Best 6 Waterproof Dog Coats With Legs

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As we humans have a love-hate relationship with rains, so do our four-legged mates.

The monsoons tempt us to go out and play, but at the same time, give us the fright of catching unwanted ailments.

To save our dogs from the negative impact of rains, various waterproof dog coats with legs and without legs are available in the market, just like the range of raincoats or umbrellas meant for us.

This article will feature the three best waterproof dog coats with legs for your dog.

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DOGHELIOS 'Blizzard' Full-Bodied Comfort-Fitted...
Hurtta Casual Quilted Overall Dog Coat, Heather,...
PET ARTIST Winter Puppy Dog Coats for Small...
Blizzard Full-Body Dog Jacket
Hurrta Casual Hurrta Dog Coat
DOGHELIOS 'Blizzard' Full-Bodied Comfort-Fitted...
Blizzard Full-Body Dog Jacket
Hurtta Casual Quilted Overall Dog Coat, Heather,...
Hurrta Casual Hurrta Dog Coat
PET ARTIST Winter Puppy Dog Coats for Small...

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Along with that, the reasons for dressing your dog(s) in one of them will also be stated.

The waterproof dog coats with legs mentioned here will be good for rains and protect your dog from harsh winters.

More, being waterproof will save your dog’s coat from snow as well!

Best 6 Waterproof Dog Coats With Legs

1. Hurrta Casual Quilted Overall Dog Coat

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Hurtta makes various dog coats in all shapes and sizes and strives to create outerwear that allows physical pursuits for your dog throughout the year.

This particular fit (L) is specifically built for slender breeds, and its warm quilting makes it suitable even in cold, stormy conditions for short-haired and hairless dogs.

These waterproof dog coats with legs come with a highly noticeable fluorescent piping that keeps you and your dog secure when out, whether you enjoy walking your dog at night or in low light conditions.

These waterproof dog coats with legs offer Water and dirt repulsive surfaces that provide your dog with flexibility and convenience of movement and make it easy to disinfect.

The Hurrta casual quilted overall dog coat comes in various styles and finishes to suit the taste and style of your dog!


  • Warm and gentle.
  • Ideal for walks in town and daily outings.
  • Fit L for slender dogs.
  • Reflectors that are highly noticeable.
  • Your dog has a flexible 15-25 mm elastic waistband and neck to determine the correct fit.
  • Rated a whopping 4.0 on Amazon.

2. DogHelios Blizzard Full-Body Dog Jacket

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If you are trapped in a Blizzard, Typhoon, Hurricane, or Rainstorm, this is the most innovative waterproof dog jacket of its kind.

The Helios Blizzard Full-Bodied Flexible and 3M Reflective Dog Jacket are intended to survive the toughest weather conditions imaginably.

The outer layer is double-waterproofed, weather-resistant, breathable, tear-proof, and features 3M reflective lining for illumination.

The interior lining incorporates a dense layer of warm-protective and dense Anti-Static fleece of Exceptionally High-Quality.

This fleece is extremely breathable and provides a perfect ventilation system. In conjunction, this Dog Jacket predominantly uses a breathable Blackshark design, retains the comfort, and is impenetrable. 

These waterproof dog coats with legs are great for mountaineering at high altitudes or other extreme sports.

Each leg features customizable braces and auto-adjustable built-in internal tubing lining.

In combination, this dog jacket features above-top dog positioning zips and simple closing enclosures that fully prevent any wind from entering.

The zippers also prevent the dog’s fur from being pulled. These waterproof dog coats with legs showcase a slit of the leash over the neck region.

The Dog Coat features accentuated embroidery and an outer shell design.

The Helios Dog Outdoors is accessible in various colors and sizes.

3. PET ARTIST Winter Puppy Dog Coat

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The Pet Artist is a “lumpy” jacket that will keep your dog cozy and guarantee that it looks its best when waddling around your neighborhood covered with snow.

This jacket is a perfect choice for dogs, especially in the northern climates, made with a waterproof exterior and an ultra-snuggly fleece interior.

The Pet Artist Dog Coat incorporates a turtleneck pattern to help maintain the neck of your dog cozy, and each of the legs has an ankle strap to ensure that they remain in place when your pup plays around.

These waterproof dog coats with legs feature button-style closures that make it simple to put on and provide a perfect fit. Also, the waist includes an elastic band.

Available in red and blue, the Pet Artist Coat comes in four various sizes that are appropriate for dogs with chests between 16 and 22 inches.

It also comes with a warranty of 100% accuracy, which enables you to spend with certainty.

BONUS!! Waterproof Dog Coats With Legs

Although the above-mentioned choices are the top 3 waterproof dog coats with legs, many options are available far and wide.

Mentioning three more for your reference because we believe our readers should not be stuck with just three options.

