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With Halloween around the corner, dressing up your pooch with amazing French bulldog costumes is needed as much as the perfect costume for you.

If you include proper measurements as well as decorative elements, your Frenchie is bound to turn heads.

In the following write-up, I will be focusing on some important instructions before designing the basic structure of French bulldog costumes.

On top of that, I will suggest some really cool French bulldog costumes’ idea.

Points to Consider Before Making French Bulldog Costumes

Points to Consider Before Making French Bulldog Costumes

Assembling or Creating French bulldog costumes has been in trend for many years. The very element of the costume is funny and adorable, always make you want to make a good costume.

1. Be Aware of your Restrictions

I don’t necessarily mean YOUR limits by this. I say those puppies. Let’s face it: your dog just doesn’t want to wear a mask at all. Dogs just don’t want something to wear at all.

I filmed ‘fluffy,’ my dog’s reaction video, the first moment he ever had a collar put on him. He doesn’t comprehend what it is and doesn’t completely understand how it functions on his own foot, but he knows that he doesn’t want it on his neck.

So please note what your dog will handle safely when you bring up the concept of your outfit. If your Frenchie is not comfortable wearing a hat,  do not try coming up with a hat-dependent costume.

2. Begin with the Basics

Just three basic components make a simple, regular pattern for most French bulldog costumes. If you catch my meaning, hats are not appropriate or cover up any places you really shouldn’t conceal. 

An additional big advantage to this technique is that you don’t have to push your dog’s arms or head into sleeves or neck holes; as he just stands there, it all ties together around him.

To create your pattern bits, use some tracing paper or spare cloth. The first piece is a “coat,” covering the back and torso.

Second, comes the “cumberbund” attaching the sides of the coat around the belly, and a “neckpiece or shirtfront” attaching the sides of the coat over the front (and, if desired for your style, even down to the cumberbund).

French bulldog costumes

To decide the correct dimensions of these parts for your dog, use a tape measure. To bind the other sides, select a closure tool-I’ve always used Velcro, but if that’s not available or accessible to you, buttons or snaps are perfect. If you have a full front shirt, you’ll want to add another closure to the center front of the cumberbund connecting the bottom.

One hand of both the cumberbund and the shirtfront are firmly attached to one side of the sweater.

3. Build Your Costume Around The Basic Frame 

Make-up your costume to fit it now that you have the foundation! And without hats, it isn’t as restricting as it would seem.

Assume that you want to make a costume for St. Patrick’s Day. How about Albert Einstein? All right, let’s find a Google image. You now understand how your pattern bits can be embellished!

Queen Victoria? The same bargain. The little tiara can sell this costume a little better, of course, but add it to a group costume, and suddenly the tiara hat seems insignificant.

With this basic pattern, historical figures aren’t all you can make. How about a cab from Los Angeles? An optional driver’s license. How about a car on the metro? 

You can also dress your Frenchie as a legendary or Egyptian God-Dog head. Just add some heads and silk fabric around its waist.

These French bulldog costumes all have the same fundamental structure.

Choose The Correct French Bulldog Costumes

Choose The Correct French Bulldog Costumes

Halloween is not just for humans anymore. Estimates say that by dressing those up in costume this year, up to 16 percent of owners plan to get their pet interested in the fun.

In reality, Halloween costumes and pet accessories are so iconic that they are worth approximately $440 million in the sector!

Although there are some crazy, quirky, and downright ridiculous pet costumes out there, and you can really let your imagination run wild, it is vital to keep your dog’s protection in mind.

Your Frenchie doesn’t actually have the same threat idea as you do. This is largely because he can possibly be aware of possible dangers like tripping or walking around an open flame in a flammable outfit while wearing his suit.

Here are our top 5 tips for choosing a fun but secure French Bulldog costume to enable you and your dog to enjoy Halloween to its optimum.

1. Pick costumes that do not block the senses of your dog

Cute or smart headpieces are part of many Halloween costumes for dogs. As humans, we can all too well imagine how frustrating it can be to wear a mask that restricts our vision or ventilation, and your pet should be subject to the same concern.

In reality, many dogs may not grasp why one or more of their senses have been blocked unexpectedly, and this may cause them to feel nervous or downright upset, not quite the enjoyable Halloween participation you were preparing for.

Make sure you pick costumes that do not have any parts that will impair the sight or hearing of your dog!

2. Stop choosing costumes with lots of loose fabric and embellishments dangling

They can look nice, but lots of tiny parts are a choking hazard waiting to happen on your pet’s suit. They will fall off if he is not irritated or intrigued by them and chew them off himself, and he may eat them afterward.

Even something like a button, a potentially life-threatening situation, could create interference in your dog’s respiratory system. Likewise, even though the object is swallowed, it may get trapped in the intestine of your dog and cause all sorts of problems.

