What are the Different Types of Pitbull Bloodlines? 10 Most Popular

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Pitbulls are the most famous and widely known dogs of all time. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors.

No Pitbull looks like another Pitbull- they’re all unique!

what about Pitbull bloodlines

But what about Pitbull bloodlines?

What do you get when you mix two different Pitbull together?

In this article, I will talk to you about the ten most famous Pitbull Bloodlines so we can learn more about these amazing animals!

Many excellent bloodlines of famous Pitbull exist around the world today.

They all have their own unique characteristics and personalities, but they’re mostly known for being Pitbull’s!

The Most 10 Popular Pitbull Bloodlines
The Most 10 Popular Pitbull Bloodlines

The following are the most 10 popular Pitbull bloodlines that you may or may not know about- some of them are famous in certain regions while others are just well-known Pitbulls in general!

Pitbulls are known for being brave and loyal dogs with a strong sense of family

They can be very affectionate, but they need to learn their boundaries as puppies so that they don’t become aggressive towards other animals or people later in life!

Pitbulls are medium-sized dogs that can range anywhere between 30 to 90 pounds, depending on their bloodline. 

The average life span of one is about 12 years, though it varies with the dog’s health conditions.

Pitbulls are mighty dogs that can be extremely strong if they’re trained to fight. 

This means it’s essential for them to have lots of daily exercise and attention from their owners!

Pitbulls are known for being courageous, loyal animals with a strong sense of family bonds. 

They do best in homes where there are no other pets or small children

If you’re looking for Pitbull puppies, make sure to look through many Pitbull breeders before picking the right dog!

Finally, here are the most popular 10 Pitbull bloodlines and their origin and history.

1. Colby Pitbull Bloodlines

Colby Pitbull - Pitbull Bloodlines
Colby PitbullPitbull Bloodlines

Colby Pitbull bloodline is one of the most popular Pitbull bloodlines that have been used for a lot of Pitbull breeding.

Colby Pitbull’s bloodline was developed by a Pitbull breeder named Colby Piatkowski.

Colby Pitbulls are known to have strong jaws and high levels of stamina.

The Pitbull can be dominant or submissive.

Dogs from this bloodline have been bred with other breeds such as Bernese mountain dogs, Boxers, Berners, Bull Terriers, and many more.

The Colby Pitbull is on the smaller side, with an upright stance and heavy bone.

The dog has an athletic build, but it is still on the stocky side.

They typically come in rich colors, including brindle, black with white patches, fawn, red with white patches, and seal color, and their coat is short and sleek.

They have a slightly flat-faced, with what we call the Pitbull mug.

2. Jeep Pitbull Bloodlines

Jeep Pitbull Bloodlines
Image Credit: P & I R, Flickr – Jeep Pitbull Bloodlines

Jeep was a Pitbull that came from some of the best bloodlines there were at the time.

He is a champion Pitbull, and some even call him the godfather of Pitbull.

Recently, Pitbulls have been exposed to a lot of bad publicity, but Jeep worked hard to keep Pitbull on top for decades.

Jeep was born in 1969, and his bloodlines were known for being powerful Pitbull bloodlines.

Things were different back then; Pitbulls didn’t have the bad reputation they do today.

The Pitbull was actually a dog breed that wasn’t looked down upon like it is now.

Jeep went on to help make Pitbulls very popular, and the Pitbull breed was able to stay on top for many years.

Jeep even won best of show Pitbull’s at one point!

Jeep helped Pitbull’s bloodlines become extremely strong.

When Jeep has puppies out, they are also excellent Pitbulls.

He has produced so many Pitbulls, and Pitbulls everywhere are thankful for all the work he has done.

Jeep even helped Pitbull’s bloodlines that we still see today.

Some of the Pitbull you might be able to find in your backyard can trace their family tree straight back to this Pitbull’s great grandfather!

Jeep was a force to be reckoned with, and he will be missed for a long time.

Jeep’s Pitbull bloodlines are now being passed down from generation to generation, and people will still be able to find Pitbulls that have Jeep as an ancestor.

Jeep had so many Pitbull come out of him; he may have over a thousand Pitbull pets in this world.

3. Old Family Red Nose

Old Family Red Nose - Pitbull Bloodlines
Old Family Red Nose – Pitbull Bloodlines

The Old Family Pitbull bloodlines started in the 1800s in Texas when a Pitbull named Old Fred was born. 

Old Fred is known as the father of Pitbull dogfighting.

Pitbulls were used for pit fighting in Old England when they were introduced to America. 

Pitbulls were called terrier dogs initially, but it wasn’t until 1870 that they became known as pit bulls. 

Pitbulls are seen today as one of the most dangerous breeds in the world.

The Pitbull dogfighting bloodlines started when a Pitbull named Pete Ross was bred with a Pitbull called Flora. 

These Pitbulls became the foundation of the Pitbull family tree that is seen today throughout the world.

Pitbulls were used for many different reasons in America, including hunting, guarding, and pit fighting. 

Pitbulls were often used for pit fighting because of their high pain tolerance, athletic ability, and strong desire to please.

