The 10 Best Winter Jackets For Bulldogs

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Looking for the finest quality dog jacket is no joke, especially when the market comprises of so many options.

The winter jackets for bulldogs are made using comfortable and breathable materials.

It helps your dog to feel comfortable, even when they are wearing a jacket for hours.

Most importantly, these jackets are durable and will protect your dog from catching a cold or getting wet.

Even with hefty pressure from the dog, these jackets will last for a longer span of time.

I will always emphasize you to purchase the jackets for your bulldogs after you have measured the size.

When it comes to French or English bulldog, the sizes of these jackets will be smaller when compared to the ones meant for bigger dogs.

Moreover, the chosen jacket must be easier for you to clean. A little bit of mild detergent water is enough to remove dirt and dust from the winter jackets and bring their old shine back.

Each coat has its unique features, along with separate ratings from users.

They are excellent and perfect as a one-time investment plan.

Top 10 Winter Jackets For Bulldogs

I have listed out some of the best winter jackets for bulldogs that I would recommend you to try.

  1. RUFFWEAR – Powder Hound Insulated water-resistant jacket
  2. RUFFWEAR – Overcoat Fleece Lined Water resistant jacket
  3. DOGGIE DESIGN Alpine Extreme Weather Puffer Dog Coat
  4. ThinkPet Warm Reversible Dog Coat
  5. Kuoser Cozy Waterproof Windproof Reversible dog vest
  6. RUFFWEAR – Vert Waterproof Windproof jacket
  7. Hurtta Pet Collection Summit Parka for Dogs
  8. RUFFWEAR Cloud Chaser Breathable Insulated dog jacket
  9. RUFFWEAR – Quinzee Insulated Dog jacket
  10. RUFFWEAR – Jet Stream Vest

Top 10 Winter Jackets For Bulldogs:

1. RUFFWEAR – Powder Hound Insulated Water-Resistant Jacket

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Known for its full coverage and sleeved-style coat, this product blends well with the technical materials for providing weather-resistant warmth.

The upper part of the coat is made using polyester fabric, along with synthetic insulation.

The lower portion of these winter jackets for bulldogs are technical, breathable, and made with stretch knit.

I think the material is similar to what human jackets are made of.

There is a convenient zipper located on the left side of the jacket. It helps in providing a perfect fit.

This particular Powder Hound consists of lower light visibility with light loop and reflective trim.

This is one of the warmest coats you will find in the market with great coverage and performance fit. So, even after wearing this jacket, your dog will have a wide range of motion.

The polyester shell fabric is perfect for protecting the jacket from all kinds of weather. With its recycled 250g higher loft polyester insulation, your bulldog remains warm all the time.

Product Features

  • Sleeved style for better coverage
  • A perfect example of a hybrid jacket
  • Great performance fit
  • Comes with reflective trim
  • Available in multiple colors

2. RUFFWEAR – Overcoat Fleece Lined Water Resistant Jacket

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The overcoat fleece-lined jacket from RUFFWEAR is available in multiple colors and XX small size, making it perfect for your French bulldog as well.

It is a classic jacket made using premium quality materials for all the active dogs out there. The main purpose of this jacket is to protect your bulldog from harsh weather elements and keep him warm.

Stated as one of the best winter jackets for bulldogs, this product is mainly vest styled. It offers better coverage and a roomier fit.

There are covered side-release buckles available, making it easier to put on and off the jacket on your dog.

Moreover, the water and wind-resistant outer shell will protect the dogs against the external elements.

Also, it has a fleece lining, which is pretty comfortable for dogs. There is an integrated leash portal available, which will allow the dog to wear this overcoat over multiple harnesses.

Moreover, it has reflective accents for proper visibility in darker areas or low light conditions.

Product Features

  • Perfect reflective trim
  • Better integrated leash portal
  • Vest style for better coverage
  • Protective shell with fleece lining
  • Made using durable materials

3. DOGGIE DESIGN Alpine Extreme Weather Puffer Dog Coat

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The puffer winter jackets for bulldogs are amazing for outdoor adventures. These coats are made using a waterproof exterior and lined up with thick fleece and filled up with warm fiber insulation.

Moreover, available in multiple sizes, you can easily get one matching your bulldog, no matter how small he is!

I like its simple design, which you can slip right over your dog’s head and secure with a quick snap of adjustable buckle, located at the backside.

There you have optional elastic hind leg bands too. You can wear these bands around your dog’s legs during active playdates.

