Diapers For Dogs In Heat: 6 Best Diapers For Your Fluffy

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Anyone who had a baby or babysat for someone has experienced a diaper change.

But some pet owners may find a need to get a diaper for their dog.

There are products like ​diapers for dogs in heat and wraps in the market, but the question comes, why do they need to wear a diaper? What are the reasons?

Well, reasons can be anything, some owners use diapers to house train their dog, so they don’t mess in the house and ruin the furniture.

Others may need it due to some chronic health issues like urinary incontinence or when the female dog is on heat. Either way, diapers are of great help.

What Does That Mean A Dog Is In The Heat?

What Does That Mean A Dog Is In The Heat?

The estrus cycle, also known as the heat cycle, is simply the time when a female dog is fertile.

After the first heat is completed, the cycle will become a part of the dog’s.

During this heat cycle period, your dog discharges blood, but this bloody charge turns lighter on the pinkish side after a fertile stage.

This process indicates the female is now receptive and fit to breed.

To stop this discharge, and messing around the house ​diapers for dogs in heat ​are highly recommended and available on Amazon.

These diapers will keep the dog and the dog owner at peace.

How Will I Know My Dog Is In The Heat?

A female dog that is sexually mature and ready to breed goes through a heat cycle twice a year.

A typical heat cycle lasts 3-4 weeks roughly and during this time, the female dog is fertile for nine days.

There are different and common signs of a dog in heat.

At What Age Do Dogs Go Into Heat?

At What Age Do Dogs Go Into Heat?

A female dog experienced her first heat cycle in a period of 6 to 12 months.

Roughly around this age, she is sexually mature and ready to breed.

But obviously, this differs from breed to breed; for example, a small female dog of 6 months will experience its first heat cycle earlier than a large female dog.

Large female dogs experience heat cycles when they are 12 to 18 months old.

Typically female dogs, after their heat days, become sexually mature. They start growing bigger with changes in their counterparts.

But that is not necessary. Some female dogs go on silent heat cycles, which means they are sexually prepared but not physically.

She is ovulating at this time but shows no physical change like a discharge.

So your dog may be on a heat cycle but not discharging, so don’t get worried that’s pretty much normal in some breeds while ​diapers for dogs in heat ​will be needed.

What Behaviors To Look For?

Your female dog will display obvious symptoms when she is almost near her heat cycle, which may differ in every breed.

If you have noticed your female usually a few times, you will feel the changes in her behavior and body language when going on heat.

Swelling: keep an eye on your dog’s private parts. The vulva will start to swell when she is about to go on her heating cycle.

The vulva can be visible easily from the back when poured.

Lick her body parts: you will notice that she will keep licking her vulva all day long or most.

Can I Put A ​Diaper On My Dog In Heat?

Can I Put A ​Diaper On My Dog In Heat?

There are things you should expect when your dog is in heat.


You should expect your dog to bleed in her healing period.

There will be a little blood discharge one week after the vulva starts to swell.

The bleeding will last for approximately ten days. The release will change its color from red to pink to white.

Your dog is fertilized after 12 days of bleeding, and after the bleeding slows down, it will start changing its color.

Here comes what to use to prevent a mess on the floor or sofa as the dog will be bleeding everywhere.

Washable dog diapers work as a lifesaver in this case, just like it was for dogs with incontinence.

Since she will bleed for ten days, you will need washable diapers, which are also reusable.

Don’t go for disposable diapers as they will only pile up as trash in the house; you can’t use them again.

Putting a ​diaper on a dog in heat ​will be a relief for both the dog and the dog owner. Put the diaper on when you see the first drop of blood.

Frequent Urination on Heat

When a female dog is on the heat cycle, she urinates a lot more than normal.

She often sprays as a male does by lifting her legs in a squat position.

So if your dog is asking to go out often and messes in the house, it’s a sign a ​diaper for dogs in heat ​is a must now.

Don’t feel helpless when your dog starts urination after some minutes; just bring in a washable dog diaper to avoid the mess.

Don’t worry, The dog will feel uncomfortable in a diaper at the start but will get used to it.

