Galactica
  • Storm: We all know what a storm is, I guess.
  • Tala: This is what Native Americans call wolves.
  • Tappan: This word means, in Finland, “Destroy.” That is pretty much what bulldogs did before their domestication.
  • Durden: The nut in the movie “Fight Club” was Tyler Durden. He brought chaos to a whole new stage. Between being nuts and being a badass, there is a thin line.
  • Fireball: A shot you can get at a bar is a fireball. It is also a whiskey of cinnamon.
  • Helmer: This word means “The warrior’s wrath.”
  • Omega: It’s the last letter in Greek. The end, or the last act, has come to symbolize it.
  • Stark: A couple of badasses have a Stark tag. Tony Stark, who is Iron Man, is here. There’s even the whole Stark family from Game of Thrones.
  • Titan: The Titans in mythology were the parents of the gods. Besides, they can be a Titan if someone or something is big.
  • Vulcan: The Roman God of fire was Vulcan. He was the Gods’ blacksmith as well. Provided the aggressive nature of them, I suppose it is a great choice for badass bulldog names.
  • Cane: Cane is what dogs are called in Italy.

Reasons For The Bulldog Being Badass

Reasons For The Bulldog Being Badass - INTIMG

After centuries of transformation and breeding, I am afraid to say that the bulldog has lost its athletic nature and valor.

Over time, it has become a soft couch potato. But these physical limitations don’t affect the bulldog’s attitude and pride.

Qualities such as aggression, loyalty, and care are at the core of this breed, and no physical transformation could change it.

They Were Bred To Fight Bulls

In the United Kingdom, bull baiting was a popular blood sport from 1206 until its inevitable banning in 1835.

Bulldogs, who had been developed especially for the aggressive encounter, would crawl low to the ground and try to bite the bull (or bear, or horse).

These feisty dogs would hang on for precious life, sometimes resulting in them being hurled by the bull into the sky.

Not unexpectedly, during this “sport,” many animals (and humans) suffered serious wounds and deaths.

They Escaped Extinction from a Close Corridor 

Bulldogs were suddenly not necessary once bull-baiting was prohibited in England. It looked as if the days of this breed were numbered, but dog lovers saw possibilities.

To have kinder and gentler demeanors, Fanciers started breeding the dogs. They took some bulldogs to Germany and the United States, where they served as herding dogs.

Others remained as companions in England.

Bulldogs are The Darlings Of England

The bulldog loves England; it’s also considered the national breed of dogs there. 

In reality, England was often depicted as a tough-looking bulldog in World War II propaganda. Germany, meanwhile, was a dachshund, and an American pit bull represented the United States.

Thanks to his temperament (and probably even his looks), famous British Prime Minister Winston Churchill was also labeled the “British Bulldog.” Churchill kept two poodles, despite the nickname.

Bulldogs Made Great Mascots

In the United States, troops were also known as ‘Dog Faces’ or ‘Dog Face Soldiers.’ These nicknames were given a new high when the 3rd Infantry Division commissioned Walt Disney in 1965 to draw a mascot for them.

The outcome was Rocky the Marne Bulldog, which gave the army exactly one dollar back.

The Major General signed the single banknote and framed it with a letter of thanks.

Since their popularity and breeding made them travel to great lengths, they are prone to extensive traveling.

If you are a frequent flyer or a frequent sailor, do invest in MidWest Homes for Pets Dog Crate for carrying your pooch hassle-free.

There Was A Grotesque Reason For Their Odd Look

Unfortunately, bulldogs were designed to be highly effective machines for bullbaiting.

Their stubborn bodies were excellent at keeping them grounded despite the best attempts to launch them into the air. 

Their loose skin acted almost like a shield to cover their internal organs.

Their face wrinkles acted as pipes, carrying blood out of their noses and out of their eyes

Their lower teeth were held up by an undershot jaw to give them a stronger grip. Short snouts allowed them to breathe adequately while holding onto the snout of a bull. 

The Bulldogs’ smaller back legs meant that the dog could be shaken without any spinal injuries being incurred.

The dog was, in short, an ensemble of bull-defeating attributes. The dog hardly even felt pain, many have said.

They still have the strength, so if you have a mighty badass bulldog, consider using Fida Retractable Dog Leash while taking your dog out for a walk.

They’re Smashing Records

In November 2015, a skateboarding bulldog claimed the Guinness World Record for “Longest Human Tunnel Travelled by a Skateboarding Dog.”

In celebration of Guinness World Records Day 2015, the talented dog traveled under the legs of 30 people in Lima, Peru. His name, Otto, can be taken as a choice for your badass bulldog names.

They Have Been in Presidents’ Good Books

For politicians to have a favorite dog has always been a trend. It has happened twice that two prominent leaders have had bulldogs as their pets.

Calvin Coolidge, the 30th president of the United States, was an ardent pet lover. He had 25 pet animals, which included dogs, birds, and other exotic animals alike. Out of them, he had one bulldog, and he was called ‘Boston Beans.’

President Warren Harding owned two dogs during his tenure in the White House: the famous Airedale Laddie Boy, and a lesser-known bulldog called Old Boy.

As his much more successful brother always overshadowed him, Old Boy is lesser known. His name is not even clear; it is mentioned on different sites as ‘Old Boy,’ Ol’ Boy,’ and even ‘Oh Boy.’

I think it is well-established now that bulldogs are strong, savage, and badass. They deserve to be named in a way that highlights their qualities.

Before You Go

Awesome Badass Bulldog Names - Before You Go

If you’re looking for a name that reflects your bulldog’s tough and fearless personality, a badass name might be just the thing.

There are plenty of options to choose from, ranging from historical figures to pop culture icons to simply strong and powerful-sounding names. Some popular choices include Brutus, Gunner, Maximus, and Tank.

When choosing a badass name for your bulldog, it’s important to consider their appearance and personality – for example, a name like Genghis or Xena might be a good fit for a bulldog with a muscular build and a fierce attitude.

However, it’s also important to remember that a badass name doesn’t necessarily mean aggressive or violent – it can simply be a reflection of your bulldog’s strong and confident demeanor.

Ultimately, the most important thing is to choose a name that you and your bulldog both love and that reflects their unique personality and traits.

Don’t be afraid to get creative and have fun with it – after all, your bulldog is one of a kind!


What are some badass names for bulldogs?

Some badass names for bulldogs include Tank, Bruiser, Diesel, Spike, and Thor.

Can I name my bulldog after a famous warrior or soldier?

Yes, you can name your bulldog after a famous warrior or soldier. Some examples include Genghis, Patton, and Spartacus.

What are some tough-sounding names for bulldogs?

Some tough-sounding names for bulldogs include Rocco, Blade, Maverick, and Gunner.

Can I name my bulldog after a fictional character?

Yes, you can name your bulldog after a fictional character. Some examples include Rambo, Wolverine, and Darth.

What are some unique badass names for bulldogs?

Some unique badass names for bulldogs include Bandit, Blaze, Havoc, Jax, and Zephyr.