10 Best Microfiber Dog Towels

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After the bath, dogs’ drying is very important to keep them fresh, warm, and cozy.

I recommend using the best microfiber dog towels since they can quickly soak the water from their furs and coat.

The soft and soothing material of microfiber dog towels is very comforting and helpful in drying after showers.

I have included the top 10 recommendations for the best microfiber dog towels.

These I have shortlisted while I researched for Fluffy.

I observed that it is essential to check the material, durability, effectiveness in drying, size, etc. when purchasing the microfiber dog towels.

The dog owners like to take care of their pups, just like babies and want nothing less than the best accessories. I realize this because I do the same for Fluffy.

This write-up would be useful to all those readers who want to purchase the best microfiber dog towels but cannot shortlist or find an ideal one.

Just peruse the top choices that I have shortlisted, and you would be able to select the best one for your little friend easily.

Top 10 Best Microfiber Dog Towels (Includes Coats)

Bone Dry Embroidered Pet Towel

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Top of my list is one of the best microfiber dog towels by DII Home Essentials – Bone Dry pet towel.

DII home essentials are famous for their wide range of products for pets. They are known for their superior quality and well-thought design.

Bone Dry towels are extraordinary for drying your dog after a shower or rain.

These absorbent towels are delicate and warm, settling on an unprecedented decision to use as a cover in your vehicle for those great vehicle rides or while in a carton.

Bone Dry microfiber pet towels are utilized for drying your pet after a shower, incredible for use as a case cover, and for clearing off sloppy paws on those pouring days.

What impressed me was that selecting a proper size is not an issue when you get the towel from Bone Dry. You can choose from the various options like small, medium, and large, depending on your dog size.

These towels are suitable for dogs and cats of various breeds and sizes.

The construction material is ultra-soft microfiber, which is very efficient in drying and soft on their coat.

Moreover, this towel is machine washable. You can also carry this towel on the beach or picnic since it is very lightweight.

I also found it very comforting for Fluffy, and it provides excellent comfort too.

While traveling, you can use these towels to keep them warm and comfortable.

These towels are available with a paw print or bone, and also this brand offers various color options.

I highly recommend this towel from a utility, durability, and comfort perspective.



BONAWEN Microfiber Dog Towels

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You may have your sentiment about dogs wearing human-like apparel. However, you can’t deny they look so charming when wearing this towel!

It is no disgrace to state that we previously got it due to how charming the dog glanced in the promoting picture.

Indeed, the advertising technique got us, and we’re happy it did! At the point when it showed up, the towel didn’t frustrate me.

The estimation is ideal for small or medium-sized dogs.

Not only just cleaning, but you can use microfiber dog towels for various other purposes, such as prepping, during movements, or to keep the dogs warm once they leave the water.

Furthermore, indeed, other than being attractive, the towel is agreeable for our pet also.

Inside, it offers a soft surface based on the enormous microfiber terry material prepared to drench the water out of the dog’s hair.

The towel includes a few belt-like lashes that keep the towel firmly over the pet. It works somewhat.

In any case, keeping the hood on the head is very troublesome! With merely a little shake, the dog can take it off.

It serves us well for attempting to put irritating stuff on their bodies.


  • Adorable microfiber dog towels.
  • Can be used for multiple purposes.
  • The insides of the towel are soft and give a cozy feeling to dogs.
  • It comes with belts to keep it set up around the waist.


  • The towel could be excessively huge for certain dogs.

ColorYLife Microfiber Dog Towels

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There are numerous reasons why super shammy microfiber has become popular. Considering one of these towels is a savvy choice that will keep them happy during a weak shower or bath if you care for your pet.

The super shammy microfiber is comfortable, indeed, yet you’ll see that its advantages go past that.

First off, it is excessively retentive. Use it to dry your dog in the wake of cleaning up, and they will be warm and glad for the remainder of the day.

By and large, the towel lives up to the expectation without any problem. The quick-dry microfiber towel is eight times quicker than regular cotton in drying.

The pockets provided are suitable for underbelly drying, and it allows you to wipe them dry after showers quickly. It splashes a great deal of water, and it feels ideal for the dog and our hands all through the activity.

This towel is made of super-soft chenille material that is smooth, warm, skin-friendly, and comfortable for your loving pets.