Male Dogs Sneaking Around

Your female dog will begin to give a distinct body odor that will signal male dogs at a certain point in time.

If you start noticing male dogs around your backyard or when you are walking with your dog, and you see male dogs following you, that’s a sign your female dog is sexually mature and is ready to breed.

But in such a case, don’t leave your dog alone and unattended; she will need your help and care. It’s also recommended to put a diaper on her and cover her private area.

Even if male dogs are lurking around your dog, the diaper will prevent penetration; it’s a great tip to avoid pregnancy.

Putting ​diapers for dogs in heat ​can be a blessing for them, so love them and give them equal attention.

6 Best Diapers for Dogs in Heat

Diapers are not only for dogs with incontinence but also helpful for dogs that are in the process of house training, and ​diapers for dogs in heat ​are something natural now.

If your dog happens to be in a heat cycle, then here is a list of diapers on Amazon.

Check them out.

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The design of the pet parent premium washable dog diapers is almost like the briefs human males wear.

But the best part about pet parents is that they can be used by both male and female dogs. It has the same super absorbent features with snug fit properties.

Their super-absorbent features hold the liquid in the pad. It has an ultra-thin lining that doesn’t irritate the dog and contains the juice for a more extended period.

And since these diapers are made up of premium quality fabric and precise stitching, they can withstand frequent washes and are perfect for everyday use.

They are economical and environmentally friendly.

They are proof and mess-proof with a sewn-in pad to suck in the liquid and prevent them from leakage.

With fuzzy fastener closure, it won’t be sticky on the fur. A leakproof outer shell with a tail hole prevents the mess from going out of the fabric.

Ultra wearable with non-abrasive lining material, which will help your dog play easily.

Key Benefits

  • Unified ultra-thin absorbent padding.
  • Waterproof and leakproof.
  • Adjustable and secure straps.

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

This is a ​diaper for dogs in heat. ​If you are looking for a temporary solution to eliminate your dog’s elimination issues, then Simple Solution answers your problems.

This diaper is best for female dogs going through ovulation or menstruating, so they don’t scatter the mess all over the house.

The leak-proof barriers work perfectly fine to prevent unwanted leakage while allowing enough ventilation to help the skin breathe without irritation.

The fasteners won’t pull off the fur of your dog either.

Simple Solution Dog Diapers feature a comfortable leg fit allowing your dog to play and run around with it efficiently.

It also comes with a tail hole, so tail wagging doesn’t distract the dog. These diapers work best for dogs with incontinence and dogs on heat because they have a firm grip to hold the wetness and dry it, so it doesn’t irritate the skin.

It has a breathable and soft outer layer that is leak-proof and works as a wall of protection. It has in-sewn pads that absorb the pee as well as the discharge.

The dog can wear it for a couple of hours and might need a diaper change twice a day. They come in all sizes, from small to large.

Key Benefits

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

Another ​diaper for dogs in heat ​is available on Amazon.com, and this one is reusable and washable.

Pet Magasin introduced a product that isn’t just comfortable for your dog but is also super absorbent.

It gives an extra layer of comfort to your female dog on a heating cycle.

The waterproof outer shell has a thin lining and protects the upholstery from accidents.

You may find these washable diapers interesting due to their color variations.

They are reasonable because they are washable and reusable; the hassle of buying new diapers every time is limited.

The soft, high-quality fabric won’t go wasted after several washes, so you can wash it and use it again and again.

They are specially made to avoid rashes or any kind of skin irritation.

There are no chemical products used in making these diapers; this is why they are eco and environmentally friendly.

These diapers are machine washable and can be dried in machines only.

The diaper’s inner is designed to absorb the liquid in reasonable amounts while the diaper’s outer shell is waterproof, so it doesn’t leak from any other. This also keeps the dog’s skin dry.

The Diaper is wrapped with hook and loop straps and also has a cutout for the tail to wag.

They are available in three vibrant colors, blue, green, and purple—all sizes ranging from x-small, small, medium to large, all available.

