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Bulldog and husky mix sounds a little interesting to me but is it the right choice for you? The bulldog and husky mix-breeds are called Buskdoggy. You might have further doubts about how will the bulldog and husky mix look. Will they be good for the family? Are they expensive?

I know it is confusing to own a bulldog and husky mix breed. Buskdoggy is very, very different from each other too.

What exactly are bulldog and husky mix? The bulldog and husky mixes get a lot of good as well as bad qualities from their breed.

These busk doggies are great with kids and wonderful family dogs. They are affectionate, patient, and loyal dogs.

They can stubborn but can be made obedient while training. They can make excellent watchdogs.

One important warning is that the bulldog and husky mixes can be prone to many health problems but can be figured out by looking at the pedigree of their parents.

It is very tough to explain their nature in the mixed breeds as they come from two very different breeds. As a result, Bulldog and husky mixes will either be a lot like huskies or like bulldogs.

They can have very distinct behavior as well as personalities. Let me elaborate on bulldog and husky mix breed’s most common traits, but let me tell you, there are chances that your dog may become completely different.

As far as dogs are concerned, they are also different individuals. They also might develop something different that is not in their genetics.

Let me point out few of the advantages and disadvantages of getting a bulldog and husky mix. This will determine whether you are ready to own a buskdoggy.

Pros And Cons Of Getting Bulldog And Husky Mix Breed Dog?

There are multiple pros and cons of owning a bulldog and husky mix breed dog. They inherit both the good and bad qualities of their respective breeds.

Whatever the inherit will depend on your dog. You cannot decide which qualities they are going to get from their breeds.

Bulldogs and Huskies are both very loyal dogs; they can make wonderful guard dogs and protect your kids as well as your family from any hazards. However, both dogs can turn into being overprotective, which can increase their aggression towards other dogs.

Bulldogs and huskies are pack animals, which means they love to be with their pack. But, you can also train your bulldog and husky mix to stay alone; however, you should not leave this breed dogs alone for long.

The huskies especially do not bark; instead, they howl. The howling can disturb your neighbors a lot, and it can also be a serious issue if you have strict neighbors. In this situation, I won’t recommend getting a bulldog and husky mix.

If you are a person who travels most of the time, I suggest reconsidering getting this breed. Bulldogs and husky mix crave a lot of human attention and love to be around family.

The bulldog and husky mixes usually inherit a long and thick coat from the husky side. These coats look gorgeous, but they also need a lot of sweeping, vacuuming, and even finding dog hair in their cereal bowl while they are shedding. For more info about how huskies shed, click here.

You must always groom your dog and make sure he doesn’t shed everywhere. To ease your cleaning, I recommend getting Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush and use it to brush your dogs at once, so you may not find hair everywhere.

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On the other side, if your bulldog and husky mix dog ends up getting the flat and short coat from the bulldog side, then rejoice as they do not shed a lot and have a very cute look. You are saved from all the vacuuming stuff.

This bulldog and husky mix breed are praised a lot, and people are also looking to get one. However, if you are new with dogs, you may find yourself involved with them all the time.

This crossbreed is famous for being playful, gentle, loyal, and very good with kids. On the contrary, they can also be quite destructive and stubborn, especially making the training sessions hard.

When it comes to exercise, bulldogs and huskies are very different. The huskies require a huge amount of exercise as compared to bulldogs.   

Even though the Bulldogs were initially bred for bull-baiting stuff, they tend to be very lazy. While we talk about huskies, they were bred originally to pull sleds and work longs days due to which they have a lot of energy inside them.

If your bulldog and husky mix have more of the bulldog in them, it is fine if you don’t make them do many exercises; one walk is enough. On the contrary, if they have more of a husky side in your mixed breed, then you must give them their due excersing by playing with them or take them outside for walks.

So what you can do this take your dog out for walks twice a day so they can socialize too. And make a routine for their playtime either at the park or even at home is fine.

Both huskies and bulldogs overheat a lot, so you need to take care of your bulldog and husky mix while they are out in the sun. They love to stay in a cooler environment.

Talking about bad habits, the huskies are very much known for escaping from their space. They can leap the fence easily, and if that isn’t possible, they will try to dig holes in the ground and try to get out.

So, these were the major and the most common pros and cons of getting a bulldog and husky mix breed dog. If you get one, accept them with all your heart with all their qualities.

How Much Does Having Bulldog Husky Mix Breed Dog Cost?

How Much Does Having Bulldog Husky Mix Breed Dog Cost?

I will be very clear and straight forward with you; bulldog and husky mix-breeds are very expensive breeds. Above that, owning, buying, or even adopting the bulldogs is very expensive.

The average price of getting an English bulldog is around $3,812, and the average price of a husky puppy is $1,000. So, now when you add up the two costs and add the breeder’s cost for all the trouble, it will cost you a lot of money.

Instead of buying, you can also adopt or rescue a dog; it will be a lot cheaper. But, it is believed that the rescue dogs and the dogs up for adoption have more health problems. 

Once you buy the bulldog and husky mix breed, there are many expenses associated with them. These dogs have some specific necessities that must be fulfilled.

You will have to take them for an initial medical examination, and then you will have to get them spayed or neutered. Other basic requirements of getting a dog include getting a dog crate, collar, tags, and leash.

I will help recommend some options to ease your search; you can this MidWest Homes for Pets Dog Crate and iYoShop 6 FT Strong Dog Leash, which can be very comfortable for your dog.

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

To give your dog the best training, you will have to hire a dog trainer too. As these are crossbreeds, it is recommended to get the best ones to train them.

There are more costs also that can incur due to the health issues of the dogs. The mixed-breed dog can inherit the complications that can happen, and that can cost a lot.

Physical Characteristics of Bulldog and Husky Mix Breed Dog

Physical Characteristics of Bulldog and Husky Mix Breed Dog

Bulldogs and huskies have a very different appearance. Nobody can ever say that these two look the same.

Huskies have a large body and long legs with a long muzzle and pointed ears. On the other hand, the Bulldogs have short legs and a stocky body with a flat wrinkly face and droopy ears.

Bulldogs are usually of white and brown colors, while the huskies are usually black, white, and gray. The bulldogs also sometimes have different patterns on them.

The Huskies have blue eyes, which make them very attractive. The bulldogs have big deep brown eyes.

When we combine all these features that these two beautiful breeds have, we get a very weird but amazing and adorable result.  

If your mixed breed inherits the blue eyes, then it is going to be one unique dog. Just feel happy about whatever appearance they inherit and enjoy with them.

Before You Go


I know bulldog and husky mix is a tough choice to consider all the good and bad traits. Eventually, everything willl depend on how you behave with your dog irrespective of their breed.

Huskies and bulldogs are two most different to mix, and as a result, you may get a cute and fun dog. You can also consider rescuing a bulldog husky mix dog and bringing them home.

Knowing about bulldog and husky mix breed health issues and the life they need, you decide to make the right choice. I think I have done my bit, and now it’s up to you.

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