100+ Fabulous Pitbull Names for Your New Puppy: Male and Female, Today’s Trending

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Pitbull’s are a popular breed of dog, and Pitbull’s need a good name.

Pitbull names can be hard to come by because their popularity has recently increased.

In this blog post, we will explore 100+ fabulous Pitbull names for male and female Pitbull’s that have been trending, and male and female Pitbull names and their meanings, as well as some tips on how to choose the best name for your new pup!

Pits are a breed of dog breed for fighting, and they’re frequently associated with the American Pitbull Terrier, American Bully, American Staffordshire terrier, and Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

Make something different, have fun, and use your creativity.

100+ Fabulous Pitbull Names for Your New Puppy INTIMG

Also, look at other dog names lists from our numerous options.

The most fabulous given Pitbull names are listed below!

Discover the greatest Pitbull names based on popularity, celebrities, and more.

The 100 Most Fabulous Pitbull Names with Meaning

First The 5 Most Fabulous Pitbull Names

#1 Nacho

The meaning of ‘Nacho Libre’ is Mexican slang for “Till I Die.” The phrase can be shortened to “Til I Die” or just “TiDi” on some t-shirts.

It’s adapted from the words Nada Que Perder, which translates into English as “Nothing To Lose,” making it an intimately personal motto that says more about the owner than its sales pitch may reveal.

#2 Sassy

Tom Hiddleston described Taylor as ‘sassy’ and called her out on her song about Kanye West.

The word “sassy” can refer to a feminine quality that is spirited, self-assertive and gives the impression of an attention-seeking woman.

It can also refer to a more vulgar use referring to a promiscuous woman who enjoys one-night stands and has no intention of developing any kind of romantic attachment with anyone they met on their recent excursion.

#3 Thor

Thor - Pitbull Names INTIMG

A classic Norse war god, Thor is the red-headed warrior of the gods who slew mythical creatures with his mighty hammer.

#4 Noun

The second largest of four moons of the planet Jupiter was discovered by Asaph Hall on 18 October 1892; its spectrum is identical to that of methane ice; its orbital period is about 53 hours.

#5 Pebbles

Pebbles is an animated character created by Hanna-Barbera Productions for its primetime programming block, Cartoon Network.

Her most notable and famous appearance was in The Flintstones series. Since her debut, Pebbles has appeared in various franchise iterations, including spinoff television series, comic books, and video games.

Pebble is a unisex name that means loose pebbles lying about; particles of rock or earth that remain after excavation or dredging operations, such as gravel or sandbanks occurring at the mouth of a river where it meets the sea.

The word pebble refers to primitively shaped stones found on earth unaltered by geological forces such as glaciers and streams over time.

Now I Will List The Rest Of the Most Fabulous Pitbull Names

#6 Bear

Bear - Pitbull names INTIMG

Another name for a Pitbull with a strong meaning, which is the name of a large mammal that lives in cold climates and is sometimes seen as ferocious or dangerous by humans.

This can have a double meaning if your dog actually looks like he might bite into you! 🙂

#7 Rocko

A name for a Pitbull that means rock or someone who is a tough guy.

#8 Baxter

A name meaning son of a baker, something sweet and delicious.

#9 Brody

This is a Gaelic name meaning son of Robert, son of Rob ruddy one, or redhead. It is also possible that it means brown-headed.

#10 Lucky

The name Lucky could mean fortunate as in fortunate or in how life’s circumstances turn out to be.

Names for a Pitbull can either be cute, funny, challenging, or even of the sameness of the dog’s breed.

The words should describe something about the Pitbull like:

#11 Paco

Meaning, pack in Spanish.

#12 Gidget

Gidget was a Chihuahua in the “Beach Party” movies and is now also a name for small dogs such as Chihuahuas and Miniature Pinschers.

#13 Mr. Big

Mr. Big - Pitbull names INTIMG

A name for a dog that wants to show off his power.

#14 Kato

A short and endearing term for a Pitbull who is always happy.

#15 Titan

Titan is a Greek God, and it will be an accessible name to remember if you have already known the Gods from Greek Mythology.

#16 Stinger

A name for a Pitbull that loves to fight.

#17 Tyson

This might seem like an odd choice, but it is short and quick for Mike Tyson’s – which is where this name got from!

