Best 6 Brilliant Ideas to Keep Your Dog Occupied While You Study

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Ideas to Keep Your Dog Occupied While You Study

Having a young dog while in college may mean having many essay orders with while you entertain your pup.

Well, there are also other ways to get good grades and have a happy dog. To keep a dog engaged and stimulated, you need a physical or intellectual challenge and a reward.

The combination of all three of these factors will be an even better solution.

So, let’s see how you can keep your dog occupied while you study with these simple but effective ideas.

However, let’s start with the basics first.

Have Long, Active Walks

Keep Your Dog Occupied While You Study - Have Long, Active Walks

Let’s start with the obvious. The best way to get a rest from your dog’s booming energy is to tire it. Sure, it’s not the easiest job, especially if you have a puppy.

Puppies are fur balls of energy, curiosity, and affection. They don’t want to leave you alone no matter how hard you try. That’s why the best way is the preventive one.

Take your dog for a long walk before your planned study session. However, it can’t be your regular walk on familiar routes.

To tire a dog, you need to do something different.

First, don’t even try to tire a dog physically. It’s almost impossible.

Your best chance here is to use their curiosity and intelligence. They get most tired after learning, training, or exploring new territories.

So, any new routes will already do the trick. Thus, they have so many new smells to find, turns to remember, and things to see.

Dogs, especially young ones, love novelty. That’s how they learn about the world.

Next, you can be more engaging with a dog.

  • Give them random commands.
  • Teach them a new simple trick. Play with them.
  • Don’t let them forget about your presence.
  • Stay with your dog to keep them engaged, interested, and active.
  • Lastly, find some other dogs on your walk and let them socialize.

A five-minute play with another dog can be more exciting and exhausting for a pup than an hour-long walk in familiar places.


KONGClassic Dog Toy

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Any dog owner must have at least heard of Kong toys. These are considered essential in households with dogs.

So, a Kong or similar toys of such a type aim to engage your pup with the food.

However, with a Kong, you put food (anything from pate wet dog food to veggie purees and peanut butter) inside the toy for the dog to lick it out of.

However, the nature of the Kong, including the hard rubber and shape, doesn’t make the task easy.

So, a dog can spend an hour or so trying to get every last bit of the toy with its tongue.

Plus, it’s better to freeze the Kong beforehand for a better effect.

Thus, a dog can smell the food. It can see the food. But it can’t get the food all in one bite.

It drives them crazy to solve such a riddle and can entertain them for hours, depending on how stubborn your pup is.

Long-lasting Chewing Toys

Keep Your Dog Occupied While You Study - Long-lasting Chewing Toys

It’s quite a common fact that a chewing toy is a perfect dog distraction.

Dogs love to chew. However, there isn’t much to chew in the house, right?

At least there is nothing they are allowed to bite.

So giving a pup a toy they can break down to pieces by chewing is a real treat for them.

It gets them back to their roots, gives them the mission (to destroy), and occupies their minds on how to do it most efficiently.

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Plus, such a task will leave them exhausted after they are done.

Search Missions

Some dogs just love sniffing. They learn about the world by finding new scents. It also helps them feel calmer and safer.

So, you can utilize their noses and love for sniffing in fun little games.

For example, you can hide their treats or kibbles around the house and create a search command.

Thus, they will rush for a search party right away. They will even continue sniffing long after they’ve found everything.

It’s an incredibly stimulating game for them and a few minutes up to an hour of quiet time for yourself. Just don’t overfeed them while they play.

Also, you can start teaching them searching games with a sniffing mat.

Observation Posts

Some dogs love sitting by the window and observing everything outside. If your pup is one of such watchdogs, allow them to do it.

Of course, don’t encourage much barking or anxious behavior. Yet, if they simply enjoy staring at the window, turn it into a habit.

Create a cozy corner on a windowsill, put them there whenever you need to study, and see how it goes.

Chances are, your pup will just press its nose into the window and cautiously observe everything outside (even if there is nothing to see).

Eventually, they are most likely to fall asleep there, too.


Lastly, the pet market offers numerous puzzles and stimulating toys for dogs. These can be actual riddles dogs need to solve to get a treat.

Such a toy can steal all of the attention of a curious dog, leaving plenty of time for your study.

Plus, you can make similar toys yourself. For instance, hiding treats under cones or putting them in bottles with holes so dogs can roll them over and discover rewards.

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