Can French Bulldog Eat Strawberries? 8 Important Questions


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Can French Bulldog eat strawberries? As a dog owner, you want the best for your French Bulldog. You wish that he/she is healthy and happy every second of the day. Most dog owners dream of this optimistic scenario and attempt to feed their fur baby with fruits and vegetables.

But, at the back of your mind as a French Bulldog owner, there’s always a question: Can French Bulldog eat strawberries?

When I adopted Fluffy, my French Bulldog, I also had the same concern as any other dog owner:

Can French Bulldog Eat Strawberries?

To resolve this concern, I decided to consult with my vet, who replied, “It’s perfectly okay if your Frenchie loves to eat strawberries. However, it is best to only feed this to your French Bulldog in moderation. Keep this in mind; strawberries should not be a part of the regular diet of your doggie.

Be careful while serving any fruit or vegetable to your Frenchie. Strawberries are one of the most healthy and nutritional things that can be fed to your dog.

Strawberries are not dangerous for your furry pal to consume. The reason for ensuring that your Frenchie eats them in moderation is due to the content present in it. The fact of the matter is every fruit contains a certain amount of sugar.

If your fur baby eats sugar way too often, it can result in stomach aches. Hence, I advise to get in touch with your veterinarian to know the precise amount of strawberries that you can feed your French Bulldog such that it does not result in a health issue. Usually, it is dependent on your furry pal’s health and his ability to handle the strawberries.”

What Makes Strawberries good for Your French Bulldog?

Strawberries consist of naturally sweet, and they are quite tasty. This is the reason due to which your French Bulldog will enjoy eating it. French Bulldogs will perhaps enjoy eating them during the summer and spring as strawberries are available in these two seasons.

Strawberries are healthy for your Frenchie as it contains a rich source of fiber and Omega-3. Fiber is known to control digestive issues. On the other hand, Omega-3 keeps your furry pal’s skin and hair healthy.

On top of that, strawberries also contain enough vitamin C, B1, B6, and K to ensure that your fur baby is in the pink of their health. As per Pet Central, strawberries are also great for the immune system of your French Bulldog.

It also consists of the right proportion of potassium, magnesium, iodine, and folic acid. This makes strawberries great for the health of dogs and even humans. Even PetMD proclaims that strawberries can assist in reducing the chances of inflammation.

So, this goes to show that strawberries are, in fact, good for your French Bulldog, albeit if you give them in moderation to your pet.

What Makes Strawberries Bad for Your Frenchie?

Anything that your fur baby eats in excess can cause harm to their body – even fruits and vegetables.

Even though you consider them healthy.

The sugar content present in strawberries can adversely affect your French Bulldog, which can result in stomach ache if they eat way too many.

It can even result in gastrointestinal problems.

The best thing you can do as a concerned dog owner is to ensure that your Frenchie only eats strawberries on special occasions. Like I do with Fluffy. I give Fluffy Fruitables Greek Strawberry Yogurt Crunchy Dog Treats in moderation whenever he showcases positive behavior in front of guests.

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Always inquire from your veterinarian about the precise amount of strawberries that you can feed to your furry pal.

It is a known fact that this particular breed can handle strawberries; however, every dog is unique in its way. You never know when you doggy might have problems digesting the strawberries.

In case you grow the strawberries yourself on your farm, ensure that your dog’s access to that area is strictly restricted. If you employ sprays or chemicals like pesticides on your strawberries, it would be best if you avoid feeding them to your fur baby.

The reason being, these chemicals can harm the health of your pooch. Just imagine what might happen if they happen to sneak off and eat more strawberries than they are allowed to.

Canna-Pet recommends that once your French Bulldog has eaten the strawberries monitor their behavior and actions. If you find any significant difference consult with your veterinarian immediately.

What if you are Unable to Get Strawberries Because They are Out of Season?


When strawberries are out of season, certain dog owners contemplate that switching to canned strawberries or processed strawberries is the best alternative.

This is not correct, as it can cause more damage to your doggy’s body. The reason being, most of the canned strawberries contain high amounts of sugar or syrup.

In case you do not find sugar in the canned strawberries, they are most likely to contain a liquid packed in sugar itself.

Strawberries are covered in liquid to make them last longer in the can. This adds way too many calories. And certain cans also consist of xylitol added in it.

This is the trickiest part of selecting the best foods for your fur baby. There might be times when you will not see sugar as an ingredient on the packing, but it will be named something different.

This is why I recommend you to enquire with your veterinarian first before feeding anything to your dog. This includes those food products where you cannot see “sugar” or “chocolate” in the list of ingredients on the packaging.

There are also times when excessive eating of strawberries can result in an allergic reaction in French Bulldogs. In certain rare cases, this can get very serious and might even endanger the life of your furry pal. If you find your doggy finding it difficult to breathe or swallow, contact your vet immediately.

How to feed Strawberries?

When you ask your vet, “can French Bulldogs eat strawberries?” and get an affirmative answer always ensure that the strawberries you serve them are fresh and organic.

Never give your pet strawberries that have been covered in preservatives or any pesticides. Once you opened the packaging, rinse them off with cold water as soon as possible.

Petplan proposes to try and feed the dog strawberries in a frozen form. You can even mix the strawberries with other fruits and vegetables to make a salad.

Always keep this in mind: Dogs choke even on small things. Hence, make sure that you cut the strawberries into small, biteable pieces so that your Frenchie can gulp them easily.

CanIGiveMyDog suggests giving strawberries as a treat instead of a wholesome meal.

What are the Things to Avoid While Giving Strawberries to Your French Bulldog?

Never give your doggy canned strawberries or strawberries in syrup as it contains high amounts of sugar, which can be life-threatening for dogs. Also, skip those who are covered with chocolate.

Never overfeed strawberries to your furry pal, as too much of any food can result in digestive distress.

Can French Bulldog Eat Strawberry Leaves?

French Bulldogs should not eat strawberry leaves because this part of the fruit is not safe for your fur baby to digest.

Hence, I recommend all the Frenchie parents to keep strawberry leaves away from the reach of these four-legged pals. And in case they happen to ingest even the smallest proportion of strawberry leaves, take professional assistance immediately.

Are French Bulldogs Allergic to Strawberries?

The majority of French Bulldogs are not allergic to strawberries. However, keep this in mind that all dogs are unique. Like humans, they can have allergies to certain foods that might be safe for the majority.

For this very reason, I recommend dog owners to slowly introduce the strawberry treats to the four-legged friends in small quantities so that they can safely observe how their fur baby reacts to the treatment.

In case you notice any discomfort after the doggy eats the strawberries, seek professional help from your vet immediately.

How Many Strawberries Should I Give to My Frenchie?

According to veterinarians and animals, nutritionists treat like strawberries should not be more than 10% of a dog’s daily food intake.

An average-sized French Bulldog weighing 25 pounds should roughly eat about 600-700calories worth of dog food daily.

This means the daily strawberry treat intake of a French Bulldog should be approximately 60-75calories.

On average, strawberry contains 5-10 calories, so using this as a guideline, you can determine the precise amount of strawberries that your Frenchie needs to be given.

It has been observed that a French Bulldog can safely eat approximately six strawberries daily provided that you give the fruit only as a treat for that day.

Final Verdict: Can French Bulldogs Eat Strawberries?


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So, can French bulldogs eat strawberries? As you can see, strawberries can be given to your French Bulldogs, albeit in moderation.

Make it a practice to give out the fruit as a treat to your fur baby whenever they perform a positive action. This way, you can limit their consumption of strawberries and also keep them happy at all times!

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