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Should French Bulldogs Have Their Dew Claws Removed?

The answer is no unless it is absolutely necessary. Nevertheless, people have mixed opinions when it comes to removing dew claws in their French bulldogs.

Some breeders might remove their French bulldog’s claws as they think it helps in improving the looks of their puppies and dogs for shows and some of the high-end competitions.

But Should French Bulldogs Have Their Dew Claws Removed? 

French bulldogs are known for their appearance of being intelligent, active, and muscular dogs with a smooth coats, compactly built, and heavy bone structure.

They are always curious and interested in their surroundings. So, any alteration like removing dew claws will be considered mutilation. 

Some dog owners believe that Frenchies will continue to catch no matter what, which results in them injuring their dew claws.

For such reasons, it is better to remove the dewclaws. To learn more about this process in detail, I suggest you go through the article.

Is Dew Claw Removal Necessary?

I think that front dew claws are quite necessary among bulldogs as they serve important purposes. So, these claws should not be removed unless there is a good reason behind them.

In some rare instances, the dew claw of a dog or puppy might get injured severely or develop any disease like a cancerous tumor.

It is better to remove the claw after keeping the dog’s best interest in mind during such instances. So, for your answer on should French bulldogs have their dew claws removed, it always depends on the current scenario.

It is really pretty common for the vets to remove some of the loosely attached rear or double dewclaws.

The main goal is to prevent injury. The actual incidences of such injuries are pretty low. So, the value of such surgeries is highly debatable.

Most of the time, such surgeries are scheduled just at the same time when the dog is neutered or being spayed. 

Some dog breeds get their dew claws removed routinely for improving their appearances.

If you are thinking of performing the same surgery on your French bulldog, it is better to do it when the puppy is under five days of age.

But first, the area needs to be locally numbed using anesthetic medications. 

Ways To Treat Dew Claw Injuries

It is true that dew claw injuries are pretty rare, but they do take place. So, your options on should French bulldogs have their dew claws removed remain open.

Any nail can be pulled off, split, broken, or infected partially or completely, if not trimmed out properly.

As most of these nail injuries are pretty painful and can give rise to infection, I would recommend you visit a vet ASAP.

A well-trained professional can remove damaged nails or can trim the ingrown ones under sedation.

He might also prescribe any pain reliever or antibiotics. 

Ways To Maintain Dew Claws

Apart from answering questions on should French bulldogs have their dew claws removed, it is better to understand how to maintain their dew claws. 

When the matter involves maintenance, remember that dewclaws are not that different from other nails of your French bulldog.

Dogs, who are pretty active, might wear down their nails, and that includes dewclaws too.

They might wear them to such an extent that trimming is not necessary at all.

However, for maximum pets, who are more or less sedentary, proper and regular trims are mandatory for keeping their nails healthy.

Always remember to keep a close watch on the dewclaw of your French bulldog.

As these claws are not in closer contact with the ground much like other others, they need frequent trimming from time to time.

Age When Dew Claws Can Be Removed

If you have decided on removing the dewclaws of your French bulldog, then you might want to focus on the age factor.

I have consulted with many vets, and all of them have only one thing to say.

It is always better to remove dew claws at a very tender age, especially when the puppy is just five days old.

It is not quite popular for vets to practice dewclaw removal.

However, when it is done, vets will always recommend it to do at a tender age.

It is important to use anesthesia to numb the area before starting the procedure.

It won’t take much time for under-trained hands.

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While I was researching more on Should French bulldogs have their dew claws removed, I was surprised to see some legal factors coming up.

Most of you might not know this but removing dew claws is an illegal practice in the UK and USA for breeding or cosmetic reasons.

You are only allowed to do so if there is an infection or tumor involved.

In some parts of the world like Wales, Scotland, England, and Northern Ireland, it is not illegal under the Animal Welfare Act to remove the dew claws of a dog.

Breeder Insights: Why I Don’t Remove Dew Claws

Video Source: Endless Mt. Labradors

Dew Claw Removal Procedure In French Bulldogs

Never try to remove your French bulldog’s dewclaws on your own.

It is a very sensitive procedure, which should be done under the trained hands of a well-experienced vet. There are some steps involved, and let me discuss those points with you for your reference.

Step 1

At first, the dog will be put under general anesthesia. For that, the dog owners might have to follow some preparation guidelines provided by their vets.

For example, on the day of surgery, you are forbidden to feed your dog anything. So, these surgeries usually take place in the morning and as early as possible.

Step 2

The vet will take some time to disinfect the skin around the dewclaws. It prevents infection due to surgical procedures.

Step 3

Vets will use scissors to remove the entire toe. The scissor will cut through the skin, muscle, and bone quickly for its entire removal. There is no need to worry as your dog won’t feel anything.

Step 4

After successfully removing your dog’s dew claw, the vet will stitch up the wounded area with non-dissolving or dissolving sutures. These are all medicated products and are kept under hygienic conditions always.

Step 5

For protecting the wound from any infection or bump, the area remains covered by a bandage.

The vet will do it for you, and you might have to change it from time to time, to keep the area fresh.

As your French bulldog’s bones are soft and the muscle tissues are not quite developed, the dew claw removal process remains pretty simple in younger French bulldog puppies.

So, it is highly recommended to perform the surgery when they are young. 

The entire surgery to remove your dog’s dew claws will not take more than 15 to 30 minutes.

Even after the surgery, your puppy might have to stay at the hospital for around 2 to 3 hours under observation. Once the anesthetic has completely worn off, you can take your puppy back with you.

Learning About The Aftercare Procedures

You might have got your answer to the question should French bulldogs have their dew claws removed?

After completing the surgical procedure and taking your puppy back home, some aftercare procedures are to be followed.

  • I have heard vets recommending Elizabethan collars for those dogs who tend to lick or bite their paws. Most dogs do, so this collar will prevent them from doing so. Licking the wounded area will slow down the healing process.
  • Make sure to check the wounded area daily for puffiness, redness, or if it is causing any distress to your pet. If so, then don’t waste time and consult the vet right away.
  • In case the sutures are non-dissolving, then those need to be removed after 5 to 7 days of surgery and only by the vet. Don’t try to ever do it on your own.

The Cost Factor

It is hard to determine the cost of the dewclaw removal procedure as it varies from one vet hospital to another.

Generally, the cost remains around $30 to $40. However, the exact price is unknown.

Before You Go

In most cases, it is not at all necessary to remove your French bulldog’s dewclaws.

For that, you just have to keep a close watch and ensure that the claws are not getting too long.

Trimming those claws from time to time will prevent injuries.

But, if the dew claws are actually impacting the well-being of your dog and causing injuries, then a surgical removal procedure is on the cards.

Loosely sitting dewclaws are better to be removed by experienced hands. The entire surgery is pretty simple and will need nothing more than general anesthesia.

The removal time varies from one French bulldog to another but won’t take more than a week.

Make sure to have a direct chat with the professionals first. They might prescribe some medications as well.

Get those before taking your French bulldog back home with you.

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