This towel can be hand washed or machine washed. Just air drying would be sufficient. You do not need to use a softener.


  • Chenille microfiber.
  • Hand pockets.
  • High sponginess.
  • Softness.
  • Quick-dry.


KinHwa Microfiber Dog Towels

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During this rundown, you’ll see numerous chenille microfiber towels; however, different materials convey staggering microfiber dog towels as well. Here’s one of them.

KinHwa microfiber dog towels is perfect for cleaning dogs of various sizes. It is made from ultra-absorbent material that helps you quickly dry them post showers.

It is delicate and profoundly retentive to douse each drop of water on the assemblages of our little ones.

You can get it in five distinct tones; dark, earthy colored, dull blue, dim, and light blue.

Even though it’s anything but a chenille microfiber, this towel is a dependable thing to think about our dogs how they merit it.

Notwithstanding which one you pick, the towels are sufficiently huge to think about each dog appropriately, regardless of whether they are little, medium, or huge varieties.

It likewise applies to felines and comparative pets. The towels highlight microfiber material.

After a shower, dry your dogs with these microfiber dog towels guarantees they receive in return dry and prepared for some resting time.

Nonetheless, be cautious when washing it, as it might wind up feeling tenacious and harsh a short time later. That is not lovely for anyone.



  • It becomes a little stiff after wash.

Soggy Doggy Drying Microfiber Dog Towels

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One of my favorite microfiber dog towels is Soggy. They are super comfortable, easy to use, and dries dogs quickly.

Soggy towels are accessible in four shading blends, and even though they are not the most attractive out there, they compensate for it by offering fantastic execution.

The towels highlight microfiber fit for engrossing a considerable measure of water.

When drenched, the texture dries rather rapidly, without leaving that natural and horrendous wet pet smell behind, in addition to the fact that it is permeable, very delicate as well.

The towel comes in a single size. However, it has demonstrated to be all that anyone could need for pets and measures.

After some time playing outside, these microfiber dog towels will ensure your little companion is warm and dry once they return home.

I liked the hand pockets, which function admirably as they make it simple to reach certain parts of the dog, such as the stomach or between the legs.


  • The soft and cozy material.
  • Easy to use and carry around on account of compactness.
  • Comfortable hand pockets for simple access while cleaning the dog.
  • Chenille microfiber dog towels.
  • Can hold seven times water than its weight.


  • These towels are not fast drying and less spongy.

Dog Gone Smart Microfiber Dog Towels

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Dog Gone towel is one of the best microfiber dog towels. It is also known as Dirty Dog Shammy towel.

This towel is accessible in two tones, earthy colored and dim, the first being less expensive than the other.

These Microfiber dog towels has already made its way into the top 10 best microfiber dog towels.

Its fantastic presentation is evident. When thought about, this towel drenches more water than the ordinary shower towels, and it dries the pets speedier as well.

After some cleaning, utilizing a blow-dryer won’t be essential any longer.

You’ll have the option to get it in a comfortable size, and that is baffling because although it is reasonable for medium and little estimated dogs.

Bigger pets won’t have the option to utilize it appropriately. For dogs above 70 lbs, you might need to think about investigating different alternatives.

The motivation behind why this towel is so fruitful is a result of its high GSM, or Grams per Square Meter, which is answerable for drenching the water or mud out of the dog’s hair.

Surprisingly, it doesn’t need an excessive amount of exertion to get the dog towel clean when washing.


  • Two-color options
  • Efficient water absorption.
  • Quick-drying.
  • High GSM
  • Machine Washable


Dawhud Direct Selfie Dog-Themed Beach Towel

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If you are scouting for one of its kind microfiber dog towels, then Dawhud selfie dog-themed beach towel is going to impress you.

This adorable dog-themed towel is an item you’d need for an assortment of reasons. Even are repeated uses, the towel remains soft.

The towel estimates 30×60-inch, making it sufficiently huge to wrap your dogs to keep them warm and dry following a day at the seashore or when they clean up.

Since it highlights unadulterated cotton, the surface feels delicate, fair, and excessively spongy as well.

Besides proper cleaning and absorption, you could utilize it to enrich your home also.

Any individual who steps foot into your family will rapidly realize that everybody is pet-accommodating inside those dividers.

Moreover, the energetic tones haven’t endured blurring all things considered.



