What Are The Most Popular 5 French Bulldogs Name in Movies?


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One might not help but wonder how often the French bulldog has been featured in movies and tv series and, what is more, what was the French bulldog’s name in movies.

Famous for many decades, the French member of the mighty bulldog family has seen many red carpets and has been in many artists’ hands.

In this write-up, I intend to mention some films that have a French bulldog.

Not just that, the creative names they would have chosen will be the center subject.

So, let’s commencer le voyage!

Top 5 French Bulldogs Name in Movies

Top 5 French Bulldogs Name in Movies

Normandy lace workers from England set off to find jobs in France in the early 1800s.

They brought more miniature bulldogs to be kept as farm pets and to scare the rats away.

The popularity of this hardy dog grew quickly in these northern French agricultural communities.

In fact, by selling their undersized dogs to the French, existing bulldog breeders in England were happy to propagate this “new” breed.

The upper class and royalty commonly regard the dog as a trendy domestic companion.

One French bulldog flew onboard the Titanic, insured for an enormous amount (at the time) of $750.

The French bulldog was regarded as a dog of the elite class in the late 1800s and early 1900s; the breed also attracts individuals who enjoy the finer things in life.

And since that time, it was recognized that the trend and love for French bulldogs would go on and on (imagine Celine Dion)

The French bulldog is a house dog that is even-tempered and thrives on affection.

He demands it, in fact! This dog is perfect for a single-person household, as he will compete with other family members for your attention.

The French bulldog doesn’t bark much, only when he sees a real reason for provocation.

The French bulldog is not merely a bulldog in miniature. The “bat” tail, which happens naturally and is never clipped or changed, is its most prominent feature.

The skull, which is flat between the ears, is also peculiar to the breed. The French bulldog with a dull, short coat is a compact, energetic canine.

Fawn, white, and brindle variations are popular colors for the breed. The weight of a male or female dog ranges around 25-27 lbs.

A French bulldog is a happy dog. It is so adaptable that it will take no time to charm everyone present around him or her. 

Since no large backyard is needed, this breed is appropriate for an urban lifestyle.

He’s not supposed to be a jogging partner, but he’s still happy to take a pleasant stroll.

There is not much food needed for the French bulldog, and his short coat of fur is easy to clean and maintain.

Facial wrinkles should be periodically cleaned with products such as Petpost wrinkle wipes.

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The Frenchie huffs and drools, but somehow, it becomes a part of his charm. He loves spending his time in the kitchen, getting all your attention.

All these character traits signify just one thing – The French bulldog is made for the spotlight!

And that requires special treatment and special grooming by perfumes and Gentleman-ish clothing.

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There are many references to French Bulldogs in films and TV, whether they’re the biggest protagonist or only bringing cuteness to the scene.

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They make outstanding character actors and are super photogenic.

Let’s not waste any time in getting to know some prominent roles in the filmography of the Monsieur, along with the French bulldogs name in movies that will be mentioned.

1. Due Date (2010)

From ‘The Hangover’s director comes another black comedy on the road. The movie features Robert Downey Jr. as Peter Highman and Zach Galifianakis as Ethan Tremblay who are accompanied by Zach’s French bulldog Sunny”.

The movie’s premise goes like this: When his wife gives birth in five days, Peter Highman (Robert Downey Jr.) will be a dad for the first time.

He wants to catch a flight back home from Atlanta to be there for delivery, but his plans are thrown into a monkey wrench.

Various events occur during a meeting with aspiring actor Ethan Tremblay (Zach Galifianakis Peter’s composure is challenged, as he is anxious to see his wife before their baby is born.

On top of it, he must take a road trip cross-country with dog-toting Ethan.

Sunny accompany Zach in a gross but hilarious inappropriate action during their halt at a secluded parking lot at night.

2. Bringing Down the House (2003)

2. Bringing Down the House (2003)

After his divorce, lawyer Peter Sanderson (Steve Martin) wishes to dive back into dating and has difficulty finding the right people. But with internet dating, he lucks out and meets a fellow attorney.

The two decided to meet in person, but the woman he meets is an escaped African-American convict. Never did he expect to bump into Charlene (Queen Latifah).

