11 Best Selling Bulldog Books and Care Guides

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Some various blogs or videos focus on the training and raising bulldogs or any dog breeds in that case. A vast majority of people turn to easily available YouTube videos or blogs instead of reading bulldog books by well-known authors.

Bulldog Books and Care Guides

The Internet is an ocean of information. Even if we can access the latest updates on various subjects through technology, their credibility might not be fully trustworthy. On the other hand, books are not just information but Knowledge that is tested, proven, and then published.

Anything obtained with just taps of fingers might seem tempting to be the truth, but it may have other sides waiting to be disapproved.

For holistic and ergonomic training of your bulldog, it is highly recommended to refer to books along with internet aids.

The top 11 best-selling bulldog books are mentioned, and details of them have been elucidated further. Every dog parent should refer to these for raising their pooch right.

1. The Bulldog Handbook By Linda Whitman

The Bulldog Handbook is a very definitive publication on the breed, the most up-to-date, especially; there is literally no other nonsense in these bulldog books.

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More than 200 breeds of dogs registered with the Kennel Clubs are all distinct, but the Bulldog has something incredibly unique

Align 100 fans of non-dogs, show them a range of races, and everyone will know the Bulldog immediately.

The unforgettable breed of dogs has a distinguished, creased head and sturdy frame.

And how many other dogs have sub-breeds? Bulldog, Bulldog English, and Bulldog British? Not to consider Sourmug and Bully.

With these last two, nothing could be far from the truth. The Bulldog is a lamb in wolf’s clothing, considering his rough exterior. He’s friendly and relaxed, loves kids, and quickly becomes a part of the family; he cheers you up, and he’s very affectionate.

Yet, there is a price worth paying for owning the colossal temperament of one of these rewarding dogs. The Bulldog needs a specific form of a trainer more than any other breed-one. He/ She should be prepared to give him the special care and attention he needs for a good life.

They have some susceptibilities, behavioral patterns, and unique needs; bulldogs are not like other dogs. They may have health problems and be costly to maintain.

Hence, anyone wanting to get one of these must decide with open eyes and a conscious mind.

If you have one of these spectacular puppies or are thinking of having one, then this is the only guide book you’ll ever need, and it’s a perfect gift for any Bulldog enthusiast.

Bulldog Books Internal image

This profound 236-page manual is full of invaluable insight into choosing a good breeder and choosing a healthy bulldog pup with a strong constitution, then how to provide for it, feed it and train it.

This determines reality from legends and helps describe the actions and needs of the dog. Also, these bulldog books guide you through the risks and rewards of Bulldog parenting.

The book was written by journalist & expert canine author Linda Whitwam in an easy-to-read style appropriate for anyone aged 10 to 100.

The Handbook contains responses to many of the bulldog owners’ often-asked questions, which include:

2. The French Bulldog Handbook by Linda Whitman

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The French Bulldog Handbook is absolutely the most extensive book on the breed, most up-to-date & in-depth. It’s the only reference handbook you’re ever going to need & perfect for new bulldog owners, aspiring owners & everyone planning to adopt or buy a Frenchie.

The 250-page bulldog books are full of details & advice on everything you’ll ever need to understand about caring for your dog & training. It has over 200 illustrations and is presented by expert canine author Linda Whitwam.

These bulldog books are also enriched with significant contributions from established French Bulldog organizations & breeders in an easy-to-understand way.

If you are still to get your hands on a puppy, these bulldog books cover:

The bulldog books guide you throughout the first days & weeks, until you get your Frenchie home, & encompasses:

In these bulldog books, there are more than 20 pages dedicated to feeding a Frenchie. The trendy raw diet options are explained at great length. Various concepts, such as Allergy charts, feeding charts, and calorie counters, also make up this section. 

With tested & proven medical & holistic therapies, there are more than 60 pages in these bulldog books focusing on fitness, skin & allergies. The bulldog parents will learn about:

In short, tips in these bulldog books will save you a lot in vets’ bills. Like most brachycephalic (flat-faced) breeds, the French Bulldog is a rare dog needing extra particular attention from its owners.

For the responsibility of owning one of these extremely rewarding & lovable dogs, these bulldog books will equip you with all the information you’ll need.

3. The Complete Guide to English Bulldogs by David Anderson

One of the breeds that you recognize on sight is the English Bulldog. The petite snout, stocky body, underbite, and spiral tail are clearly undeniable for any other breed. They even look extremely daunting. But be not misled.

A dog with a goofy temperament, surprising intelligence, and a heart of gold is underneath the tough-looking exterior.

