3 Best Pet Insurance Companies For Bulldogs In The USA

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Bulldog insurance is essential because bulldogs can sometimes cost you a lot.

Before buying a bulldog, you must know the best pet insurance companies for bulldogs you can get.

It doesn’t matter what pet you have, but if you are a bulldog owner, I recommend getting bulldog insurance now.

There is a friend of mine who owns an English bulldog. Her English bulldog was not eating correctly and also wasn’t able to walk properly. This went for a week; the bulldog wouldn’t even get up to eat.

So she decided to go to the vet; after the diagnosis, the reports said that the dog had arthritis.

Now, this came out as a big shock for her, and she felt very bad for her bulldog. The doctor asked her to get surgery, which was quite expensive.

Pet Insurance Companies For Bulldogs

She didn’t get bulldog insurance earlier, so she had to pay top dollar, and all her financial planning was disturbed. After that, she knew how important it was to get bulldog insurance.

 I hope you don’t make the same mistake and get your bulldog insurance soon.

Bulldogs are susceptible dogs, and you should always consider getting bulldog insurance at the earliest. You never know when you have to deal with such pet health situations. Animals are also just like us humans; anything can happen.

There are many pet insurance companies in the USA. But you have to choose the best one for your bulldog insurance. Bulldogs cannot be compared with other dogs, so their insurance should also have certain special coverage.

I have got bulldog insurance for my pup, and you should also get one. I have researched many reputed pet insurance companies that you can also consider for your bulldog.

I have listed the 3 best bulldog insurance companies, but before going to that, I will answer some of your questions that you might be having in your mind right now.

So you may have questions like do you really need bulldog insurance? Or what will bulldog insurance cost you? What will the bulldog insurance cover? And so on. 

Why Do You Need Bulldog Insurance?

Why Do You Need Bulldog Insurance

Insurance is becoming very necessary these days, even for pets. Talking about bulldog insurance, bulldogs are a very sensitive breed with many health problems.

So while looking for the best bulldog insurance company, first find out the reason for getting bulldog insurance. If you agree with me, I highly recommend getting your bulldog insured, primarily because of their health issues.

Bulldogs are majorly known for developing many health issues. As they grow old, the risk of those issues increases and can be challenging to handle.

I recommend using The Dog’s Bed Orthopedic Dog Bed for old dogs.

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You don’t know when an emergency can arise, so it is better to save money by getting bulldog insurance. If you count the expenses, an emergency visit to the vet can cost you from $200 to $500, along with the regular visit to your regular vet.

Some major emergencies can even cost you $1000 or more. Even when there is no emergency, bulldogs are known for getting various health problems.

Those health problems that require treatment also require a proper diagnosis that can cost from $200 to $8000 for one visit. The bulldog insurance company won’t cover all of it, but the best ones will cover 90% of the expense.     

Apart from that, the insurance companies also cover genetic diseases, heart diseases, and skin infections. With all this covered, a lot of your expenses can be reduced at once.

By looking at all the figures of emergencies and the vets’ visits, you may now be sure of getting bulldog insurance for your betterment.

What Are The Recommendations By The Bulldog Breeders?

What Are The Recommendations By The Bulldog Breeders

The breeders’ recommendations differ from country to country. The purebred breeders mostly choose the pet insurance that their own kennel club offers.

Most of the people use their kennel club insurance; they also suggest some pet insurance companies to their customers. They suggest the companies that may cover a wide range of health problems and are available at reasonable costs.

Picking the best bulldog insurance company is very difficult. But now we know why it is vital to have bulldog insurance and what do the breeders suggest.

As per my research and the breeders’ recommendations, there are top 3 insurance companies for bulldog insurance.

Top 3 Pet Insurance Companies For Bulldogs

Top 3 Bulldog Insurance Companies
  1. Embrace
  2. PetPlan
  3. Healthy Paws   

The breeders highly suggested Embrace and PetPlan due to their excellent cost cover and coverage for almost all health problems. You cannot go wrong with either company.

There are many vet offices where all forms of pet insurance are not accepted. These insurance companies will work for you in all ways.

So these top 3 bulldog insurance companies with be apt for you. I won’t leave you till here; let’s look at these companies’ details and policies along with the good and the bad and the ugly.

So till the end, you will get confident enough to make a decision.  

