How to Train an English Bulldog? 4 Best Ways!


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How to train an English bulldog is a real task. English bulldogs are adorable and affectionate but can become very stubborn in training sessions. If you ask me how to train an English bulldog, I will follow some effective steps.

The steps make it easy for you to train your bulldogs. English bulldogs can sometimes make the training challenging for you. But you must have all your patience and tolerance while training your bulldog.

After the training, your English bulldog will become your disciplined and loving companion.

How to train an English bulldog? To train your English bulldog, you have to teach it certain rules and commands.

These will help your bulldog behave in the house as well as outdoors.

Train your pet with all your patience and these effective tips. These tips will teach them the importance of being obedient to their owner.

Praise him for his good behavior, and you are good to go.

English bulldogs can only be trained properly if you maintain consistency. You have to put some effort into their training and teaching them to behave.

How to train an English bulldog with their behavior and discipline are very important aspects. You can only understand the training by going through some steps.

There are three types of training that you have to give your bulldog:

  1. House Training
  2. Obedience Training
  3. Crate Training

How To Train an English Bulldog For Indoors?

How To Train an English Bulldog For Indoors?

House training your English bulldog focuses on giving potty training to your English bulldog.

Fix an Outdoor Bathroom Spot

Your bulldog cannot be eliminated inside the house. Hence they will need someplace outside to do that. If you have a backyard at your place, then fix a certain spot in the backyard where they can eliminate.

If you don’t have a backyard, then select a place in your usual walking route. This place must be safe for him to eliminate.

You will have to make your bulldog eliminate at the same fixed place every time. They will know that this is the right place to eliminate as the place will have their scent.

Make a Regular Bathroom Schedule

A proper schedule is very important for your English bulldog. They should know when they will be going outside for effective training.

This is very important for English bulldog puppies. If you own an English bulldog puppy, don’t forget to take them out after certain activities such as playing, drinking, and eating.

An English bulldog puppy needs to be taken out anywhere for about 4 to 10 times a day. Simultaneously, an adult English bulldog needs to go out for a walk 3 to 4 times a day.    

If you own an adult or elder English bulldog, then consider taking them out after his meals too. If you have busy working hours, then opt to hire a pet sitter or ask a relative/neighbor to take your dog out during the day.

Give Good Remarks When Your Bulldog Eliminates Outside

It would help if you always told your bulldog when they do something right, especially during house training. Whenever your bulldog eliminates the chosen spot, praise them with ‘Good Dog’ or ‘Well Done.’

By praising them, they will get more motivation to eliminate at the same spot. You should always give your bulldog positive training to make him learn fast.

Clean Up If Your Bulldog Eliminates By Mistake

While house training, there will be situations when your bulldog will be eliminated into the house by mistake. This can frequently happen with puppies.

Clean the spot where they are eliminated by using an enzymatic cleaner to prevent them from being eliminated at the same spot. Never punish your bulldog for this, especially when you didn’t catch him doing it.

If you punish them without catching them, they will not connect the punishment with its purpose. There are also chances that your bulldog will fear to eliminate when you’re around.

Always make sure that your bulldog is not around when you clean the mess they created. If they see you cleaning, they might think that eliminating the inside is fine as you are ready to clean it up.

If you catch your bulldog eliminating inside the house, tell “No” strictly and take them out immediately. Praise them when they eliminate outside to teach them the difference.

How To Train an English Bulldog To Get Into Discipline?

How To Train an English Bulldog To Get Into Discipline?

Obedience training is very crucial and beneficial. Your bulldog must know how to behave around unknown people.

How to train an English bulldog discipline is what I am going to tell here.

Training Sessions Must Be Short

English bulldogs cannot pay attention to a single thing for a very long time. They can only concentrate for a maximum of 10 minutes, and after that, even if you keep training, they won’t pay attention.

The training sessions should be fun-loving and positive. They shouldn’t feel bored during the training; otherwise, they will become inattentive.

One Session, One Command

While training your bulldogs with commands, try teaching them once per session. Your bulldog may get confused and may not learn anything if more commands are taught at a time.

Focus on a single command and keep teaching them that repeatedly until they excel. You will require patience as they may take a while to learn.

Begin the training with some very basic commands such as sit, stand, and stay.

English bulldogs love their food and can be possessive of it. Teach them commands like ‘drop it’ and ‘leave it’ to make them realize when to let go of the food.