3. Choose a costume he can freely walk about in

Will you like to wear a costume that means you’re not able to sit down, go to the bathroom or walk around properly? Your pet doesn’t either. When searching for an outfit for your canine friend, mobility should be a primary priority. He should never find himself unable to walk, sit, lie, or step about at any point.

4. Choose a costume which is fire resistant  

Although you will certainly do whatever you can to ensure that no open flames come into contact with your pet, many French bulldog costumes are made of highly flammable substances.

There is a possibility that his costume will go ablaze if your dog comes near something hot, putting his life and those of individuals and animals around him at threat.

5. Ensure that your dog is visible

 It’s going to be dark outside, and it’s advisable to make sure your bulldog can be seen. If there is even a possibility that your dog could be moving into your backyard or beyond, spotting him would get difficult otherwise.  

If he tries to escape, this will make him easier to find and less likely to be harmed by passing vehicles. Pick a good costume that has reflective strips where possible, or add your own neon accessories!

Do-It-Yourself French Bulldog Costumes For Halloween

Do-It-Yourself French Bulldog Costumes For Halloween

Sure, there are plenty of costumes available online as well as offline markets for your dog. But there are certain drawbacks too in buying readymade outfits.

In one situation, the exact piece you wanted might not be available in the size you asked for, or it may be sold out because of high demands. On the other hand, the price of your desired costume may be exceeding the budget you dedicated to your French bulldog costumes.

In such cases, having D-I-Y creativity might come useful. Here are some examples of French bulldog costumes for Halloween that you can craft yourself.

1. Pumpkin Lantern Pup

What is more classic than a pumpkin-themed Halloween Costume? A DIY pumpkin costume! All you have to do is

  1. Take a black hairband with an orange bow attached (if you have a girl). In male bulldogs, make a paper cone with orange paper or stick orange fabric on it and make it a hat. Pass a string through the base of your cap to help knot it and secure it. For more, stick some green woolen threads or strips of fabric on the top.
  2. Buy a pumpkin face basket (readily available everywhere) and make your bulldog hold it in its mouth. Such an adorable kid to give candies to!
  3. If you have orange and black striped socks, make your dog wear two pairs of socks on all four limbs. If you don’t take plain black socks and make orange stripes on it using fabric color.
  4. You can also arrange a photo-shoot of your bulldog by decorating the back of your walls with bat stickers by HOZZQ DIY Halloween Party Supplies.

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

2. Giant Loofah

Imagine a really huge bathtub and your cute pooch as the Loofah. So adorable!

All you have to do is Collect some mesh fabric or tulle and a dog-shirt. You can choose a basic shirt/sweater like the Fashion Focus On Pet Dog Clothes Knitwear Dog Sweater. Its thickness will ensure proper sewing of mesh or tulle.

  1.  Then, gather up the mesh (starting from the back of the neck) and manually sew it into place.
  2. Make your way around the front of the neck while sewing the fabric into place. When clumping your mesh, make sure to maintain a nice realistic look. Then, sew the Loofah-like fabric into place.
  3.  Next, start with your mesh around the dog’s waist (still keeping the nice full look when fitting snugly). Take off any extra fabric until you have wrapped the entire shirt.
  4. Pair it with a matching or white rope leash, and the new Loofah outfit is ready for your dog to grab adoring eyeballs!

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

3. Unicorn Costume

Unicorn Costume french bulldog
  1. Creating a unicorn horn is the first part of this costume. Take the shiny gold fabric first, then roll it into a pipe.
  2. To seal the “cone,” use a glue gun, next, by cutting it round and flat, even out the horn’s base.
  3. Stuff the interior of the horn with poly-fil to assure the horn, remains upright. By cutting a circular piece of leftover gold cloth, close the bottom of the horn and stitch it to the horn base.
  4. Next, create hair for the rainbow. Take the rainbow yarn or multi-colored woolen threads and cut 4 inch long sets of wool. The principle is to use rainbow yarn for hair to fill the felt pad.
  5. Heat up the gun with glue. Apply hot glue to a small portion of the felt while holding the yarn at the same length.
  6. Apply the hot glue to the yarn’s end and remember to keep the front and sides of the felt pad in a clear trend. Continue to glue and fill the white felt with the yarn.
  7. Sew the ribbon to each end of the felt pad.  
  8. Below the horn, the top ribbon holds the horn on the head of the dog. To hold the hair in place, the lower ribbon is secured around the body of the dog.

Halloween is a fun time for us as well as our dogs. Great costumes would make them look eye-catching and adorable to onlookers. Selecting French bulldog costumes, making a costume, and dressing your pooch isn’t as simple as it seems. From knowing the basics of purchasing the right kind, the process of selecting a costume for your dog is a long but fun task.

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