1. Embrace

Embrace is the best company for your bulldog because it has many varieties of plans and policies. It has illness plans and accident plans, and an individual wellness plan that can cover routine expenses.

This company covers expenses related to many injuries and illnesses, and their basic plan also covers alternative therapies. It is becoming popular because of its comprehensive coverage.

The Good Of Embrace 

  • One of the biggest pros of this insurance company is it offers a wellness package that other policies do not provide. They offer (up to) $650 to cover the costs of vaccinations, neutering/spaying, dental cleanings, tick and flea prevention, and a host that will be required for you bulldog yearly of other standard healthcare.
  • Now coming to emergency and illness coverage, Embrace provides you with different coverage plans. You can get a deductible of $200 to $1000 from your expenses and also an additional 70% to 90% coverage with subject to your independent budget.
  • There is a short waiting period before the coverage comes into effect.
  • The waiting period for coverage for injuries is 2 days after the policy has started.
  • The waiting period for coverage of illness is 14 days after the policy has started.
  • The waiting period for coverage of any orthopedic problems is 6 months after the policy has started. Although there is an option of lowering this waiting period to 14 days if you submit an orthopedic report card.
  • The claims should be submitted 60 days after the end of the policy period.
  • Healthy Pet Deductible of Embrace will lower your deductible by $50 each year you don’t receive a claim payment.     

The Bad Of Embrace

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

  • Embrace also has some hidden fees; they charge a $1.00 administration fee for every monthly premium payment. And a $25 start-up fee at the time of purchase of the policy.
  • Embrace also has a compulsory health check of all dogs with their own vet. This should be within 12 months before they become policyholders or in the course of the first 14 days of the policy.

The Ugly Of Embrace

  • With all these policies, this company doesn’t offer any unlimited coverage. So the number of treatments becomes limited, and your bulldog can receive coverage for any one or illness only.
  • The plans that are viewed online don’t have many options for unlimited coverage till now.
  • For new registrations, if your dog is 14 or above, your dog cannot be eligible for health coverage plans. Although, you can get your dog enrolled in the accident-only plans.
  • If your pet is registered before the age of 14, then they can get full live coverage.
   Pet InsuranceEmbrace
Deductible• Deductible is flexible between $200 to $1000. Cost changes along with deductible.
Coverage70% to 90% coverage after deductible will depend on the coverage
30,000 maximum reimbursements per year
Benefits• Covers Alternative therapies
• Works with the vets throughout the USA
• Full Coverage available for breed-specific, congenital conditions, and hereditary
Age Limit and Restrictions• New enrollments occur from 6 weeks to 13 years of age.
• Commercial pets are not covered
• Any pre-existing conditions are not at all covered
Cost• $13 to $50 fee depending on plan and deductible

2. PetPlan

This company is the first choice of bulldog owners across the USA and Canada. The bulldog breeders also consider this insurance company.

PetPlan offers proper coverage and also provides an excellent deductible package. This pet insurance company is giving a neck to neck competition to other insurance companies for being the number 1.

The Good Of PetPlan 

  • PetPlan provides you with comprehensive pet insurance that is perfectly suitable for bulldog owners as well as pets.
  • This company offers a great range of deductibles that start from $100 to $2500 to easily fit their policyholders’ budget. Additionally, it also provides you 70% to 90% limitless coverage as long as your pet lives.
  • PetPlan tries its best to provide your dog with the best health and care throughout their life without any limits.
  • There are many alternative therapies also available in their policies as they don’t provide a wellness plan. As there is no wellness plan, they take $250 as exam free when linked to any injury or illness visit.
  • PetPlan also offers many extra discounts and savings, such as giving a 5% discount if you purchase their pet insurance online. With that, they also provide up to 10% discount for 12 months for 0 claims (rate is 2% per 12-month to a maximum of 10%).
  • This bulldog insurance company also has specific exclusions in which they won’t cover all pre-existing issues. They will offer coverage for pre-existing problems that are curable after 365 days of symptom-free.
  • PetPlan also offers to cover the canceled vacations, loss of your dog, and they may even advertise for your lost bulldog if it goes missing.