You can also opt for professional obedience training to teach them some basic commands. It may add to their obedience skills.

Train Your Bulldog Inside and Keep Giving Them Water

Bulldogs can have difficulty breathing due to their short faces. Bulldogs love being in a temperature-controlled room with no heat or humidity because of their breathing problem.

While training takes up a lot of energy, bulldogs can have breathing issues. To prevent this, give them plenty of water in between the training sessions.   

How to Train an English Bulldog With Crates?

How to Train an English Bulldog With Crates?

Get a Crate

Crate training is very important as it also can protect them from household hazards and emergencies. Your bulldog should feel comfortable in his crate.

Firstly, get the right size crate for your bulldog. I got EliteField 3-Door Folding Soft Dog Crate for my dog Fluffy, and to be honest. He loves to be in there.

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

Make sure the crate you buy is spacious enough for your English bulldog to sit, stand, and lie easily. It shouldn’t also be so big that he creates his bathroom area in there.

Your Bulldog Should Feel At Home

The crate must be kept in a place with the safety and comfort of your bulldog. They will only spend time in the crate if they feel pleasant in there.

In the initial days, I tried putting Fluffy’s favorite Luciphia Super Soft Fluffy Premium Fleece Pet Blanket Flannel Throw for Dog Puppy and some of his toys inside the crate. You can make the crate as cozy as you can for your bulldog to start using it.

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

Make Your Dog Crate Friendly

Force your bulldog to explore the crate as much as he can. Bulldogs are motivated a lot by food. Try putting some food inside the crate, so they get encouragement to enter the crate.

As soon as your bulldog enters the crate, praise him with good commands. This will let him know that going inside the crate is a good thing.

Leave the door of the crate open, so they can explore their crates whenever they want to. Teach them the crate and commands like ‘Enter the Crate’ followed by verbal praise and a treat immediately.

Leave Your Bulldog Inside The Crate

When your English bulldog enters the crate on their own, try to close the door from behind. In the beginning, please close the door for a few seconds and then let them out.

If your bulldog starts whining inside, wait until he stops before opening the door. When your bulldog gets comfortable in the crate, repeat the same but with random time lengths.

If you open the door before they calm down, they will get used to crying and whining about grabbing your attention. So train them patiently and positively.

When we talk about puppies, they cannot have their bladder for a long time. So their crate must be kept open for a long time until they become 12 months old.

Whenever you are at home, spend more time with your bulldogs while they are in the crate. Bulldogs love being around people and are very friendly.

You must socialize and interact with them to make them feel less lonely. You can also talk to your dogs like I do, they cannot talk to us, but it is a great comfort to talk to them.

No Punishment Crate

Never use the crate as a place for punishment. The crate is supposed to be the place for the safety and comfort of the dogs

If your bulldog misbehaves, do not send him to the crate even if you are angry at them. The crate is supposed to be a place with positivity and shouldn’t make your dog feel like a jail.

Before You Go

English bulldogs may be stubborn but they are also highly food-motivated, making them trainable through positive reinforcement techniques.

Be patient, keep sessions short and fun, and always end on a positive note. Consistency is key. Consider enrolling in a puppy kindergarten class to help socialize your bulldog and work on basic commands.

Obedience training will build your bond and help your bulldog behave well at home and in public. With time, patience, and treats, you can teach an English bulldog to sit, stay, come, and more.

Just be sure training is a fun experience for both of you. Positive reinforcement is the most effective and humane way to train this beloved breed.


What is the best way to train an English Bulldog?

English Bulldogs respond well to positive reinforcement training techniques like rewards and praise. Keep sessions short and focus on basic commands like sit, stay, and come.

At what age can I start training an English Bulldog puppy?

English Bulldog puppies can begin basic training around 12-16 weeks old once they’ve had their full round of vaccinations. Keep early sessions positive and fun.

Do English Bulldogs respond well to treats?

Yes, English Bulldogs are highly food-motivated. Using small, healthy treats is very effective for rewarding good behavior during training.

How do I potty train an English Bulldog?

Take puppies outside regularly and reward them with praise and treats for going to the right spot. Clean accidents thoroughly to avoid repeats. Be patient as it can take time.

What commands should I teach an English Bulldog first?

“Sit”, “stay”, and “come” are good basic commands to start with. Keep early sessions positive and reward-focused to build your English Bulldog’s motivation.

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