  • The thickness of the towel is not impressive.

HI NINGER Microfiber Dog Towels

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HI Ninger dog towel is made from one of the best quality chenille microfibers. If you are considering something unique, then nothing gets better than this one.

Its size makes it useful for little dogs. I would caution you just at this point that this towel will not be of use if you have a substantial sized dog at home.

So why has this towel become popular? I think its structure and material of construction is what sets it apart from its competitors.

It highlights woven yarn that makes a thick texture fit for engrossing around multiple times more water than the standard towel you have around the house.

We likewise need to refer to the little circles at the towel’s edges.

These small increments permit us to hang it wherever for quick and straightforward access at whatever point is required.

In any case, it is better to have close to the washroom if the pet makes a wreck, and you have to shower them.

This likewise makes it simple to think about the towel once it gets filthy.


  • An excellent option for small-sized dogs.
  • Chenille microfiber development.
  • Great absorption.
  • Thick texture and hence quickly dries your dog.
  • Closed-loop design.
  • Two hand pockets.


Tuff Pupper Microfiber Dog Towels

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Nothing can turn out badly with chenille microfiber and hand pockets.

With just those two highlights, a towel turns into an unimaginable cleaning right hand to clean your dog following a day of fun, or when they escape the shower.

That is the thing that you escape this towel, yet there’s additional.

It arrives in a delightful blue shading plan warm and comfortable. The estimation is 35×15-inch, making it one of the biggest you’ll discover there.

At times, it tends to be troublesome to find appropriate thinking about our enormous dogs, and that is why we welcome the larger than usual components of this thing.

Additionally, it is very thick, making it profoundly retentive to get water or mud out of your little pals when they get dirty.

That likewise implies your pets get that extra plushy surface to cause them to feel adored when you’re attempting to get the earth out.

Your pets can have the right time they need without putting their bodies in danger if we demonstration rapidly.

Lamentably, the lines at the hand pockets don’t appear to be healthy. They’ve begun tearing separated after two or three employments.


  • Large-sized towels.
  • High retentiveness.
  • Comfortable.
  • Hand pockets.


  • The sewing isn’t stable.
  • Only one shading accessible.

Kay Dee Embroidered Microfiber Dog Towels Set

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Kay Dee Towel set is for those of you who are looking for something fancy along with utility.

Much the same as the subsequent towel assessed on this rundown, this one sparkles because of its simplicity.

You won’t discover an excessive number of shadings or eye-getting designs. However, it sure takes care of business by permitting us to clean the dogs thoroughly.

It is a bunch of two dark towels with an excellent message weaved over it. Despite the dog not thinking about what it says, it makes a caring connection among owners and pets.

The two things are waffle-weave planned, guaranteeing that both the pet and owner feel great during the cleaning cycle.

Made from cotton, it is in every case better to wash the towel utilizing cold water and tumble dry low. With this cycle, the texture will last more, making it a worth speculation creation.


  • Simple dark towel with a charming message printed.
  • You can machine wash this towel.
  • It has loops to hang the towel.
  • Soft and retentive.


  • No hand pockets.

Buyers Guide – Microfiber Dog Towels

Buyers Guide – Microfiber Dog Towels


The gathering material of the pet towel and nature of edge sewing is a critical factor as it directs the towel’s sheer quality, drying limits, and durability.

For what other explanation do you think there is such a lot of assortment in these dog towels’ cost?

Autonomous of their sorts, the best dog towels are made of excellent microfiber material, which keeps the overall heap of the towel down while giving a comparative water maintenance limit as cotton or fabric towels.

The microfiber blend usually is 80% polyester and 20% polyamide (nylon) – giving an excellent concordance among weight and comfort.

Moreover, this material ensures that the towel is suitable for taking out soil, mud, and sand without holding this grime.

The thickness of these towels’ material, imparted similarly to GSM or Grams per Square Meter, goes from 250-400 GSM.

Without a doubt, even the shammies with noodle strings have microfiber strands on one side and terry microfiber surface on the other.

The sides of the towel are sewed or sewed with a microfiber string or polyester official.

Twofold and triple sewed edges give more brilliant robustness and prevent fraying; notwithstanding, they can extend the towel’s free weight and drying season.

Take a gander at the structure material before picking the best dog towel for your pup.

