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A lot of French Bulldog owners and people interested in getting the dog breed have a question, “Do French Bulldogs have tails?

There are some who wonder whether these amazing buddies are born with long tails, which are then cut off and docked for “cosmetic” reasons?

I am happy to tell you that the answer to the last question is No.

Docking or cutting off the tail is not something that is done to French Bulldogs.

Furthermore, their tails are not docked or cut in any way like some of the other dog breeds.

Nowadays, many dog owners prefer docking. In simple words, it is a cosmetic practice that is conducted for no medical reason.

Due to this particular reason, I am not a big fan of docking.

You will be glad to know this: French bulldogs are naturally born without long tails. They are genetically bred to have short, stumpy tiny tails.

There is a wide variety of tails that you can find in different French Bulldogs like curved tails, screw-shaped tails, and some even have very short and straight tails.

The stumpy tails of the French Bulldog are due to genetics and breeding.

Now let’s try to answer the main question of this write-up.

Key Takeaways

  1. French Bulldogs do have tails, but they are typically short and stumpy.
  2. According to breed standards, a French Bulldog’s tail should be long enough to cover their anus, but they should not be able to raise their tails above their horizontal level.
  3. French Bulldogs can have different types of tails, including screw-shaped with a stumpy look, and straight down, short, and thick.
  4. The length and shape of a French Bulldog’s tail can vary depending on the individual dog and breeding lines.
  5. Some French Bulldogs may be born with a longer tail, but it is typically docked shortly after birth for cosmetic or practical reasons.
  6. While the tail may not be a defining characteristic of the breed, French Bulldogs are still beloved for their affectionate and playful personalities.

Do French Bulldogs Have Tails?

The answer is yes, of course! When you look at French Bulldog history, it is easy to find that this dog breed has adorable, short, and stumpy little tails.

Certain French Bulldog ancestors had longer tails; however, the shorter tails have become part and parcel of the breeding standard due to years of breeding. They have tails but really short ones.

Different Types of French Bulldog Tails

My doggie Fluffy has a relatively short tail compared to other dog breeds. And, yes, of course, he’s a French Bulldog. For his overall health and fitness, I make him play with Hifrenchies Dog IQ Treat and Mental Stimulation Ball. This ball keeps him mentally and physically stimulated.

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Coming back to the different types of French Bulldog tails, it can come in different shapes.

Some have stumpy tails, straight tails, straight down & stumpy, corkscrewed, and even a thick root with a very fine tip style tail.

As per the AKC website, the French Bulldog’s tail is either straight or screwed. But it is rarely curly.

You may also find it short, hung low, thick root and fine tip, carried low in repose.

Typically, a French Bulldog tail standard needs that it cover the anus and not rise above the horizontal.

Do French Bulldogs Have Tails That Can Cause Health Problems?

Do French Bulldogs Have Tails That Can Cause Health Problems? - NIG

Unfortunately, yes, this is true. I got aware of this information only which researching an article.

According to veterinary journals available online, the bones sometimes won’t align correctly in their spine due to how the breed’s tail has been developed in modern times.

Certain cases can result in deformity and instability in the spinal column, resulting in spinal and nerve damage. It can also result in lots of pain.

This genetic condition happens in certain French Bulldogs. It is primarily due to the breeders trying to make the screw-type tailor the preferred look.

French Bulldog Straight Tail Initiative

There was a scheme launched in the UK by the National Kennel Club in the year 2010. This initiative’s objective was to shift from the screw, corkscrew, or tight tail to a straighter tail.

The reason for that is, the breeding that has resulted in this appearance is an in-bred spinal defect. The tail’s role is to stabilize the vertebrae and support a dog’s rear muscle groups. Without them, dogs can suffer from ailments like dilation of the rectum, incontinence, and hernia.

In case we can shift to having French Bulldogs with straight tails, it can vastly improve this breed’s health. It might take some time, but the results would be favorable.

The culture of removing the tails we see in today’s Frenchie population is being propagated not only in the UK but in all countries in Europe.

Why Do French Bulldogs Have Tails That Are Short?

This is an excellent question. In the earlier period, Frenchies used to have longer tails than the ones we come across today.

So the question is, why do French Bulldogs have tails that are short? It seems like the tail has been docked or cut off.

I perceive it is mainly due to the fact that in the earlier years, they were mainly employed for rattling.

With selective breeding, it would have become possible to get shorter tails over time, which would give them increased speed and helped prevent rat bites to the tail.

With time, as the French Bulldogs shifted from being working dogs, people have started to give them a cosmetic appeal.

This has led to selective breeding resulting in shorter and shorter tails.

Interestingly, my dog Fluffy still has a lot of rat catching DNA in him.

