22 Most Popular Exotic Female Bulldog Names

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Searching the web for exotic female bulldog names is what you must have done on getting your first pup.  Believe me, naming a dog is not as simple as it seems.

I mean, before sticking to ‘fluffy,’ I did have a couple of other options for my boy, but that was decided as I was intrigued by his fluffy appearance.

 Rather, choosing a name for your female bulldog might require some more research.

That might be the case because a bulldog might give out more of a masculine impression.

But alas not! There are a million options available, and I have listed them right here in this blog.

You may find exotic female bulldog names as you read on – just the way you wanted.

Bulldogs in General

Bulldogs in General

Gaining their name from old English bull pits, the presently domestic breed has gone through a serious behavioral and physical evolution. 

From fierce fighters to cute and lazy pooches, there is much to know about them. I write this as I see my fluffy lazing about on his fluffy bed I got from Amazon.com.

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The Bulldogs are said to inherit their physical as well as behavioral traits from the Asiatic Mastiff and the Pug.

The mixed-breed from the British Isles were very much stout.

It was until 1835 when Bullfighting’s practice was given the status of illegal; these fearless dogs even attacked the bulls.

Given they were insensitive to pain, it still became quite difficult for those bulls to let themselves free of the strong grip. After that, bulldogs were given the status of being domestic dogs.

English bulldogs are about 12 to 16 inches long and are about 45 to 55 pounds in weight.

A brindle, white, red, washed-out red, light yellow, or a mixture of these may be their coloring.

Their bodies are bulky, and they have small heads. There are seen short legs and a big jaw in English bulldogs.

The attributes acquired from the pug by the bulldog were its short snout and short legs.

From the Asiatic Mastiff, the bulldog inherited his muscular frame, broad head, and aggressive attitude. Even though not the same, but the Bulldogs are still quite heavy-bodied.

To take my fluffy on his evening walk, he needs to be harnessed by a good quality leash every single time.

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If not done so, he can easily overpower me if he were in a collar.

Despite their intimidating look, English bulldogs are gentle companions. They make good pets and are satisfied quite easily.

American bulldogs with children are considered to be affectionate and pleasant.

When they are puppies, they have a great deal of energy but appear to slow down as they mature. English bulldogs snore and also are very drooly.

Exotic Female Bulldog Names

Exotic Female Bulldog Names - NIT

A bulldog is one of the strongest looking breeds of dogs. Lest up to her human’s choice, the name of a female bulldog should be well suitable to her fierce personality.

Below are mentioned some of my favorite exotic female bulldog names:

  1. Victoria
  2. Athena
  3. Olympia
  4. Diana
  5. Hilda
  6. Pumpkin
  7. Petunia
  8. Pearl
  9. Grace
  10. Lady
  11. Daisy
  12. Venus
  13. Mercy
  14. Cocoa
  15. Sierra
  16. Shadow
  17. Lexie
  18. Willow
  19. Hazel
  20. Harper
  21. Delilah
  22. Honey

Know Your Female Bulldogs!

Know Your Female Bulldogs - NIG

Before getting to know some amazing as well as exotic female bulldog names, you ought to know something about them as well.

The comparison between a male and a female bulldog brings about some facts.

Their size and temperament are the distinctions between male and female bulldogs.

Male adult bulldogs grow to approximately 50 lbs on average, while females grow to approximately 40.

Some people say that male bulldogs are more hostile, while others say that women are more controlling.

One thing I can be pretty sure that both sexes are obstinate to a great extent.


The weight is around 50 lbs for an adult male bulldog, and the height at the shoulder is about 10 inches to 15 inches.

The weight of the female bulldog is approximately 40 lbs. The height of the bulldog females is around the same as that of the bulldog males.

Head size is the only other key differentiating attribute between the two. The male bulldog appears to have a head much bigger than the female.


Male bulldogs are more territorial than females, as I hear from a couple of friends.

Others I know claim that, relative to males, female bulldogs are more aggressive at home

The fact is that bulldogs, male and female, have identical traits, and potentially no noticeable difference can be seen between the two samples over a majority.

Even though their basic nature is rough, their temperament also depends on how you train your bulldog.

One who is raised from an early age with plenty of affection and socialization with children and other animals would presumably not be violent.


I am sure you would know about the various health issues a bulldog faces – no matter its gender.

Quite general being its breathing problems due to its nasal and facial structure.