Not just multiple sizes, but these coats are great for all shapes of dogs.

It can hold weights of pups from 3 pounds to 150 pounds with ease. Every time, this coat will be a perfect fit for your bulldog.

There are four amazing colors of these jackets for you to choose from. So, get one for your dog now!

Product Features

  • Made using a waterproof exterior material
  • Great to keep dogs dry and warm
  • Lined proficiently with thick fleece
  • Filled with warmer fiber insulation
  • Simple design for quick fit

4. ThinkPet Warm Reversible Dog Coat

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Whenever you are looking for the best winter jackets for bulldogs, this warm reversible dog coat from ThinkPet is leading the chart.

It is thick, padded, and one comfortable winder jacket for your bulldog, with reflective trims.

Cotton is the primary material of this jacket with a round neck style, which helps in providing your bulldog with the best warmth possible.

The coat has a soft and thick inner padded layer. It offers great comfort and warmth.

It will not limit your dog’s walking and will also protect your pet’s belly from leaves, snow, and other outdoor elements.

This is a stylish and versatile jacket for both outdoor and indoor use. So, your bulldog can wear it on either side whenever possible.

It helps them to change the style for good, or escape from way too much cold.

The dog jacket is flexible with proper adjustment. It has elastic, and loop and hooks fastener underbelly, to put the jacket easily on your bulldog.

Moreover, the snug fit offers more comfort to the dog once he wears it. The backside has a zipper, which makes it easier to add any collar or harness to it.

It has some amazing reflective piping for better visibility during the darkest night times.

Product Features

  • Great reflective piping
  • Better fit with an easier grip
  • Reversible for better style
  • Helps to keep dogs cozy and warm
  • Soft and thick inner padded layer

5. Kuoser Cozy Waterproof Windproof Reversible Dog Vest

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In case you are looking for winter jackets for bulldogs, known for presenting your dog with the best warmth he needs, then this Kuoser Cozy waterproof reversible dog vest is one to look out for.

It comes with a furry collar, which acts as a bonus point. Remember, to fit your dog well, make sure to measure your bulldog first.

Then compare to the size chart available online and then place your required order.

It has a filler material of polyester fiber, which keeps the product comfortable to wear and warm at the same time.

The outer fabric material is a great mix of polyester and TC. It has a water-resistant outer shell, with a soft and warm inner portion.

To make this vest stand out in the crowd, it comes with exquisite stitching. It furthermore has easier hook and loop closure.

So, you can put this jacket on and off your French bulldog or English bulldog easily.

There is a comfortable belly part of the jacket as well with a warm fleece lining.

The item is not just fashionable to look at but durable, water-repellant, and light in weight. It is also windproof and comes with fine details to it.

Size really does not matter as this jacket is made for fitting smaller, medium, and large dogs.

Product Features

  • Durable and water repellent
  • Best windproof option and light weighted
  • Exquisite stitching with good grip
  • Polyester filler material and water-resistant outer layer
  • Fine details available with every product

6. RUFFWEAR – Vert Waterproof Windproof Jacket

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The Vert jackets are known for some of their generic features, which are windproof, waterproof, and breathable, meant perfect for those winter months.

These jackets are inspired by dogs who mainly work on the mountain. So, this jacket is able to offer protection from the winter elements.

Moreover, being one of the best winter jackets for bulldogs, it has a cozy fleece lining for better warmth when required.

In some cases, you can use the leg loops to keep the jacket in its place, especially during playtime. It even has a leash portal, which will allow this vert jacket to be worn over maximum harnesses.

You can also fold up the over-sized collar for maximum protection from harsh weather outside.

As its protective layer, this jacket has a breathable nylon shell to it. Even the cozy fleece lining will keep your bulldog warm.

It even comprises of the anti-pilling coat along with a water-resistant finish. It helps in extending the current life of this jacket pretty well. 

Because of its vest-style design, your dog will receive higher coverage and roomier fit. There are covered side release buckles, making it easier to put on the jacket on your bulldog and then take it off.

It even has reflective trim for visibility in low light areas. You can purchase the Beacon light separately and attach it on the light loop, located at the backside of the neck.

Product Features

  • Vest style design
  • Breathable nylon shell
  • Cozy fleece lining
  • Anti-pilling coat
  • Water-resistant finish

7. Hurtta Pet Collection Summit Parka For Dogs

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For better coverage and ultimate protection, the Summit Parka is always the finest choice among other winter jackets for bulldogs.

