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One question that popped up in my mind while getting an English bulldog was How many puppies do English bulldogs have? Puppies are very cute, and who doesn’t want them?

Playing with puppies can be a lot of fun. There are plenty of breeds of dogs all around the world.

All are different from each other and have different sizes and bodies. The English bulldogs also have different experiences with the birth procedure, just like all other dogs.

Key Takeaways

  1. Litter Size: English Bulldogs typically have smaller litters compared to other breeds, with an average litter size of 3-5 puppies. However, litters can range in size from 1-7 puppies.
  2. Breeding Age: English Bulldogs should not be bred until they are at least 2 years old and have been cleared by a veterinarian for breeding. Breeding too early can lead to health complications for both the mother and the puppies.
  3. Care During Pregnancy: Pregnant English Bulldogs require special care and attention to ensure a healthy pregnancy and delivery. They should be fed a high-quality diet and provided with plenty of rest and exercise. It’s also important to monitor their health closely and seek veterinary care if any issues arise during pregnancy or delivery.

How many puppies do English bulldogs have? An average English bulldog can have 3 to 5 puppies at once.

Some English Bulldogs can also give birth to more than four puppies but could seriously health issues to your English bulldog.

It is better to have fewer puppies rather than risking your bulldog’s life.

Talking about English bulldogs, it is not easy for the dog to conceive. To bring a litter of English bulldog puppies needs artificial insemination of the female dog.

The gestation period of English bulldogs is approximately two months, similar to other canines. But their birth processes are different.

The owner of the English bulldog must schedule a cesarean section with your vet. English bulldog puppy’s head is large and can cause difficulties in passing through the birth canal.

So when I got this question, ‘How many puppies do English bulldogs have?’ I decided to explain everything about it.

English bulldog puppies are one of the most expensive breeds of puppies to purchase. However, some breeders buy the puppies considering that it will benefit them financially in the end.

But the difficulties that an English bulldog faces with pregnancy and birthing the puppies must not be overlooked.   

English Bulldogs are capable of giving three to four puppies in a litter. After bringing the mother and her puppies back home from the veterinary hospital, supervise the mother.

An English bulldog mother doesn’t understand much about motherhood. It is normal for an English bulldog mother to squish their offspring accidentally.

I suggest you; try keeping the puppies in a separate space such as a playpen by Zampa.

This warm and soft playpen is perfect for the puppies to play in. You can again put the puppies back to their mother when they need feeding.

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You must make sure that the English bulldog mother licks the puppies after feeding them. Licking the puppies simulates their bowel and urinary functions.

If you notice that the mother is not doing it, you should rub the puppies gently after meals so they will defecate and urinate.

As they become three weeks old, you can feed your puppies solid food and stop feeding them milk.

English bulldog puppies have short noses that can cause difficulty in chewing food as your bulldog’s vet about some special dog food like Pedigree designed for bulldog puppies for this particular purpose.

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

You must be confused about this whole thing about how many puppies do English bulldogs have and how to know if they can have more and so on. Let me give you some information that will be helpful to you in solving your confusion.   

How Many Puppies Do English Bulldogs Have In Their Lifetime?

How Many Puppies Do English Bulldogs Have In Their Lifetime? - INTYIMG

When it comes to English bulldogs, to make sure they are in good health and well-being, they must be bred three times in their entire lifetime.

If, by any chance, your English bulldog is bred more than that, then there can be serious health and welfare issues.

The English bulldogs have a shorter life span than other breeds. The Bulldogs live for about eight to ten years only.

English bulldogs become fertile when they are around six months old.

It is the best time and is advisable to begin the breeding process and plan pregnancies of their lifetime.    

If you are a person who is looking for a dog that can have more puppies and can breed for a larger number of times, then I think this is not the right choice for you.

English bulldogs are perfect in all other sorts when it comes to watching your children or playing with them.

Why Do English Bulldogs Birth Fewer Puppies than Others?

Why Do English Bulldogs Birth Fewer Puppies than Others?

If you look at the scenario here, the English bulldogs are small in size, and hence their litter of puppies is also small.

When we talk about bigger breeds such as Golden Retrievers and German Shepherds, they give birth to eight puppies at once.

This is simply because of the build-up of the body. They have much wider hips and have a huge body.

The dogs with larger bodies also have a larger wombs that can accommodate almost eight puppies at once.