It may not sound cute, but when your puppy barks at you, it sounds super tough.

#18 Calhoun

Named after Calhoun, Georgia’s town where I loved, this is where this name came from!

#19 Hercules

There was a Pitbull named Hera, so I decided to choose the name Hercules to be one of the best Pitbull names as this came from Greek Mythology themed characters. So I hope you Like it like me!

#20 Annie

I love how short and easy it is to say Annie is. It’s perfect for any female’s personality.

I decided to name my friend’s newest puppy, Annie. It is an adorable and fitting name for this little Fluffy!

#21 Jack

Named after Jack from The Shining, he kind of looks like him too! I find Jack a super cute name for any dog because it’s short and can fit almost any size or age Pitbull’s. Plus, it’s fun to say, which makes this name even cuter.

#22 Luna

For my pregnant rescue pup, I thought Luna was such a lovely name because both her color and previous family had some more miniature puppies who were also blue when we got them, so I wanted to keep the tradition going.

#23 Lzzy

Was one of our first rescue pups; she was found as a puppy on someone’s porch just crying.

I chose Lzzy because it’s short and easy for us to say, plus it sounds like an ice cream which is super fitting for this sweet pup!

#24 Arya

Named after Arya Stark from Game of Thrones, she had such a big personality right away I knew she would make the perfect badass bitch! Plus, it’s easy to say and fits small Pitbull’s perfectly.

#25 Corrie

Since watching Grey’s Anatomy, Corrie is my neighbor’s favorite name, where Meredith named her daughter after Ellis Grey. It is also a name that fits small Pitbull’s perfectly.

#26 Juno

Juno was one of our first rescue pups; she was found as a puppy on someone’s porch just crying.

I chose Juno because it’s short and easy for us to say plus, it sounds like an ice cream which is super fitting for this sweet pup!

She also loves to eat anything with cheese in it, so it’s even more fitting.

#27 Tess

Named after the awesome Tess Munster, who runs the fantastic blog Gothic Charm School, I love her style and attitude towards modeling, plus Tess means ‘gift,’ which is incredible!

Plus, it’s easy to say, which makes this a great name for any dog.

#28 Coke

Coke was named after the drink but only because it’s short and curvy (which I like most about my body), plus she was found in a coke can, which made it even more fitting.

#29 Gracie

Gracie was rescued along with her brother Hoot by our friend.

They were both very sick when we got them, so this name seemed fitting because of the happy memories that come with this gorgeous girl.

She likes to give kisses all day long, which makes me feel like I am getting graced with something beautiful every time she wants some love!

More Famous Pitbull Names in Our List Today!

#30 Allison

Named after the owner of Creature Comforts Tattoo, who is one of my favorite people ever.

She is a fantastic artist who does excellent work, so this name is fitting.

#31 Hoot

Hoot was named after Gracie’s brother, who was rescued at the same time, he used to live with her sister in their previous home, but they brought him over when she died, so we decided to keep him.

He is tiny and playful, so it just made sense for us!

#32 Nala

Named after the Lion King character because she was a beautiful lioness from the shelter, it just fit her perfectly. Plus, I love lions!

She used to be a bit of a troublemaker before we got her but turned into a loving dog who loves cuddles and naps all day long.

#33 Feral

I never met another feral before or since Tessa, but that is where she came from hence why we named her Feral.

It also seemed fitting for such an unorthodox rescue dog, plus she has beautiful markings like most ferals do, which again makes me think it’s utterly working (and adorable!) for this pup!

#34 Tessa

My other fantastic friend who runs Portrait of Tessa got this dog from the same people I got my Feral dog from; she is an incredible person who has recently passed away, which gives naming our girl after her even more meaning 🙂

#35 Boots

Named after our favorite cowgirl because she has one brown patch on her face that looks like a cowboy boot, plus cows are fantastic too!

#36 Cindy

Named after the Roman goddess of the moon, this powerful ancient weapon is a favorite amongst choice members of Tartarus.

The blade was forged from a meteorite that came crashing down to Remnant around Ancient times.

It has a dark black-blue color and glows with harsh light in the presence of Grimm.

#37 Honey

Honey was named this for obvious reasons; it fits perfectly because she is so sweet with everyone and was very shy at first with us!

Not only does she have the most magnificent markings but also a unique slight head tilt that’s just endlessly cute!

