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A dog training whistle is a tool used to train dogs to obey commands. The whistle emits a high-pitched sound that can be heard by dogs from a distance. It is commonly used in dog training to teach dogs to come when called, stop barking, and follow other commands.

The dog training whistle is a useful tool for dog owners who want to train their dogs effectively. It is a humane and safe way to train dogs without using physical force or punishment. The whistle can be used to train dogs of all ages and breeds, and it is easy to use. With consistent training, dogs can learn to respond to the whistle and obey commands quickly and efficiently.

If you are a dog owner looking to train your dog, consider using a dog training whistle to help you achieve your training goals. With proper use and training, the whistle can be a valuable tool in teaching your dog to be well-behaved and obedient.

Key Takeaways

  1. A dog training whistle is a useful tool for communicating with your dog over long distances or in noisy environments. It produces a high-pitched sound that is easy for dogs to hear, even from far away.
  2. When using a dog training whistle, it’s important to establish a consistent signal for your dog to follow. You can start by blowing the whistle and giving your dog a treat or reward every time they respond to the sound.
  3. Different whistle tones and patterns can be used to signal different commands or behaviors, such as recall, sit, or stay. With practice, your dog can learn to associate each sound with a specific action or behavior, making training more efficient and effective.

I have also put my top three suggestions for training whistle that you can buy easily from Amazon.

Moreover, I have also put a small section explaining how you can use the training whistle to train your bulldogs.

Read ahead and peruse everything about dog training whistle.

Top 3 Dog Training Whistle

SportDOG Brand Roy Gonia Whistle

SportDOG Brand Roy Gonia Whistle - Dog Training Whistle

Train your hunting dog with ease using the SportDOG

  • High-pitched sound
  • Easy-to-blow
  • Durable construction to withstand tough outdoor conditions

Top of my list for best dog training whistle is the SportDOG brand whistle. It is effortless to use and very useful in training bulldogs.

This whistle from SportDOG Brand is hand-made and has been utilized for training many bulldogs (as claimed by the manufacturer) than any other whistle.

The whistle includes a lower-pitched sound that conveys farther and a simple to-blow plan for compelling correspondence while preparing or in the field.

It is an extraordinary all-around training whistle that the trainer and owners utilize all over the world.

There are three options available

Whistle without Pea

Whistles without a pea offer a no-quaver/high-recurrence call that is amazing for working short proximity or when preparing pups.

Whistles without pea are additionally ideal for colder months as they won’t freeze.

Whistle with Pea

Whistles with a pea include a lower-pitched sound that conveys farther and a simple to-blow plan for viable correspondence while preparing or in the field.

Mega Whistle

Ideal for chasing or preparing, super whistles ensure the overseer’s ears by coordinating the whistle’s sound forward.

This training whistle is suitable for long-reach blinds. Moreover, they can function properly even during wet and breezy conditions that require a more powerful whistle.


  • Three options
  • Easy to blow design
  • No-trill
  • High frequency
  • Good for puppies
  • Does not freeze during winter


  • Does not come with a lanyard

Benbulben – Twin Pack

Benbulben - Twin Pack of Professional High Pitch Plastic Dog Whistle - Dog Training Whistle

Train your furry friend effortlessly

  • High Pitch Plastic Dog Whistles
  • Complete with lanyards
  • Keyrings for convenient use on-the-go

Another excellent dog training whistle is the twin pack from Benbulben.

This twin pack of whistle comes in black and orange color. They are high-frequency whistles that make it suitable for bulldogs.

Benbulben training whistles are made from durable plastic material, and so they can be used for an extended period.

What amazed me more was that the packaging included two woven nylon lanyards and also keyrings as a storage option.

I found that using these training whistles was easy since they are light-weight and easy to carry around. It has a length of about 80mm, making it easy to carry along on walks or runs.


  • Durable material for long-lasting use
  • Suitable for bulldogs
  • Has two woven nylon lanyards and keyrings for storage
  • 80mm length


  • The sound is audible to humans too, which may be a little annoying

ACME Dog Training Whistle

Acme Dog Whistle - Dog Training Whistle

Get your dog’s attention from a distance

  • Easy to use
  • Craftsmanship
  • Value for money

Last on my list is the Acme training whistle.

It gives out an ultra-high pitch of 5900Hz without a cork. It is made from plastic material and is very durable.

This training whistle is for training dogs when they are nearby and suited for dogs who suffer from hearing dysfunction.



  • It has a limited range, so can only use if your bulldog is nearby

More Details about The Training Whistle

More Details about The Training Whistle - Dog Training Whistle

You have likely perceived how brilliantly a few shepherds utilize a bulldog whistle to impart over a few signs and guidelines to their sheep monitor bulldogs.

They utilize the whistle to send across directions like encompassing the bringing together a herd of sheeps, putting them inside the pen, taking them out to the field, and organizing them without losing anybody.

These shepherd bulldogs are trained to adhere to all the guidelines through various frequencies and pitches of the whistle. In any case, this isn’t an inbuilt attribute that these bulldogs have, and it requires a perfect measure of preparation.

From understanding the pitches to co-relating it with various orders, a bulldog should be trained in all the whistle parts.

As of now, a ton of bulldog coaches uses whistles to train their bulldogs and show them different stunts.

For appropriate preparation, the prime essential that you have to have is the correct sort of whistle and the persistence to let your bulldog learn voluntarily, without worrying them.

If you also are thinking about utilizing a bulldog whistle viably, this article may get you out.

How Does A Bulldog Training Whistle Work?

The consultation capacity of a bulldog is a lot better than people.

For people, the perceptible scope of sound recurrence is from 20 hertz (Hz) to 20,000 Hz, while, for bulldogs, it is between 40 Hz and 60,000 Hz, which is twice that of people.