The puppies can grow into the womb without having any risk to their development.

The mother’s health also doesn’t have any risk due to the size of the body.

Now, consider smaller breeds like English bulldogs and Yorkshire terriers, who birth three to four puppies at once.

Their build is comparatively small, and so they have smaller hips, bodies, and wombs.

They do not have the level of capacity that the larger canines tend to have. Their build helps them to nurture and birth a larger number of babies at once. 

Can English Bulldogs Have Natural Pregnancy?

Can English Bulldogs Have Natural Pregnancy?

All the dogs have their purposes. The English bulldog’s bodies are not ready for pregnancy and birthing.

You cannot just let your English bulldog mate with the male English bulldog to make them pregnant.

An English bulldog faces many difficulties while getting pregnant.

The only way your English bulldog can become pregnant is with the process of artificial insemination.

This process can be carried out at home, but the success rate is higher if you take your dog to a vet.

At the vet, your dog may find a comfortable and safe environment for this process.

If you still think how many puppies do English bulldogs have, then three to four is the number of puppies.

Having even four puppies is difficult for the English bulldog. Don’t think that it is easier for them to birth as they deliver less.  

Is It Possible For My English Bulldog To Give Birth Naturally?

Is It Possible For My English Bulldog To Give Birth Naturally?

The English bulldogs have two months of the gestation period, just like all other dogs. At the same time, the female English bulldogs will experience a condition called Dystocia. Dystocia is the term used by vets to show that there are difficulties in giving birth.

The English bulldogs have this condition of Dystocia as a result of fetal-pelvic disproportion.

It means that the puppies about to birth won’t pass the birth canal as it is smaller than the puppies.

The large size head of the English bulldog pups causes this issue in the English bulldogs.  

Dystocia is the major reason why it becomes difficult for English bulldogs to birth their pups naturally.

The only way an English bulldog can deliver her puppies is by cesarean.

The vets will opt for the same. Through this process, the puppies will be healthy and will survive the perilous times.

Just like any other dog with a cesarean, your English bulldog needs to take the maximum amount of rest and care. It would be best if you took her for regular checkups to the vet to heal properly.

It is the main reason why the vets recommend having a significant gap between their pregnancies.

The English bulldogs are strictly advised to have longer gaps between pregnancies than other breeds.

They need a year minimum to heal up from the former C-section procedure.      

Let’s talk about some tips to keep in mind while your English bulldog’s breeding and how many puppies do English bulldogs.

Dos and Don’ts and Some Necessary Precautions

What Should You Do?

  • The main thing to do is check whether your English bulldog’s body is healthy for such a procedure. You have to see whether she can go through everything or not.
  • Once you get your English bulldog, you must be ready for their expenses. It would help if you had enough finance to go through all the processes.
  • Don’t forget to get the correct paperwork done.
  • If your English bulldog is successful, do not keep thinking how many puppies do English bulldogs have. And wait for at least a year for another one.

What Shouldn’t You Do?

  • Do not opt for a natural birth process to save money. It may result in some dangerous situations as it could kill the mother as well as the puppies.
  • Care for the puppies once they come into this world too. The mother and the puppies require your care before and after birth. The English bulldog mothers are not like other mothers. There are chances they could make their little ones.

Before You Go

I’ll tell you this honestly and in a straightforward manner if you are someone who is looking for dogs that give birth to many puppies, then English bulldogs are not for you.

You may be searching for how many puppies do English bulldogs have, and there will be many more options if you want more.

You must be mentally and financially ready to go through all the processes with your English bulldog.

It is a very crucial time for them, and they need your affection a lot. You are the one who has to take care of anything that is going on with them.


How many puppies do English bulldogs usually have?

English bulldogs typically have litters of 4-5 puppies, although litters can range from 1-7 puppies.

How often do English bulldogs have puppies?

English bulldogs typically have puppies once or twice a year, although this can vary depending on the individual dog and breeding practices.

Do English bulldogs have small litters?

Yes, English bulldogs are known for having relatively small litters compared to other dog breeds.

Can English bulldogs have large litters?

While it is possible for English bulldogs to have larger litters, it is not common due to their physical characteristics and breeding limitations.

How long is the gestation period for English bulldogs?

The gestation period for English bulldogs is typically around 63 days, although it can range from 58-68 days.

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