Petsfit Dog House Review: Best Choice for Large Dogs – Is It Worth It?


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Searching for a cozy and comfortable home for your furry friend? We recently tried out the Petsfit Dog House, and it’s quite impressive!

Designed for medium to large dogs, this outdoor dog house not only looks stylish but also provides excellent protection from harsh weather conditions.

The detachable porch is a great touch, allowing your pet to relax and bask in the sun while the roofless design offers lots of sunlight and ample space for playtime.

Petsfit Dog House

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Cozy Home for Your Canine

  • Elevated Floor Pad
  • Weatherproof Dog House
  • Detachable Porch
  • Window & Door Flaps Include

The Petsfit dog house is well-built and offers some standout features. The elevated floor with removable panel and openable roof allows for easy cleanup and keeps the inside cozy and dry.

Made from sturdy pine wood with waterproof paint, this pet home is designed to resist both sun and water damage, making it durable and long-lasting.

The outdoor weatherproof design and sloping asphalt roof ensure your dog’s comfort and safety, no matter what Mother Nature brings.

Additionally, the measuring dimensions of 45″L x 54″W x 33″H with a doorway size of 16″W x 21.5″H provides ample space for dogs weighing up to 65 lbs.

Bottom Line

In our experience, the Petsfit Dog House with Porch is a fantastic investment for your four-legged friend’s comfort and well-being outdoors.

Its durability, protection from the elements, and charming design make it a worthwhile addition to your yard or patio.

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A Glimpse Into Petsfit Dog House

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We recently had the opportunity to try out the Petsfit Weatherproof Dog House for our furry friends. One of the first things we noticed was the detachable porch, allowing our dogs to lounge and enjoy the sun. The roofless design brought in ample sunlight creating an enjoyable outdoor play area.

The dog house is incredibly easy to clean and is moisture-resistant. With elevated foot pads, a removable floor panel, and an openable roof, maintaining this dog house is a breeze. Made from sturdy pine wood and high-quality waterproof paint, the Petsfit dog house ensures durability and resistance to both water and sun.

One feature that impressed us most was its weatherproof design. The sloping asphalt roof offers optimal protection against harsh weather conditions, and the triangular shape allows rainwater to slide off easily. Perfect for medium and large dog breeds, the overall dimensions are 45″L x 54″W x 33″H.

However, it’s important to note that some customers mentioned in their reviews that the divider piece with the door does not go from floor to ceiling, which might affect the house’s protection against strong breezes.

Overall, we found the Petsfit Dog House to be a sturdy and reliable shelter for our pets to enjoy the outdoors comfortably.

Key Features

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Outstanding Outdoor Experience with Roofless Design and Detachable Porch

We recently used the Petsfit Dog House and found the roofless design and detachable porch to provide an outstanding outdoor experience for our furry friend.

Our dog enjoyed lounging and soaking up the sun on the porch, while the open design allowed plenty of sunlight and expanded play area, making for an ultimate outdoor experience.

Ease of Cleaning

When it came to cleaning, the Petsfit Dog House made our job much easier. The elevated foot pads help prevent dampness, and the removable floor panel and openable roof made cleaning a breeze.

These features help keep the wooden dog house dry and cozy, which is really practical for pet owners like us.

Durability and Weatherproof Quality

We were pleased with the durability and weatherproof quality of the Petsfit Dog House. Made from sturdy pine wood and coated with a secure waterproof paint, the dog house stood strong against the elements.

We observed how the high-quality flaps helped keep our furry friend warm in the winter while offering great air circulation, protecting her from rain and mosquitoes in the summer.

Spacious and Accommodating for Medium to Large Breeds

Our medium-sized dog appeared very comfortable in the Petsfit Dog House, and we believe it would accommodate large breeds just as well. Measuring 45″L x 54″W x 33″H, with a doorway size of 16″W x 21.5″H and a window that measures 10″W x 11.5″H, this large dog kennel provides a spacious and cozy space for dogs weighing up to 65 lbs.

We felt confident that our pet had all she needed in a home designed specifically for her unique needs.

Pros and Cons

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We recently tried the Petsfit Dog House and found it to be a great outdoor shelter for our furry friend. The detachable porch is perfect for lounging and getting some sun, while the roofless design allows for ample sunlight and increased play area. The elevated foot pads are excellent for preventing dampness, and the removable floor panel and openable roof make cleaning a breeze.

