Are Bulldogs Hard To Train? Best 10 Tools

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  • Date: February 10, 2021
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Are Bulldogs Hard To Train?

Bulldogs are very loyal and pure sweethearts, but when it comes to training, they can be challenging.

So, before welcoming your new dog into your house, you must organize all the training tools so that you can train him on day one.

Early training of your dog can help him to develop his habits and routine better.

Bulldogs as a pet are a great choice as they are an amiable and relaxed breed.

At the same time, they are famous for their stubborn and aggressive attitude.

But don’t let that scare you, once they get attached to their owner and other family members, they are the best companions you will ever wish for. 

 As we all know “a well-behaved and obedient dog is a positive reflection of its owner.”

There are a variety of dog’s training methods, and it is very tough to know which way is best for your dog and you as an owner. 

So, if you find it difficult and confusing, then you are not alone. Many dog owners are facing the same problem of choosing the best training method for their dogs.

Mentioned below are some best dog’s training methods used today, which can be very beneficial for you and your dog.

Are Bulldogs Hard To Train? – Best Training Methods for Dogs

Are Bulldogs hard to train? Here are some useful training methods for Your dogs in a better manner are given below:

Positive Reinforcement

Positive reinforcement means that dogs always repeat kind behavior if you reward them with a treat.

Your dog in such a way that he knows when he will behave well; only then he will get a reward. 

On the other hand, destructive behaviors and aggressiveness do not get any reward.

If you want to correct your pet, then take away the tip. Any harsh or physical punishments are not mandatory.

Moreover, positive reinforcement starts with rewarding a needed behaviour immediately, without wasting any seconds.

The commands should be precise and comfortable, for example, sit, stand, come.

Furthermore, this method needs consistency. So, everybody at your home should use the same commands and reward system to train the dog.

Positive reinforcement requires the patience of the owner for correcting unwanted behaviors. 

Using this target stick, you can teach your pet to walk correctly on your side, or how to tackle obstacles on the road.

You can also use the target stick to teach your dog about specific objects, for example, his toys, remote, and many other items.

On the other hand, desired behavior should get rewards like toys, pets, treats, and praise.

You can also overfeed your dog for learning new commands, so always reward them with small treats or snacks.

Teach Your Dog Its Name

The most important thing is to teach your dog its name. You name your pet, then assume that he will recognise when you are calling him.

This is bad; you must teach him to remember his name.

So, he will know when you get its name, and he has to come to listen to you. 

So teaching a dog its name is so important because if he will not come to you or look at you when you call his name, then what you expect from him that he will listen to you what you ask him to do?

Some Steps To Teach Your Dog Its Name

Mention below are some super easy steps to teach your pet his name:

  1. Call your dog’s name.
  2. When he looks at you, say your marker word.
  3. After that, give him a snack or treat.
  4. Repeat this many times, especially in different situations and at other places.


Bulldogs are very kind and loving with people. They are always friendly with their owners.

Sometimes bulldogs show aggressive behaviors with other pets like other cats and dogs.

Moreover, you should introduce all your family members and pets to your new dog.

So he will not show any bad behavior and aggressiveness towards them. 

Always reward your dog after playful and profitable interactions with other pets and people. This method will improve his social abilities.

Potty Training

Potty training is an essential thing that every pet should learn because no one wants to poop inside their houses.

So, dog owners should train their dogs to poop outside the home. You should take them out for a potty break every 2-3 hours.

Especially after every meal and when he wakes up from a nap, take your dog out for potty.

Select one spot for a dog potty that is safe and secure from any harmful thing. So that dog feels comfortable during a potty break.

Teach your dog a command such as “Potty” or “poop” and then reward them after a successful potty session.

Always return home immediately, after a potty break, so your dog knows the reason for going outside the house.

Monitor your dog between potty breaks to avoid accidents.

Moreover, Immediately take your dog outside when you notice the signs of need.

You can also train your bulldog to use a large litter box inside the home.

Ignore Bad Behavior

Bad behavior of your dog should be ignored, so he knows that this is not a good habit.

For example, if your dog bites at your households, then you must teach him to chew his toys only.

If he barks at you for attention or food, then you must ignore him until he keeps quiet. 

Replace or remove treats for destructive behaviors of your dog to teach him good manners. Scolding or punishing them is not necessary.

Teach Dog To Moderate His Biting Habit 

Dogs are so curious pets; they want to explore everything with their mouth.

They want to bite every other thing near them, for example, your shoes, pants, sofa, chair, your hands, and even walls. 

