Bulldog Diarrhea – 5 Important Things You Need To Know

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Bulldog diarrhea is a prevalent issue as they have very delicate health. Your bulldog can have diarrhea due to many reasons. But essential is how you should deal with bulldog diarrhea.

Bulldog diarrhea can also become a severe and life-threatening problem if not treated well. You need to consider many things about bulldog diarrhea. You should feed them very carefully while they have diarrhea.

What should you give your bulldog suffering from diarrhea? Bulldog diarrhea can be recovered slowly by feeding your bland bulldog food. You should provide them with oatmeal, white rice, or eggs. Give them a lot of water and do not force them to eat. As the bulldog diarrhea lessens, try giving them typical food slowly. Give them tiny 3-4 meals till they are fully recovered.

Bulldog diarrhea causes the problem of dehydration too. It would help if you always observed your bulldog’s water intake.

If you notice that your bulldog is losing a lot of water and not taking any fluids instead, the chances of dehydration are very high. In such circumstances, give your bulldog a lot of water even if they deny.

Remember that the water you feed them must be fresh and clean. If the water may be dirty, then their stomach may become more upset.   

Now you should analyze the cause of bulldog diarrhea. If you know a particular reason for bulldog diarrhea, it will be easy for you to find a solution.

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An analysis is essential so you can know whether it is severe or not. If you don’t understand why their stomach is upset, they won’t recover fast.

It can be dangerous for the bulldog if not treated with proper medication. Take your bulldog to the veterinarian for an accurate diagnosis.

Give them the medication that is prescribed by their vet only. Give your bulldog a straightforward bland diet for their stomach to adjust slowly.

In bulldog diarrhea, it can be risky to feed them with a variety of meals as it can cause stomach irritation. They should be provided nutritious food like vegetable broth to keep their body hydrated.

Reasons for Bulldog Diarrhea

Reasons for Bulldog Diarrhea

Diarrhea happens when there is something wrong with their digestive system. It is also evident that food is the main reason for bulldog diarrhea.

There are many other reasons, too, that cause bulldog diarrhea. But common reasons are:

  1. Excessive Food Intake
  2. Bad Food
  3. Excessive Treats
  4. Changes In Food

Excessive Food Intake

Bulldogs have a very delicate digestive system. It would be best if you didn’t mess with their daily meals.

You cannot give them excessive food, even if it is their favorite. They should always be given the food that is recommended for them.

There is one observation connected to bulldog diarrhea, which is their consistency of poop. If their poop is very soft, then it can be due to overeating.

Bad Food

Just like us humans, bulldogs also tend to get sick if they have bad or spoiled food. If they eat any food from the garbage, especially, there are chances they have diarrhea.

Look after your bulldogs that they do not eat just anything.

Excessive Treats

Feeding your bulldogs their favorite treats is good. But do not forget to look for its ingredients.

Excessive Treats

Mostly treats are made up of inferior ingredients that could cause bulldog diarrhea. It would be best if you always gave treats to your bulldog in a limited quantity.

Bulldogs are prone to many allergies, so they must be given food after a proper check only. I give these Blue Buffalo Wilderness treats to my dog; you should try it too.

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Changes in Food

You bulldog can also suffer from diarrhea if you suddenly change their food. This happens because their digestive system has to set with the new food.

So, in the beginning, when there is a sudden change, they can have diarrhea.

Symptoms of Bulldog Diarrhea

To know your bulldog condition, you need to do a proper analysis of their bowel moments. To give you an idea, I’ll tell you some of the symptoms.

Symptoms of Bulldog Diarrhea

If any of these are symptoms are seen in your bulldog, then they may be suffering from diarrhea:

  • Pain in stomach
  • Watery stool
  • Difficulty in pooping
  • Decreased interest in fun activities
  • Decreased food intake
  • Decreased energy

These are the common symptoms that you may find in your bulldog. However, there are other symptoms, too, along with the symptoms mentioned above.

If these additional symptoms are observed, then it can be a serious matter. It can be a sign of something life-threatening for your bulldog, and you should call your vet immediately.

