Buying British Bulldog Puppies | 9 Important Things To Keep In Mind

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If you are thinking of getting yourself British bulldog puppies, then proper research is necessary. British bulldog puppies are the most common breeds in bulldogs. British bulldog puppies can also be called English bulldog puppies.

Adopting or buying a particular dog or puppy without doing research can be a big mistake. These British bulldog puppies must be purchased after knowing their real-life needs.

Here, I will guide you about how you can get yourself British bulldog puppies. And what are the things that you should keep in mind while buying British bulldog puppies?

There are many essential aspects that you must know before buying British bulldog puppies.

Buying British Bulldog Puppies For The First Time

 So, as you decide to buy British bulldog puppies, it has its own advantages and disadvantages. You have to first find yourself a trustable breeder or a rescue if you want to adopt.

I know that the British bulldog puppies are cute, but you have a significant advantage when buying British bulldog puppies. You have the benefit of training them according to your lifestyle at an early stage.

The British bulldog puppies utilize a lot of your time, and sometimes there will be moments when you will get irritated too. However, gather all your patience and tolerance to bond with your pup in their initial months of training.

Training your British bulldog puppies at an early age gives you a chance to socialize them early too. Socializing your dog and giving them adequate training can avoid their aggressive behavior.

Similarly, you should give the proper healthcare to your British bulldog puppies from the initial months only. Make sure that they do not become prone to any dangerous health complications.

Buying your British bulldog puppies from reputable breeders is very important to ensure their heritage. The breeder should not keep any secrets in terms of breeding, and there are also chances that you could see their parents.

Besides everything, remember that British bulldog puppies are very time consuming and require a lot of work. Expect to have many accidents around the house in the training sessions.

These cute puppies can destroy anything that comes in between their way and feels good about it. You should also know that British bulldog puppies are very expensive.

The British bulldog puppies will need a lot of consultation with the vet regarding the initial checkup and the required vaccinations.

How Will You Buy British Bulldog Puppies?

There are many reputable breeders, and you can get confused easily about which breeder you should adopt your puppies from. It is very crucial to decide this, but you have to.

A dedicated breeder will tell you everything about the British bulldog puppies honestly. The breeder will put his efforts to ensure that the puppies are healthy.

The puppies must be socialized at an early age, and the breeder should not have any problems with you visiting the kennels. The breeder must be very truthful, especially when it comes to the puppies’ health and heritage.

The breeder must always be ready to answer every question without hesitation. You should not feel like the breeder is hiding something.

You can also go some cheaper puppies, but then there is a considerable risk of them having health issues. These kinds of puppies are already prone to many health problems, it is better to see their parents before adopting.

You should always be aware of what you are getting into. Most people believe that a cheaper dog can be expensive for a long time.

The good breeders should give you a bill of proper health of the British bulldog puppies you are adopting. He should also give you an appropriate guarantee of the puppies.

After you are done with all the formalities for adoption, the breeder should give you at least two days to check the puppy with your own vet. If there are any dog issues within these two days, then the breeder must willingly give you a refund and take back the puppies.

It doesn’t matter which breeder you go to, or with whoever’s reference, you shouldn’t hesitate to ask these questions.

Things To Look For When Buying British Bulldog Puppies

As soon as you are done finding a reputed breeder, here comes the most exciting part. You get to pick out your own British bulldog puppies.

I will also tell you what to look for while buying the British bulldog puppies. It is nearly impossible to avoid all the health problems, but you can look for several signs that ensure that your puppies are healthiest.

First of all, search for the happiest and affectionate puppy in the pack. If the puppy looks curious and shows confidence while coming towards you, it is an excellent sign.

I know it can very hard to resist these cute puppies, but let them try to come to you for once. This will tell you a lot about their behavior.

The puppy that you choose for yourself should be happy, friendly, and well-mannered. There will always be one puppy that will connect with you quickly, and that is the one you should pick.

There are other signs that you should notice while buying British bulldogs. They are:

Clean Eyes And Ears

The puppy must be very clean from their ears and eyes. Their eyes should not be squinting at all. If you notice that the puppy has red eyes, it can be a severe problem.

Take A Look Inside The Puppy’s Mouth

Check the puppy’s mouth from inside to ensure that it is not suffering from any abnormal excess of skin inside.

Check That The Puppy Isn’t Struggling To Breathe

The puppy that you choose must not be gasping. If it is, then it can be a significant sign of a severe respiratory issue.

Tail Should Move Freely And Must Be Straight

Tail Should Move Freely And Must Be Straight

The tail of the puppy should not point downwards. This can be a hint of screw-tail, which is a deformity of the vertebra in the tail.

This condition can make the puppy very uncomfortable, and the treatment for this disorder is costly. The puppy must have a perfect tail.

Make Sure That The Puppy Walks Effortlessly

British bulldog puppies must always be checked for their walks. Make sure they are not dizzy or weak while walking.

British bulldogs are highly prone to hip dysplasia and even arthritis and other joint problems. These signs can be indications of the emergence of such issues.

Ensure That The Nose Is Not Upturned And Nostrils Are Wide

The British bulldogs have a very short nose and wide nostrils. Narrow or deformed nostrils can be an early sign of the brachycephalic syndrome.

The brachycephalic syndrome can cause major respiratory problems in the coming future.

Avoid Unique Colored Puppies If You Can

When your puppy has colors like black, chocolate, blue, and lilac, there are greater chances for your dog to develop severe health issues as they grow old.

Decide Whether To Get A Male Or A Female

Only you can decide this. The male dogs are supposed to be more energetic while the female dogs are very calm and relaxed.

Don’t Get Happy If The Price Is Cheap

If you find a British bulldog puppy at a lower rate, then do not fall for it. There are high chances that the puppy has some major health problems.

Nutrition For British Bulldog Puppies 

The British bulldog puppies must be fed with the best quality puppy food with all the nutritious values. You can go for Pedigree Complete Nutrition Puppy Dry Dog Food for your puppies.

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You can also start giving them fresh, lean raw meat. But do not go for any quality meat; feed your puppy the meat you would provide to your family.

Never ever overfeed your British bulldog puppy. They can gain weight very fast and will become lazy.

Health Of The British Bulldog Puppies

These puppies are energetic but tend to get tired very quickly. You can take your puppy for short walks and play with them for some time to keep them active.

These bulldog puppies must not be taken for walks, especially in hot and humid weather. They can develop breathing problems because of their short noses.

Their skin conditions also do not allow them to stay for long in a hot climate; they always prefer to hang in air-conditioned rooms. As your puppy will be around 8 weeks, it will have to get some vaccinations.

A regular checkup with the vet can also be arranged to ensure the better health of your bulldog.

Behavior Of British Bulldog Puppies

British bulldogs are amiable dogs, but as puppies, they can be quite aggressive around strangers. Proper training or even taking your puppy into obedience classes can help develop manners in them.

Teach your puppy early that everything that comes in the way should not go in the mouth. You need to train them to drop the thing at once from their mouths as they have powerful jaws.

Restrict your puppy to jump from the stairs or ledges as it can develop shoulder and back problems in the future. Train your puppy to socialize at an early age to avoid behavior issues in the future.

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British bulldog puppies are real sweethearts. I hope now you know how to get yourself these cute puppies.

Do not forget all the essential points. Go and get your British bulldog puppy now!