Get Rid Of French Bulldog Bad Breath! With 7 Best Ways

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Do you know that tartar buildup, gum disease, and plaque can all contribute to French Bulldog bad breath? But the main reason is usually the poor dental french bulldog hygiene.

In case your fluffy have an issue with bad breathing, then how you will treat the french bulldog bad breath?

Well, Frenchie’s bad breath can be treated by the following:

Bad breath can occur due to food stuck right between Frenchie’s teeth or maybe because of collected tartar or even plaque.

Dog owners must start teaching their dog’s healthy routines from an early stage, right when the first puppy teeth begin to show up.

In this post, I’ll explain some simple remedies, and homemade ones to get rid of the french bulldog bad breath, and the best 7 ways to help you get rid of french bulldog bad breath.

So without further ado, let’s get started.

Causes Behind French Bulldog Bad Breath

bad breath in French bulldogs

Even though I advise you not to jump to any conclusion regarding bad breaths in Frenchies, understanding the basic reasons might help you to prepare yourself.

Before you find an answer on how do I get rid of my French bulldog bad breath, learn why bad breath occurs in the first place.

Dental Hygiene

One of the potential reasons behind your French bulldog bad breath will be gum disease.

So, the only way is to maintain his dental hygiene to prevent and treat gum-related diseases at the same time.

In case your dog exhibits any soreness, inflammation, or gum deformity, then consulting the vet is the only option.

Other Health Issues

Halitosis can be yet another symptom of diseases like the dog’s intestine or liver.

These issues can get serious if you fail to catch them at the early stages.

Whenever your dog’s breath smells like ammonia or urine, it might be the result of kidney problems.

You will see your dog drinking more water and urinating a lot. 

Moreover, if your bulldog’s breath smells sweet or fruity, it might be due to dog diabetes.

Vets will prescribe some medications to treat the problem from its core.

In case your dog starts showing some signs of illness like attitude change, poor appetite, or vomiting along with foul breath, then you better immediately consult your vet.

Initial Steps

Initial Steps - Get Rid Of French Bulldog Bad Breath

To get an answer on [how do I get rid of my French bulldog bad breath], there are some basic steps I have mentioned for you.

After checking with your vet, if your Frenchie has a clean cheat along with bad breath, then that is nothing to worry about.

But, bad breath can hinder your relationship with your fluffy friend: 

  • Dental hygiene is the first step to consider.
    • There are various toothbrushes available for puppies online and from pet stores. 
  • You can try out some medicated chews to clean your dog’s teeth, tongue, and gums and get rid of bad breath.
  • If dental hygiene is not the reason behind bad breath, then try switching food plates.
    • That might keep the issue at bay and prevent it from coming back.
  • Ensure that your French bulldog gets to drink a lot of water, mainly after he wakes up from a morning nap.

Always remain vigilant and see that your puppy never gets to hold anything which he is not supposed to from your walk or from the garden. Eating foreign objects or chewing on them can cause bad breath.

Now, let’s go deep with the way to get rid of french bulldog bad breath.

1. Dental Hygiene With French Bulldog

Dental hygiene in bulldogs

In most instances, a Frenchie’s foul breath is not quite an alarming sign of health issues.

Food stuck in between teeth, or collected tartar and plaque might be some of the reasons too.

So, it is vital to pay attention to your dog’s initial dental hygiene. 

As Frenchies are known to have multiple folds on their faces, it is mandatory for the owner to clean those folds regularly.

They might smell bad if food gets stuck in between those folds.

So, before you are absolutely sure that bad breath is coming from your French bulldog’s jaw, I recommend you check out his folds.

I advise you to clean those folds regularly with wet baby wipes or with safe cotton wet clothes. It is the best way to prevent infections.

For picking up excess moisture or oil, you can put a bit of cornstarch between each one of the folds

Finally, here is my recommendation for the best dental chews for french bulldogs:

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2. Proper Use of French Bulldog Chewing Toys

Well, I have been using French Bulldog chewing toys for quite a long time now.

Chewing toys are one of the most probable and best toys to remove plaque and tartar from your French bulldog.

Chewing toys are primarily made out of rubber, which works great as a toothbrush.

Most of the chew toys come with chew parts and ropes, which will attract your dog to go and play with them.

These chew toys are primarily made out of durable silicone. It releases one beeping sound when your dog chews it.

You can use this toy with any dog of all ages, especially with those who are suffering from a painful teething phase.

You can even try to invest some money in a French bulldog beeping chew toy. It is another way to maintain your dog’s healthy teeth and gums.

No products found.

What I like

  • Aipper Dog Toys are made out of 100% natural cotton and are non-toxic.
  • Durable and safe for your Frenchie’s.
  • Aipper comes with 18 packs of toys.
  • My Frenchie likes the toys, as they relieve stress.
  • Great price.

