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Whistle Fitbit For Dogs

In the past few months, I have been wondering what my Fluffy does while I’m at work or whether my Fluffy walkers are doing their jobs.

I’m really worried about his safety and health.

After researching for a few days, I found a life-saving fantastic gadget, I have been using it for the last few months now, and it has eased my anxiety a lot.

If you are struggling with the same issue too, then the Whistle Fitbit for Dogs might be for you as well.

Best Whistle Fitbit For Dogs Review:

Whistle GO & GO Explore – The Ultimate Health + Location Tracker For Dogs

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In everyday life, when you come home tired after spending the whole day busy, the only thing that is looking for your attention other than your family is your four-leg companion.

Yes, you got it right!!

It’s non-other than your dog who is waiting for you the whole day just like your family

Kinky Friedman once said about dogs that “Money can buy you a fine dog, but only love can make him wag his tail”  

My French Bulldog Fluffy is not only my pet but my family member with whom I can share all my secrets, my joys, my sorrows, and my tears.

Doesn’t it sound weird? But actually, it’s not. 

My Fluffy Dog is my closest and dearest friend and I trust him the most. And yeah it’s not one-sided love.

My Fluffy also loves me unconditionally and never leaves me alone whenever I feel down.

Even tries to make me happy with his innocent actions. 

Here the question arises what is the most important thing you want for such a faithful companion?

As a dog owner, for my Fluffy Bulldog, I only want two things for him i.e. his health and safety.

What’s more, we wouldn’t be living in the most mechanically progressed time of mankind’s history if there weren’t a gadget that helped you do that with your cell phone. 

  • I like the built-in night light.
  • Superb battery life.
  • Works for dogs and cats.
  • A variety of connectivity can make locating your dog easy.
  • The tracking system tool is very helpful for my Fluffy.
  • A lot of safe zones.
  • The tracking system isn’t accurate when not in emergency mode.
  • There is no web interface, works only with the app.

Do you know what that gadget is “The Whistle Fitbit For Dogs”?

Whistle Fitbit For Dogs is the best tracker for your dog.

It is a little waterproof gadget that appends to your dog collar and utilizes AT&T cell towers to track his/her site.

Whistle Fitbit For Dogs – How It Works?

Whistle Fitbit For Dogs - How It Works?

Just download the Whistle App to any smartphone and BOOM!!!

You can download Whistle Fitbit For Dogs app for the IOS system from APP Store here!

If you use the android system then you can download Whistle Fitbit For Dogs app from Google Play Store here!


  • For safety purposes, by downloading Whistle Fitbit For Dogs app – (links above for IOS and Andriod systems), you can now easily sharpen in on their present location.
  • You can set custom, safe places.
  • Whenever your dog gets distracted from his secure location, you can get a push notification quickly. This will help you to keep an eye on your dog.


In addition to the safety features, this Whistle Fitbit for Dogs will also help you to keep yourself up-to-date about your dog’s health

whistle Fitbit for dogs
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The benefits of Whistle Fitbit for dogs are apparent. If you ever face the situation of your puppy being stolen or running away, you can now track his location and ensure his safety and returning to home by using this best whistle Fitbit for dogs, and its app.

The activity tracking will help you to see the daily and weekly data about your pet and how much exercise your bulldog is getting, and you can adjust it accordingly if needed. 

Whenever I had a busy schedule and I don’t give my bulldog a proper time, my app gives me a notification about the down energy level of my pet.

By the whistle Fitbit that I attached to my dog’s neck, I get to know that my dog needs my attention and care.

Moreover, this app also keeps me informed whenever any uncertain change occurs in my bulldog schedule. 

Do you forget about your dog’s vet visit or give him/her medicines because of your busy schedule?

Whistle Fitbit is one of its kind solution for your weak memory problem.

Just set a custom reminder about meds, flea & tick treatments, vet visits, and much more, and keep your whole pack connected and in sync with notifications that you can mark complete when done. 


You get a notification every time about the reminder that you set and you have no need to learn about the task. 

How I got this incredible gadget?

It makes your life easy as now you are fully aware of every move of your dog. I remember a time when my bulldog Tommy was becoming weaker day by day.

I was so worried about him that couldn’t even sleep at night thinking about him and why is he becoming dull and weaker day by day.

I go to the vet and learned that he has an upset stomach and he told me to set his dietary routine. 

He suggested I replace his dog food with another brand and keep a check.

At that point, I did some research and found terrific Fitbit gadgets and bought it right away. 

The Fitbit App keeps me informed about his daily routine.

I can now check his eating schedule, sleeping schedule, its current status that whether he is eating, running, playing, or napping, etc. even if I am sitting in my office by smart activity detection.

Whenever it is notified that my bulldog’s energy level is lowering down, I can quickly fix it by taking him outside with me in the park or any place so that he may boost up.

I can also track how many miles he can walk or how many calories he burns or how much time he takes chasing a ball etc.

In this way, I can get an idea that what should I do to keep him on his track. 

What else do you want for your dog now?

Whistle Fitbit For Dogs Explore Video Reviews

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The Battery Life Of This Whistle Fitbit For Dogs

Whistle Fitbit 3 lasted about 4 days on a single charge but its battery life varies depending upon the activity level of my bulldog i.e. either he spends most of his time indoors or on the move.

It is easily removable from a clip that attaches it to my bulldog’s neck for nightly charging. 

Where do you get the best whistle Fitbit and at what cost?

Cost and Purchasing 

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

You can get this incredible gadget on Amazon

After getting this Whistle Fitbit for dogs, I got relief in my day-to-day tasks knowing that I can check on my buddy any time.

I got the realization of what I was missing out on. Of course in the busy routine of today’s life, it’s very difficult for anyone to keep an eye on the daily routine of their pet.

On the other hand, dogs are the creature that needs your love and cares most as they can’t express their feelings in words just like us human beings. 

As a human, it is my responsibility to take care of Fluffy’s health and safety no matter how busy I am.

It is because my bulldog is my only companion who is the most faithful and trustworthy. 

By using this gadget, not only am I become aware of my dog’s daily routine but also I become able to give him more attention which is in my opinion, the most important thing you can give to your dog.

It is surprising, doesn’t it? 

You may get curious that how by using this whistle Fitbit for dogs I become able to give my bulldog fluffy more attention.

Whistle Fitbit for Dogs Tracker Unboxing and Set-Up

Video Source: Max Lahoda

Stronger The Bond 

It has a very simple explanation. Look when you get to know that your dog becomes dull and lazy day by day.

Automatically you will try to figure out what is the thing that makes him this dull and lazy although he eats or naps properly. 

And then you realize that your dog misses your attention and affection that you can’t give him due to your busy life.

Believe me, your dog misses your love and attention a lot and it is the most important thing that he demands from you without saying a word.

It’s your care and the love that you showed toward him that makes him active.

So through this gadget, you get a reminder to take some time for your pet no matter how busy you are to keep its energy level high and to keep him happy.

You can take him out with you whenever you go jogging, play with him, or just talk with him.

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We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

Before You Go

It’s the most understandable pet in all. You can say that it’s the additional feature of this gadget that keeps you attached to your pet emotionally. 

Whistle Fitbit is not an option; it’s a must-have for every dog lover. This is the least you could do for your most loyal friend in the whole wide world!

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