Also, bulldogs cannot be extensively athletic because of their heavy body and weak limbs.

Apart from these, various ailments like Chondrodysplasia (genetic dwarfism), Spinal and/or Pelvic deformities, and Cherry eye infection may arise in bulldogs over time.

Heat Periods

Since we are looking for exotic female bulldog names, its heat period and awareness regarding it must not be overlooked.

Basically, there are four stages of a female bulldog’s heat periods, unless she is spayed.

1. The Proestrus Stage

This is usually the state to which most people refer when they suggest their English bulldog is in heat.

This initial stage of the reproductive cycle lasts an average of nine days for most dogs.

However, it can extend up to a total of twenty-seven days.

Estrogen levels will start to spike in your dog at this stage of the reproductive cycle.

Consequently, the follicles (eggs) will begin to develop. Most owners may begin to note male dogs displaying an attraction to the females, but the female English bulldog will not return the favor during this period.

She might even appear more edgy than normal, if anything. During this first step, it is not unusual to see dogs keeping their tails close to their body and becoming a little clingier with their humans.

A swollen vulva and a blood-tinted discharge are physical symptoms. While several dogs can keep this area tidy, this area is considered to be difficult for English Bulldogs to enter.

Many owners consider using diapers to prevent any mess and discomfort.

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Your female bulldog will probably urinate more often during this stage.

2. The Estrus Stage

This second stage will last for anywhere from a total of four to twenty-four-day on average.

However, for most dogs, the Estrus stage only appears to last nine days. This stage typically marks the fertile timeframe in the reproductive cycle of a dog.

Attention from male dogs will persist, but now the female English bulldog will be open to these changes.

By “flagging” where she raises her tail up or to one side, one of the most popular ways your dog will show her availability.

An extended vulva and brown or clear discharge will be seen as her physical changes.

The attention she receives from male dogs will be increased by the pheromones she generates during this time.

It can also manifest in female violence, which can turn into fights often. If you do not wish to breed your bulldog during this period, it will be important to keep it as far as possible during this time away from other dogs.

3. The Diestrus Stage

Your dog will once more lose interest in reciprocating male attention during such a time. This third stage of the menstrual cycle will, on average, last two months.

Physical improvements include her vulva returning to its normal state and the absence of any kind of discharge.

There are times where, she might behave as if she were pregnant, even if it won’t be true. You can find your dog displaying the following behaviors if so happens:

  • Inquietness
  • Lethargy  
  • Appetite decreased
  • Nesting (may require digging or moving their bed around)
  • Nursing (may demonstrate increased attachment to a preferred toy)
  • Depression
  • Aggressive behaviors Behavior

Apart from these changes, a female bulldog’s weight would be the same as before.

That will be possible also in a false alarm of pregnancy because of water retention.

If you think your English bulldog is expecting, it’s best to take her to see your veterinarian as soon as possible.

Due to the associated health risks, pregnancies in English Bulldogs must be closely controlled from the beginning.

If not done so, there might risk on the mother as well as her puppy’s health.

4. The Anestrus Stage

The body will begin to ready itself for the next season during the fourth and final reproductive cycle phase.

For most dogs, this final stage takes an average of four months. However, it can take a lot longer for some breeds.

There are usually no visible physical signs or behavioral changes during this period.

No matter whichever you choose out of the above given exotic female bulldog names, don’t forget to give her lots of love, appropriate exercise, and diet supplements to keep her healthy for a long time.

Before You Go

Naming your female bulldog can be a fun and exciting process, and choosing an exotic name can make your furry friend stand out from the pack. Here are some exotic female bulldog names to consider:

  1. Zara: This exotic name has Arabic origins and means “princess.”
  2. Suki: This Japanese name means “loved one” and is a great choice for a sweet and affectionate bulldog.
  3. Luna: This Latin name means “moon” and can be a great fit for a bulldog with a calm and serene personality.
  4. Kaida: This exotic name has Japanese origins and means “little dragon.”
  5. Nala: This Swahili name means “successful” and can be a great choice for a bulldog with a strong and determined personality.
  6. Cleo: This Greek name means “glory” and can be a great fit for a bulldog with a confident and regal personality.
  7. Zuri: This Swahili name means “beautiful” and can be a great choice for a bulldog with a striking and unique appearance.

Overall, choosing an exotic name for your female bulldog can be a fun and creative way to reflect their personality and individuality. Consider these and other exotic names to find the perfect fit for your furry friend.