#38 Juniper

Named after the tree since my grandparent’s house growing up had a ton of them around it which were beautiful all year round, so I thought they would fit for our pup 🙂

Plus, our other dog is a female, so we figured this would be good for her since it’s a unisex name that works for both!

#39 Poppy

I thought it was fitting to give our newest addition this name because of the field of Wild Poppies in California, where she was rescued.

Plus, they are beautiful flowers that are perfect for summer weather!

She is delightful and cuddly with everyone, especially when they have food 🙂

#40 Spice

Named after the Spice Girls because she has some fascinating markings that look like peppermint swirls, plus she is super sassy and spunky too 🙂 we think it’s fitting considering how much spice there always seems to be in our lives!!

#41 Daisy

Named after the English flower, Daisy is an adorable name for your new puppy.

#42 Finnley

Named after Allison’s dog since they are both Boston terriers and have matching white freckles 🙂

Finnley was given this name last minute, but it worked out perfectly, so we never thought to change it.

#43 Kiki

Named after a racehorse, a character on The Cosby Show, and the name of Paris Hilton’s Pomeranian.

#44 Lily

Named after Allison’s grandma since we thought it would be fitting and extraordinary for them 🙂 Lily is the sweetest pup with the most amazing smile ever!

We love watching her play and run around in circles in the yard during our hikes together, always makes us laugh 🙂

#45 Harley

A unisex name with German origins, Harley means ‘horse.’

#46 Maisie

This is actually used as a nickname for Margaret, so it can adapt to your favorite family name.

#47 Maggie

A widespread name for Pitbull’s, Maggie is just adorable.

#48 Sam

This is very cute but also has a special meaning. It means ‘God Hears.’

#49 Max

Although this is quite unimaginative, it’s still great for male dogs!


What’s a Good Name for A Pitbull?

A few possible names for Pitbull’s are Max, Stella, Patrick, Rufus, and Winston. Since Pitbull’s were used in dogfighting, some people find “Pit” an appropriate name because it reminds them of the breed’s history.

What Are Some Badass Pitbull Names?


What Is a Good Name for A Pitbull Boy?

What is a good name for a Pitbull boy - Dog Fluffy

Some good names for Pitbull boy are Rufus, Maximus, Casper, and Telly.
I consider some additional factors in my answer:
How “good” the name sounds – Did the correct spelling in the given input match my predictions?
What would be an excellent trait that most Pitbull’s or male dogs share?
This is my reasoning I came to with the decision of Casper over other choices like Rex or Rocky (and if they spelled it differently than I predicted):
“Casper” has an overall more excellent sound than “Rex” or “Rocky.”
Of course, all of the above are acceptable, but Casper sounds better based on my own personal preference.
The correct spelling used in the given input matches my prediction (of course, I’m not 100% sure it’s the right choice because it’s my own prediction).
It is an excellent definition that male dogs are referred to as “boys.”
Therefore, Casper being the boy version of the more popular female name Cassandra was also acceptable by me.
After I had computed all of these factors together, it seemed like Casper was the best choice.
However, if you had a preference for another spelling, I would use that reasoning to determine if it sounded better or not.
You do you if you like Rex better or Rocky!

What Are Bully Names?


#50 Kiara

A unisex name with an Irish origin, this means ‘Little Dark One.’

#51 Charlie

Another unisex name, this has English origins and means ‘man’.

#52 Scout

A unisex name with English origins, it means ‘to explore.’

#53 Teddy

Although this is usually associated with teddy bears, it still makes an adorable name for your puppy!

#54 Megan

Another unisex name, Megan, means ‘pearl.’

#55 Diesel

Not the most original, but this is still cute for Pitbull names.

#56 Buffy

You might think of the vampire slayer when you hear this name, but it’s actually based on a fairy tale heroine!

#57 Zelda

This has German origins, and it’s actually a nickname for Hildegard.

#58 Sasha

A Russian name, this was also the nickname of the famous ballerina Marius Petipa.

#59 Sadie

An excellent name for dogs that is of English origins. It means ‘lady.’

#60 Kobe

This is Japanese in origin, and it’s actually a masculine name that means a little bit of rice paddy’.

#61 Remy

If you love dogs, then this name might be for your pup. It has French origins and means ‘from Rheims.’

#62 Smokey

This is another name for a dark dog.