About bulldog whistles, the recurrence falls between the scope of 23,000 to 54,000 Hz.

What Is A Quiet Whistle?

The quiet bulldog whistle is otherwise called Galton’s whistle. Sir Francis Galton imagined it. This whistle produces an ultrasonic sound, which isn’t discernible to human ears.

The recurrence of the most well-known ‘quiet’ whistle is around 35,000 Hz, which is past the extent of the human hearing.

Most bulldogs hear this sound. These whistles are best when you would prefer not to upset anybody close to you while preparing your puppy.

Nonetheless, the main downside is that you may likewise pull in not many different bulldogs of your neighborhood with no goal.

Which Bulldog Whistle to Pick?

If you search for bulldog whistles on the web, you will run over a complete cluster of whistles with various highlights. Given beneath are scarcely any generally acclaimed types:

Whistles with Adjustable Frequencies

These whistles are made of treated steel. The flexible recurrence lets you utilize the sound that suits your pup.

Whistle and Clicker Combo

These whistles have a clicker, which helps in extra preparation. You can utilize this whistle to show your doggy how to be dutiful. Show them how to sit, stand, and remain. These whistles can be used on entirely measured mutts.

Whistle with Set Frequency

These whistles are one of the most generally utilized. They are straightforward to use and dependable.

How to Use a Bulldog Whistle?

When you get an appropriate bulldog whistle for your little dog, you have to change the pitch to which your pup reacts.

Ideally, preparation is vital; you would not need your puppy to overlook the whistle’s tone. This will likewise make your doggy acquainted with the sound.

You have to give various pitches for various signals. Your doggy needs to comprehend the multiple frequencies and comprehend what he is relied upon to do without confounding them.

Continuously keep a few treats with you while preparing. On the off chance that your bulldog adheres to your guidance, reward them with a treat. This will urge them to turn out to be more mindful.

You can likewise utilize the whistle to show them legitimate conduct. If your pup is underhanded or on the off chance that you have two doggies battling, you can use the whistle to stop them immediately.

When to Utilize a Bulldog Whistle?

Using a bulldog whistle to train your bulldog is substantially more compelling than your voice, as the whistle’s recurrence helps make them more mindful.

The whistle won’t have your voice’s enthusiastic sound and can be utilized for various stunts without making the puppy confounded.

You need your little guy to be submissive and respectful. The bulldog whistles can assist you with that.

Cause them to acknowledge whether their demonstration isn’t worthy and on the off chance that they are mischievous.

With the perfect preparation measure, you will see that your pet is changing into an ideal bulldog.

In the forthcoming paragraphs, I’ve incorporated a couple of essential preparing directions that you can train your little guy with the assistance of a bulldog whistle.

Bulldog Whistle Training

Bulldog Whistle Training - Dog Training Whistle

Review the order, “Come.”

Here you can show your puppy to come to you each time you sound the whistle. It can, as a rule, be a long hard blow or a progression of short ones. Settling on the recurrence relies upon your bulldog’s tendency.

You should blow the whistle and get down on his name.

Rehash it each time you need to call them towards you. This will cause them to understand that they have to come to you each time they hear that sound.

This will additionally help you in taking your pup out for a stroll without the rope.

The Sit order

To show them the sit order utilizing a whistle, you may begin with one long impact. Here, you have to have your little guy nearer to you toward the start, with the goal that they can likewise hear the verbal order to sit.

Later you can utilize the whistle in useful ways. If your doggy gets the order right, remember to treat them!

The Direction Change Command

This is generally utilized for chasing or retriever bulldogs. It very well may be a long quaver clamor. Tell them that they have to alter the course.

At first, you should follow them or run alongside them to comprehend what the order is. Furthermore, treat them!

The Good Behavior Command

Here you have to let your little guy liberated from the chain and let them meander openly. Watch them where they go and how they act.

If you see them being shrewd or acting mischievously, you have to blow the training whistle hard.

This will make them alert and will tell them that they have to stop whatever they are doing. After the loud whistle, follow it with the calling order.

To find out about whistle preparation, you may likewise choose proficient mentors.

They will tell you all the stunts and treats that will keep your little dog mindful and drawn in regarding whistle preparation.

Before You Go

A dog training whistle is a useful and humane tool for dog owners looking to train their furry friends. By emitting a high-pitched sound, the whistle can help teach dogs to obey commands and stop unwanted behaviors. It is a safe and effective alternative to physical force or punishment, and can be used to train dogs of all ages and breeds.

With consistent training, dogs can learn to respond to the whistle and follow commands quickly and efficiently. As a dog owner, consider using a dog training whistle to help you achieve your training goals and teach your furry friend to be well-behaved and obedient.


What is a dog training whistle?

A dog training whistle is a tool used to train dogs through sound. It emits a high-pitched sound that is only audible to dogs, making it an effective way to communicate with them during training.

How does a dog training whistle work?

A dog training whistle works by emitting a high-pitched sound that is only audible to dogs. This sound can be used to get a dog’s attention, signal commands, and reinforce positive behavior.

What are the benefits of using a dog training whistle?

Using a dog training whistle can be beneficial because it provides a clear and consistent way to communicate with your dog during training. It can also be effective in noisy environments or when your dog is far away.

How do I train my dog to respond to a whistle?

To train your dog to respond to a whistle, you can start by associating the sound of the whistle with positive things like treats or playtime. Then, gradually introduce commands and use the whistle to signal them.

What kind of whistle should I use for dog training?

There are many different types of dog training whistles available, but the most common are those that emit a high-pitched sound. You can choose between plastic or metal whistles, and some even come with adjustable frequencies to suit your dog’s hearing.