You’ll learn everything you need to know from beginning to end in The Complete Guide to English Bulldogs:

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You can also learn more about the breed’s heritage, past, pre-disposed diseases of the breed, and unique characteristics from these bulldog books.

All the data is Bulldogs-specific and detailed in easy-to-read detail. These bulldog books will give responses to questions such as:

  • Is an English Bulldog the correct breed of dog for me?
  • May I purchase or adopt from a shelter from a pet shop?
  • What to do after bringing my bulldog home?
  • How do I train my bulldog the greatest?
  • What kind of common errors do I have to prevent?

There will be something for everybody in this book, whether you are a skilled or an amateur Bulldog owner. Various chapters of these bulldog books include:

4. French Bulldogs – Owners Guide from Puppy to Old Age by Alex Seymour

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French Bulldogs – A must-have book for every diligent Frenchie parent is the Owners’ Guide from Puppy to Old Age.

This best-selling book is shipped globally in more than 300 countries and is also accessible in print format. The quality of this e-book edition is similar to the paperback.

Alex Seymour, the expert dog whisperer, trainer, and parent, writes about French Bulldogs in a friendly and engaging way while packaging the book full of valuable tips and tricks.

Moreover, several top breeders make contributions, including the best breed winner of a Westminster dog show, who pens a special bonus chapter on exhibiting Frenchies.

Some of the topics covered include:

Bulldogs are perfect for families of almost any kind, as a reasonably low maintenance dog. They may be fairly stubborn, but they will soon realize the advantages of acting with a caring and consistent approach.

The high intelligence also means that in events such as Obedience and Agility, they will be excellent if your Bulldog has the ability. If you prefer a couch potato, of course, many of them love that, too.

5. The Complete Guide to French Bulldog

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The French Bulldog is one of the most vivacious, cuddly dog breeds on the planet, hands down. Such dogs can be tiny, but they are full of character and have unconditional love and loyalty to offer.

In this book, you can learn how you will deal with your Frenchie’s moldable disposition and teach him to be a well-behaved puppy. You will learn how to create the ideal training atmosphere for your French Bulldog and how to avoid making nasty behaviors that later in life will come back and bite you. The range of these bulldog books answers any question you may have:

  • Is a French Bulldog correct for me?
  • What am I supposed to do now that I have taken my French Bulldog home?
  • How can I train my Frenchie effectively?
  • What common errors am I supposed to avoid?

As a new Frenchie owner, these bulldog books will show you a step-by-step path and lead you through practically everything you would need to know, which include:

Nothing is incredibly cuter than a cheerfully snuggled French bulldog by your side. These little puppies are filled with love, they are just as playful as they are loving, and they are filled with enthusiasm.

But, like raising any breed, owning a French bulldog does present some challenges. Whether you are up to the task and how well you can give a French bulldog, the kind of life and living that it deserves is what you need to make your mind upon.

If you may, you can discover that your Frenchie will become your most faithful friend and ally. So if you’re willing to take that leap, take what you’ve studied in these bulldog books and put it to work, and become the best parent of the French bulldog you can be!

6. Bulldog Training: The Complete Guide to Training the Best Dog Ever by Antony Rhodes

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Antony’s years of dog training experience, including over 12 years with his own dog, Max, is the base of these detailed, illustrated book bulldog books:

The Bulldog is a compassionate breed of canines that is highly people-friendly, intelligent, and a good communicator. They are currently considered by many to be the smartest of all species.

Bulldog Training: The Complete Guide to Training the Best Dog Ever includes the techniques you will need to learn Bulldog training skills.

In these training centric bulldog books, you’re going to understand precisely how to:

  • Make preparations for when you’re not home.
  • Toilet training.
  • Simple Commands: Sit command, Lay command, Come command, Stay command, Leave the command.
  • Advanced Commands: Go to locations, Go to people, Roll command, Beg to command Heel command.

7. The Happy French Bulldog: Raise Your Puppy to a Happy, Well-Mannered Dog by Asia Moore

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Asia Moore’s “The Perfect French Bulldog,” tells you what you are supposed to do to meet the needs of your Frenchie.

These bulldog books focus on avoiding behavior issues and developing a happy and trusting relationship with your furry buddy. Asia Moore publishes this account based on countless training sessions over 40 years.

This book’s emphasis is on avoidance rather than compensation. Instead of fixing them after they appear, Asia offers you endless ideas, strategies, and practical guidance directly aimed at avoiding behavioral problems.

