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You must have read many times about the English bulldog biting owner.  You might wonder why a dog would bite his owner.

The dogs are closest to their owners. English bulldogs are mistaken to have aggressive behavior, which I must say isn’t true.

Let me tell you about the English bulldog biting owner; bulldogs can have many reasons to bite their owner.

But most of the time, an English bulldog can bite their owner only when he feels threatened or provoked.

If we talk about English bulldog puppies, they bite because they are still teething and chew and bite anything they see. 

English bulldogs are very friendly and affectionate dogs. They are known as family dogs that love to spend time with the children.

They love resting and napping in their free time. English bulldogs are said to be dogs that are brave and loyal to their owners.

English bulldogs surely look grumpy and ferocious but let me clarify to you that they are very soft-hearted. They care a lot about their owner.

English bulldog biting owners may come to our ears as something scary, but everything that happens has its reasons.

Let me tell you about various steps to stop your English bulldog biting owner. Bulldogs are amazing apartment pets and love to be indoors.

They become the best guardian dogs for your children. But every dog can develop a bad habit of biting. The steps are as follows:

  1. Take some time out, Sit down, and play with your English bulldog.
  2. Let your dog bite your hand.
  3. As soon as they bite, yell, “Ouch!” and let your hand go limp and act like you are hurt a lot.
  4. Your English bulldog should be shocked. Release yourself and step back.
  5. Tell your bulldog, “No,” in a soft but stern voice.
  6. You can also spray something bitter in your bulldog’s mouth if your bulldog does not understand. Repeat these steps several times to see good results.

How Big Is An English Bulldog’s Bite?

How Big Is An English Bulldog’s Bite? INTIMG

English bulldogs have a strong build. English bulldog biting owners may have a lesser bite force than usual. The bite force of an English bulldog is 210 pounds per square inch (psi).

Psi denotes how much force is there on one square inch. This amount of force is enough to break someone’s bones and muscles.

English bulldogs are blessed with extremely strong jaws and muscles. They also have strong and sturdy bodies. English bulldogs can easily take you down as they have a very low center of gravity.

If we look at an English bulldog’s history, bulldogs were bred especially for bull-baiting. When they used to fight the huge bulls, they would remain low to the ground and try to bite the bull’s nose.

Despite being smaller in size than the bulls, the bulldogs would never surrender to the bulls. They have a lot of force and power in their jaws and can cause great damage and injury.

English bulldogs have got the force in their jaws from their genetics. But this force is of no use right now. Bulldogs have changed their entire personalities as compared to the history of bulldogs.

I have some more strategies for you to prevent an English bulldog biting owner. I am sure these strategies might be beneficial for you.

Just go through them, and you will know. The strategies are as follows:

Do Not Be Afraid To Shout

Do Not Be Afraid To Shout INTIMG

I know it is difficult for any human to shout at their bulldogs. When they give an adorable look after they have done something bad, they must understand who the owner is in this house.

And the best way to teach them is to be sad at them and yell at your bulldog to show them you are not happy with their behavior.

When yelling at your bulldog, always have a stern and bold voice. It might not work initially, but after continuing this, you may see some positive results.  

Squirt Bottle

Whenever an English bulldog biting owner, squirt him in the face using a squirt bottle. As soon as your bulldog starts to bite, keep doing this repeatedly to correct his bad behavior.

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

Ignore Your Bulldog

English bulldogs, just like other dogs, crave your attention. Sometimes when they are on their worst behavior, all you have to do is stop paying attention to them and walk away.

They will soon understand what you like and what you don’t like. They will learn to improve their behavior to gain your attention and stop you while walking away from them.

Socialization of Your Dog

One of the main reasons for English bulldog biting owners is a lack of socialization. Socialization helps your English bulldog to behave in public with other humans and dogs.

It would be best if you took your dog for walks and outings to the park to make them learn the importance of other people too.

Socialization will make your dog a friendly and happy dog. Everyone will love to be around your English bulldog. When socializing with other dogs, they will learn to behave with them and have less anxiety and shyness.

Neuter Your Bulldog

First, when I read this, I was confused, too, just like you. How can a neuter stop my bulldog from biting? Neuter bulldogs are not as aggressive as other bulldogs.

The chance of these bulldogs biting you or any other dogs is relatively very less. Just make sure you undergo this procedure at the right time, as advised by the vet.

Stop Your Bulldog When They Are Young

To prevent English bulldog biting owner, curb this kind of behavior when your dog is young. It will become too late if you wait for them to grow and then teach them.

When he is small, you might ignore this behavior as he is cute, and the bites don’t hurt. But when they grow, this can prove to be dangerous.

He will think that the bite isn’t hurting you, and your bulldog will continue to do the same. So it is very important to curb this bad habit at a young age. They will understand, and it will be better for you when they grow up.

Give Your English Bulldog Something To Chew

When the bulldogs are teething, they tend to chew each and everything that comes across them. When playing with you, they may try to chew and bite your hand too.

Do not let him chew your hand and get your dog some chewy toys in this kind of case. You can buy your English bulldog dental chews and chewy treats. Your English bulldog will keep on chewing this and won’t bite you or anyone else.  

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

Notice Your English Bulldog’s Body Language

You need to understand your bulldog’s body language. It is important so that you can know in advance how your pet is going to act.

Your dog will always have a difference in his body language, depending on the mood. Some signs to observe are:

These signs seen in your pet dog’s body language denote that he is not comfortable or can also be afraid at that moment.

If you observe these signs, take your dog away from strangers and give him some space to calm down. You can also try to talk to him in a sweet voice to comfort him from his fears.

Show Your English Bulldog Biting Owner Who The Real Owner Is

Your English bulldog must know that you are the boss. I am not saying that you cannot be friendly and affectionate with your dog. But when your bulldog tries to cross the line, you must stop them and show them who the boss is.

When your bulldog realizes you are the alpha dog here, he will learn to respect you and become obedient to you.

Try Professional Training

If you have tried everything and your English bulldog doesn’t improve himself, opt for professional obedience training. It is a reliable and probably a last resort for you if other tips don’t work.

This option is beneficial for owners who do not have enough time to train their English bulldogs. When it comes to English bulldog biting owners, you should attend a few classes to learn some new tricks.

Vet Consultation

If the problem of English bulldog biting owner persists for a long, consult a vet for your dog. There can be some chances that your bulldog may be suffering from certain diseases.

Aggression can prove to be a symptom of any disease your bulldog may be suffering. There can be the possibility of your bulldog developing some medical issues if they cannot stop biting after multiple trials.

Before You Go

Before You Go - English bulldog biting owner - INTIMG

English bulldog biting owners have many solutions. It would help if you always kept trying to improve your English bulldogs with your training skills. Remember to treat your English bulldogs in a very patient way.

Teach your bulldog the difference between good and bad at an early age. You and your English bulldog both will benefit from it. I know that training your bulldog can be a daunting job but not impossible.

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