Key Benefits

  • They were crafted with a super absorbent liner to ensure your dog’s comfort.
  • It comes with a pack of 3 diapers, washable and reusable saving, keeping it environmentally friendly to avoid throwaways.
  • Freedom of tail wagging without distractions.

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Here comes a new ​diaper for dogs in heat, ​Wegreeco has a vast range of diapers for all kinds of needs.

This one is especially for female dogs as they are suitable for issues like urinary incontinence and ovulation discharges.

It has a jersey lining fabric that locks the moisture within.

The double lining layer boosts the moisture-wicking feature. It has a leakproof and waterproof outer shell.

A super absorbent pad has already been sewn into the diaper giving it an extra layer of protection from leakage.

Wegreeco aims to produce environment-friendly products, so there is less trash to be thrown out.

They have a wide range of reusable, multi-purpose products for males and females both.

These ​diapers for dogs in heat ​are tried and tested before they are out on the market.

They are made of soft fabric which is suitable for all weathers.

The diapers are available in all sizes from Small, Medium, Large, X-Large to XX-Large.

The waist size varies from 11.5 inches to 33 inches. It is easy to put on and take off diapers.

More useful for untrained puppies, female dogs in heat, and dogs that suffered from incontinence.

To ensure the comfort of your dog, the diaper doesn’t have crinkly or distressing material.

Most dogs are not comfortable with disposable diapers; this is why these washable soft fabric diapers are recommended.

Hook and loop closers are easy to put and won’t stick with your dog’s fur.

Key Benefits

  • Joint double-layered super-absorbent pads.
  • Inner moisture-wicking lining.
  • Water and leak-proof outer shell.

#5 Paw Inspired Female Disposable Dog Diapers

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Paw Inspired Female Disposable dog diapers give a temporary solution to all the leakage problems, be it urinary incontinence or heat cycle.

Thanks to the highly absorbent core with fit-guarded and fur-friendly straps.

The diapers are designed keeping all the aspects in mind, from comfort to leakage problems.

The best thing about these diapers is their advanced technology; it turns liquid into gel.

In this way, the liquid turns into a gel and avoids extra leakage.

The bottom of the diaper is breathable, allowing more comfort to fit in.

Paw Inspired diapers help to prevent unwanted messes and accidents. These diapers help keep your house secure from potty training accidents, females in heat, and incontinence.

Each diaper is made to absorb a fair amount of liquid and then turn that liquid into gel.

This locks the mess within, making your fur baby walk with freedom without feeling irritated.

Dogs can’t hold up diapers, reminding them that they are wearing an extra layer because they have no space to roam.

But these diapers guarantee the comfort of your dog.

The diaper comes with pain-free fasteners with easy re-adjustments without sticking to the dog’s fur.

These diapers will protect you from pet-related messes, which will save your furniture and floors from horrible accidents.

Available in all size ranges from X-Small to Small and Medium. There are 12 diapers in a pack.

They are suitable for all kinds of dog breeds, and just that they are also perfect for cats.

Key Benefits

  • Secure and protective breathable layer.
  • Repositionable and safety straps.
  • Ultra-absorbent core with leak-proof edges and breathable bottoms.
  • Quickly turns liquid into gel to avoid leakage.

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

OUT! female dog diapers are a temporary solution for all kinds of female dog problems, from heating to traveling.

It has side barriers that absorb the extra moisture and leave the diaper dry for the dog to stay in comfort. The fasteners won’t distract your dog’s fur.

It’s convenient and easy to manage elimination issues.

The super absorbent cores are specially designed to lock the moisture within the belly wraps.

It has a stretchable waistband to give the freedom to your dog to walk.

The diaper is designed to fit in the waist, so it doesn’t come off when it runs or plays.

Attaching and removing the wrap is also secure because it won’t stick with the dog’s fur.

OUT! disposable diapers come with adjustable sizes suitable for all kinds of dog breeds. It also has a tail hole so the dog can move around freely.

Key Benefits

  • Leakproof pads with a firm grip.
  • Sure seal technology.
  • 2x odor control.

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A female dog goes through a heat cycle throughout their life and needs extra attention from their owner in those days; the article is all about the temporary solution for female dogs with incontinence and heat.

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