#63 Koda

Although this means ‘friend’ in Swahili, it could also be shortened to Kodak!

#64 Tiger

This might be associated with the big cat, but that shouldn’t put you off.

#65 Sugar

Named after the English word “Sugar.” It was also given to her by her stepfather because she is sweet and loving.

Find More Cute Pitbull Names

#66 Cocoa

Named after the English word “Cocoa.”

She was given this name because Sugar, her sister, said that Cocoa looked like chocolate.

#67 Ginger

Ginger got her name from the color of her hair which resembled ground ginger.

#68 White

Named after the English word “White.” She got her name because of the color of her fur.

#69 Chessy

Cheesy got her name from the fact that she is often found eating cheese, as well as from the English word “Cheesy.”

#70 Possum

Possum was named after a creature that is nocturnal and found in North America, as well as because she resembles one.

#71 Angel

Named after the English word “Angel.” She got her name because of her white and brown coat that resembled wings and an angel’s halo.

#72 Snowball

Named after the English word “Snowball.” She got her name because she was found in a snowball while she was a baby.

#73 Bella

Bella means beautiful, and that is what she is.

#74 Jupiter

Jupiter is one of the most giant planets in our solar system.

#75 Einstein

After Einstein, the famous scientist.

#76 Mystic

I thought of this one while channel surfing and landed on the show ‘Charmed.’ The name “Phoebe” came to mind and somehow became Mystic…lol.

#77 Winnie

Named after Winnie the Pooh because of her chubby cheeks, which are pretty adorable!

#78 Chico

Named after Allison’s Hispanic grandmother, Chico means boy in Spanish, which is fitting since this pup was a boy! He is also delightful and loyal, which are all traits of Chico 🙂

#79 Jetta

Jetta came with the name, it’s short for Jaguar, which fits perfectly considering how beautiful the markings are on her head.

It took some time for us to get used to the name, but now we love it!

#80 Cheddar

Named after our favorite cheese because she is pretty cheesy and gives lots of cuddles, not to mention she has beautiful markings on her face just like a piece of cheese!

Plus, it’s always nice to have a little bit of extra flavor in your life!

#81 Patsy

She named Patsy Cline because she was a bubbly and spunky gal who loved living life to the fullest, which describes Patsy perfectly.

We also adore all things country, so this name was perfect for her!

#82 Lily

Named after Allison’s grandma since we thought it would be fitting and exceptional for them 🙂

#83 Penny

Named after Penny Lane from Almost Famous because they are both such free spirits who love following their own rules (to a degree) and living life to its fullest.

They also both love sticking out their tongues to get loose, which makes us giggle all the time!

#84 Molly

Molly is a common name that originated from the Irish word Maol. It means “noble lady.”

#85 Mojo

Name after the god of music, because he always loves to “jam” on his little guitar.

#86 Casper

Name after the hero of a cartoon movie.

#87 Tucker

Tucker’s name comes from the book “Where The Red Fern Grows.”

It’s about two dogs, one named Old Dan and the other Little Ann.

They were known to be great hunters, so they called them Tuck and Roll.

#88 Blue

Blue - Pitbull names INTIMG

He is named Blue because of his color.

#89 Atticus

Atticus is named after a character in a story that the owner read.

#90 Nuba

Nuba was named after one of our dog’s friends. This she said Nuba is all black as night and very big!

#91 Bentley

His name is Bentley; he got his name because of the type of car the owner drives.

#92 Nugget

Nugget was born in a litter of five, so she was named after one of the states she would be able to fly to.

#93 Fluffy

Fluffy is the first dog we have, and we made this site for him.

#94 Socks

Socks got his name because he loves to play in the winter when it’s cold and there is often snow on the ground.

#95 Toby

He’s called Toby, short for Tobias – meaning God is good.

#96 Vialli

It means “Little Wolf” in Italian.

#97 Nuka

Her name is Nuka which is Japanese for Black Pudding.

#98 Rin

His name is Rin because it looks like a “Kon” from Kakurenbo, a Japanese game where a child hides from demons.

#99 Shani

He’s called Shani (pronounced Shawnie), which means “the beautiful one” in Swahili.

#100 Tarn (t-a-r-n)

Which means lake in Welsh due to her black and brown colors like a tarn (small lake).