When in doubt, pick one of our top choices, as I have referenced the best microfiber dog towels envelopes recently by this blog.

Drying Abilities

The essential function of picking a dog shower towel is to dry the pet after a shower or plunge in the pool or wipe away soil, mud, or sand from the cover-up.

So plainly, you need a pet towel that has fantastic wicking abilities to ingest soddenness and grime, not just oust it off the stowaway.

Considering that various dogs have harsh qualities, a dog towel must be suitable for wicking 0.5 – 1.5 cups of soddenness, so you would require a towel that can acclimatize in any function 5x times its weight.

Moreover, it would be useful for the pet to clean the body’s dirt and mud.

Immovably related to the wicking and maintenance limit is the ability to dry quickly after use.

It is significant for outside excursions, similar to outing or seashores.

Size and weight

Moreover, the towel’s size is something you would need to ponder before picking the best dog towel for your doggy.

Microfiber Dog towels are available in different shapes and sizes as per their sorts.

Any towel with a more discreet size would introduce inconvenience in cleaning a medium to an enormous dog, and you are in an ideal circumstance getting a pet towel glove.

Take a gander at the overall size of the towel before picking the best microfiber dog towels for your pets.

A lot of useful information would be available on the website of the manufacturer. Do check it!

Microfiber Dog Towels – Care Tips

Microfiber Dog Towels - Care Tips

Since most dog towels are delivered utilizing microfiber, you’ll need to use care when cleaning, drying, and taking care of it.

Here are my recommendations for washing up towel wrap:

  • Shake the towel overwhelmingly to take out as much shed hair as is possible. It’s reliably a wise idea to do as such outside.
  • Wring the towel out to dispense with, anyway, much water as could sensibly be normal.
  • You must always use microfiber dog towels on a delicate cycle with simple soaps.
  • Try not to wash such towels on a life cycle and do whatever it takes not to use unforgiving chemicals – it will hurt the microfiber material.
  • Remove the towel from the garments washer and wring out the excess soddenness.
  • Place the towel in the dryer or as recommended by the maker.
  • Abstain from using purifying operators simultaneously, as they’ll hurt the microfiber.
  • Roll up the towel. Store it in a dry spot.

Advantages of Using Microfiber Dog Towels

Have you ever thought – why exactly do we need to buy microfiber dog towels? Why don’t we just use regular towels that we use for ourselves?

Read this section to get answers to your doubts and questions.

In case you’re reluctant about getting a dog towel, envision whenever you take your dog for a walk, and there’s an unexpected downpour.

Mud, soil, water gets everywhere on your dog’s jacket or coat. It is a pretty dreadful landscape once you return home, except if you have one of these items.

The dog towels clean everything and are very easy to use.

Dog towels are genuinely agreeable. To such an extent that the dogs will regularly lay unobtrusively on the spot as you clean their guts and each other messy zone.

You also get freedom from wet dog smells.

Having a dog is magnificent. However, managing them when they’re wet could demolish more than one towel or a bit of material. Nonetheless, a dog towel figures out how to clean our pets thoroughly, and there won’t be any terrible scents after that.


Q: How long do microfiber dog towels for dog last?

A: The life expectancy of a dog towel is, for the most part, around a year. In any case, it relies upon how routinely you use it and the nature of the materials used to deliver them.

Q: Can I utilize an ordinary towel on my dog?

A: The inquiry here isn’t if you can, however, whether you should. Dog towels are items intended for them, contemplating their size and coat.

These things also offer notable highlights, such as hand pockets, making it simple to think about them once they finish their shower.

Q: How would I keep my towel looking great?

A: You can keep your towel in good condition by regularly washing, drying them in the air, and storing them at proper places.


Microfiber Dog Towels Pin Image

Although elegant and clean bread, dogs sometimes enjoy having fun in the park or on the beaches.

We cannot constrict them to four walls of homes with the fear of them getting dirty. Your dogs must be allowed the freedom to move about as they like, every once in a while.

I realize your concern that they might get dirty and have to do the hard word to get them clean.

With the best microfiber dog towels, our dearest pets would now be able to go out and have some fun in the mud, beaches, and parks.

When they finish, these materials ensure they get dry and warm after a shower.

I hope you find my write-up useful in selecting the best microfiber towel for your dogs.