Peter is terrified to the core, but Charlene persuades him to take her lawsuit and prove her innocence, and they grow to become friends along the journey.

When Joan Plowright (Virginia Arness) meets Steve Martin (Peter Sanderson) of Pink Panther fame meet in a restaurant, she introduces her French bulldog as William Shakespeare.

She plays the role of an arrogant client of a lawyer played by Martin.

The French bulldogs name in movies signifies its grandeur and class, and so does the English collar on him.

3. What Happens Next (2011)

A film that came to be known as a ‘Gay‘ comedy portrayed two French bulldogs.

The French bulldogs name in movies gets a little cocky to assess.

The film’s premise is this: Paul Greco (Jon Lindstrom), a successful businessman, retires early, and his sister tries to get him to settle down with a woman of her choice.

Things escalate when Paul shows more interest in forming a relationship with a charming young man.

The ‘gay’ comedy takes an essential turn as Paul meets Andy (Chris Murrah) in a park, where Andy has come to walk his French bulldog ‘Bean,’ and Paul comes to walk his.

4. Wallace Outside (2020)

As the latest it sounds, the movie’s trailer was released to be put up on Netflix, the popular OTT platform.

The movie features Wallace, the French bulldogs name in the movie itself.

The movie is a further venture after gaining subsequent popularity on Instagram as a comedy soap opera, Wallace Inside.

The series featured a New Yorker French bulldog, proclaimed the ‘stinkiest‘ French bulldog in New York City.

His adventures have been made viral on his Instagram page named @thestinkpig.

The French bulldogs name in movies around many platforms was quite famous.

Hold on, something is interesting coming right away…

5. The French Bulldog ON & IN Titanic

5. The French Bulldog ON & IN Titanic
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The spotlight on French bulldogs isn’t just limited to modern films.

They have been an active part of the cast of Titanic film (starring Leonardo Di Caprio and Kate Winslet) and the original crew on the deck of Titanic.

The French bulldog passenger on Titanic Ship was named Gamin de Pycombe.

He was owned by Robert Daniel, a 27-year-old US banker.

Gamin was born in January 1910, so he was just two years old when he was killed by drowning.

He was adopted and raised by CH Charlemagne of Amersham and bred by Gwendoline Romilly in the Taplow kennel.

CH Charlemagne was a French import to the United Kingdom. It became the first pied French Bulldog champion of the United Kingdom and a champion in both the United States and Britain.

Robert Daniel, the Gamin owner, had paid £150 for the Titanic Frenchie Gamin, a massive chunk of cash in the early 1900s.

That would be around £11,000 or $17,000 US dollars to be converted £150 to current exchange rates.

Gamin de Pycombe stayed at Robert Daniel’s for the duration of the journey when there were dog kennels on the Titanic.

The famous French bulldog might have survived if he had stayed in the ship kennels.

There is a theory that someone had opened the kennels for the dogs to escape. But, it is still a mystery whether the escaped ones survived or not.

There is some documentation in the historical accounts of a passenger named Edith Russell referring to the following tale about Gamin de Pycombe.

Years later, when Gamin was in Mr. Daniel’s cabin near her, she talked with news reporters about the incident.

She stated that she could hear the Frenchie whimpering as she made her way to the upper deck after the iceberg was struck.

She opened the cabin door to hear the dog crying and calming him down, putting him to bed.

In The Movie

Through a quick shot, Cameron’s black-colored French bulldog was shown in a disturbing scene from his film. The guesses are right, drowning. 

The portrayal of Gamin de Pycombe indicates nothing else but how important it was to own a dog in the American Elite.

The French bulldogs name in movies like these is not mentioned directly, instead of giving a visual presentation.

History states that New York hosted a ‘French Bulldog National Specialty’ a week after the Titanic perished. 

Surprisingly, one of the judges was a survivor of the sinking ship. Samuel Goldenberg had boarded the Titanic in Cherbourg to be a judge.

It gets weirder that the news came out of him being the only survivor to secure his luggage.

I’m sure I helped you add a couple of titles to your 2022 watch list more than names and history. Wink!

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