4. Touchdog Quantum-Ice Full-Bodied Dog Jacket

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The Touchdog Quantum-Ice Full-Bodied Jacket aims to provide top-notch cold and wet thermal insulation for your dog.

Along with that, the jacket also promises to deliver a snug fit.

Crafted as a full-body jacket with all the bells and whistles you might love, this coat is made for dogs who have to withstand particularly cold and wet climates.

The Touchdog Quantum-Ice Jacket is one of the best waterproof dog coats with legs. It features an anti-static fleece lining to capture the body heat of your dog. It also incorporates a windproof, waterproof, and tear-resistant specialized Black Shark Fabric cover.

To ensure a comfortable fit and a leash-holder slit, each leg has an adjustable harness, making it easy to connect your dog’s leash when it is time to walk.

There is zipper protection on the top of the jacket to make it easier to wear or take off, and a Velcro closure protects the zipper and helps prevent the fur of your dog from being stuck in the teeth of the zipper.

To ensure your dog stays warm and cozy, it also helps to reduce the effects of freezes.

This jacket is available in many size variants (ranging from extra small to extra-large) and four color options (Black & Grey, Light Yellow & Grey, Ocean Blue & Grey, and Red & Charcoal Grey).

Accentuated embroidery and printing assist in rendering the jacket as comfortable as it is fashionable.

5. Kailian Hooded Coat

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The Kailian Hooded Coat is a retro-style jacket that looks fabulous and is sure to keep your dog cozy.

It only features front legs, so it might not be suitable for those living in frigid climates.

However, it will still fit well for dogs living in areas with fairly benign winter weather.

Featuring a faux suede exterior and a soft and warm fleece lining, the Kailian hooded coat sure would feel very luxurious to its ultimate consumer. 

The seams all reveal a bit of the fleece material, which ends up making it particularly fashionable. 

The hood included will help keep the head of your dog warm and safe when enduring the cold. No doubts your dog will absolutely love these waterproof dog coats with legs!

To make it easy to wear or take off, the Kailian hooded coat comes with snaps, and it is secure for machine washing and drying.

You can buy it in four varying sizes (suitable for dogs weighing between 5 and 20 pounds), and it is accessible in red and brown shades.

6. Doggie Design “Ruffin It” Winter Full Dog Snowsuit

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These waterproof dog coats with legs are built to keep your dog warm and comfortable while looking nice.

This sweater, made with lots of adorable features and high-quality fabrics, allows your dog to stay warm and fashionable during cold winter hikes.

The dense Sherpa Fleece lining makes the interior of this Winter Snowsuit, which will help capture the body heat of your little fluffy and keep it warm.

The water-resistant top shell is made from a polyester and nylon combination to combat the wind and shield your pup from the rain.

A zippered hood is also included in the jacket, which can be detached in warm weather. To make it easier to wear or remove your dog, a Velcro attachment is installed around the belly.

To make it comfortable to harness your dog up and head outside, a leash loop is placed on the upper back.

This “Ruffin It” jacket is available in five different sizes (extra small, small, medium / small, medium, and large) and 3 various colors (pink, red, black, and grey).

Adding to the cuteness factor, each color coat is silkscreened on the back with the phrase “Ruffin It.”

Why Does Your Fluffy Need Waterproof Dog Coats With Legs?

Why Does Your Fluffy Need Waterproof Dog Coats With Legs
Waterproof dog coats with legs
  • The smaller the dog, in specific, the more necessary it is to keep them warm. To keep them cozy, tiny dogs emanate body heat into the air surprisingly easily, so you have to cover them up. For Yorkies, Chihuahuas, and other dogs with single-digit body weights, sleeves are typically a good idea.
  • Dogs love puddles! And more than seeing, they love to splash and leap in every puddle they come across. And, while they’re nice, it can make their legs soak wet, which can trigger them to catch the flu. But sleeved coats will permit your pup to play the way he likes while keeping him reasonably safe in the background.
  • A little extra warmth can help dogs with joint problems, so sleeves are always a good idea. By securing its hips, knees, and elbows of your dog warm, your dog can feel less pain when walking around.

By wearing waterproof dog coats with legs in cold weather, your dog enjoys a greater range of movement.

How Does the Rainy or Cold Weather Affect Your Fluffy?

It is a fact universally known that dogs are more sensitive than us – physically and mentally. Ranging from the premonitions to aftermath effects, dogs’ reactions vary from breed to breed.


Dogs have the ability to hear four times greater than we can hear, which means that the sound of thunder and downpour is even louder to them. This rise in noise will cause some dogs to become confused and anxious.

Penn State has done a survey and found that up to 30% of dogs are terrified of torrential downpours. They fear and need comfort when your dog pants, laps, starts barking or seeks cover.

Unique vests and coats made for dogs are available to help relax them. Besides, you can also use a humidifier with an essential oil like lavender or chamomile to calm them down.