We have an abandoned house just around the street, which has rat issues. Fluffy goes crazy when I go anywhere near it.

In case he finds any rat there, I hardly see him till dust.

My Personal Experience With Fluffy

I had a personal experience of docked tail misconception myself.

While I was taking a walk in the park, a complete stranger came across and enquired whether Fluffy’s tail has been docked.

I was horrified to think that someone would believe we had paid our beloved dog’s tail to be removed.

I had a hard time explaining this to this concerned (and almost angry) person that “No, you do not crop a French Bulldog’s tails off” and that we have certainly not “cut our dog’s tail off.””

Then I explained this to him that French Bulldogs are born with tails, albeit very short and stumpy ones.

This is mainly due to how they have been bred down the years with other short-tailed dogs like pugs and terriers.

I also told him that it is a naturally occurring physical attribute of a French Bulldog to have a short tail.

Do French Bulldogs Have Tails That They Can Wag?

Do French Bulldogs Have Tails That They Can Wag?

It is not possible for French Bulldogs to wag their tails. There are some who manage to move their stumpy tail a wee-little.

However, mainly a wagging bottom signifies that a Frenchie is happy since their tails are too short of wagging.

My Personal Experience With Fluffy

Everyone knows that a happy dog wags his tail. My dog Fluffy cannot wag his tails as it’s way too short.

However, certain Frenchies whose stumpy tails move a little, but I have never seen Fluffy wag it.

So, how do I know whether Fluffy is happy or not?

My furry pal has his unique ways of showing me how he’s feeling. Sometimes he will show it through his eyes.

But most of the time, the way he jumps around cuddling into me shows how happy little character he is.

He makes up for the lack of his tail with his happy-go-lucky behavior.

Do French Bulldogs Have Tails That Are Primarily To Be Cut Off And Docked?

Do French Bulldogs Have Tails That Are Primarily To Be Cut Off And Docked?

I did some research on the internet and found that tail docking is not a new thing. It was even practiced in Ancient Rome.

The reason being, shepherds, had to protect their dogs from having rabies.

I have simply no idea of how docking a tail can prevent rabies, but if someone can enlighten me on this subject, it would be great.

Later in history, a trend came to dock the tail tips from hunting dogs to prevent them from getting injured.

Again, I fail to understand the specific reason as to how cutting a dog’s tail can stop him from getting injured. Research dated back to 2010 showcases that 13.5% of working dogs sustain one tail injury every year.

The assumption here is the shorter the tail of the dog, the less inclined he is to getting injured. But, it seems to be a barbaric practice, though.

Back to the present, many dog owners dock their dog’s tail either for cosmetic reasons (I believe this should be stopped) or working reasons (I can understand this a little bit more).

The tail’s docking is done in the house where the owner wraps a rubber band around the tail and cut it off to stop blood flow. The tail then drops in a few days’ time.

You can even ask a vet to do it by visiting their clinic. This is a safer option, which has fewer chances of the dog getting an infection.

However, the research I have done shows neither of the two procedures uses anesthetic or stitches.

Does It Hurt A Dog When Their Tail Is Cut Off?

Certain tail docking advocates believe that a puppy’s nervous system is not fully developed to experience the pain.

But, I am not buying this theory. Certain studies show while the dog’s pain is not quantifiable, it will still cause some discomfort.

I will leave the last one on this to you.

Before You Go

French Bulldogs do have tails, but they are short and stumpy compared to other breeds. The stumpy tail is a by-product of the early days of breeding, when breeders selectively bred Frenchies to have shorter and thicker tails.

French Bulldog tails come in three shapes: straight down and stumpy, screwed and stumpy, and thick root with a very fine tip.

While Frenchies’ tails are not docked or cut off, they can suffer from spinal deformities due to the bones being twirled and crushing the spinal column and nerves.

It’s important for French Bulldog owners to be aware of this and to take proper care of their pets to prevent any potential health issues. Overall, Frenchies’ unique tails are just one of the many adorable and charming traits that make them such beloved pets.


Why do they cut the tails off French bulldogs?

Tail docking is sometimes done for cosmetic reasons, to conform to breed standards, or to prevent injury or infection in working dogs. However, the practice is controversial and is illegal in some countries. In some cases, tail docking may cause pain and discomfort for the dog.

Do French bulldogs get their tails cut?

Some French Bulldogs may have their tails docked for cosmetic or medical reasons, but this practice is controversial and is illegal in some countries.

Do French bulldogs normally have tails?

Yes, French Bulldogs normally have tails, but they are typically shorter than those of other breeds and may be curved or straight.

Do all French bulldogs have docked tails?

No, not all French Bulldogs have docked tails. In fact, tail docking is illegal in some countries and is considered a controversial practice in others.

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