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Do you see naming your pup with unique English bulldog names as an important task?

Do you feel your pooch is one of a kind and deserves a name that is one of a kind?

Do you wish to know about what makes your bulldog a special creature? You have come to the right place.

By default, the bulldog is very stubborn, and a common characteristic is deliberate deafness.

Key Takeaways

  1. English Bulldogs are a popular breed with a distinctive appearance and personality, and choosing a unique name that reflects their individuality can be a great way to showcase their traits.
  2. There are many different sources of inspiration for unique English Bulldog names, including historical figures, literary characters, and even different languages.
  3. When choosing a unique name for your English Bulldog, it’s important to consider their personality, appearance, and behavior, as well as what will be easy for you and others to pronounce and remember.

Bulldogs are one of those breeds that “show me”-they seem to need to know that if you ask them to do anything, there is something in it for them.

Nevertheless, they also need to know that you will get what you want as long as it’s fair.

For example, if you want the dog off the couch because it’s time for dinner, consider doing it.

But selective deafness will easily kick in if the dog has to go out and it’s raining.

Although training dogs as humans is not very realistic, the portrayal of bulldogs as 3-year-old toddlers in dog suits can be both specific and realistic.

Although this can be exasperating, it’s also a big part of what makes them lovable.

Authority is the most important part of the relationship; you must be in control, and bulldogs need to know where they can and can’t go when it’s too harsh to play, and so forth.

The golden rule here is not to allow an 8-week-old puppy to do something from a fully grown 50-lb muscle mass that you will not be able to cope with!! 

Most Unique English Bulldog Names

And there’s that sulk, then. Yeah, bulldogs are huge sulkers, and the truly confounding flipside of this is that sometimes you don’t know what you’ve done to get them angry.

A bulldog who thinks he’s been done wrong can sit looking at the floor or the wall, and it isn’t easy to stop. 

A bulldog who thinks he’s been done wrong can sit looking at the floor or the wall, and it isn’t easy to stop. 

They love to be the object of attention, which when they’re puppies is very endearing. It’s also important to consider the positives and negatives that come with the sulk.

On the course, I will be sharing some information on issues faced by the bulldog. I hope they shed some light on the other side after you figure out some unique English bulldog names.

Unique English Bulldog Names With References

What use is knowing extensive terms with no knowledge of them? For that, I have mentioned the reference of each of these names. At first, I imagined, what would make these names unique after all.

To name your English bulldog other than the common Brownie or Rocky, you need to look into world literature for inspiration.

Here, I have brought forward some amazing and unique English bulldog names from origins, not exactly English.

Unique English Bulldog Names For Females and Their References

Unique English Bulldog Names For Females and Their References
Astrid  Sacred beauty or power is the German sense of Astrid. It means, in Norway, “godly strength
AthenaIn Greek myth, Athena was the Goddess of War
AryaThe name of this badass girl is from Game of Thrones. “Also, this name suggests,” Noble goodness
BrendaThis is a Scottish and Irish name. That means, “The sword.”
BrinaIt can be used for a girl or a child.  
FeraFera means ‘Beast’ in Portugal.
HeraIn Greek mythology, Hera is the Goddess of marriage and birth. She is married to Zeus, the King of Heaven.
HildaThis name comes from the name Hild, which comes from Norse. And that means War. Ever imagined that one of these unique English bulldog names would sound so feminine yet mean so powerful?  
Ilma“Faithful guardian” is the meaning of this cool name. It has roots in Germany.
EldaThis iconic character from The Walking Dead fame is a favorite among fans. ‘
KatanaKatana from DC Comics is a hero. She is known for her expertise in martial arts.
MakennaThis name in English means, “Born from fire.”
MichonneThis iconic character from the walking dead fame is a favorite among fans. ‘
KelleyThis name means “Warrior” in the Gaelic language 
Evanna This one means “Young and brave warrior.”
Lupa The name in Latin means “She-wolf.”
Freida  The German name  means peaceful queen
GwinWelsh Wine Expression
RupaHindi word for ‘silver and elegance.’
MalihaAn Arabic name meaning lovely, elegant, and powerful

Unique English Bulldog Names For Males and Their Reference

Unique English Bulldog Names For Males and Their Reference
Dante  Italian roots, meaning Everlasting.
GulliverGlutton, always needing food.
DrogonThe most ferocious and strong dragon sons of Daenerys Targaryen of Game of Thrones fame.
FalconThey are the infamous birds of prey. They have other birds as their primary targets. They never tolerate the presence of other dogs, just like bulldogs. Surely one of the unique English bulldog names!
TaranisIn Celtic legend, he was the God of Thunder.
TazTaz is a character from a Warner Bros. cartoon. Wherever he goes, this beast still leaves devastation.
DracoLatin for ‘dragon’ and popularized by the Harry Potter movies.
GideonIndicating ‘powerful warrior’ in Hebrew.
PedroSpanish descent, meaning rock.
ZephyrNamed after the Greek Wind God, meaning Gentle Breeze.
TajUrdu origin which means ‘crown.’ this one is inspired by the Taj Mahal in India, one of the new seven wonders of the world.
RaidenRaiden is a Japanese name. It represents the God of thunder and lightning.
PuckThe word Puck has American sources and can be used to refer to a mischievous dog. There is a reference in Puck from A Midsummer Night’s Dream, a work by William Shakespeare.
ChurchillInspired by Winston Churchill, who was often referred to as a bulldog because of his uncanny charm and magnetic personality.
RhaegarA name that became famous after one of the dragons of DaenerysTargayean.
AldoAldo comes from Italy and means “Little sword.” For a mean little beast, this will be one of the unique English bulldog names.
PharaohName that means king or emperor in ancient Egypt.
KhalInspired by Khal Drogo, the chieftain of Dothraki Khalasar in the Game of Thrones.
GhostNamed after Jon Snow’s dire wolf in the Game of Thrones.
BurritoNamed after the bulky Mexican delicacy. I’m sure a bulldog looks like that.

