English Bulldog Size Chart: 5+ Important Considerations

Did you know – it is important to have a close look at an English bulldog size chart?

When we are shopping for our dogs, we must be aware of their sizes.

And so learning the figures in the English bulldog size chart is considerably important. 

English Bulldogs are kind and lovable dogs.

They are very dependable and believed to be great with children.

The measurements of neck, chest, and length are included in an English Bulldog Size Chart

  • The bulldog that has a neck of 18” – 20”, length of 16” – 18” and chest of 28” – 30” comes under small size.
  • The bulldog that has a neck of 20” – 22”, length of 18” – 20” and chest of 30” – 32” comes in medium size.
  • The bulldog has a neck of 22” – 24”, a length of 20” – 22”, and a chest of 32” – 34” is a large one.

The size chart in the below image is especially for the English bulldogs.

English Bulldog Size Chart​ - Dog Fluffy

Did you know that you can also groom your bulldog just like I did to my dog Fluffy?

I bought a cool bandana and a vest for my bulldog.

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

This handy English bulldog size chart was very helpful in finding the correct size.

Let me tell you more about your English bulldog.

The Appearance of the Bulldog

English bulldogs are also known as British bulldogs. These English bulldogs are heavily built, short, and have a wide blocky body.

You can never make a mistake while identifying this breed. They are around 40-50 lbs when fully grown.

These dogs are also known for their thick neck and overhanging on them. They also have a lot of wrinkles on their face.

The English bulldogs are also known in dogfighting history due to their wide shoulders and how they sit low on the ground.

These are the main characteristics of dogfighting.     

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The English bulldogs are found in four colors, namely fawn, fallow, red, and white.

They can even combine these colors with different patterns of brindles, marks, and black masks.

These dogs have either black or brown eyes only.

You can never confuse an English bulldog with any other bulldog.

Living Needs of an English Bulldog

The English bulldogs are calm and relaxed and prefer indoor living.

They are not very energetic and which is why they can thrive as apartment dwellers.

The English bulldogs love kids and can keep up with their noise, naughtiness, and the tugging that comes along with them.

This bulldog does not need a huge yard to play and run around. It will get tired within 10 minutes of running and playing.

Then the bulldog will have a good sleep for a while.

I got this very trendy round dog bed for my dog Fluffy with the help of an English bulldog size chart.

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

He loves sleeping in it.

These English bulldogs never get angry; instead, they walk away if they feel bad. This bulldog doesn’t like to bark a lot.

But these dogs make amazing watchdogs due to their appearance, which is surely ferocious.

The English bulldogs are very courageous and tend to protect the people they love by all means.

Bulldogs prefer to have a quiet and low-key life.

They love hanging around on the couch all the time and sometimes even in your lap (even at 50 lbs).

They have a heavy head and chest, which makes them poor swimmers.

Taking Care of Your Bulldog

Taking Care of Your Bulldog

The bulldog has a very fine and short coat, so brushing is required every week. The more times you brush your bulldog, the less hair you will find on your furniture and things.

The most important task is to keep your bulldog’s face clean.

Bulldogs have many wrinkles on their face, making them prone to infections and irritations if proper care is not taken.

It would help if you trimmed your bulldog’s nails as soon as you hear them clipping on the ground while walking.

Keeping your bulldog healthy and clean is a must.

Brushing the teeth of your bulldog twice or thrice a week will lower your future vet visits.

The Bulldogs are very much prone to gaining weight, so they need to exercise to maintain a healthy weight.

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Your bulldog may get tired by just having a walk around the neighborhood or even by playing for a while.

He would rather love to be with his child companion on the couch or would like to doze off in AC.

You must keep the English bulldog size chart in mind and feed them accordingly.

Always remember to consult a vet while choosing the right food for your bulldog.

You should keep track of the food intake of your bulldog to prevent weight gain.


Bulldogs can eat all day if no one stops them, so two measured meals must be given to them throughout the day.

Leash and Collar for Your Bulldog

Leash and Collar for Your Bulldog

You can get a nice dog leash and dog collar for your bulldog. This gives them a sturdy look at well as it becomes easy for you to control them if needed.

When getting a dog leash or dog collar for your bulldog, study the English bulldog size chart once.

Keep these three things in mind:

  • Look
  • Comfort
  • Training

So, for English bulldogs, it is better to get a regular collar instead of a harness. Just likely, you will also need a quite short leather leash.

If you get confused with the size, you can check the English bulldog size chart.

It will be stress-free for you to pull them back in your direction if they go in different directions.

It will also allow your bulldog to provide immediate feedback.

When choosing a perfect collar for your bulldog, always make sure you buy a tight one.

There are chances that he can escape the collar easily, which would result in trouble.

The bulldogs have thick necks and relatively small heads, making it easy for them to slip the collar.

To keep them safe in their collar, check the English bulldog size chart and get a tighter collar for them.

Once I got a perfect size collar for my dog Fluffy and managed to escape the collar the next day.

So I looked at the English bulldog size chart and got a size smaller, which was perfect for him.

Since then, he has never managed to slip his collar.

Is It Fair To Get A ‘Training Collar’ For Your Bulldog?

Training collars are the collars that deliver a minor electric shock to your bulldog.

Now, this may sound a little brutal to you because when I read about it for the first time, I felt the same.

But let me tell you, the bulldogs have very thick skin, which means that the shock isn’t as painful as you think it is.

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Now, when you are giving basic training to your bulldog about performing certain things, this collar is helpful.

This is a simple way of communicating with your bulldog.

He will understand your instructions in a better way.

When training your bulldog to walk beside you, a tool like this proves to be very helpful.

As soon as your dog moves far away from you or goes in the opposite direction, give an electric shock.

This helps your dog to develop good behavior and train better.

Dog Beds for Your Bulldog 

Dog Beds for Your Bulldog

Bulldogs love to sleep and rest most of the time. They are very lazy and love to be in peace and just lay around.

It is very important to get a very comfortable and spacious dog bed for them.

Bulldogs love to spend their time in their own space.

That’s why you should get a perfect size dog bed for them.

The English bulldog size chart proved to be accurate while I was buying one for my dog.

The Bulldogs are small, so the dog bed of the right size makes them feel cozy.

You can consider getting your bulldog an ortho quilted couch dog bed.

This gives your dog his own space and also acts like a crate.

You can ask your dog to stay in there when you need some alone time or want your bulldog to sleep.

You can also put this dog bed in your room if you want them to sleep with you.

Otherwise, you can put it anywhere in your house.

Giving your dog a comfy bed will make them sleep in their bed only and not anywhere else in the house.

Another important thing while choosing a dog bed is to make sure their toys fit in their bed.

The bed must be comfortable and spacious even after the toys are thrown in.

Bulldogs love to play with their toys all the time.

I wanted to give my dog a toy, so I initially gave him a chewy toy, which is also good for strengthening his jaws and good for our furniture.

Final Words

English Bulldog Size Chart: PIN

I hope you got a proper idea of the English bulldog size chart and how to utilize the size chart.

Bulldogs are peace-loving dogs, and that is why they need to have the right size of collars, leashes, and dog beds.

I’m sure now you will get a perfect size for your bulldog.

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