7 Amazing Royal English Bulldog Names


When I first heard the name ‘English’ bulldog, I supposed some medieval British ones to be considered the Royal English Bulldog Names.

The phrase itself reminds us of the grandeur of various eras etched into literature.

I am quite sure the English bulldog might have some ancestral connection to the times of The Age of Wordsworth.

Before romanticizing further, I will get you acquainted with the English bulldog and then mention some Royal English Bulldog names with their references.

Royal English Bulldog Names

George: Inspired by George VI, father of currently ruling monarch, Queen Elizabeth II. He was known for being a war hero in the Battle of Britain and was the Commonwealth nation’s head.

Henry: This one out of the list of Royal English Bulldog names is dedicated to Henry VIII, the mighty ruler of the Tudor dynasty. His matrimonial involvement laid the foundations of the English Reformation.

Mary: Named after the first woman monarch of England, Queen Mary I or popularly known as ‘bloody mary.’ She was a fierce and committed ruler. Also, she was the daughter of King Henry VIII.

Due to her father’s death, Mary ascended to the throne at six days old. Another queen with the same name was Mary, the Queen of Scots.

She is one of the best known in the history of Scotland. It was her son – James I, who succeeded Elizabeth I.

Anne: Queen Anne was the princess of Denmark who ruled England in the 1700s. She was the last monarch of the Stuart dynasty.

William: This one refers to ‘William- the Conqueror,’ king of England. He earned the title because of his heroic display at the Conquest of England in 1066.

William was the first Norman King, and every monarch after him are his descendants even still, making it one of the best choices among the list of Royal English bulldog names.

Lizzy: you can shorten it like this for Elizabeth, but the name itself has so much power that it may get intense.

If you consider this as one of the royal English bulldog names, you must know it is after Queen Elizabeth I, also known as the virgin queen. England is believed to be flourishing during her reign of 45 years.

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Edward: This one is inspired by Edward I, great-grandson of Queen Victoria. He was a very accomplished ruler with knowledge and great public education.

He was the one who established the parliament as a permanent institution.

These are the only monarchs England has seen, but some of the most powerful and prominent. If you wish to call the king or queen of your heart uniquely, bestowing one of the Royal English bulldog names is a good idea.

The English Bulldog History | Royal English Bulldog Names

The English Bulldog History

Often referred to as the English Bulldog or the British Bulldog, the breed’s legends of origin have a bloody history in England.

It originated from battling mastiffs brought by the Romans to the British Isles and used in a bull-baiting bloody sport. 

Today, however, the bulldog resembles his ancestors only marginally in appearance. And all the exuberance in the bull-baiting pens he exhibited? Gone away for good, I suppose.

You will be hard-pressed to find a dog with a sweeter, more caring temperament, despite his still intimidating nature.

For most breeds of dogs, bulldogs are never confused. It is a medium-sized dog with a limited-slung, thick-set frame. Their short-muzzled heads are square and huge. They have broad shoulders and necks, thick and pudgy.

Although the Bulldogs are quite short and hence down to earth, they are large and robust.

Their wide heads have cheeks reaching to the sides of their eyes, and they have dense wrinkles on the skin of their foreheads.

Cleaning those wrinkles is of utmost importance. I clean fluffy’s (my bulldog) face wrinkles using the Pogi’s Grooming Wipes.

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A Bulldog has a droopy upper lip and an undershot of his lower jaw. Consequently, his lower teeth stick out further than his upper teeth.

The English Bulldog’s jaws are huge and powerful, intended to grab on and cling on to his adversary.

The Bulldogs have dark, round eyes. Their ears are tiny and thin, like a rose, pulled back. Their short tails on their rumps are borne short.

The muscular body of The Bulldog causes him to have a noticeable gait. They walk with more of a strut than a walk since their stocky legs are set at each corner of his body.

A type of loose-jointed, scooting, sideways roll parallels it. Their noticeable gait often reminds me of the British royals, on which I decided to explore royal English bulldog names.

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It seems hard for women to whelp puppies without support because their shoulders are much broader than their rear ends.

Also, because they have comparatively big heads, most have to opt for cesarean sections to deliver their puppies, so breeding a bulldog is a costly undertaking.

Today’s Bulldogs are raised to be sweet and gentle and kind, notwithstanding modern representations of them as vicious dogs. They are determined and brave, but they are not out to provoke a fight.

When they are old, they always have a calm dignity about them, and while they are polite and playful, they can be a little obstinate and defend their families.

Bulldogs love humans. They are great attention seekers and love nothing more than sitting comfortably next to their owners.

The true luxury they get is perhaps snoring with their heads in their laps while sleeping and still getting all the love. 

It’s doubtful that The Bulldog will be an obedience-trial success, but he never forgets it once he knows something.

One of his or her weakness is enjoyable training sessions that include various steps. Repetition and constructive strengthening via food rewards and affirmation is a great illustration.

Sadly, the bulldog’s unusual body and head structure make him susceptible to health issues, especially breathing and joint difficulties. If they don’t get enough exercise, they will easily become obese and overweight.

Too much weight strains their bodies and can make chronic health conditions worsen. For maintaining his or her physique and health, people provide them with necessary supplements in their older ages.

For this purpose, the Pet NC Natural care hip and joint soft chews provide a great amount of joint strength.

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Your bulldog could be interested in a while in such a match, but then you’ll find him resting back at your side, reminding you of your grand-papa. These gestures make you adore him no matter what.

English Bulldogs in England | Royal English Bulldog Names

English Bulldogs in England

The bulldog is a dog much different from his predecessors today. The Bulldog breed was developed entirely in England, derived from ancient mastiff-type dogs.

The first mention of the breed was in 1500, the portrayal of a man “with two Bolddogges at his tayle …” In a practice called bull baiting, formerly, the-fierce dogs were used included the dog catching and vigorously shaking the bull’s nose.

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Possibly, bull-baiting had a purpose; it was believed to tenderize the meat of the bull. For many years, this practice has been said to “thin” the bull’s blood and make its meat softer after being slaughtered.

This conviction was so high that many places in England had rules forcing bulls to be baited before they were killed.

Bullbaiting was banned in England in 1835, after several years of controversy. Many assumed that the bulldog would vanish because he no longer had a target.

The bulldog wasn’t an endearing friend at the moment. The most aggressive and brave dogs have been selectively trained to be bull-baiters for decades.

They lived to combat against the bulls, the tigers, and everything else was put in front of them. It was all they recognized.

Despite this, many individuals appreciated the endurance, strength, and determination of the bulldog.

Instead of the hostility needed for the baiting arena, these few decided to save the look and develop them to have a sweet, friendly demeanor.

And then they re-engineered the bulldog. Deeply committed, patient breeders began to choose only those dogs that had a domesticated breeding temperament.

It was not permitted for aggressive and hyperactive dogs to reproduce. These breeders made the bulldog into the gentle, affectionate dog by concentrating their emphasis on the bulldog’s temperament.

While you are treating your dogs like a prince or princess, sometimes naming them might mean a good way to acknowledge the royal status they hold in your heart.

Here mentioned are some of what are like Royal English bulldog names. These names depict the strong, powerful, and robust nature of bulldogs, resembling the British Empire’s monarchs.

The searches and possibilities are endless, while the other European empires were quite famous too.

I strongly believe that what you call your dog shapes their personalities. Do make it a point to search the internet for some great tips on naming your puppy some of ‘no non-veg’ characteristic.

I hope this article helps you get valuable insight and get inspiration to name your English bulldog with this list’s help.

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