5 Best Hair Dyes and What Can I Use To Color My Dog’s Hair?

What Can I Use To Color My Dog’s Hair?

Ever thought about dyeing your English bulldog’s hair?

There are a ton of related questions:

Is it safe to stain my dog’s skin?

How long does the color last?

what can I use to color my dog's hair
What can I use to color my dog’s hair?

Today, I am going to talk about What can I use to color my dog’s hair? And my five best recommendation about dog safe hair dyes that you can use it for your English bulldog or any other dog breeds.

As you may have noticed, English bulldogs are usually monotonous. They’re either white, fawn, or a mixture of both.

A little safe hair dye can turn your dull English bulldog into a vivid personality.

I believe adding a nice funky color to your dog’s look can make it seem more fashionable.

Why Should You Dye Your English Bulldog’s Hair?

Who doesn’t like a colorful dog? Most dog owners love dyeing their pet bulldog’s hair.

Whether it’s for Halloween or a summer party, English bulldogs look lovely in a hair dye.

Most people dye their bulldog’s hair only for fun.

Dyes make them look sweet and more appealing. A safe hair dye is a great way to improve your dog’s appearance.

You can make your English bulldog look fantastic.

Pick a lovely shade to dress up your bulldog for a costume party or some other event.

What Can I Use To Color My Dog’s Hair?

Dyeing your dog’s hair is not rocket science. You need four necessary things: a bowl, a brush, a dog’s safe hair dye, and a dog.

There are several kinds of dyes available at the market. Out of all the various colors, there are four types of stains that you can use as a dog’s safe hair dye.

Food Color

It would be best if you only opted for non-toxic colors to dye your English bulldog’s hair.

Food colors are soft and non-poisonous. Only natural organic pigments are suitable.

Due to their genuine, non-toxic nature, many people like using food colors to dye their dog’s hair.

Dog’s Safe Hair Dyes

There are special dyes available at the market that are made specifically for dogs. These may be permanent or semi-permanent dog dyes.

They can be used to color your bulldog’s hair as well. The risk factor depends upon the quality of the stain.

Such paints are available in gel form of multiple colors.

Pet Hair Sprays

Similarly, just like gel-form hair dyes, colorful Pet Hair Sprays are also available.

You can get this pet hair sprays quickly from your nearest pet accessory shop in all colors.

Spray painting your English bulldog is the easiest way to dye his hair as you like. These are completely safe and non-toxic.

You can easily wash the dye with soap and water.

Pet Hair Chalks

Different pet accessory brands have launched a quick solution to pet hair dyeing.

PetSmart and various other groomers have introduced new Pet Hair Chalks to color your bulldog’s hair.

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These can be rubbed on your pet English bulldog to add a little funky color to its dull skin.

What Can I Use To Color My Dog’s Hair – Types Of Dog Hair Dyes

Before you purchase any of the dog hair dyes mentioned bellow, you should know about the different stains types. 

Dog hair dyes or just the dyes, in general, are available based on the time in which they can retain their colors.

So based on longevity, dog hair dyes come in three different types.

Permanent Dog Hair Dyes

Permanent dog hair dyes are the ones that can last the longest of all stains. These dyes, when applied, can easily endure over eight hair washes.

Semi-permanent Dog Hair

Semi-permanent dyes come on the second number. Such stains can last less than permanent ones. They may start to fade away after about four to six hair washes.

Temporary Dog Hair Dye

The temporary hair dyes are the lightest dyes that can only last until you give your bulldog a nice warm bath. Quick stains easily wash off after first or maybe second hair washes. You can use your regular soap and water to wash off temporary dyes.

These are perfect for a temporary change of your bulldog’s look. Moreover, suppose you’re unsure about some color or trying dyes for the first time.

In that case, it is best to choose temporary hair dyes.

Is It Safe To Dye Your English Bulldog’s Hair?

Many people love seeing their dogs in different funky colors.

But they are scared to dye their dogs because they don’t know what dyes are safe. Dyeing is an entirely secure process.

You follow the correct instructions, use only the safe dog dyes, and be careful about the skin type.

Avoid Using Human Hair Dyes

Using human hair dyes to dye your English bulldog can be a terrible mistake.

All the wise vets always suggest not to use human hair dyes on dogs for some valid reasons. Toxic dyes can be harmful to your dog.

Human hair dyes and dog hair dyes are widely different in their chemical properties and composition.