If you have found your choice out of my list of unique English bulldog names, I would like to discuss something never known before. The subject of a bulldog’s cuteness and friendliness has always taken center stage.

As we all may know, the bulldogs have gone through a massive evolution. Sadly, it was not natural or gradual. To trade them, much harm has been caused to the bulldogs while breeding.

A short, lanky breed riddled with health issues is now what had been a healthy, athletic dog.

The bulldog’s physical features were bred to be more severe over the years. The face became flatter, the legs were shortened, the head grew wider, and the underbite grew bigger.

To give the bulldog a more expressive face, these improvements were made, trying to imitate the look of a human child.

It is these extreme changes that have contributed to the bulldog’s multiple health issues currently. Sadly, recent research indicates that, due to their lack of genetic diversity, improving their well-being at this stage will be complicated.

Most Bulldogs, both in the real mating & birthing process, do not breed without human interference. It would become extinct if it were not for this interference in raising the bulldog as it stands today.

Even for females, the heat period is very difficult, and need stuff like CuteBone Dog Diapers to alleviate discomfort.

Cesarean section is the choice for birth for as many as 95 percent of Bulldogs. Over the years, their heads have been conditioned to become bigger, and as a result, these dogs cannot give birth naturally.

There are many health issues for the bulldog, and I’m sure several bulldog owners will sympathize. For a Bulldog, the annual veterinary expenses are twice as much as for a Labrador retriever.

Because of the enlargement of the oropharynx’s soft palate and contraction, they have trouble with their respiratory systems. Their heart, hips, eyes, and skin problems are also quite recognized.

Due to their short snouts, bulldogs are highly intolerant of heat. Like other dogs, they cannot control their temperature by panting, and even routine activities in extreme heat can cause heatstroke. It is suggested that when the temperature is above 80 degrees F, or when the humidity is high, bulldogs be kept in an air-conditioned environment with minimal trips outside.

They have the highest incidence of any breed of hip dysplasia. A study by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals released in 2009 found that 71.6 percent of the 564 Bulldogs they studied were negatively impacted.

What Can We Do For Them?

What Can We Do For Them? - Unique English Bulldog Names

It is plain sad that these innocent creatures have to go through so much over which they have no control. What was done to Bulldogs by irresponsible breeding has had such a harmful effect on the animals that it disregards common decency. We find the intense look attractive for the modern bulldog, but we have neglected their well-being to accomplish it.

Buying a bulldog puppy from a certified breeder or a pet shop promotes and increases such malpractices. Instead, give a bulldog a ray of hope by adopting one from any animal rescue center or a pet shelter.

How lovely would it be to bring one home and pamper it? How loved would it feel if you sat it on something like the Best Friends by Sheri OrthoComfort Deep Dish Cuddler? (when your lap wouldn’t be available, of course)

All I mean to say is if you care so much about giving your beloved pooch the unique English bulldog names, giving one the life they deserve should be a concern as well.

Before You Go

English bulldogs are a unique breed with their distinctive appearance, personality, and temperament. If you’re looking for a name that reflects your bulldog’s individuality, there are plenty of unique options to choose from.

Some popular choices include names inspired by their wrinkly skin, such as Wrinkles or Ruffles, or names that reflect their British roots, such as Winston or Churchill.

Other unique options might include names inspired by their stocky build, such as Tank or Moose, or names that reflect their sweet and gentle nature, such as Biscuit or Cupcake.

When choosing a unique name for your bulldog, it’s important to consider their personality, appearance, and breed characteristics, as well as your own preferences and interests.

Ultimately, the most important thing is to choose a name that you and your bulldog both love and that reflects their unique personality and traits. With a little creativity and inspiration, you’re sure to find the perfect name for your one-of-a-kind bulldog.


What are some unique names for English bulldogs?

Some unique names for English bulldogs include Biscuit, Gizmo, Muffin, Pickles, and Tater.

Can I name my English bulldog after a city or place?

Yes, you can name your English bulldog after a city or place. Some examples include Aspen, Brooklyn, London, Paris, and Sydney.

What are some nature-inspired names for English bulldogs?

Some nature-inspired names for English bulldogs include Bear, Cedar, Maple, Oakley, and Willow.

Can I name my English bulldog after a famous artist or musician?

Yes, you can name your English bulldog after a famous artist or musician. Some examples include Bowie, Hendrix, Picasso, and Warhol.

What are some unique gender-neutral names for English bulldogs?

Some unique gender-neutral names for English bulldogs include Bailey, Charlie, Harper, Riley, and Sawyer.