What I don’t like

3. Using Slices of Apples

Most people are unaware of this fact but eating an apple is a great substitute for teeth brushing.

So, you can try out this method with your Frenchie. Give him a few slices of yummy apples as a reward for being an obedient dog.

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What they won’t realize is that you are actually treating their gums and teeth with those pieces.

Fluffy Tip: Always make sure not to overfeed your puppy with too many fruits, as a higher sugar intake isn’t good for your little buddies.

4. Proper Use of Dog Dental Treats

For answering your question about how I get rid of a French bulldog bad breath, I would suggest the use of dog dental treats.

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Yes, it is true that these treats aren’t quite tasty, but they surely have a good amount of benefits for your Frenchie.

I would suggest you have those with fewer artificial flavors for your little ones.

5. Securing Trash Can Do The Trick

Whenever the matter revolves around unsupervised snacking, try securing your trash cans so that your Frenchie cannot get to them.

Limit your dog’s access to some of the unpleasant outdoor finds like roadkill and more to resolve the problem from its core. 

Try to place the litter box outside of your French bulldog’s reach. It eliminates the chances of consuming cat feces unless the cats are also pooping outside.

Then you might have to clean up right after your dog as that helps to prevent coprophagia.

6. Taking Dogs to The Vet for Kidney and Other Checkups

Most dog owners are not aware of the fact that liver, and kidney diseases, and diabetes can also be some reasons behind your French bulldog bad breath.

So, taking your dog for a thorough checkup from time to time is mandatory.

Once you get to resolve the underlying issue, it won’t take much time to get rid of your dog’s foul breath too.

7. A Proper and Balanced Diet Plan

Feeding your French bulldog a balanced and quality diet is another answer on how do I get rid of French bulldog bad breath.

Not only good food, but it needs to be associated with proper exercise and taking them to vets for regular checkups.

It helps in preventing some systemic disorders, such as diabetes

Moreover, trying to keep your dog healthy is good to keep a host of other health issues at bay.

Regular checkups will furthermore help your vets to pick up on the main underlying cause of your French bulldog bad breath before the matter gets out of hand.

What Give To A French Bulldog With A Bad Breath At Home?

What Give To A French Bulldog With A Bad Breath At Home?

Bad breath in French Bulldogs in its initial stages can be treated at home as well. I have all the remedies in my own kitchen.

Here are a few that I can suggest to you:

  1. The first remedy is adding half a teaspoon of organic and raw apple cider vinegar to the dog’s bowl.
    • This will freshen up his breath.
  2. Give him some probiotics in his diet.
  3. I will also suggest you use parsley and peppermint.
  4. Aloe Vera can also be really helpful.
  5. Coconut oil can also keep your French bulldog bad breath at bay.

I have already mentioned some of the ways to get rid of french bulldog bad breath.

Right now, I would like to mention some products that are worth giving a try.

Dog Toothbrush and Paste Set

Vet’s Best Enzymatic Dog Toothpaste

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Arm & Hammer Clinical Care Dental Gum Health Kit for Dogs

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DentaCare Daily Oral Care Dental Sticks

American Kennel Club 20 Count Yogurt And Peanut Butter Dentacare Dog Treats

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Dog Chew Stick Toothbrush

GREENIES Original Large Dog Natural Dental Treats

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You can check My Recommendation for Dog Chew Stick Toothbrush.

Dog Toothbrush Chew Toys

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Bristly Brushing Stick – The Original Dog Toothbrush Chew

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Petrodex Enzymatic Toothpaste

Petrodex Enzymatic Toothpaste for Dogs, Helps Reduce Tartar and Plaque Buildup, Poultry Flavor

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Does French Bulldog Bad Breath Go Away?

Yes, it should disappear once the underlying problem is successfully treated. Because the french bulldog bad breath is a sign of an underlying health condition, not a health problem.

Does Yogurt Cure Bad Breath French Bulldog?

Some medical research has shown that active bacteria found in yogurt can help with bad breath by killing odor-causing bacteria found in a dog’s mouth. NOTE: Only PLAIN YOGURT.

How Many Yogurts Can I Give My French Bulldog Bad Breath?

I give my fluffy only one-to-three tablespoons of plain yogurt per day. I preferred plain greek yogurt. 

Before You GO!

It is up to you as the dog’s owner to take complete care of your French bulldog.

It doesn’t matter how old he is, but bad breath can accompany your Frenchie at any time.

So, staying all set and prepared beforehand is a great way to maintain and improve your dog’s health.

I have mentioned seven distinctive ways in which you can get rid of french bulldog bad breath.

Make sure to give them a try, and also keep the numbers of your vet handy.

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