6 Best Tips: How to Stop English Bulldog Puppy Biting And Growling?


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You may have seen many English bulldog puppy biting and growling toward their owner. Every English bulldog has to pass through the puppy stage once.

In the puppy stage, dogs learn to behave and interact with others by licking and biting. Your puppy bites you when he is growing and exploring the environment they live in.

When you see an English bulldog puppy biting and growling, remember he is doing that with some purpose. English bulldogs are very lovable and kind dogs.

How to Stop English Bulldog Puppy Biting And Growling - INTIMG

The English bulldogs may seem aggressive, but they are not. When you find your English bulldog puppy biting and growling, understand that something is not right around him.

Maybe he is not comfortable with the place and the people around him.

This is when you need to give him real training about his ongoing behavior. It depends on you when your English bulldog puppy biting and growling will stop.

Your English bulldog puppy biting and growling at you can sometimes make you feel scared. Though he may not want to harm you intentionally, he still can.

It would be best if you rectified his behavior immediately; otherwise, it can have adverse effects on his adulthood. Your puppy may grow up thinking that it is completely fine to bite humans, which cannot be accepted.

As the English bulldog puppy becomes an adult bulldog, his teeth grow and become sharp, and their weight increases too.

So English bulldog puppy biting and growling at you can transform into rough biting and scars. It is necessary to train your puppy at the right time in his puppy stage.

Training your English bulldog puppy biting and growling toward humans can be a challenging task. There are several reasons for the English bulldog puppy biting and growling at others like he isn’t aware of how to play with humans.

You, as the owner, can always hire a dog trainer or train your dog yourself. Your dog must know the difference between right and wrong.

Let me give you several tips about training your bulldog puppy. The bulldog puppies will bite anything they are interested in. When you give them something they don’t like or they don’t want, they may growl at you too. This is when your role comes in.

Here are some tips to keep in mind while training your English bulldog puppy biting and growling. I hope these prove to be useful to you:

Teething Time of Your Puppy

Teething Time of Your Puppy

When your English bulldog puppy becomes 3 to 6 months old, there are possibilities that your puppy may be teething. During this period, the puppy will put everything that comes his way into his mouth.

They chew everything to ease the pain and discomfort that they have while they are teething.

When your puppy is teething, you can give him ice cubes that are helpful to numb the pain in his gums. There are many that you can give your puppy to chew when he is teething.

You can buy your puppy some chewy toys such as nylon bone or chewy rope. If you have some old washed rags, then you can freeze them and give them to the puppy.

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

Pretend To Be Injured

Whenever your English bulldog puppy biting and growling at you, pretend to be injured by his bites. When the puppy bites, you yell loudly and pretend like you are hurt a lot.

This will shock your puppy, and he will release the hurt immediately. When he releases the pressure, applaud him, or praise him by saying “good dog.”

You have to make sure that he learns the difference between hurting you and playing with you. You can continue doing this until he retrains himself from biting you or growling at you.

By repeatedly exercising, your puppy will learn that it is hazardous to bite their friends and humans. As time passes, your puppy will learn to become gentle during playtime and get to know that skin is a sensitive part and must not be pressed.

Avoid Your Puppy

If your puppy bites you while you are playing with him, stop playing at that very moment. When you stop playing immediately, he will realize that he has done something bad.

Avoid looking at your puppy, don’t even pet him or talk to him. This will make him understand that he won’t get any sort of attention from anyone if he bites.

I will tell you about my own experience when my dog Fluffy was a puppy. We were playing on the couch, and he bit me. I immediately stopped playing with him and didn’t even look at him.

He tried to convince me a lot, but I didn’t talk to him for a while. After repeating this every time he bit me, he finally understood that biting is bad.

Never Show Aggression

While training, if you see your English bulldog puppy biting and growling, don’t ever show aggression or try to be violent with him. Also, don’t even try to give him physical punishments while training.

What will happen is he will suddenly become defensive and will become aggressive in the future. These small things are very important and must be kept in mind while training your puppy. Never forget to praise him for his good behavior.  

Socialize Your Puppy

Socialization is very important for the English bulldog puppy to get comfortable with everyone. Your puppy should feel comfortable around friends and strangers. Socialization helps your English bulldog puppy biting and growling not to bite visitors.

These etiquettes are necessary, especially when you take your puppy to parks and public places. Giving your puppy these lessons makes it easy for you to visit your relatives’ places and develop trust with them.

By socializing regularly, you will observe a decrease in your puppy’s discomfort around strangers. 

Save Yourself from Puppy Attacks

Puppies are very curious about everything happening around them. They get excited when they see some movements happening around them.

You may have noticed your puppy walking moving around your feet whenever you walk around them. If they see any sudden movements, they will immediately attack.

When this happens, stop right there and let your puppy settle down. When the puppies watch the children running around, they get very excited and start running and playing.

There are chances that your puppy may bite the kids or anyone they are playing with. To avoid this, whenever you see your puppy come running towards you, give him his chewy toy to play with.

Some More Tips for Your English Bulldog Puppy Biting And Growling

Some More Tips for Your English Bulldog Puppy Biting And Growling - INTIMG
  • When training your bulldog puppy about biting and teaching him about pressure, never wear gloves. The gloves won’t allow you to feel the pressure of your puppy’s biting.
  • When teaching your certain dog rules, use the dog commands such as ‘Sit,’ ‘stay’ and ‘Down.’ This will be easier for you and your puppy to understand.
  • Never forget to motivate your puppy by giving him his favorite treats. Always keep the treats in your hand while training. When I was training my puppy, I used to have these soft puppy treats all the time. These were his favorite treats, and due to them, he used to perform all the tasks that I gave.
  • Everyone must follow one more important thing, all these exercises, and recommendations in the house. The puppy needs to be comfortable with everyone in the family. So everyone must spend some time with the puppy to become familiar with him. There will be times when the puppy will have to spend the whole day with other family members, and then it will be easier for both dog and the family member.

I think that is all for the English bulldog puppy biting and growling. These tips and recommendations are really helpful if you follow them thoroughly. Training your puppy at the correct time is the key to stopping him from doing bad behavior.

Adult Bulldog Biting and Growling

Before You Go

Biting is for a temporary period in your English bulldog puppy’s life. With correct and appropriate training, you can stop your English bulldog puppy from biting and growling.

It would help if you acted properly around your puppy in order to teach him.

As the training will continue, he will definitely learn the difference between harming and playing. Training your adult bulldogs can be quite a difficult job but not impossible.

So, have patience and train your English bulldog puppy will love and compassion. You will surely have positive results.

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