Why Do Female Puppies Hump: 6 Exciting Insights Revealed!

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Have you ever wondered why do female puppies hump a lot? This intriguing behavior can be quite surprising for puppy owners and onlookers alike. In this article, we’ll delve into the most common reasons behind this behavior and explore some techniques to help manage or curb your puppy’s humping habits.

As we continue, we’ll also answer some frequently asked questions about this peculiar behavior among female puppies.

Understanding the root cause of humping in female puppies is essential for proper pet care and management. It is important to note that not all humping behaviors have the same underlying motivations, and finding the right solution depends on identifying the reasons specific to your furry companion.

From establishing dominance to coping with stress, these behaviors are simply an expression of your puppy’s unique personality and experiences.

Key Takeaways

Why Do Female Puppies Hump a Lot?

Why Do Female Puppies Hump a Lot?

Female puppies often engage in humping, which can be a frequent cause of embarrassment for their owners. This behavior, however, is completely natural and common in both male and female dogs.

Inquisitive female puppies may hump various objects, such as stuffed toys, displaying that this behavior is not solely driven by reproductive instincts. There are several factors that contribute to a female puppy’s mounting behavior. Excitement, boredom, medical issues, and stress can all prompt this action.

Teaching puppies boundaries and proper conduct through training can help curb this habit. Owners need to establish clear guidelines and work on correcting this behavior before it turns into a problem. It’s crucial to remain patient, as puppies need time and consistency to learn what’s expected of them.

Ultimately, the key to addressing a female puppy’s humping is identifying the underlying reasons for her actions. Once the root cause is determined, the owner can tailor the training accordingly. Using positive reinforcement techniques and redirecting their energy to more appropriate activities can help puppies develop healthy behaviors.

Always remember, even though a female puppy’s humping may be awkward or embarrassing, it is a normal part of dog behavior. With proper training and understanding, this habit can be managed and reduced, ensuring that your furry friend behaves appropriately in various social situations.

The Most Common Reasons

Why Do Female Puppies Hump? – The Most Common Reasons

Enjoyable Sensations

Female puppies may hump as they find the sensation enjoyable. This behavior is not necessarily related to reproduction, but rather it provides a pleasurable feeling for the puppy. The reaction from their surroundings, whether positive or negative, can entice the puppy to continue humping.

Compulsive Behaviors

Similar to humans, puppies can develop compulsive behaviors, such as excessive licking, circling, or humping. These behaviors might arise from prolonged confinement, inadequate socialization, or lack of a consistent routine. Proper training and socialization can help address these issues.

Stress and Anxiety Relief

Why Do Female Puppies Hump? – Stress And Frustration

Humping can be a response to stress or anxiety. Female puppies may resort to humping when feeling scared or excited. It is crucial to identify any triggers that could be causing increased stress in your puppy and address the root cause of the issue.

Asserting Dominance

Female puppies may hump other dogs in an attempt to assert their dominance. If unaddressed, this behavior could lead to conflict and aggressive interactions between dogs. Training and socialization can help curb this behavior and improve your puppy’s interactions with other dogs.

Health Concerns

Humping can be an indication of underlying medical problems, such as a urinary tract infection or skin allergies. If you suspect that your puppy’s humping is due to a medical issue, consult a veterinarian for a thorough examination and appropriate treatment.

Potential Sexual Tendencies

Although not the most common reason, sexual tendencies can contribute to a puppy’s humping behavior. Accompanied by flirtatious body language, such as pawing and play bows, these actions can be part of a dog’s playful behavior. Proper socialization and training can help puppies differentiate between playtime and over-arousal.

How to Address and Prevent the Humping Behavior

How to Address and Prevent the Humping Behavior

#1 Obedience Training for Your Puppy

Teaching your puppy specific commands to obey can be beneficial in stopping their humping behavior. For example, implementing a command like “leave it” will signal your puppy to stop humping immediately. Rewarding your puppy with a treat when they follow the command will encourage them to learn and adapt positively.

#2 Spaying or Neutering Your Puppy

Spaying or neutering your puppy has been known to reduce their desire to hump, especially in female puppies when they are in heat or around other females in heat.

#3 Seeking Help from an Animal Behaviorist

If your puppy displays aggressive humping and you are unable to find a solution, it might be helpful to consult a professional animal behaviorist. They will be able to provide guidance and assistance in addressing this behavior.

#4 Distracting Your Puppy

Being aware of the signals your puppy exhibits before they start humping is crucial. If your puppy starts panting, pawing, or whining near another dog or object, recognize that they may be preparing to hump. In such situations, distracting your puppy by calling their name or engaging them in an alternative activity can deter the humping behavior.

#5 Ignoring Your Puppy’s Unwanted Humping

If you realize that your puppy is humping primarily for attention, the most effective approach might be to ignore them. For instance, if your puppy begins humping visitors, consider placing them in a crate and not giving them attention during the humping episodes.

By consistently practicing this method, your puppy may gradually drop their humping habit. However, be sure to provide your puppy with plenty of attention and engagement during other times of the day to maintain a healthy relationship.

Enjoy playtime and walks together when your puppy is not displaying the problematic behavior.

Before You Go

While humping is often associated with male dogs, female puppies may also exhibit this behavior. Humping is a natural behavior in dogs that may be triggered by a variety of factors, including sexual arousal, playfulness, anxiety, or even boredom.

In female puppies, humping behavior may be related to hormonal changes during development or may simply be a way to explore their environment and establish dominance.

However, excessive or persistent humping behavior may be a sign of an underlying medical issue or behavioral problem.

Consulting with a veterinarian or animal behaviorist can help you identify the cause of your female puppy’s humping behavior and develop an appropriate plan to address it.

Training, exercise, and positive reinforcement techniques may be effective in modifying this behavior over time.


Do Girl Pups Often Hump Toys?

Yes, humping toys is common in female puppies. It’s a natural behavior for dogs of both genders, which occasionally includes humping objects like toys.

What Causes Humping Behavior in Female Pups?

There are various triggers that can cause female pups to hump. Some reasons include frustration, excitement, exploration of their environment, and sometimes even sexual stimulation.

Are the Reasons for Humping Similar in Male and Female Pups?

While there are similarities in the reasons for humping between male and female pups, there can be differences as well. For example, male dogs might be more likely to hump for sexual reasons, while females might do so for establishing dominance or feeling more secure.

Can Humping Indicate Dominance in Female Puppies?

Yes, humping can sometimes be a way for female puppies to assert their dominance over other dogs or objects. This is a completely normal behavior and part of a dog’s natural instinct.

Are There Specific Times When Female Pups Tend to Hump More?

There are no specific times when female pups hump more often, but some factors can increase the likelihood of this behavior. For example, when a puppy is going through puberty or experiencing high levels of excitement and stress, they might hump more often than usual.

Is it Necessary to Stop Female Pups from Humping?

It is not always necessary to stop female pups from humping, as it is a normal and natural behavior for dogs. However, if the humping becomes excessive, disruptive, or harmful to the dog or others, it is advisable to consult a veterinarian or a behavior expert for guidance on how to address the issue.