The Bad Of PetPlan

  • PetPlan also has the same issues drawbacks that every other pet insurance company has. The claims must be filed within 90 days of the visit to the vet, and they will only reimburse if you give them the receipt from the same vet the bulldog was earlier taken to.
  • PetPlan also has a certain waiting period until the policies come into effect.
  • The waiting period for coverage of cruciate ligament and patellas is 6 months after the policy comes into effect.
  • The waiting period for coverage of hip dysplasia is 6 months after the policy comes into effect.  
  • The waiting period for coverage of hip dysplasia is 15 days after the policy comes into effect.  
  • The waiting period is 5 days for coverage of injuries after the policy comes into effect.  
  • The waiting period for coverage of illness is 15 days after the policy comes into effect.  
  • One other problem with this insurance company is it can take a lot of turnaround time to reimburse. Some claims are reimbursed at 7 days, while some may take 30 days of the process.
  • The premiums are seen increasing every year by a significant amount. The amount entirely depends on the breed of your dog and the policy.
  • PetPlan doesn’t provide you with any wellness plan.
  • PetPlan also charges a $3 credit card processing fee each time the company takes a premium payment.

The Ugly Of PetPlan

  • Like every famous company has an ugly side, PetPlan also has some ugly qualities that you must know before buying a policy.
  • You must take your dog to the vet within 48 hours of noticing any illness symptoms or noticing any injury for your claim to get accepted. If you delay the process, then your dog’s claim may not be covered.
  • Another drawback is that you should be very particular with your bulldog’s health and dental checkups. It must be done annually, and if you skip even a single checkup, your claim won’t be processed by the company until the dog is done with checkups. This trait looks like they care a lot, but it also means that many claims can be missed.
  • PetPlan gives you a quick coverage policy, but in some cases like cruciate ligament injuries, the policy isn’t applicable until it is 6 months old.     
Pet InsurancePetPlan
Deductible• Annual deductible of $100 to $2500. Cost changes along with deductible.
Coverage70% to 90% coverage after the deductible depending on the coverage
• Deductible can be annually or once per health condition
• Unlimited payouts and reimbursements
Benefits• Covers Alternative therapies
• Works with vets throughout the USA and Canada
• Hereditary and congenital health conditions are mostly covered
• Prescriptions are also covered
Age Limit and Restrictions6 weeks of age minimum required
• No maximum age limits
• Works with reimbursement instead of direct payment to the vet
Dogs that over 10 years have limited reimbursement
• Does not cover any pre-existing conditions
Cost• $16 to $60 depending on the plan and deductible

3. Healthy Paws

Healthy Paws is not as famous as Embrace and PetPlan but is ranked A+ by the owners of pets of all ages. One of the main reasons it is so popular is that this pet insurance company accepts all dogs irrespective of their age. They also accept dogs that age from 6 weeks to 13 years.

The Good Of Healthy Paws

  • Healthy Paws is one of the top pet insurance companies and has many good things about it.
  • Healthy Paws has an excellent thing about its policies, which is that the policies are entirely transferable and stay with the dog wherever it goes. If the bulldog or any dog is moved to a new home, the pet insurance policy can be transferred to the new dog owners without any penalties.
  • The company also prepares a policy that completely fits everyone so you can get excellent pet insurance for your bulldog.
  • You can select between 70% to 90% reimbursement coverage with a low deductible for less than even $40 per month. This company pays the vet directly and makes the reimbursement within 2 days of receipt of the claim.
  • The company provides an annual deductible that is less expensive, so the owners can easily cover costly treatments.
  • They have a wide range of coverage, including alternative therapies. They also offer good discounts to the members of AAA and AMAC.
  • The company is known for its magnificent charity and has donated over $600,000 for the care of homeless animals.     

The Bad Of Healthy Paws

  • This company doesn’t have any significant bad things, but it has those common drawbacks that every insurance company has. So let’s have a look at them.
  • Coming to the waiting period, the dogs need to get checked with the vet within 12 months before the policy comes into effect.
  • The dogs over 6 years old must get checked with the vet within 30 days before the policy comes into effect.
  • The vet fees won’t be reimbursed by the company if the policyholders do not submit the claim within 90 days.
  • Healthy Paws do not have any policy for wellness plans and don’t even cover any exam fees in the policies. This company does cover some alternative therapies which are not covered by any other policies.
  • Healthy Paws charges you one time with $25 per policy at the time of activation. 