The sturdy pine wood construction with waterproof paint ensures that this dog house is both water-proof and sun-resistant. The high-quality flaps kept our dog warm in the winter, while also providing great air circulation during the summer months. We also found that the Petsfit dog house is designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, with its sloping asphalt roof providing optimal protection.

Lastly, the size of the dog house (45″L x 54″W x 33″H) is perfect for medium to large-sized breeds, weighing up to 65 lbs, making it a comfortable and spacious home for our pet.


While the Petsfit Dog House has its benefits, there are a few drawbacks we encountered. The window feature consists merely of an opening without glass or a screen, which might not be ideal for keeping out bugs or protecting your pet from rain.

Assembling the dog house could be more straightforward, as some customers found the instructions to be lacking detail and had difficulty identifying some parts. Additionally, the divider piece with the door does not go from floor to ceiling, potentially leaving room for drafts in colder weather.

Despite these minor issues, we believe that the Petsfit Dog House is a solid choice for pet owners seeking a durable and functional shelter for their furry friend.

We recommend considering the pros and cons before making a decision, and ultimately, we hope that our experience proves useful in determining if this dog house is right for you and your pet.

Diving into Customer Feedback

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After using the Petsfit Dog House ourselves, we discovered a mix of positive and negative feedback gathered from other customers. Users generally appreciate the ease of assembly and the sturdiness of the outdoor dog house, which comes in handy during rainy seasons or winter months.

However, the window design could be improved, as it is currently just an open cutout without any weather protection.

Many customers love the aesthetically appealing design, with some even using it for outdoor cats and strays. The elevated floor and additional porch area are popular features, but some customers pointed out a gap in the back where the roof gets installed, allowing drafts to come through.

There are concerns regarding the softness of the wood and some doubts about the overall durability.

Nevertheless, Petsfit dog house still maintains a 4.5-star rating with many satisfied customers who believe it serves its purpose well. In summary, it has some imperfections, but the majority of pet owners find the Petsfit Dog House to be a valuable, attractive, and functional addition to their outdoor space.

Before You Go

Our experience with the Petsfit Dog House has been quite positive overall. This large dog house has a convenient porch and openable asphalt roof, which proves to be beneficial for medium to large-sized dogs. The elevated floor and window provide added comfort for our furry friends. However, we did notice that the wood may feel a bit soft, raising some concerns regarding durability over time.

Many users have found this dog house to be reliable and easy to assemble. Despite a few minor drawbacks, like the small gap in the back of the divider, the Petsfit dog house still offers adequate protection from the elements and a cozy space for our pets. Though some may find the window to be just an opening without any additional functionality, the overall design is appealing and practical.

In short, the Petsfit Dog House offers a stylish and functional shelter for our pets, and we believe it is worth considering for those looking to invest in an outdoor dog house.


What makes Petsfit Dog House stand out from others?

Petsfit Dog House differentiates itself from other dog houses with its unique, modern design, detachable porch, and openable asphalt roof, which provides great air circulation and sunlight. In addition, it’s designed with elevated foot pads for dampness prevention and easy cleaning, making it a practical choice for dog owners.

How is the durability and quality of the Petsfit Dog House?

We found the Petsfit Dog House to be quite durable, as it’s made from sturdy pine wood and features security waterproof paint, providing resistance against both water and sun. The house also has high-quality flaps to ensure your furry friend stays warm during winter and enjoys great air circulation during summer to combat rain and mosquitoes.

What materials are used in Petsfit Dog House construction?

The Petsfit Dog House is constructed from robust pine wood and features an asphalt roof, ensuring protection against various weather conditions. Security waterproof paint is also applied to the wood to provide added water resistance and protection from the sun.

Is the Petsfit Dog House suitable for different weather conditions?

Yes, the Petsfit Dog House is designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, as it features a sloping asphalt roof that guarantees optimal protection for your dog. The triangular shape of the roof ensures efficient rainwater sliding and can handle various weather conditions such as snow, ice, rain, and wind.

How easy is it to assemble and maintain a Petsfit Dog House?

Assembling and maintaining the Petsfit Dog House is relatively simple. It conveniently comes with an elevated foot pad to prevent dampness, a removable floor panel, and an openable roof that makes cleaning effortless. Maintaining the house primarily involves keeping it dry and cozy, ensuring that your furry friend stays comfortable.

What sizes and options are available for Petsfit Dog House?

The Petsfit Dog House measures 45″L x 54″W x 33″H in size, with a doorway size of 16″W x 21.5″H and a window measuring 10″W x 11.5″H. It’s designed for medium to large dog breeds weighing up to 65 lbs, providing a spacious and comfortable living space for them.

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