When Do English Bulldogs Stop Growing – 5 Important Growth Stages

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English Bulldogs are fast when it comes to growing. The puppies will not take long to turn into a full-grown dog, but when do English Bulldogs stop growing? This question always led me to research and dig deep into the growth stages of a bulldog.

Do you want a straight answer? An English bulldog’s physical growth would stop a few months after his first birthday. However, other growth aspects like sexual growth continue until the age of 3 years.

I learned from observing Fluffy that they do not take very long to show important growth aspects. However, I eluded that an English bulldog’s growth cycle can be studied from various aspects and checked in weekly cycles.

This article would explain the several growth aspects of English bulldog experiences and weekly growth cycles too.

Remember, that an English bulldog’s growth will highly depend on their nutrition and health. But when do English bulldog stop growing precisely? Well, not is defined when it comes to a growing dog. But this is what I have understood.

The English bulldogs continue to grow for about six months post their first birthday. Male English Bulldogs reach about 50 pounds in weight and 16 inches in height. In contrast, females will reach about 40 pounds and 14 inches tall.

English bulldogs do not have a long life and face many health concerns. However, I have elaborated on the various growth stages below to give you a clear idea about their growth patterns.

Answering – When Do English Bulldogs Stop Growing?

When I first brought Fluffy home, he was just about two months old, and it seemed he would stay a child forever. I did enjoy his cute childhood and wanted him to be young forever, but they do grow pretty fast!

If you have a newborn English bulldog at home, the initial stages would seem like a consistent feeding, training, and cleaning cycle. Of course, all these are accompanied but loads of love and fun!

The English bulldog first grows physically and later, sexually. First, they reach their ideal height but continue to grow muscle mass and weight. Their emotional and sexual development continues to grow until they reach three years of age.

When do English Bulldogs Stop Growing in Height?

When you have an English bulldog pup at home, you would observe him growing in height till they reach their first birthday. Males will reach their full height of about 16 inches, whereas females reach about 14 inches.

English bulldogs would hardly grow after their first birthday.

When do English Bulldogs Stop Growing in Weight?

These puppies keep growing in weight even after their first birthday. The ideal weight of an English bulldog is about 50 to 55 pounds. They are companion breed and hence do not need a lot of exercises to grow fast.

You would frequently find them lazing around and are popularly called as couch potatoes. Compared to other breed dogs, English bulldogs are very lazy, but they need daily exercise to stay healthy.

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When you are not careful about this, you will find your English bulldog to be obese and unhealthy.

You must also take proper care of their eating habits. They are not smart when it comes to saying NO to extra food! You also need to monitor their eating habits constantly.

When do English Bulldogs Stop Growing in Muscle Mass?

English bulldogs are well-known for their broad shoulders and wider stance. They reach their full height in about one year but continue to grow in width and muscle mass for another six months after that.

If you want to ensure your English bulldog’s proper muscle growth, give him a protein-rich diet.

When do English Bulldogs Stop Growing Sexually?

Not all dogs are same, when it comes to reaching sexual growth. English bulldogs reach the peak of their sexual growth at about age 3. This is when they can be considered fully mature.

English bulldogs attain most of the physical aspects of growth at age 1. However, considering their short life span, sometimes the English bulldogs have early sexual growth.

Various Growth Stages of an English bulldog


Like I said before, if you have a pup at home, it is obvious to get inquisitive about the various growth stages. You would surely want to know when do English bulldogs stop growing.

I have laid down various stages to make it easier for you to compare with your English bulldog. Here we go:

The Newborn

A solid infant male bulldog weighs around 5 ounces, whereas the females weigh about 4 ounces.

Infant bulldogs do minimal more than rest, feed, and look charming. They carry on with their initial lives with their eyes shut and don’t respond a lot too initially.

Bulldog infants need proper nutrition for proper health. Screen them intently, ensure that the mother is taking care of them appropriately. Also, check to ensure that each little guy gets the food that they need.

In half a month, the Bulldogs will open their eyes and respond to sounds they hear. They will likewise start to make some sounds like a way to respond. Tune in for little screeching sounds.

Bulldogs fill in weight and size drastically at this stage throughout everyday life, so be ready for some quick changes.

Between 4 to 8 Weeks

Now, your little bulldogs ought to be dynamic and vigorous. They are investigating the world and wandering farther and farther from the security of their mom.

Their mom ought to wean them and setting them up for the progress from milk to strong nourishments. You can start to take care of the puppy food and ought to do as such before they are weaned.

Your bulldog will look less like a fuzzy bundle of fat and resemble a bulldog in small. Their skin will be less loose than a grown-up’s and clearly.

They won’t be as solid, yet they will have a bulldog’s mark wide position and bodywork. It is ideal for keeping on permitting your puppies to live in a litter now since it is significant to their creating social aptitudes.

Between 9 to 12 Weeks

Now in a bulldog’s turn of events, muscles in the legs are as yet creating. Your puppies pick up autonomy and feel a need to spend time with their mother to a lesser extent. They are vigorous and will, in general, get into wickedness.

You will find that bulldogs at this age will, in general, pee on the floor a great deal. Recall that your bulldogs haven’t seen a great part of the world now and are fairly apprehensive and nervous. Their nerves get to them a ton, and they pee everywhere.

It would help if you started potty preparing now. However, don’t anticipate any fast outcomes. Bulldogs are difficult and need time to slip into preparing.

This is an incredible chance to start rope preparing also. Rope preparing won’t just acquaint your dog with the world and assist him with being less unsteady, yet it will likewise help him build up their developing leg muscles.

From 3 to 6 Months

Bulldogs are greater and have put on some muscle at this stage. They are autonomous and are trying to see who is prevailing. Recollect that bulldogs are difficult and solid willed. Ensure you are firm, however cherishing, now in their turn of events.

When you surrender and let them feel like the alpha male, at that point, they might be hard to train later on. Be understanding yet solid.

Bulldogs at this age may pay attention to recess excessively. Assist them with knowing the cutoff points by taking part in recess as often as possible and defining clear limits.

Between 6 months to 1 year

Bulldogs are typically considered full-grown at about a year old. They are all out bulldogs now. They may have grown up truly. However, keep on helping your bulldog develop inwardly.

Acquaint them with individuals and different creatures to assist them with getting familiar with outsiders. Show them new deceives, so they remain sharp intellectually.

The Right Food to Help Them Grow

You have to deliberately screen your bulldog’s eating regimen and movement to ensure that they are developing appropriately. Bulldogs battle with weight and other eating regimen related issues that could genuinely influence their wellbeing.

Ensure that you are taking care of them routinely and with medium part estimates. Bulldogs ought not to be given exorbitant measures of treats, nor should they feed on puppy chow for a long time.

Puppy chow has the additional protein that enables your dog to grow steadily; however, it could cause weight gain if not cautious. Remove your dog from puppy chow around a half year to enable them to develop.

I highly recommend Hill’s Science Diet Dry Dog Food. It would help your puppy to have all the required nutrients.

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Final Thoughts

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I share your enthusiasm when you ask when do English bulldogs stop growing. It is vital to check their growth at all stages and give them proper nourishment.

This write-up based on my personal experience and also comprehensive research with a purpose to give you clear idea about English bulldogs growth.