She teaches you how to be the guardian of the perfect French bulldog and keep your dog comfortable and well-behaved. Personal experiences from the experience of Asia are sprinkled all over this range of bulldog books.

A couple of things that you are going to learn:

8. Bulldogs For Dummies by Susan M. Ewing

These bulldog books aim their readers to find out how to choose, educate, and look after their Bulldog.

While originally bred for bull-baiting, the Bulldogs of today are gentle, gentlemanly, and brave. Undoubtedly, they make great pets.

This pleasant guide will address your concerns and help you and your Bully find happiness together ever since, whether you are already a Bulldog owner or thinking of becoming one.

The ‘Bulldog for Dummies’ is just what you need for Bulldog accomplishments, from deciding your dog to coaching, nutrition, and wellness!

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Along with that, readers will discover how to find out

9. American Bulldog Bible and the American Bulldog by Mark Manfield

Everything that you need to know about the American Bulldog is in the ultimate American Bulldog Guide. Whether it is about American Bulldog Puppies to the adult American Bulldog, the bulldog books cover everything.

On top of that, readers also get to know how to find American Bulldogs, Bulldog Puppies for Sale, and more about raising a safe and comfortable American Bulldog.

The American Bulldog Bible is an insightful and engaging title from Mark Manfield, the dedicated dog owner.

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As an American Bulldog enthusiast, from American Bulldog Puppies to Bulldog Rescue, Mini Bulldogs, American Bulldog Training, the Johnson Bulldog & Bulldog Styles all in between, he loves advising on all aspects of American Bulldog treatment.

All are addressed in this book:

The strategies and tips inside this guide will be essential, whether you are contemplating an American Bulldog for the first time or an experienced American Bulldog owner. For anyone curious about the American Bulldog, this book is a must-have reference.

Whether it’s Baby Bulldogs for sale, all you need to know is laid out :

The book is designed in a simple and understandable style that is simple to digest. Mark Manfield addresses all facets of deciding on, adopting, or purchasing an American Bulldog. They include:

Mark writes extensively and confidently, owing to the experience he gained throughout his life in a straightforward, no-nonsense manner.

10. Your Bulldog Puppy Month by Month by Terry Albert and Betty Fisher

These bulldog books are written by a veterinarian, a trainer, and a breeder team. Your Bulldog Puppy Month by Month provides readers with all they need to recognize and do at every stage of development.

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This ensures that their fun, vibrant English bulldog puppy develops into a happy, healthy, and well-adjusted buddy. The book includes:

  • Questions to Ask the Breeder: Before attempting to bring your English Bulldog puppy home, the necessary vaccinations your puppy needs, and when to get them. When a trip to the vet is needed, information on what to ask the breeder.
  • Instructions for doing potty training as smooth as possible (and quick).
  • Discourse on why and how to do crate training and what to do at night when your puppy cries.
  • Realizing when your puppy is open to learning basic instructions and how to do leash training.
  • Social interaction: why it is essential, when it should occur, and how it should be ensured.
  • Exercising and properly feeding your puppy to ensure that he remains physically and mentally fit.
  • When your puppy is ready for training in obedience and how to ensure that it works?
  • How and how often your puppy bathes, brushes his coat, clips his nails, and brushes his teeth?
  • What tends to cause, when to anticipate, and how to improve behavioral issues?

11. French Bulldog: The French Bulldog Bible

The French Bulldog Bible contains all you need to understand about French Bulldogs fully. Subjects include a range from:

Moreover, the book also includes all the proven insider tips you will need to enjoy the best time with your Frenchie.

Other than the above mentioned, these bulldog books cover a plethora of topics like:

Susanne provides knowledge on French Bulldog Vaccines, Frenchie Price Levels, Age, Lifespan, and far more.

The techniques and suggestions within this guide will prove beneficial, whether you are considering a French Bulldog for the first time or are an experienced Frenchie parent and lover.

For anyone genuinely enthusiastic about Frenchies, this book is the must-have framework!. The book is explained in a simple and straightforward style that is clear to comprehend.

Susanne Saben encompasses all areas of choosing, adopting or purchasing a French Bulldog. These common areas of interest include:

Final Word

Bulldog Books and Care Guides Pin Image

All the extended concerns anyone would have about a french bulldog are all presented here in a clear and simple, no-nonsense manner. All in all, if you are planning to get a Frenchie or already have one, do have a look at any of the above-mentioned works.

Experiences shared by various skilled and competent dog-owners and lovers help us raise our pooch more efficiently.

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