This product is mainly designed for covering some extreme conditions, where your dog needs both water-resistance and warmth at the same time.

The shape of the coat is such that it can cover up hindquarters a bit more than other options.

It has a bulkier fit to it when compared to the other coats mentioned. The outer shell is made using Houndtex, which is a proprietary material known for excellent waterproofing values.

It is then lined up with warm thick fleece for a cozy finish.

The best thing about this jacket is how adjustable it is! This product comes with elastic adjusters in the hind and neck area, which will allow the owner to get the coat to conform well to the bulldog’s body shape.

It ensures that the wind stays out while putting on the jacket.

Just like other winter coats mentioned over here, this one has reflective trims too for low-light visibility. There is also a leash pass-through towards the opening of the jacket and on the top.

It is rated 9.5 out 10 in warmth, in coverage, and water-resistant. That proves the importance this winter jacket holds.

Product Features

8. RUFFWEAR Cloud Chaser Breathable Insulated Dog Jacket

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The Cloud Chaser from RUFFWEAR is one of the finest winter jackets for bulldogs, which is not only windproof but waterproof as well.

It has three-layer breathable soft-shell upper fabric, which will protect the dog from the weather element.

The upper material is waterproof, and it won’t have any synthetic insulating material.

The coat will fit your bulldog more snugly and will maintain a core body heat. This coat will be ideal for full-motion range in deeper snow.

The upper portion is likely to be similar to that of Powder Hound and made using the same stretched out knit fabric. It provides complete motion to your little furry canine friend.

There is a warm and comfortable fleece lining available with the jacket, perfect for maintaining that body heat. The full-length zipper will offer a snug fit.

The sleeved design will offer extra warmth and coverage. Then you have reflective trim with this product as well, which will be highly visible in lower light conditions.

You can purchase the Beacon light separately from online stores like Amazon and add it to the light loop at the backside of the jacket’s neck.

Product Features

  • Warm and comfortable fleece lining
  • Perfect reflective trims
  • Water and windproof option
  • Fit your bulldog more snugly
  • The three-layer breathable soft-shell upper fabric

9. RUFFWEAR – Quinzee Insulated Dog Jacket

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A packable insulated jacket, Quinzee, is known for its recycled polyester insulation. It offers lofty warmth in most of the brisk conditions.

Then you have side release buckles with these winter jackets for bulldogs for better adjustment and on/off. The Quinzee will get stuffed into an integrated stuff sack, meant for convenient storage.

Moreover, the jacket has 75D polyester outer based fabric. It is made using 250g of higher loft polyester insulation. If that wasn’t enough, this jacket also has 30D polyester lining for better warmth.

You will find a leash portal right on the back of the jacket, which is again, compatible with most of the harnesses out there.

The style of this jacket makes it perfect for good coverage and a roomier fit for some of the hard to fit puppies or bulldogs. There are also reflective accents for better visibility in areas with low light.

The integrated light loop, along with the Beacon light, is applicable for this jacket as well.

Product Features

  • Weather-resistant polyester shell fabric
  • Vest style for full coverage
  • Integrated leash portal
  • Reflective accents for better view in lower light areas
  • Lofty warmth in brisk conditions

10. RUFFWEAR – Jet Stream Vest

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A perfect jacket made for adventurous bulldogs, this Jet Stream Vest from RUFFWEAR is always a blind choice for many dog owners and for good reasons.

This is a cooling vest, which uses evaporative cooling and shade for keeping dogs cool during high-intensity activities. For that, you just have to wet this stream and wring out.

There is a layered construction, which will keep your dog cool even when the temperature rises. So, during winter seasons, this jacket is preferably worn inside.

The outer layer of it will reflect heat and facilitate evaporation. The middle layer will then absorb and store water for further evaporation.

Product Features

  • Perfect for bulldogs involved in high activities
  • Great layered construction
  • Available in multiple sizes and colors
  • Perfect for keeping your dog cool
  • Comfortable inner layer

How To Choose The Best Winter Jackets For Bulldogs?

The 10 Best Winter Jackets For Bulldogs PIn Image

Measuring The Dog First:

At first, you need to measure your bulldog properly. You don’t want to purchase winter jackets for bulldogs, which are either smaller or bigger than your pup’s actual size.

You need to measure four major points of your bulldog, and those are chest, neck, girth, and length.

Every product online has a size chart. Take your measurements and match them with the available sizes before making a final purchase.