Human hair dyes contain various kinds of harsh chemicals that may be very toxic for your dog.

For example, human hair dyes contain hydrogen peroxide, causing chemical burns to your dog’s skin.

Moreover, it may also cause sores and hair shading to your dog.

Keep Away From Eyes And Mouth

The kind of chemicals a hair dye contains is not suitable for body intake by any means unless you’re trying to poison your dog.

You should always keep the hair dye at a safe distance from your dog’s mouth and eyes.

As you know, eyes are susceptible. A hair dye can easily irritate eyes.

Even if a hair dye says that it’s non-toxic and canine-friendly, you should still keep it away as it can easily harm your little furry friend.

So, it’s best to protect your English bulldog’s eyes and cover its mouth when you’re using a dog-safe hair dye on him.

Hire A Professional

Suppose you are a beginner and haven’t dyed your dog’s hair ever before.

In that case, it is best to leave the dyeing work in a professional’s hands.

The dyeing hair process is not challenging, but it needs someone who knows his way around dogs.

So, you should hire a professional to do it instead of risking your dog. 

When To Stop Or Avoid Using Dog’s Hair Dye?

No matter how much you love coloring your dog’s hair, but there are some situations or times when you should avoid using any dye for your dog.

But what is that situation? And why can’t you use a dye at that time?

Well, nothing is more important than your pet bulldog’s life.

So, there may be two possible situations when you should stop or avoid using a dog’s hair dye.

Allergic Reactions

You should always test a hair dye on a small patch of skin first. If your bulldog shows any allergic reaction to it, you should immediately stop using the hair dye. 

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It may either be the hair dye or the color you have chosen that irritates your dog.

You can try a different color or a different shade of some other brand.

Signs Of Struggle And Stress

Suppose you feel like your bulldog is struggling near dyes. In that case, you should avoid coloring your dog as no amount of color or stains worth putting your dog in some anxious messy situation.

You can dress him up in some other ways to make him more appealing and fancy.

Sensitive Skin

Suppose you have an English bulldog that has susceptible skin.

In that case, you should probably rethink your wish of having a colored bulldog.

It would be best if you did not use hair-dyes for dogs that have sensitive skin.

Now, let’s dive together on what can I use to color my dog’s hair?

What Can I Use To Color My Dog’s Hair – Top 5 Dog Safe Hair Dyes

All the markets have several different kinds of dog hair dyes.

Picking out a shade that suits your English bulldog dog can be too confusing.

Therefore, we have come here to your rescue. 

We have picked the top 5 Dog hair dyes that you can try for coloring your English bulldog.

These are safe, fancy, and packed with colors. So What Can I Use To Color My Dog’s Hair?

1. Opawz 0014 Dog Hair Dye

No products found.

Opawz dog hair dye is the best of all the products that we tested. It is the best dog hair dye, which is safe for all dogs.

It comes with no harmful or toxic chemicals. It uses only the ingredients that are approved safe by the federal agencies.

You get precisely 16 bright color choices if you opt Opaws as a dog safe hair dye for your English bulldog.

Each dye shade is available in a tube that is 4-ounce to be weighed.

So, you might need more than one coloring tube to color your dog’s whole body. That’s easy to dispense and apply. 

Best coloring results.Color is intense, so you must wear gloves.
Non-toxic.It can cause stains on all objects.
16 different color choices.
Very easy to apply.
Comes in permanent as well as semi-permanent dyes.

2. Warren London Temporary Fur Coloring

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

Warren London Temporary Fur Coloring is the best temporary dog hair dye.

It offers you seven different color choices to paint your English bulldog.

Moreover, it provides an entirely non-toxic formula within a 5-ounce jar of spray paint.

The color is temporary, so it is ideal for dyeing your dog for different events such as Halloween or Christmas.

The colors look cool and give your English bulldog a nice bright shiny appearance.

No harmful toxic formula.You might find it time-consuming when drying.
Eye-catching cute colored results.Gloves are necessary when applying.
It comes in seven different colors.It can cause permanent stains on surfaces.
A temporary dog hair dye.
Easy to apply using several methods.

3. Davis Studio Color Dog Hair Dye

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

Davis Studio Color Dog Hair Dye is a semi-permanent dog safe hair dye.

You can use it to color your English bulldog for a few weeks. It can easily last until your dog takes four to six baths.