The physical appearance of Old Family Pitbull bloodlines

This rugged breed is often called the “Pitbull to end all Pitbull’s.” They have a stocky build and are very athletic.

Their body is more significant than other breeds, but you can still see their powerful jaws in that chiseled head!

A male may measure up to 22 inches long while females range from 17-20“.

4. Gottiline

Gottiline - Pitbull Bloodlines
Gottiline – Pitbull Bloodlines

Gottiline is a short-coated, muscular breed of dog that originates from LA.

In 1997, Richard Barajas created this bloodline, and the dogs he bred were meant to be Pitbull-type animals known as Gottiliiines after his female Pitbull named “Gottaline.

The National Pitbull Registry identifies this line with pictures for both King Lion (from which they get their name) and the late Big Red, who passed away before passing on some genes!

Gottiline is a Pitbull bloodline that has been around since the ’90s and is known for being a family-friendly Pitbull breed.

Gottiline Pitbulls have been sought after for their more laid-back personality, great with children and pit bulls of other breeds.

They are known to be excellent home pets and loyal to their family.

This Pitbull bloodline does not come with many Pitbull breeders who carry Gottiline Pitbulls as they are a rare Pitbull bloodline, and most people don’t know about it yet.

5. Razor’s Edge

Razor's Edge - Pitbull Bloodlines
Razor’s Edge – Pitbull Bloodlines

Razor’s Edge Pitbull was started in 2010 by Pitbull owner/breeder Jada. 

One day out at the dog park with her Pitbull, Razor, she decided to start a Pitbull kennel of her own. 

She then began breeding Pitbulls that not only looked great but also had great temperaments.

The Pitbull born at Razor’s Edge is either brought up as personal pit bulls or sold to new owners.

The Pitbull owner/breeder, Jada, has Pitbulls that she raises at home with her 2 children. 

Most Pitbull kennels sell pit bulls but never interact with them on a personal level; this is what sets Razor’s Edge Pitbulls apart from most Pitbull kennels.

Razor’s Edge is one Pitbull bloodline that is known for producing champion Pitbull’s

They have been doing a great job as a top Pitbull kennel for over 20 years now.

Razor’s Edge Pitbull bloodline is a dog that grows to about 25 to 50 pounds, and they are known as an athletic Pitbull with an intimidating look. 

They usually weigh around 55lbs.

Razor’s edge pitbull bloodline is a pitbull with a short coat that comes in almost all colors

They have a blocky head and a squared jaw Pitbull, known as the Pitbull standard.

6. Monster G

Monster G - Pitbull Bloodlines
Monster G – Pitbull Bloodlines

Monster G Pitbull bloodline Another line that originated in Los Angeles, California, in the 1980s. This line is currently still in California.

The Pitbulls of this bloodline are known for their color Pitbulls, weight Pitbulls, and muscular Pitbulls.

The Monster G bloodline produces beautiful Pitbulls and well-performing dogs for other sports such as weight pulling, Schutzhund, Police K9 work, Pitbull fighting, Pitbull terrier fighting, and Pitbull Schutzhund.

Monster G Pitbull bloodline Dogs tend to get strong jaws, broad chests, thick necks, well-balanced body builds, and muscular Pitbulls.

These Pitbull are highly prized by breeders worldwide for their outstanding temperaments or Pitbull personality traits.

Monster G Pitbull bloodline Pitbulls are known for their high prey drives and high Pitbull energy levels.
Monster G Pitbull bloodlines dogs tend to be very fast Pitbulls with strong fight drives and powerful Pitbull jaw muscles.

These Pitbulls make great family dogs, and professional protection dogs and work well as extreme dog sports dogs such as Pitbull terrier fighting.

Monster G Pitbull bloodlines Pitbull’s also produce healthy Pitbull dogs that behave around children and the elderly; Pitbulls are Pitbull-friendly dogs.

These Pitbulls are super athletic, competitive bulldogs with high grips and extremely tenacious Pitbulls who love fighting.

These Monster G Pitbull bloodline dogs tend to be loyal Pitbulls with a high pain threshold and extremely stable temperaments.

People who own Pitbulls from the Monster G Pitbull bloodlines report having fewer dog problems than owners of Pitbulls from other Pitbull bloodlines.

The Pitbulls of the Monster G line are known for being very easy Pitbulls to maintain, Pitbulls who are excellent Pitbull house pets.

Monster G Pitbull bloodline dogs make excellent family Pitbulls, also the best working line Pitbulls for protection work.

The Monster G Pitbull bloodlines Pitbulls have a strong problem-solving ability and are known for their challenging, charging Pitbull personalities.


The X-Pert bloodline is one of the most controversial Pitbull bloodlines currently in existence. 

They are purported to be the result of a Pitbull breeding experiment conducted by dogfighter Billy X in 1994, where he allegedly bred his best Pitbulls with each other for multiple generations to create the Ultimate Pitbull

He stopped his experiment after 6 generations. 

After this, all of his Pitbulls were sold to Pitbull fighting enthusiasts in the USA and Canada.