So you must teach them that they can only bite their toys.

The second thing you have to teach them is to bite gently.

They must not hurt you by biting so hard or training them to moderate their biting habit is so important.


Treats as a reward keeps your dog motivated and interested. Prizes vary from pets to pets.

Dogs usually like meaty soft treats as a reward.

Treats as a reward should be small; for example, it should be the size of a blueberry or cherry not more than that.

You can also cut down some treats according to the desired size before the training.

Are Bulldogs Hard To Train? Here Best Tools To Train Your Bulldog

Mentioned below are some tools that are used to train your bulldogs:

1. Portable Mat

Fluffy PIck
PetSafe Pet Loo Portable Indoor

Outdoor Dog Potty, Alternative to Puppy Pads, 3 Size Options for Small, Medium and Large Breeds

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A portable bed or mat is very convenient for your dog to settle and rest anywhere he wants.

Portable mats are easy to carry anywhere you go. They are best for outings.

Always prefer washable rugs or towels for your dogs, so you can easily clean them.

Try to buy a mat having a sticky bottom so that it will give more excellent stability on slippery surfaces.

2. Long Line

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lynxking Check Cord Dog Lead Long Dog

Training Leash Tracking Line with Comfortable Handle Heavy Duty Puppy Rope Lead for Small Medium Large Dogs

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The long line is a straightforward and safe tool for your dogs while practicing long-distance stays.

Longline allows your dog to roam around the rooms during training breaks.

So he can explore different things. A standard long line is about 15-30 feet. 

Moreover, it is constructive to train a dog for other activities, for example, scent detection.

3. Clicker

Fluffy PIck
PetSafe Clik-R Dog Training Clicker

 Positive Behavior Reinforcer for Pets - All Ages Puppy and Adult Dogs - Use to Reward and Train - Trainer Guide Included

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Are Bulldogs Hard To Train? Excellent dog trainers usually use a small box, that is called a clicker. A clicker makes a clicking sound when you press it.

Moreover, this sound tells your pet “This is actually what I want you to do”.

This sound also promises a dog for a treat in his/her excellent behavior or act.

Clickers are readily available at any pet shop near you and a very cheap cost.

Clickers click is very distinct and fast then praising a dog. You must give immediate treats to the dog to teach him the actual purpose of click.

4. Collar and Harness

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Barkless Dog Head Collar, No Pull Training

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Are Bulldogs Hard To Train? Using a collar for your dog is convenient. You can hang its ID card with a collar, which is necessary when your dog goes out on its own.

Dogs which are difficult to control, the collar is not a good option for them as it can cause neck injury. For those dogs, you can use a harness.

Moreover, using a harness is an excellent option for training dogs. You can stop your dog from running away or jumping on people, as a harness discourages pulling.

The Harness allows you to have control over your dog during training and walks without any danger of injury.

5. Leashes

Fluffy Pick
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Are Bulldogs Hard To Train? Keeping your bulldog on a leash can help your bulldog, you, and your neighbors.

Moreover, a Leash is known as your dog’s lifeline as it saves your dog from other out-of-control dogs and traffic.

A leash also improves closeness. A leash-obedient and friendly dog is an enjoyment to walk and spend time with.

Furthermore, keeping your dog on a leash can reduce the spreading of any harmful disease.

You can control your dog from sniffing any other dog’s dangerous droppings.

As well as, a leash is an excellent symbol of reward. Your dog will immediately give a response to you with his moving tail when he sees you holding a leash

A Leash is an excellent identification tool. If you and your bulldog become separated, then anyone can find you easily by checking the tag attached to his collar

Above all, it is the law, so every pet owner should follow this because the law is made for the protection of a pet and the public.

6. Shock Collars

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GROOVYPETS 2000 Feet Remote Dog Training

 Shock Collar w/Safe Humane Beep, Vibration, Static Shock and Waterproof Long Lasting Rechargeable Battery for Small Medium Large Dogs

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Using every training tool for dogs has its advantages and disadvantages at the same time.

Back in years, shock collars were used to train dogs for hunting.

Nowadays, shock collars are used to control the aggressive behaviour of dogs, for instance, barking at strangers or food, jumping on other dogs. is offering a Petspy M686 dog collar for training your bulldog.

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PetSpy M686B Dog Trainer Shock Collar for 2 Dogs

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It has four modes of training that are:

  1. Vibration
  2. Sound
  3. Continuous Sound
  4. Jerk or Shock

This device gives you 7-8 adjustable levels of shock and vibration so you can use the correct level for your dog.

