What Do Bulldogs Like To Do? 4 Best Activities

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What do bulldogs like to do besides sleeping and relaxing? Every owner must have had this kind of question in their mind. But let me tell you that bulldogs are not all about resting and relaxing.

Bulldogs are very sweet and adorable dogs. They are very dependable and are amazing with kids. They can make great watchdogs too.

People always wonder what do bulldogs like to do as we always see them resting in their place.

But bulldogs have are very strong build and need a little stimulation.

What do bulldogs like to do? Your English bulldog craves your attention most of the time. Bulldogs love being around their favorite person and are quite low maintenance dogs.

They need a fair amount of exercise throughout the day. But if you encourage them, they also love to do fun activities with you. You need to stimulate them and then see how energetic and excited they get.

I am not saying that bulldogs are not lethargic, but you also have an important role. You have to encourage them to play and exercise to make their days filled with fun.

Spend quality time together with your bulldog by doing certain activities. Here is a list of some fun activities about what do bulldogs like to do to have fun with their owner.

What Do Bulldogs Like To Do?

Tug Of War

Tug of war is your bulldog’s favorite game. All you need is a tug toy to play this game. There are no specific timings to play this game; you can play this whenever you or your dog wants.

 Bulldogs have tough and powerful jaws, as well as a muscular body. They pull the rope with all the strength they have and try to dominate.

This game doesn’t involve a lot of running, so your bulldog won’t get tired quickly. You can play for around 30 minutes with them.

Your bulldog will always prefer to play the game with you, but you can also make arrangements to make them play alone. As a result, they can also enjoy it when you are not at home.

Many people say that tug of war can make your bulldog dominant towards you, but this is not an issue if your bulldog is gentle about winning and losing.

Steps to Be Followed

  • If you are thinking of getting a tug toy to play this game, I suggest you make your own if you can. You can get a durable rope and knot it at both ends, then braid one of your old T-shirt around it.
  • This will make a perfect tug rope. A small suggestion, your bulldog, will love to have your T-shirt that smells like you braided around the rope.
  • I didn’t want to make it on my own, so I got Pacific Pups Products supporting pacificpuprescue.com dog rope toys. My bulldog loved to play with different ropes every other day.
  • This game can be played anywhere, so choose an appropriate place to play. You can play in your backyard or even while sitting on the couch.
  • You can play this game while walking, catch one end of the rope and let your bulldog pull the other end. Walk around the house or even outside while battling the rope.
  • Many dog trainers keep saying that do not let your dog win in the tug of war. It creates a sense of domination and makes them think they are tougher and in charge.
  • But when it comes to bulldogs, looking at how affectionate they are, you can let them win once in a while. If you play in a friendly way, it will be great fun for your bulldog.

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Water Play

Bulldogs are only allowed to swim under supervision wearing a doggy flotation vest. You may think, what do bulldogs like to do in water? But they love being in the water.

Especially when the weather gets hot, take your bulldog to the closest water body. Don’t forget to take your dog’s flotation vest.

I got this Outward Hound Dog Life Jackets for my bulldog, which fits him perfectly. Bulldogs always prefer to lounge around in the shallow waters and relax.

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If you live somewhere where you don’t have any water body, get a pool for your dog. Fill it with freshwater and chill with your little one in your backyard.

Play some games like fetch and splash water on your bulldogs. It will make them happy. Just make sure your bulldog is with at all times as they can get fatigued due to their facial features.

Steps to Be Followed

  • Play fetch with your bulldog inside the water. Throw the ball over the shallow side close to you as your bulldog may feel hesitant to get the ball at the deeper side.
  • Make sure to play with a ball that floats on water. Tennis balls are a great option to play with.
  • Your bulldogs have excellent balancing skills. Grab a raft and let your bulldog lounge on it.
  • Don’t forget to help your bulldog to adjust on the raft. Your bulldog will feel amazing and have no problem lounging on the raft and float, and you will enjoy looking at them too.
  • If you plan to get a pool for your backyard, look at Jasonwell Foldable Dog Pet Bath Pool. It is great for your pet, as well as your kids.
  • Set this pool on the hot days, and let your bulldog cool off and enjoy.

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Flyball is quite an energy-consuming and difficult game. It would be best to have some hurdles, treats, and a flyball board to play this game.

Bulldogs are not fond of a lot of exercises, but they love running here and there. They have short feet and appear to be stocky, but they also tend to have some athletic skills.

What do bulldogs like to do is sometimes dependant on how much you make them do. If you won’t encourage them or stimulate them, they won’t do it.

They have a strong and sturdy body with a history in bull-baiting, which also means they can run fast. Shocked? Yes, those little feet can run.

Your bulldog will love to play this game while also burning some calories. This game also teaches your bulldogs some new skills so that training can happen side by side too.

Steps to Be Followed

  • First of all, get some flyball equipment. For the actual game, you may need 3 to 4 hurdles and a flyball box.
  • Now you may think, what if you invest in the game that you aren’t sure about? You can test this before spending on the game.
  • You can take a flyball box that is designed to shoot the tennis ball out of the hole. You can put anything as hurdles that your dog can jump over.
  • Train your bulldogs to complete the whole game. Put the hurdles at a distance of around 6 feet. Put the flyball box at the end of the hurdles and place a tennis ball inside the hole.
  • Take your bulldogs’ favorite treat and show them the course of obstacles. Start by teaching them to jump over the obstacles by rewarding them with treats as they complete.
  • As your bulldog finishes the hurdles, teach them to put their paws on the fly box, which will shoot out the tennis ball. Once they are done, repeat the same and enjoy it.
  • The basic purpose of playing flyball is to make your bulldog energetic and active. Train your bulldog to get faster at playing the game and teach them to grab the ball and bring it back.
  • You can also make your bulldog get registered into the competitions if they become pro. This game is a lot of fun with or without competition.

Some More Fun Activities

When it comes to what do bulldogs like to do, there are many other sports and activities they like to do. Teaching them new tricks is a lot of fun.

You can go try teaching them skateboarding. With their short legs and muscular body, they will look perfect on the skateboard.

Motivate them to ride the skateboard by giving them treats every time.

You can also play the game which we all love, ‘Hide and Seek.’ It is a great game for the development of your bulldogs physically and mentally as well.

Play this game inside your homes or even outside. Your bulldog would love to run behind you.

Take your bulldogs for walks at new places every time; it will help them understand better. They will become happy and will love to explore their surroundings.

Give your bulldogs new toys as they can also get bored of playing with the same thing every day. Give them food puzzles with treats trapped in them and figure out how they can solve the puzzle to get their treats.

That’s how you can spend great time with your bulldogs by playing these games. Now you must be aware of what do bulldogs like to do.



What do bulldogs like to do is literally dependant on how you train and stimulate them.

Teach them to play and exercise with such fun games. Have a happy time with your little one!