It comes with multiple color choices, all in various bright coloring hues. The formula is non-toxic to be used safely on your dog’s skin.

The dyeing pigments contain ingredients that are entirely CFTA approved. It comes in a 4-ounce color bottle. 

A semi-permanent dog hair dye.It needs at least 20 minutes to dry off properly.
Completely harmless and non-toxic formula.Using gloves is a must.
It can last for at least four to six washes.It may stain the surrounding surfaces.
Several color choices available.
Gel consistency.

4. Crazy Liberty Dog Hair Dye Gel

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Crazy Liberty dog hair dye gel is a perfect permanent hair dye to paint your English bulldog.

It is made with special nano-technology and uses all non-toxic substances in the composition.

It paints your dog into the permanent shade so that the color may stay for a while.

You don’t have to worry about coating your dog again and again.

It comes within a nice convenient 5-ounce coloring tube with gel consistency.

It is effortless to apply and can be used to cover any marks or patches on your dog for an extended period. 

Non-toxic and harmless.The black color gives a kind of purple hue.
Made with nano-technology.Gloves are a must when using it.
It uses plant-derived ingredients.It can cause the surroundings to stain quickly.
Available in Gel form.
It gives permanent results.

5. MPP Pet Hair Dye Dog Cat Coat Semi

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

MPP Pet Hair Dye is an excellent quick pet painting solution. It comes in a handy spray bottle, which is very easy and fast to use.

It doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals. The formula consists of all non-toxic ingredients.

So, it is safe to spray-paint your English bulldog for a quick party occasion.

It is a temporary dog hair dye that can color your dog’s hair on numerous occasions or events.

The only problem is that you may find it a bit costly compared to other temporary hair dyes.

Quick application.Expensive like a permanent dye.
Comes within a convenient spray bottle.Quality control issues when used with defective sprayer.
Non-toxic, harmless composition.
Temporary color to try for the first time.
Easily washes off with the help of soap.

What Can I Use To Color My Dog’s Hair – Buyer’s Guide

In case of coloring your dog, being a little extra help for you, we have thought to come up with an excellent buyer’s guide.

This review will help you pick out a dog safe hair dye for your English bulldog in the future. 

In this somewhat helpful buyer’s guide, we’ll try to cover all the key pinpoints that you should take into account when purchasing your next dog hair dyes.

Necessary Safe Ingredients

As you may have already understood, not all hair dye ingredients are essential but only a few.

Some are toxic, while others are non-toxic ingredients. So, this brings us to our next key point.

Dog Hair dyeing products should only consist of all the non-toxic components within them.

Dogs Specificity

It would be best if you only bought the hair dues specifically meant for dyeing dog’s hair.

This way, you can avoid a lot of future problems and complications.

Always keep in mind that your bulldog is the one who needs to be preferred here and not the colors.

White Coated Dogs

If you have a white-coated dog, you can almost pick any color tone to dye it in.

Since white is a neutral color, your white-coated dog is like a blank paper where you can use any color, and it will still be easily visible.

However, if you have a dog whose skin is of some dark shade, chances are you won’t see any light dyes over his dark skin.

So, pick a color, keeping in mind your dog’s skin coated color. 

Our Verdict on What Can I Use To Color My Dog’s Hair

We recommend using the best of all products for all the love of dogs and their owner’s willingness to dye them.

I believe Opawz 0014 Dog Hair Dye is the best one so far as it will give you satisfying dye results.

It has only the non-toxic ingredients that are entirely safe to use on your dog’s skin.

Furthermore, Opawz gives you a variety of coloring shades to choose from the given list of options.

Sixteen color choices, to be specific, is a lot if you ask me.

However, all these dog hair dyes mentioned above are safe to use for your English bulldog.

They are packed with the necessary applying guide and come in an easy-to-apply tube design.

Conclusion on What Can I Use To Color My Dog’s Hair

Go for a semi-permanent or temporary dye if you’re not sure about the color hue.

I hope that you will be thrilled by the performance of all the dyeing products given on this list.

Recap on what can I use to color my dog’s hair

  1. Opawz 0014 Dog Hair Dye
  2. Warren London Temporary Fur Coloring
  3. Davis Studio Color Dog Hair Dye
  4. Crazy Liberty Dog Hair Dye Gel
  5. MPP Pet Hair Dye Dog Cat Coat Semi

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