Why Is My Dog Drooling After Eating Snow? 4 Best Treatment

Why Is My Dog Drooling After Eating Snow?

Ice melts contain urea-based materials, including salts like calcium, magnesium chloride, potassium chloride, and sodium chloride.

When the dog ingests it, it can trigger excessive drooling as a reaction along with some mild digestive upset.

Some of the larger ingestions might cause weakness, tremors, and higher methemoglobin in your bulldog’s blood.

There are some instances when the dog might not eat snow but will lick his paws. It makes them ingest some unwanted rock salt.

These small amounts can cause nausea, irritation in the mouth, drooling, and even vomiting tendency.

Here, in this article, I will talk about some easy remedies to treat your bulldog’s drooling right after he ingests snow. So, read along for better information.

Ways To Handle Dog Drooling After Eating Snow?

Ways To Handle Dog Drooling After Eating Snow

There are some special ways to handle when you see your dog drooling after eating snow.

Simple steps can go a long way here:

  • I have tried tying a bib or bandana around my dog’s neck, and you could do the same. It reduces the current amount of secreted saliva and gives your bulldog something to absorb the saliva while it falls.
  • You can also try drying the mouth of your bulldog after he ate snow.
  • Try laying a washable towel or rug on the floor, especially near your dog’s mouth.
  • I would recommend you to take your dog for homeopathic remedy if you see minimal drooling and not something serious. However, with homeopathic treatment, you better be careful as not all bulldogs will react to such treatments well.
Why Dog Drooling After Eating Snow? 4 Best Treatment | Dog Fluffy

Symptoms of Drooling

It is better to learn about the symptoms of a dog drooling after eating snow to take care of it ASAP.

You might notice an increase in drooling or even a change in its consistency. If your bulldog’s natural salivation changes without any mouth injury, then chances are high, it might have eaten snow.

There are some issues that you might want to look at beforehand.

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Ways To Diagnose Excess Drooling

If you see your dog drooling after eating snow, you have to take it to a vet. The vet in charge will check the history of your dog’s health status, including details of any ongoing medication or vaccination history.

Some medicines might instigate more saliva formation, as with radiation therapy.

It is mandatory to rule out rabies during this stage and check for some other symptoms.

You must inform the vet about any possible exposure like snow, which can result in excessive drooling.

Your vet must first establish that it is excess salivation and difficulty in swallowing, which is actually causing the issue.

The doctor will first carry out a physical examination and will look for some depression signs.

He/she will have a proper look inside your bulldog’s mouth to establish if there is any local reason behind your dog’s uncontrollable drooling.

Most of the time, with dog drooling after eating snow, the cause is inevitable.

In case the doctor fails to find anything in your bulldog’s mouth, he will start looking for any infectious disease or any sign of systemic illness affecting the dog’s entire body.

The vet will check your bulldog’s nerves and reflexes, and sometimes, ultrasound imaging and x-rays will be taken.

The main goal is to examine the internal organs of your dog.

Basic Treatment For Excess Drooling

The following are some points to consider once your dog starts to drool after coming back from a walk outside.

Carefully try to venture out these points.

Step 1:

Once you realize your dog drooling after eating snow, clean the mouth with an antiseptic solution.

Always try to keep the skin, especially the one surrounding the mouth, pretty dry.

Later, you have to get to a vet for some help.

Step 2:

If you notice any serious symptoms or foam formation in the mouth, it is better to take your dog to the emergency.

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It means your dog is having some severe allergic reaction. The treatment your bulldog receives solely depends on excessive drooling.

Some conditions are pretty easy to solve, but then you have others, which might take some time.

Step 3:

While eating snow, sometimes your bulldog might mistakenly eat any foreign object, which results in pain.

You can easily remove those foreign objects by appointing an emergency meeting with your vet.

The vet will provide medications for cuts if any, and for some mouth and salivary gland based infections.

It helps in clearing out dog drooling after eating snow easily.

Step 4:

Get ginger pills for your dogs, available at health food stores. It can help to slow excessive drooling in your bulldogs.

You can directly have a chat with your vet regarding some other remedies.

Sometimes, vets might suggest prescription medication for your dog to find instant relief from excessive drooling.

Some Worst-Case Scenarios

In some of the worst-case scenarios, vets might suggest you remove your dog’s tonsil if it has been severely affected by snow.

However, there is nothing to worry about as the recovery time from such minor surgeries is pretty short.

On the other hand, I have seen vets talking about congenital mouth defects, which are quite severe.

Reasons For Bulldogs Getting Sick After Eating Snow

Reasons For Bulldogs Getting Sick After Eating Snow

Not just excessive drooling, but your dogs can get really sick after eating snow.

There are so many reasons behind it. I would like to share some of my findings with you.

  • Sensitive Stomach

Eating too much snow can create stomach upset in bulldogs, especially if they already have a sensitive stomach. The dog’s stomach might react to the water gulped down all at once, causing vomit. 

  • Ice Melts Or Contamination

Most of the time, the snow is dirty, which makes it conterminous and poisonous. So, if your dog starts eating ice melts, that will result in stomach upset. 

Not just for bulldogs, but ice melts are very dangerous for other living things.

Most of the ice melts contain potassium chloride, sodium chloride, calcium salts, or magnesium chloride.

None of these minerals are suitable for your dog, causing diarrhea and excessive drooling. 

Ways To Limit Exposure To Snow

To prevent dog drooling after eating snow, it is vital to limit your bulldog’s exposure to problematic snow.

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There are some simple steps I would suggest you follow as precautionary measures.

  • Always clean your bulldog’s paws right after it comes back from a walk in the snow. Prevent it from licking the paws as ice melts might remain stuck to it.
  • Try to keep your bags of ice melts away from your dog’s reach. If you do have some, keep them inside closed cupboards.
  • It is better to avoid walking your bulldog in those areas where ice melts might have been used.
  • Always be alert and see that your dog does not drink from the snow puddles, where ice melts might have been used.
  • If your dog has the tendency to eat lots of snow whenever it gets thirsty, when immediately bring it back home. Keep a bowl of water handy so that it can start drinking from it just after entering the room.
  • Make it your first-hand priority to keep your dog away from snow that has already been treated with ice melts.

In case your dog starts to feel sick after eating snow, take it to your vet immediately.

If you think that your bulldog consumes snow, which consists of ice melts, immediately dial your vet’s number.

Here Is A List Of Best Vet Hospitals

Incase you need to contact a hospital for worst scenario, there are a number of variables to consider.

How to Protect Your Dog’s Paws From the Snow, Salt, and Ice During the Winter

How to Protect Your Dog’s Paws From the Snow, Salt and Ice During the Winter
Video Source: Rachael Ray Show

The Final Word About Dog Drooling After Eating Snow

If you find your dog suffering quite a lot due to excessive drooling, I recommend you to take your furry little friend to the vet immediately.

Most hospitals have emergency hotline numbers to treat cases like this one.

Medical help at the right time can prevent this situation from taking a turn towards worse.

So, keeping numbers of your vet handy can surely work out pretty well for you.

All in all, try keeping these points in mind to take immediate action when the time comes.

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