The Ugly Of Healthy Paws

  • This company has some restrictions like they do not cover hip dysplasia if it is diagnosed within 12 months of signing the policy. The dogs over the age of 6 cannot qualify for hip dysplasia coverage.
  • Healthy Paws has one more problem where they reduce the amount of coverage as the dog gets older. If my dog is 8 years old, it can qualify for 60% reimbursement only, and the deductible available for it is $750.
  • Healthy Paws doesn’t provide any coverage for cruciate ligament injury to any leg.
Pet InsuranceHealthy Paws
Deductible• Deductible is flexible with $100, $250, and $500 deductibles. Cost changes with the deductible.
Coverage• Coverage of 70% to 90% after deductible depending on coverage
• Deductible can be yearly or 1 time per health condition
• Unlimited payouts and reimbursements
Benefits• Covers Alternative therapies
• Works with vets throughout the USA and Canada
• Covers most hereditary and congenital health conditions
Age Limit and Restrictions8 weeks to 13 years of age
• Does not cover any pre-existing condition
• Commercial dogs not covered
• Works with reimbursement instead of direct pay to vet
Cost• $25 to $50 depending on the plan and deductible

Another Company To Provide Great Bulldog Insurance


Apart from the top 3 companies, this is another excellent company that provides impressive insurance. I have included PetFirst on this list because of its fantastic coverage and services.

PetFirst gives a service of creating a plan that is convenient for you and fulfills all your requirements. The maximum of their coverage is on par or more than the market standards. This company is an excellent option if you want a personalized plan for your dog.

The Good Of PetFirst

  • PetFirst offers a lot of security to bulldog owners.
  • The company pays 80% of the vet bills that cover illness and accidents. They also provide a great range of alternative therapies that include behavioral therapy also.
  • PetFirst has no restrictions regarding the age that is very good for bulldogs, as they can get health issues at any age. You can get your bulldog insurance whenever needed.
  • The deductibles of PetFirst are only $250 for their every plan, which is not very expensive, to be honest, if your bully needs medical attention.
  • This company is highly recommended for your bulldogs as it covers all the things that are required. The bulldog owners are highly satisfied with their plans. 

The Bad Of PetFirst

  • Nobody likes to wait, but the waiting period is mandatory to access new coverage.
  • PetFirst has a waiting period of 25 days for injuries and 14 days waiting period for illnesses after the policy comes into effect. This waiting period is actually shorter than other pet insurance companies in the market.
  • This company doesn’t offer any wellness routine or preventive care on a routine basis.
  • The claim won’t be filed if the bulldog owners don’t submit the claims within 90 days of vet visits. Don’t get demoralized if you find out that there are some more exclusions with the plan. You will see much much positivity than negativity.

The Ugly Of PetFirst

  • PetFirst has a big problem of 12 months waiting to cover the following services:
  • Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD)
  • Anterior Cruciate Ligaments
  • Medical Cruciate
  • Posterior Cruciate Ligaments
  • Cranial Cruciate Ligaments
  • As the waiting period gets over, you can cover everything for your bulldog in the insurance policies.
  • PetFirst has some terms and conditions on the pre-existing conditions, so work on it before getting the insurance.  
Pet InsurancePetFirst
Deductible• Deductible is flat $250 on each plan. The premium varies on the base of annual benefit and other more factors.
Coverage• Coverage of 80% after deductible
• Deductible must be paid only once per health condition
• Annual benefits that range between $2000 – $10000.
Benefits• Alternative therapies are covered
• All hereditary and congenital health conditions are all covered
Age Limit and Restrictions• No Age limit
• Coverage will not change with age
• Does not cover any pre-existing condition
Cost• Prices vary based on off-plan selected

Before You Go

I hope now you know the reason for getting bulldog insurance and also which one you should get. It is tough to choose, so you will have to do proper research on it.

Bulldogs are very susceptible and can have a lot of health problems in their later ages. So you have to choose a plan that fits your bulldog’s needs.

The 3 best pet insurance companies for bulldogs that work in the USA are Embrace, PetPlan, and Healthy Paws. All these companies have their own good and bad things in them, so you have to be very significant about what you want and select accordingly.

Refer through the list of the best bulldog insurance companies and select the most appropriate to care for your little one. The best time to take care of your bully is now!

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