This collar is usually made up of rubber that prevents skin problems to your dogs. Shock collar fits most of the dogs as, and the whole device is waterproof, but it’s remote if not water-resistant.

7. Paw Cleaner For Bulldogs

Fluffy PIck
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After coming home from long walks or in muds, the paws of your dog should be clean properly.

Otherwise, he will make your home dirty. You must teach him that he has to clean his paws before entering the house after a walk or after going outdoors.

On the other hand, it is essential to clean the dog’s paw to avoid any harmful diseases, parasites, and allergies.

Paw cleaners are available in 3 sizes. Inside the paw cleaner cup, there are soft silicone bristles that clean your dog’s paw so gently. 

How To Use Paw Cleaner

Some easy and practical steps on how to use paw cleaner are given below:

  • Add a little amount of water in the cleaning cup
  • Then put a muddy paw inside the cup and do the twist
  • After that, dab the dog paw dry
  • Repeat the same process for the other three paws

8. Target Stick

Fluffy PIck
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A target stick is a lightweight stick commonly made up of aluminum. This stick is very handy and easy to carry everywhere, normally these target sticks are extendable or foldable.

You have to train your pet to touch the end of the target stick. If you successfully achieve this goal then it will become very easy for you to teach your dog to follow the target stick.

Using a target stick you can teach your dog about directions, where to go and, where not to go.

To start training your dog, rub your dog’s favorite food at the end of the stick and then encourage your dog to sniff it.

The moment he sniffs it, reward him with a treat.

Repeat this process 2-3 times a day, so your dog will learn that touching the stick will result in a big reward. 

This exercise needs the consistency and patience of an owner. While training him to touch the target stick, try to avoid using verbal commands.

You will be surprised how quickly your dog will learn all the exercises.

9. Barriers For Bulldogs

Fluffy PIck
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10/04/2021 03:17 am GMT

Barriers or gates are very useful tools to train your dog. They help to restrict your dog to a specific area.

Barriers play an important role in the house training of your dog and in his biting management. 

Barriers are very useful, they also keep your dog away from the front door and from stairs. 

Now you can easily prepare food in the kitchen while keeping your dog in his barrier.

Obviously, nobody wants fur all over the food so while eating dinner or preparing a meal you can keep your dog in the barrier

Dog barriers are available online or you can get them at any pet shop.

Moreover, if you don’t want to spend money then you can also make it yourself.

There are many alternatives to the dog’s gates. You can also use a large piece of wood as a gate and place that at a certain area of your home to restrict your dog.

10. Seat Belt For Bulldogs

Fluffy PIck
SlowTon Dog Seat Belt, 2 Pack Adjustable Pet Car
$10.69 ($5.34 / Count)

 Seatbelt Elastic Bungee Buffer Heavy Duty Reflective Nylon Safety Belt Connect to Dog Harness in Vehicle Travel Daily Use

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So many dog owners take their dogs wherever they go. Whether its a day out on a beach or a morning walk in the park.

It does not matter how short or long is the drive, of course, everyone wants their pet safe in the car like every other passenger.

Securing your pet in the car is the first step to travel with a pet.

Many people keep their dogs in their laps or in the passenger’s lap but this is not good.

Airbags can easily open with the pressure of your dog’s paw. Its pressure can also injure your dog or even can cause its death.

Your pet should not distract you while you are driving. So, to prevent any accidents you must put a seat belt on your dog.

You can also buy a crate for your dog while traveling.

Dog’s crate should be big enough that your dog can easily move, turn around or stand in the crate.

This can also restrict your dog not to tease you while driving. So, seatbelt your dog while driving is very important.

Moreover, if you don’t have a seat belt then you can also use a safety harness for your dogs while traveling in a car.

Safety harness will also work the same as a seat belt in the car for your dog’s safety.

Do not forget to child-lock your doors and windows for safety.

Never leave an unattended pet in your car.

Especially in the summer season, there are great chances of heat stroke or even death of pets in the locked cars because in the cars with no air passing the temperature rises so quickly.

Recap on are bulldogs hard to train? Best 10 training tools to assist

  1. Portable Mat
  2. Long Line
  3. Clicker
  4. Collar and Harness
  5. Leashes
  6. Shock Collars
  7. Paw Cleaner For Bulldogs
  8. Target Stick
  9. Barriers For Bulldogs
  10. Seat Belt For Bulldogs

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