French Bulldog Weight Chart – 7 Best Key Questions, Answered!


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One of the best ways to check the proper growth of your French bulldog is by comparison with the French bulldog weight chart.

This chart also helps you to understand how big your French Bulldog would be. I have focused this write-up on French bulldogs, their ideal weight and height, factors affecting their growth, and a FAQ section.

French Bulldog Weight Chart

The average weight of the French bulldog based on their age is as below:

French bulldog weight chart based on their age
Age AverageWeight (in kg)
1 Week0.5 kg – 1.0 kg
4 Weeks1.0 kg – 2.0 kg
8 Weeks2.2 kg – 3.1 kg
3 Months3.1 kg – 4.1 kg
4 Months4.1 kg – 5.4 kg
4.5 Months5.4 kg – 6.8 kg
5.5 Months5.4 kg – 7.3 kg
6.5 Months7.3 kg – 8.2 kg
Full Grown10.4 kg – 12.7 kg

However, it is important to remember that this French bulldog weight chart is only to give you an estimate of their growth.

The chances are that your French bulldog is below or above these mentioned figures.

Along with comparison to the French bulldog weight chart, you should also consider other factors that affect your French bulldog’s growth.

Important Factors Impacting Growth


Genes are a vital factor in French bulldog’s growth. In the event that you’ve picked one of the smaller than expected variations, that will be in his genes. You can get a clear idea by looking at the parents of your puppy, French bulldog.


French Bulldog Nourishment

Sure, the French bulldog weight chart would tell you the expected weight of your bulldog, but it also depends on their diet.

You don’t need your French bulldog to be overweight or underweight, so pick excellent pup food and watch their growth by comparing it with a French bulldog weight chart.

I give Diamond Naturals Premium Formulas to my Fluffy.

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This formula contains all the required proteins, probiotics, and antioxidants. It also contains omega fatty acids to facilitate that improves the French bulldog skin.

Physical Activity and Health

French Bulldog Physical Activity and Health

Physical movement assembles muscle, and despite the fact that they are little, French Bulldogs are strong. Playing and running plays an important role in their overall growth.

Solid bulk shapes part of the French bulldog body structure, resulting from a proper workout.

Unhealthy or diseased French bulldogs would not have proper growth, as mentioned in the French bulldog weight chart.

Chronic frailty is a pressure factor that will restrict improvement, so start by guaranteeing that your French bulldog is immunized and gets his supporter shots in a great time.

Inner and outer parasites are a danger that you need to be aware of battle effectively. Your vet will exhort you on the best items available and how frequently to utilize them.

Mental Health

On the off chance that a French bulldog is under pressure or experiences uneasiness, it might show lost craving.

In the event that you notice your puppy being uninterested in feast times, try switching up its food. If this doesn’t work, counsel your vet.

One of the best ways to keep your bulldog mentally happy is by playing with them and pampering them with toys.

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You can also try to keep them active by playing with them. I use Frisbee to give Fluffy a good exercise. Check out Chuckit Paraflight Flyer.

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It has an aerodynamic design and is very durable, so your French bulldog can have fun playing with it.

Before You Go

The French bulldog weight chart is a creative manual to follow regarding your puppy’s development cycle.

However, don’t be frightened if your dog doesn’t follow the French bulldog weight chart precisely.

Contingent upon the referenced elements (hereditary, diet, exercise, and well-being), a specific variety’s size will change and can’t generally be unequivocally anticipated.

Despite the specific size of your lovable French bulldog, they’re all little in size and enormous in character!


When I first got my Fluffy, I had a million questions and doubts. So if you are going through a similar phase, do not worry since I understand your predicament.

Although a French bulldog weight chart would give you an estimate about your bulldog’s growth, you surely would want other relevant questions answered.

Below are the common doubts and questions that might come to your mind. I have tried my best to answer them based on my research. So, here we go:

Is it possible to know big my French bulldog be?

The answer is yes, and no. There is no sure-shot way of knowing the exact weight and size, but there are other ways to get a better idea.

One of the ways is checking out the French bulldog weight chart. Other methods include using formulas as below:

Fourfold – Your pup’s weight at about two months’ age is a fourth of what its grown-up weight will be.

Double up – A grown-up French bulldog ideally weighs twice as much as it did when it was four months old.

There are other methods, like checking out the growth of your French bulldog’s parents.

The pup is likely to follow the same growth pattern on account of the same gene structure.

When is a French bulldog mature?

As found in the French bulldog development graph, the development eases back down at around a half year old.

Nonetheless, they will gain some weight until they’re mature at around 9 – 15 months.

Is my French bulldog overweight?

You can decide whether your French bulldog is overweight by:

– Stand over your bulldog and feel their ribs. If you feel the ribs, then your French bulldog is not overweight.
– A dog’s shape ought to be more similar to an hour-glass and not like an oval.
– While Bulldogs may show trouble breathing due to being a Brachycephalic breed, French bulldogs of a sound weight should be able to exercise a bit without getting too tired.
– If your bulldog has those adorable rolls that the greater part of us love, it’s presumably overweight.

From your vet, the second point of view is an ideal approach to decide whether your French bulldog is overweight.

Is my French bulldog underweight?

On the off chance that a French bulldog isn’t eating a good nutritious eating regimen, it might start to lose hair, show changes in defecation, and need energy.

Compare the weight with the French bulldog weight chart.

While you ought to have the option to feel your bulldog’s ribs, try not to have the option to see them.

In the event that there’s no fat covering the ribs and they’re obvious to the eye, your dog might be underweight.

What can I do to make my French bulldog thin?

Giving your bulldog a routine exercise and a decent eating routine that incorporates protein, fat, fiber, and water and following the serving size given on the sustenance realities is an ideal approach to guarantee your bulldog is at a good weight.

Healthy food made with proper ingredients and great fixings like this can enable your puppy to keep up a good weight.

Remember to keep the 10% principle with regards to giving your hide child treats.

Treats should record for 10% of your bulldog’s daily calories. Less dynamic dogs, similar to French Bulldogs, ought to eat around 25 calories for each pound a day.

Thus, if your puppy is 20 pounds and eating around 500 calories every day, its treats for the day should comprise of around 50 calories.

Apple cuts and carrots are nutritious, scrumptious treats.

Can I help my French bulldog put on weight?

As much as we need our hide youngsters to grow up and be sound, it’s significant not to overload.

At the point when a puppy picks up an excessive amount of fat rather than sound fats joined with muscle, it can confront medical problems, for example, joint, heart, and lung issues.

In the event that your puppy is by all accounts underweight as indicated by the French bulldog weight chart or it looks malnourished, unquestionably contact your vet.

On the off chance that it’s not keen on eating, it could result from a few reasons, for example, tension, unappealing food, or dental issues.

When Do French Bulldogs Stop Growing?

Some dog breeds keep developing until they are almost two years of age.

However, French Bulldogs are normally as large as they will get by the age of a year.

There are even dogs who have arrived at grown-up size by the period of only nine months.

Muscle advancement proceeds until the time of around two years, so even once your dog is as tall as it will get, it will at present put on weight as bulk.

Since the growth of French Bulldogs is variable and dependent on many factors, it’s difficult to anticipate exactly how large your bulldog will be.

It will take after its folks, yet you can likewise do an unpleasant gauge by utilizing your pup’s heaviness at four years old months and afterward multiplying that figure.

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