How Big Do English Bulldogs Get? 5 Growth Stages


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Have you ever wondered How big do English bulldogs get? While choosing what breed dog I should get, my first thought was getting an English bulldog. English bulldogs have an adorably cute face.

They have a very sweet personality and are easy to take care of. You can never mistake a bulldog for any other breed.

Bulldogs are relatively short and peaceful dogs. Now let’s back to your question how big do English bulldogs get?

Key Takeaways

  1. Size: English Bulldogs are a medium-sized breed, with males typically weighing between 50-60 pounds and females weighing between 40-50 pounds.
  2. Height: English Bulldogs are short and stocky, with a height of around 12-16 inches at the shoulder.
  3. Growth: English Bulldogs grow quickly in their first year of life, with most reaching their full size by 12-18 months of age. However, it’s important to monitor their growth and weight to ensure they don’t become overweight or obese, which can lead to health problems.

Many factors determine how big do English bulldogs get.

The amount of physical activity your dog does, the amount of food he intakes, his health, and his genetic background are various factors.

How big do English bulldogs get? When the English bulldogs are grown fully, they weigh around 50-60 pounds.

The female bulldogs may weigh around 40-50 pounds. They can have a height of 14-16 inches in their adulthood.

These figures are meant for guidance purposes only. The English bulldogs can vary within their breed. If you think of getting a strong and tough dog that is medium-sized, then this one’s for you.   

The English bulldogs are believed to have a very sweet personality. They are easy to take care of and are predictable, up to some extent.

They are very laid-back breeds and love to rest and hang around. Sometimes they get moody, which is annoying.

You have to understand the lifecycle of your pet and his every move. Since the day your puppy is born, it is completely your responsibility to look after his growth.

You should know the growth stages of your bulldog. Each stage has its importance, and it will help you take care of your dog.

Being the owner of your dog, you will play the main role in your bulldog’s growth. You can only determine how big do English bulldogs get.

There are different growth stages in an English bulldog’s life, which are explained under:

How Big Do English Bulldogs Get Between 0-4 Months?

How Big Do English Bulldogs Get Between 0-4 Months? - INTIMG

The English bulldog puppies are small, as they are just newborns. It will take time to determine their appearance, but they have small, flat, and wrinkly faces.

In the initial few days, the English bulldog puppy doesn’t even open their eyes. All they need is feeding.

The newborns can neither hear anything nor can they move around. The puppies get stronger by their mother’s feeding, so it is your responsibility to ensure that the mother feeds properly.

Who is not excited to see their newborn puppies grow? I was super excited, too, for my Fluffy.

As the days pass, these adorable puppies open their eyes and try to understand their environment. They start reacting to the noises and movements around them.

The puppies will also learn to make noises, and soon you will hear them squeal from time to time.

You will notice a huge difference in your bulldog puppy within these four months.

How Big Do English Bulldogs Get At 4-8 Weeks?

How Big Do English Bulldogs Get At 4-8 Weeks? - INTIMG

At this point, your bulldog puppy will look like a miniature adult English bulldog.

The little English bulldogs will become energetic and will run here and there.

All they will do is explore the world and try to be away as much as they can from their mother’s safety.

The bulldog puppy mother will start weaning and try to give a transition of food to the puppy. She will teach him to intake solid food other than milk.

You can always opt for good puppy food like Pedigree Complete Nutrition Dog Food to begin.

Just keep in mind that you should start giving solid food before they are completely weaned.

Soon, your puppy bulldog will transform from a furry ball of fat to an English bulldog. They will develop a body build and will have less baggy skin.

You can also take your little one for a bath once in a while to keep him clean by using Honeydew tearless shampoo and conditioner.

Your miniature English bulldog won’t be very muscular, but they will develop a wide signature stance.

As they are still small, it is good to keep them in litters to learn to socialize better.

How Big Do English Bulldogs Get At 9-12 Weeks?

How Big Do English Bulldogs Get At 9-12 Weeks? - INTIMG

At this age, your bulldog is still developing. Your bulldogs are still developing their leg muscles and becoming naughty at the same time.

Puppies can begin to have a feeling of getting freedom and so they do not hang around their mother. They have become mischievous and zestful.

Still, your bulldogs aren’t aware of how things work, so you may notice them peeing on the floor.