Bacterial Infection Risk from Puddles

Puddles are another danger that follows rainy days. Standing water can harbor harmful bacteria such as leptospirosis and giardia.

Dr. Sarah Tauber, a veterinarian at DoveLewis Veterinary Emergency & medical center in Portland, Oregon, advises that if your dog likes to drink and/or walk through standing water, your dog must be vaccinated against leptospirosis.

Even if your dog doesn’t simply drink tainted water, he could still consume harmful bacteria if he runs through it and licks his paws.

Tauber also suggests making sure your dog is well-hydrated, so after a stroll or while he is outside, he is not tempted to drink from other water sources.

Standing water can also contain motor oil or lawn additives to control runoff, so it is preferable to avoid puddles at all times.

Static Electricity

As soon as it begins to rain, if your dog runs around the house searching for a place to escape, they can feel static electricity in their fur.

Dr. Nicholas Dodman (Animal Behavior Department, director) at Tufts University’s Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine says, “the dogs may encounter multiple shocks during thunderstorms through static electricity.”

Dogs can run to areas like the bathtub that are grounded to avoid the sensation of shock. To keep your dog from feeling like he has static electricity in his coat, there are also vests and jackets that you can invest in.

That is why dogs behave quite strangely when it begins to rain or storm. When the rain passes, you can make your dog feel more relaxed.

Risk of Slipping Due To Ice

Risk of Slipping Due To Ice

Usually, dogs don’t trip on ice, break a bone, or smash their heads as humans do. They have quite a bit of protection with four legs and a lower center of gravity, but they can still fall on the ice and suffer injuries or break ligaments.

 In dogs, cranial cruciate ligament fissures occur with some severity when they slip when playing on ice and snow, similar to a “broken anterior cruciate ligament” in humans.

Ice and crusty snow will do significant harm to the paws of your dog. They can slice through the paws like a dagger. Moreover, when they come into direct contact with this material, a dog that’s frolicking in the snow can experience a deep puncture wound.

 It’s almost always important to patch these wounds, and they take a few weeks to regenerate, and that’s with absolute rest and dressing the wound up.

How To Choose The Perfect Waterproof Dog Coats With Legs?

How To Choose The Perfect Waterproof Dog Coats With Legs

No matter what kind of dog you have or what the weather in your region is like, you will still want to weigh a few main factors when making your decision.

This brief guide will help to ensure that you buy waterproof dog coats with legs of good quality that will keep your beloved pup warm and protected in extreme weather.

Machine-Design Washable

Over the period, your dog’s coat will get filthy, so you’ll need to wash it periodically. While you can wash practically every coat in your basin by hand, this will quickly become a repetitive job. Therefore, buying a machine-washable coat is almost always desirable, to save yourself some effort and time.

Just be careful to fulfill the manufacturer’s washing directions to ensure it holds up the way it is expected. Some machine-washable jackets, for instance, must only be cleaned in cold water, and some are not equipped to be placed in the dryer.

Adequate insulation 

If it doesn’t keep your lovely puppy warm, a coat isn’t very beneficial, so you’ll want to find a coat that offers a good amount of insulation. However, striking a balance between insulation and versatility is always crucial.

This is because some waterproof dog coats with legs are so heavy and bulky that they would make it challenging for your dog to move about. 

Illuminative materials

It’s always a good idea to make your pup as recognizable as possible to vehicles. Consequently, it becomes of the particular importance of low visibility levels that are prevalent in the winter

Reflective or glow-in-the-dark patches are featured in several good quality waterproof dog coats with legs or without legs. On the other hand, other coats depend on reflective sewing to catch nearby drivers’ eyes

Detachable Sleeves and Hood

During very cold or rainy weather, sleeves can be fine, but they are not always needed-they can also make your dog too hot in moderate weather.

Because of this, choosing a coat with adjustable sleeves is always preferable, so you can change it to match the current one.

Similarly, reversible hoods are also a cool concept, as certain dogs do not like them, and if presented with a hoodless coat, they can put up less of a mess.

Customizable Leg Straps

Adjustable leg bands help to give your dog’s legs a better fit and keep the sleeves from rising. This is particularly useful for keeping the rear sleeves of the coat in position.

Dedicated Accommodation for Leash Purpose

You will have to keep your little fluffy secure even though snow is on the ground, and few cars are on the road. For that, it is advised to choose a coat that will fit with his leash and collar or harness.

Luckily, most high-quality dog coats and sweaters will either have a metal ring to which you can tie the leash or a slit in the back of the coat. Through this metal ring, the leash can reach and secure to your dog’s collar.

Final Words

Waterproof Dog Coats With Legs PIN Image
Waterproof dog coats with legs

In conclusion, choosing the correct protective gear provides comfort and longevity to your puppy. Moreover, considering various choices and selecting the best-suited one for your dog may take some time. It is a long and interesting journey, always to keep exploring for your best little furry buddy!

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