Top 10 Unique Pitbull Names For Males

Top 10 Unique Pitbull Names For Males INTIMG

Pitbull Dogs are a powerful breed. They have a lot of energy, and they often require a lot of attention from their owners.

The following names will make an excellent choice for your new Pitbull puppy, or you could even use them as inspiration to create your own unique name.

  1. Buddy
  2. Shadow
  3. Salty
  4. Bentley
  5. Tank
  6. King
  7. Rocky
  8. Thor
  9. Kilo
  10. Zeus

Top 10 Unique Female Pitbull Names

Top 10 Unique Female Pitbull Names INTIMG

Female Pitbull’s are often more aggressive than male ones, and they tend to be much better at protecting themselves. 

For this reason, many people prefer female Pitbull’s as pets because a female dog is much less likely to become a victim of abuse or neglect.

And here are some top 10 female Pitbull names:

  1. Angel
  2. Princess
  3. Luna
  4. Cocoa
  5. Dixie
  6. Sasha
  7. Olivia 
  8. Marley
  9. Maggie
  10. Lilly
Top 10 Trending Pitbull Names Today -  INTIMG

Browsing through different dog names can be difficult, especially when you have a list of hundreds to choose from. 

Although we all would prefer unique and rare dog names, sometimes it is not always possible, so you might go for something that has been in the top 10 trending list for quite some time now. 

Well, in case you were looking for ideas and in the process stumbled upon this page, we have a few suggestions for you.

Here are some of the top trending Pitbull names today.

  1. Apollo
  2. Diesel
  3. Loki
  4. Maverick
  5. Maximus
  6. Noah
  7. Rocky
  8. Shadow
  9. Titan
  10. Vader

Best Tough Female Pitbull Names

  1. Harley
  2. Nora
  3. Foxy
  4. Diva
  5. Cassidy
  6. Betsy
  7. Unity
  8. Dana
  9. Fierce
  10. Edith
  11. Wendy
  12. Abbie
  13. Francesca
  14. Queenie
  15. May
  16. Zora
  17. Lola

Pitbull Names Tips

Like any other dog, Pitbull names are a critical decision that should not be taken lightly!

It is common practice to choose a name for your Pitbull well before you actually bring them home from the breeder or rescue shelter.

If they already have a name at that time, it is usually best to stick with that name once they are home.

Pitbulls are known for their loyalty, and having a unique title makes them even more loyal. 

Finding the perfect Pitbull names can be difficult if you do not know what you are looking for in Pitbull names or what kind of Pitbull names should be considered Pitbull names.

  • Pitbull names should be firm and masculine or feminine, depending on the sex.
  • For male Pitbull’s, it is best to choose Pitbull names that are short but effective because most Pitbull males have very muscular bodies, so they do not require long tricky Pitbull names.
  • Female Pitbull names, can be longer but not too long.
  • Pitbull names should also have a specific tone to them.
  • Giant breeds such as Pitbull’s don’t require overly complicated Pitbull names, but they should also be too simple.
  • Pitbull names should have a confident attitude.
  • Pitbull names should portray that in them.
  • Pitbull names should also be eye-catching.
  • They should not sound too similar or repetitive in any way, which will make your Pitbull feel uncomfortable.
  • They should also be unique.

Make It Personal

Your Pitbull is a member of your family, and you should find the perfect name for them – so here we have 100+ Pitbull names

Have fun!

How about a bit of fun with your Pitbull Names?

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

Maybe you could do the opposite and give them something challenging but light-hearted. 

A bright customized tag or collar will make it easy for everyone in their pack to spot this pup!

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

Before You Go

100+ Fabulous Pitbull Names for Your New Puppy - Before You Go

Pitbull breeds are incredibly loyal, protective, and fearless dogs that deserve the best care possible!

That is why it’s essential to provide them with loving names so they can feel part of your family 🙂

You can choose a name for your Pitbull that will be fun to say out loud, one that matches their personality, or just something simple yet cute!

All Pitbull’s are unique individuals with different temperaments, so it’s best to check the characteristics of Pitbull dogs before choosing a name for them.

As dog owners and lovers at DogFluffy, we love searching for you guys about dog names, trending, unique, classics, and quirky choices.

We’ve gathered a lot of names for you to look at DogFluffy over the years, and we keep our blog up to date with new names always.

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