At this age, it is very normal for your bulldog to get nervous and jumpy.

Sometimes, the puppies get excited while playing and pee all over the place.

Now, this is the time when you should start potty training your bulldog. You can get these grass potty training mats to teach them properly.

You won’t see any results immediately, but you will definitely see a change as the training continues. English bulldogs are stubborn and need time to learn anything new.

It is also a perfect time to give your bulldog leash training. You can mold your bulldog into the kind of dog you want.

By leash training, they will gain some leg muscles and will become less jumpy.

Always remember to stay gentle and patient while training your bulldog. It will let them know that you care.

How Big Do English Bulldogs Get Around 3-6 Months?

How Big Do English Bulldogs Get Around 3-6 Months? - INTIMG

At three months, bulldogs have grown bigger and put on some muscle and weight. Your cute little puppy has transformed into a big small bog literally.

Now, these bulldogs have become completely independent and have an appropriate size. They have reached a level of maturity.

When thinking about how big do English bulldogs get, remember that they tend to be stubborn and strong-willed as they grow big. Train your bulldogs with precision to prevent their rogue behavior.

Make sure your bulldog knows who the boss is and prepare schedules for them.

Bulldogs take their playtime too seriously at this age as they have become stronger, and so will frequently test who is stronger as they struggle with their dominating personalities.

You have to be firm and strict towards them for them to drop the dominance. Set clear boundaries for them and teach them to obey the house rules.

How Big Do English Bulldogs Get At 6-18 Months?

How Big Do English Bulldogs Get At 6-18 Months? - INTIMG

It is a very crucial and final growth stage of your English bulldog. By 18 months, your puppies have now fully grown into adult English bulldogs.

At this age, your bulldogs are transitioning into adulthood with full excitement.

Help your bulldogs grow in all aspects. They may have grown physically, but emotionally, they still require your affection at all times.

Take your English bulldogs out for walks and playdates with other dogs.

It will increase their social understanding, and interactions will make him a friendly dog.  

Keep teaching your English bulldogs new tricks all the time to keep their minds sharp.

No matter how big English bulldogs get, keep loving them, and they will love you even more.

These were the growth stages of an English bulldog. All the English bulldogs are the same size.

They do not have multiple-size charts. Bulldogs grow into very sturdy-looking dogs.

When you ask how big do English bulldogs get, remember that it depends on how you help them grow.

As an owner, it is your main responsibility to provide your dog beautiful environment to grow in.

What Should I Feed My English Bulldog For His Proper Growth?

Bulldogs are very lazy and are prone to obesity. You need to monitor their eating activity continuously.

They must be given a proper diet to maintain their health. Bulldogs love to eat and can continue to eat until stopped.

English bulldogs struggle a lot with diet-related issues and obesity. You have to make sure that you give your bulldog medium-sized portions of meals regularly.

Bulldogs must not be given an extra amount of treats in between meals. Your bulldogs shouldn’t feed on puppy treats for a longer period.

Puppy treats contain an extra amount of proteins, which is good for building the muscles of the bulldogs. But these extra proteins can result in weight gain if you are not careful.

As your bulldog grows around six months, you must stop feeding them puppy treats.   

Hence, when wondering how big do English bulldogs get, these small details matter a lot in their growth and development. You, as an owner, have to train and feed your English bulldog with patience and care.

Before You Go

I think you are now satisfied with all the information you read about your question ‘How big do English bulldogs get?’ Bulldogs grow rapidly and are easygoing. They enjoy being on the couch in an air-conditioned room and love to take naps.

With such unique and lovable characteristics, having an English bulldog is a pleasant experience. Now I am not shocked to see why they are a popular breed.


What is the average weight of an adult English bulldog?

The average weight of an adult English bulldog is 40-50 pounds.

How tall do English bulldogs grow?

English bulldogs typically grow to be 12-16 inches tall at the shoulder.

Do male and female English bulldogs grow to be the same size?

Yes, male and female English bulldogs typically grow to be about the same size.

At what age do English bulldogs stop growing?

English bulldogs usually stop growing at around 1-2 years of age, although they may continue to fill out and gain weight until they are 3-4 years old.

Can English bulldogs be overweight?

Yes, English bulldogs can be prone to obesity if they are overfed or don’t get enough exercise. It’s important to monitor their diet and exercise to maintain a healthy weight.

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