The Pitbull breeders who bought Pitbulls from Billy X’s kennel started their own breeding programs based on his Pitbull line. 

The strain became popular in Pitbull fighting blood sports and was used for Pitbull fighting all throughout America and Canada. 

There were Pitbull breeders who started their own Pitbull breeding programs and began to breed Pitbulls on what they considered the X-Pert’s Ultimate Pitbull pedigree. 

Many Pitbull fighting enthusiasts consider the X-Pert Pitbull bloodlines to be one of, if not THE most potent type of Pitbull in existence.

The X-Pert Pitbull is a Pitbull with excellent physical attributes. 

The Pitbull has an exact and muscular build, athletic build. 

The Pitbull literally looks like it was designed for speed and power in mind.

The X-Pert dog’s head is also imposing in Pitbull fighting sports. 

The Pitbull has a powerful bite strength that can definitely put down any kind of game when Pitbull fighting, no matter the size or breed of the opponent.

The skin on the Pitbull’s body also has an interesting texture to it.

8. Carver

Carver - Pitbull Bloodlines
Carver – Pitbull Bloodlines

The Carver line is one of the Pitbull bloodlines that has an extensive history.

It began in the early 1960s when pit-bred dogs escaped from their yard and were bred with wild pit hounds in the nearby forest.

In fact, it’s hard to find a purebred carver because they’re prevalent!

However, their ubiquity makes for an exciting variety – some people love that about this dog breed, while others may not be so keen on its wild nature.

As with all breeds, though, you need only raise your pets right (which can quickly happen) then everything will fall into place!

9. Ruffian

The Ruffian line is a Pitbull line under the Zodiac kennel that has existed for decades.

This is not a line from breeders with the Pitbull fancy in mind or even Pitbull’s for non-aggressive use.

The Ruffian line Pitbull was created and bred to fight and win pit fights.

Since pit bulls were illegal for dogfighting by the late 1970s, it is believed that this line of Pitbull began to be used in dogfighting outside of the United States, as pit bulls became illegal in other parts of the world as well.

Although this Pitbull line has been used as a pit fighting dog, it is also known to produce excellent family Pitbull for those willing to put in the time and work into training Pitbulls with this bloodline.

These Pitbulls are still known to be good-natured Pitbulls, and the Pitbulls from the Ruffian line bloodline should be good Pitbulls for home protection.

The Pitbulls of this line are known to be athletic Pitbulls with an excellent ability to fight other dogs and humans.

This Pitbull’s body is balanced and lean with a strong neck and powerful head.

10. Budweiser Crusher

Budweiser Crusher - Pitbull Bloodlines
Budweiser Crusher – Pitbull Bloodlines

The Budweiser Crusher line is a Pitbull bloodline that has been fighting and winning Pitbull fights since its beginning.

Budweiser brought this bloodline into the scene with their highly successful Pitbull fighting video “Pit Fight.”

A pit mix was used for “Pit Fight,” His name is Boss – a champion dog from this line.

The original Pitbull, pit pit pit-x, was sold to a dogfighter at a young age and fought to his death.

Before the Budweiser brand came into the picture, the Pitbull bloodline known as “pit pit pit” was already winning Pitbull fights in various locations.

The Pitbull from this breeder that brought about the bloodline was pit pit pit x Gotti.

Mr. Pitbull, the owner of pit pit pit, did not want to give up on his dogs and sought out new blood that would bring back his line into pit bull fighting success.

The bloodline was later renamed balisto (appeared in pit fight video) after one of their own Pitbull named Balisto pit pit pit.

What’s Your Favorite Bloodline?

What’s Your Favorite Bloodline?

With so many pit bull bloodlines available today, one may ask, “which is my favorite?”.

Many Pitbulls have been bred over the years for color and size and those bred with gameness in mind.

A Pitbull with the lines of Bullyson or Tonsmeire, for example, will have Pitbulls bred to Pitbulls solely because of the color difference rather than Pitbull traits precisely.

Others were bred to carry weight and increase muscle mass in Pitbull which allowed them to do well at pit fighting Pitbull games, while Pitbulls bred specifically for gameness would be to Pitbull’s bred with the games of weight pulling and Schutzhund in mind.

What is the Difference Between a Breed and a Bloodline?

A breed is a type of dog; Rottweilers, Chihuahuas, and Labradors are all different breeds.

A bloodline includes the parent’s lineage and their grandparents’ lines which can be traced back to what we refer to today in modern society by calling them “ancestral.”

Funny how dogs come with both traits!

The breeder will take time researching each individual animal’s ancestors before they decide if this pup has any potential for greatness or not–they might even consider looking into its pee-pee secretion habits just because those things say volumes about who you really are, too.

In the world of high-end dog breeding, it’s not just about producing a healthy pup with good looks.

For your puppy to have any hope at all in competing against other breeds and winning prizes at show events, they need certain bloodlines, which are known as “show dogs.”

These particular strains give rise purely under being able to compete well on stage while others only shine there when bred together over many generations before finally showing off what their ancestors were famous or infamous for – usually this includes performing tricks like jumping through hoops!