Here is a list of additional symptoms:

  • Lethargic behavior
  • Refusing to eat
  • Doesn’t drink water
  • Fever
  • Feeling exhausted
  • Vomiting
  • Stomach becomes big
  • Worms spotted in the stool
  • Depression
  • The bad or rotten smell of stool 

Feeding Your Bulldog When He Has Diarrhea

Now, if your bulldog diarrhea doesn’t have any additional symptoms mentioned above, then you should treat your bulldog at home. You can feed them with the following medicines as needed:

  • Pedialyte: This product is for dehydration. Your bulldog may lose a lot of water due to excessive bowel moments. You can give them Pedialyte to make them feel better. Do consult your vet before feeding them. 
  • Pepto Bismol: This product has satisfied many bulldog owners. This medicine relaxes your bulldog’s stomach during challenging times of diarrhea. Make sure to consult your vet for the proper dosage of the medication.
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  • Make some vegetable broth mixed with pumpkin. This firms the bulldog stool and relaxes their stomach.
  • A bland and straightforward diet must be given during mealtime for your bulldog’s stomach to set. They can be given plain rice topped with vegetable broth too. Rice is supposed to be low in fiber and which is what we need for our bulldog to ease their digestion. Many people may advise you to feed your bulldogs with yogurt. But, yogurt has proved to be allergic to many bulldogs, which may deteriorate your bulldog’s health.
  • You can also feed them with wet dog food. It will help them recover slowly.

Other Treatments for Bulldog Diarrhea

Other Treatments for Bulldog Diarrhea
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As I told above, if the additional symptoms are noticed in your bulldog, you can agree that your bulldog’s stomach is upset.

You can follow the instructions below and observe the progress of your bulldog’s health:

First of all, do not give your bulldog any food for 12-24 hours. Let them fast.

By doing this, the cleansing of their stomach will not be interrupted. Their digestive system eliminates all the harmful contents and then resets itself after everything is gone.

All the inappropriate and undesirable contents come out in the form of poop. Feeding your bulldog while having diarrhea may hinder the cleansing process of the stomach.

Keep your bulldog hydrated all the time. They must have lost a lot of water while pooping.

 To maintain their body’s water level, do not forget to give them water in proper quantity during 12-24 hours.

As your bulldog is recovering from diarrhea, try feeding them yogurt. It is a dog-friendly food.

Remember not to give them yogurt that contains artificial sweeteners or added sugar. Yogurts consist of good active bacteria for the stomach and are also probiotic.

By giving your bulldog yogurt, it can normalize your bulldog’s digestive system. Do not forget to consult your vet about feeding them the yogurt. 

Measures for Preventing Bulldog Diarrhea

The causes of bulldog diarrhea are already known to you now. Let’s focus on preventing diarrhea, so here are some steps that you may find helpful:

You must always check the ingredients of your bulldog’s food. Bulldogs have a susceptible digestive system, which makes it compulsory for you to check the ingredients.

You must not give your bulldog food that has inferior ingredients. Also, check for allergies; if your bulldog is allergic to anything, check the ingredients to avoid allergies.

Most bulldogs are allergic to many things, such as beef, chicken, and dairy. Bulldogs love chicken and beef a lot, but it should be avoided at all costs due to allergies.

Observe your bulldog’s eating habits. Make sure they eat the perfect amount of food as overeating can cause diarrhea.

Change your bulldog’s meals step by step. Do not change it suddenly as it can make their stomach upset.

If you decide on changing their diet, then plan it accordingly. Start by giving them old and new meals together for around ten days.

In those ten days, change it gradually and replace the new one with the old one. It is always better to prevent diarrhea than treating it. 

So, changing your bulldog’s diet slowly day by day will not upset their stomach. They will get used to new meals too.

These were some standard measures for avoiding diarrhea. Keep observing your bulldog, and you may know the changes in them.   


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Bulldogs have a susceptible digestive system, and diarrhea is prevalent in them. You have to notice their routine to know whether they have diarrhea or not.

Recover your bulldog’s diarrhea with the tips that I gave you. You should give them proper treatment immediately if you see any symptoms.

If you observe any additional symptoms, then rush to the vet immediately. Take care! 

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