Need To Check The Material:

You must know the right type of jacket to get for your bulldog. In case you live in a mild and wet climate, then you will probably look for a different jacket from the winter jackets for bulldogs, used in subzero temperatures.

The most important features in any kind of dog jacket will be water-resistance, wind-blocking, and insulation.

After you have easily prioritized what you need, it becomes easier to search for the best coat for your dog.

Check Its Design:

The market houses wide varieties of jackets for bulldogs. If you own an old dog, which has difficulty in moving, then look for the jackets which are easier to put on and off.

On the other hand, if you have an active dog, then you would avoid those options, which will restrict their legs.

Then, for the less active bulldogs, you can get some jackets offering extra warmth in the legs. That will keep your dog comfortable for sure.

The Jacket Must Be Washable:

It is important to look for the best winter jackets for bulldogs, which are machine washable. It saves you a great deal of time and energy. Most dogs will find some ways to get dirty.

That makes coats un-wearable until you get it washed. Even though you can hand washed all the jackets for dogs, but it is preferable to go for the ones, which are machine washable.

See How The Coat Fits Your Bulldog:

It is quite obvious that you have to check the coat first to see if it fits your bulldog well or not. Remember that once purchased, your dog has to wear it for hours sometimes.

So, one of the major things to check is how snugly the jacket fits your puppy. Remember to check that there should not be any large gap.

Moreover, nothing should rub on your dog or restrict him from moving after wearing the winter jackets for bulldogs.

Don’t Forget To Check The Return Policy:

The winter jackets for bulldogs that you are planning to purchase must be returnable. As there are wide varieties of sizes and fittings available, sometimes, it gets hard to bang on the right size.

Sometimes, it becomes difficult to gauge materials and quality of a dog jacket through online stores or by checking the catalog only. So, make sure that your seller has a returnable policy open.

You will be given a particular time limit, within which you have to return your dog jacket if it fails to fit your pup.

How To Introduce The Jacket To Your Bulldog For The First Time?

How To Introduce The Jacket To Your Bulldog For The First Time

There is no short cut when you are trying to introduce winter jackets for bulldogs for the first time.

You have to be patient. The best time to put on a jacket is when your bulldog is super tired and don’t have any energy left to fight with you.

Otherwise, feed them well and train them with time, so that they won’t leave your house during winter seasons without putting the jackets on.

Treat them with some dog treats every time they wear a jacket successfully. It will help them to grow attraction towards these warm clothing options.

Which Dogs Really Need A Jacket For Winter Seasons?

It is pretty obvious that the little dogs are the most likely to focus on extra insulation, especially bulldogs.

Small breeds are less equipped and cannot deal with extremely cold winter weather.

Moreover, bulldogs are short-haired dogs. Their coat is pretty lean and tends to shiver easily. They will definitely enjoy their morning or evening walks during the winter seasons after wearing a jacket.

Furthermore, these winter jackets for bulldogs are also recommended if you reside in a place where the mercury mostly drops below zero.

Even if your dog needs to spend maximum time outdoors in winter, then it is preferable to make him wear a jacket as a preventive measure.

This applies to the larger breeds as well, which are accustomed to cold.

Remember that these dogs have bellies with no fur on them. So, they are highly exposed to not just cold, but dirt, dust, and leaves as well.

So, wearing jackets can work as a protective shield for such breeds.

In the same manner, those dogs, which are recuperating from any injury or illness, might prove to be more sensitive to frigid temperatures. So, jackets can save their lives always.

Do Your Dog Needs Jackets Or Sweater In Winter Seasons?

In case your canine friend isn’t showing any overheating sign, then you might want to provide him with little extra insulation at extremely cold temperatures.

Most people assume that the fur will protect dogs from jittery winter months, but not all dogs have the privilege of such furs, like bulldogs.

However, even a thick coat of fur does not mean that the dog cannot get frostbite.

Depending on the dog breed, age, climate, and health factor, vets will suggest your dog wear a jacket or sweater. It is highly recommended to ask the pet doctor first for the best suggestion.

You can go for jackets if you own a hyperactive dog that sweats a lot and needs a breathable fabric to wear.


The final selection with the best winter jackets for bulldogs always relies on you. Measure your bulldog, and don’t forget to check the surrounding weather first before you address any jacket.

Make sure to get these products online. If you are lucky enough, you might end up getting some amazing discounts on these jackets.

Whether you are here for the Quinzee product or the fleece lining interior, my list has details on every possible option.

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